We Will Solve Drug Addiction – Our Mission To Save Wonderful American Lives

As We Build A World For Our Children, the first thing we have to do is to keep our Children safe.

One of the most important areas that we need to concentrate on to keep our Children safe is to stop the damage that drugs are causing in America.

To accomplish this, we first need to stop the spread of dangerous drugs like fentanyl by securing and protecting our borders.

We have been losing more than 100,000 of our young people every year to drug poisonings from drugs like fentanyl, and we can save most of our young people by simply closing off our borders so that these dangerous drugs cannot be brought into America.

We need to protect our young people by protecting our borders.

Our current politicians have been choosing to allow many millions of immigrants to illegally enter America because by allowing an influx of immigrants then they think they are gaining benefits for their political party.

Therefore, these politicians are again showing that they do not care about You and about the American People.

These politicians are acting as if they think the 100,000 young people being killed by dangerous and poisonous drugs are not as important to them as their political power.

For any political group to choose their own personal political power over the lives of 100,000 of our young people every year is so selfish and misguided that it is absolutely disgraceful.

In addition to stopping the flow of dangerous drugs across our border, we also need to find a solution to the drug addictions that are taking away our young people and ruining many of their lives.

Our Plan to save our young people from drug addiction includes utilizing our Village communities that we will build.

The first thing we will do is to find and personally meet with every homeless person, gather all their personal information, and utilize this information to contact their families because many homeless people are trapped and would like to communicate with their families but are unable to.

There are also many families who have been searching the streets for their loved ones.

Then, after communication with their families, we will bring our Americans who are addicted on drugs into our Villages, where they will receive housing, medical care, nutritional support, counseling, addiction support, school programs, personal development programs, career skill development programs, kindness, and Love.

Our Villages will also have employment opportunities for our residents with our Village Corporate Partners, and so as our Americans defeat their addictions, and as they work through our Village school programs, personal development programs, and career skill development programs, then our Americans will be hired to work for our Village Corporate Partners.

This will allow our Americans to begin their Lives again with a fresh start, giving them a second chance at Life that most of them will take full advantage of.

In the process, we will save millions of very valuable Lives who are all very important and Wonderful People for our Country.

Our People who we save will go on to Achieve Their American Dream for Themselves and For Their Families.

It is very easy to make a mistake that leads to homelessness and drug addiction because 67% of all bankruptcies are simply caused by medical bills that could not be afforded. Therefore, it could happen to anyone. Then, bankruptcies often result in homelessness, and homelessness often results in despair and a turn toward drug addiction.

Since it is so easy for someone to become homeless and addicted to drugs, then it is just as easy for any of us to have family members we Love who are homeless and addicted to drugs.

Therefore, since we are the Greatest and Kindest Country in the World, then we owe it to every American to save them from homelessness and drug addiction, and we owe it to every American family to save their Loved Ones from homelessness and drug addiction.

In addition, as the Greatest and Kindest Country in the World, we owe it to every American, and we also owe it to every American family, that we will protect our People and our Families from dangerous drugs that have been getting into our Country.


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