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Let Us Build A World For Our Children

Together we can build a country that is focused on a bright future.

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mission & vision

Our mission is to create a society in which an informed and active citizenry is city and makes policy decisions based on the will of the majority.

Why Run For President?

I Love People, and I Love Our Country

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My Vision For America

Let Us Build A World For Our Children


Terry Smith And The Ted Lasso Series

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Why I Am Running For President

The first thing I want to say about me running for President is that I am not running because I think I am special in any way.

In fact, I do not think I am any different from anyone else.

All of us are Equal to each other, and the only two reasons I am running are because I Love People, and because I Love Our Country.

For the past several years, I have been very worried about how divided we are now, and how there is such a lack of unity in Our Country.

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Facts About Terry Smith

Played in the NFL, Played Professional Football In Europe, Played Professional Baseball, Won Five National Championships And European Championships as A Head Football Coach

Became The First American To Ever Own A Professional Soccer Team In England And Europe, The First American To Ever Be The Manager And Head Coach Of A Professional English Soccer Team, And The First American To Ever Manage And The Head Coach In The FA Cup. He Inspired The Ted Lasso Television Shows And The Ted Lasso Character Is Based On Him.

College Professor And Head Of Two Departments, High School Academic Director Of Top 10 Super School In America Who Was One Of Four Public School Educators In United States Chosen By The U.S. Congress To Speak To Congress About The Future Of Education In America

Owner Of Many Businesses Including Several Professional Sports Teams, Television Stations, And A Television Network Where He Produced And Hosted The Largest Compilation Of World War II Veteran Interviews And Television Shows In The World To Honor And Show His Respect For Our World War II Heroes, That Are Archived In Libraries And Museums Across America

// Why Choose Terry

Building a better world for our children

Terry Smith is dedicated to building a better world for our children by implementing policies where everyone can thrive.

Proven Leadership

Terry Smith has a solid track record of effective leadership in various capacities, demonstrating a commitment to guiding organizations and communities towards success.

Innovative Vision

Terry proposes forward-thinking solutions to address current and future challenges, ensuring sustainable growth and development.

Transparency and Integrity

Known for his transparency, honesty, and integrity in all of his endeavors, Terry will quickly build trust with those he leads.

// Policies

My stance on major issues

There are many areas where our country seems to have lost its direction. Learn more about my policies regarding major issues facing America today and into the future.

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