We Must Come Together And Heal As A Nation

America has become politically divided because we have forgotten that there are far more things that bind us together than things that pull us apart.

We are all one Family, and we are all related to each other by our past ancestors.

Can you imagine if our ancestors were alive today and saw us, their great-great-grandchildren who they love, fighting between ourselves and hurting each other?

The primary reason we have gotten ourselves into this divided situation is because people are often living in a bubble, in an echo chamber, where current technology pushes us toward hearing, or reading, or watching only one viewpoint and one side of an argument.

Most media outlets have chosen sides, and they have become so biased in their reporting that they maneuver the facts to match their desired narrative, flooding the viewer and listener and reader with only one biased perspective of an argument.

Likewise, social media companies design social media algorithms where readers and viewers are sent a continual flow of biased stories that match the stories that the readers and viewers have previously read and watched online.

Therefore, the social media companies just keep sending each person exactly the same narrative that they have read before, causing readers to think that this narrative is the only narrative there is and so it must be correct.

As a result, most people watch, read, and listen to only one side of every debate or argument.

Without us being given the opportunity to see both sides of a situation, then people are not getting the information they need to make their own decisions about what they think is factual and true.

As I continue to say and write, the truth and the solution is always in the middle between the viewpoints.

The truth is never totally on one side of a position.

Sometimes the truth is 50/50 in both directions. Sometimes it is 60/40, or 40/60, or 70/30, or 30/70, or 80/20, or 20/80, or any other possible combination. Occasionally, it might even be 95/5.

But the truth and the best solution is never 100% of one viewpoint and 0% of the other viewpoint.

Therefore, the only way to find the truth and the best solution for anything is for us to take the time to talk with each other, and for us to take the time to respect and show understanding for the other person’s viewpoint.

This is the only way we will be able to find the true solution to any problem because the solution is always positioned somewhere in the middle between our two viewpoints.

In my many experiences, I have found that if we work to listen with respect and understanding to everyone’s viewpoint, then we can find a way to create and design a solution that meets the needs of all viewpoints, thereby creating a Win-Win solution for everyone involved.

Due to the wide range of career experiences I have had, being able to accomplish this blending of viewpoints to find the solution in the middle has become one of my greatest strengths.

I believe so strongly in this principle that I am constantly saying that no matter what the situation is, no matter how tough the situation looks, there is Always A Way To Win.

We Can Always Find A Way To Win.

A Great President needs to be able to do this because a President is supposed to be finding solutions for Each and Every Person in America no matter who the people voted for.

As we work to Heal Our Nation, it is crucially important that we stop trying to criticize and belittle people who think differently than we do, or who are in a different political party.

We need to Look Forward into our Future, and stop looking back into our past.

All of us in every race, gender, and religion have had situations where our ancestors have been treated unfairly, where our current family members have been treated unfairly, and where we as individuals have been treated unfairly.

Therefore, if we are critical of, or try to punish a person for something that their ancestors or their family members did, then the other person can use the same justification to be critical of and punish us for something that our ancestors or family members did.

If we do not stop this, then retaliating against each other is going to be a never-ending process because the retaliation efforts would just keep going back and forth between us forever.

For our own benefit, we should stop with the anger and the retaliation against each other, and one of the very best guides we can use for why we should do this is to look back at the Civil War in America.

In 1865, after four years of the most violent battles in American history, the Union Army in the North won the war, and Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox, Virginia.

The men from both armies would have undoubtedly felt complete anger toward each other because of all the bloodshed and violence that had occurred between them for four years.

As a result, there was reason and opportunity for the men and women on both sides of the conflict to hate and fight against each other forever.

However, with the war over, then intelligent men in the Union army knew that we had to find a way to heal back together as a nation.

Therefore, at the Appomattox surrender, as 27,000 starved and demoralized Confederate soldiers, who had fought so hard for four years, walked down the road in a several miles long line to turn in their guns and formally surrender to the two lines of Union soldiers and Union cavalrymen who were lining both sides of the road, Union Major General Joshua Chamberlain, one of my all-time heroes, who later became the Governor of Maine and the President of Bowdoin College in Maine, ordered his Union soldiers on both sides of the road to show their respect for their Confederate enemies by standing at attention and holding their rifles up in a salute.

When the demoralized Confederate soldiers, with their heads down, heard the Union army snap into a salute, and they looked up to see the Union salute, then their spirits lifted and their anger toward the Union soldiers was reduced.

Confederate Major General John Gordon, who had been wounded eight times during the war, and who after the war became a U.S. Senator and then the Governor of Georgia, honorably performed his own respectful salute back to the Union Army.

General Gordon reared his horse up on its back legs, and then had his horse bow down on its front legs as General Gordon bowed his head and touched his sword to the toe of his Confederate army boot.

He then sent word back to the 27,000 Confederate troops behind him to salute the Union soldiers as they came in to surrender.

And so, for the entire day, as the surrender lasted from dawn until dusk, the two armies saluted each other while the Confederate soldiers ended the American Civil War by surrendering to the Union Army.

This formal surrender between these two powerful American armies, after four years of a horrendous war between them, had the soldiers of both armies showing great respect toward each other as the war ended.

This incredibly honorable sign of respect shown by Union Major General Joshua Chamberlain and the Union Army toward their enemy, and the responding honorable return of this salute by Confederate General John Gordon and the Confederate soldiers, began America’s healing process, and set the stage for America to become one unified Country again.

General Ulysses S. Grant, the leader of the Union Army and future President of the United States, also understood the crucial importance of helping to heal America’s wounds, and so he carefully wrote very considerate and kind terms of surrender for General Lee to sign so that Confederate officers and soldiers could not be charged with treason.

General Grant could have pressed charges against the Confederate officers and soldiers, but instead he treated them with incredible dignity.

He let the Confederate officers and soldiers keep their guns and go home to their Southern homes.

He did not try to arrest anyone in the Confederate army, and he did not try to charge anyone with anything. Instead, he trusted the Confederate soldiers, and allowed them all to go home on their own.

Grant also told everyone he spoke to that, “The war is over. These are our fellow countrymen again.”

When Grant became President in 1869, less than four years after the Civil War had ended, he always worked very hard to bring our entire Country together, including bringing together and uniting our Fellow Americans from the North, our Fellow Americans from the South, and our Fellow Americans who had formerly been slaves.

Our first African-American man was elected to Congress in 1870, Mississippi Senator Hiram Revels, during Grant’s first term as President, which shows how far and how unified we had come as a Country between just 1865 when the Civil War ended, and 1870 when Senator Revels was elected to U.S. Congress from a Southern state.

This amazing achievement was only possible because General and President Grant made every effort to put the awful four years of the war into the past, and because he made every effort to lead America forward into the future so that all of our past enemies became our fellow Americans again.

President Lincoln also welcomed every Confederate man and woman back into America when he wrote in his Inaugural Address to Congress and to the Nation, “With malice toward none, With charity for all, With firmness in the right, As God gives us to see the right, Let us strive on to finish the work we are in, To bind up the Nation’s wounds.”

After an awful four-year Civil War that resulted in the most casualties of any war in American history, the Union Army and the Great Leaders General Chamberlain, General Grant, and President Lincoln knew that they had to put the war into the past and move forward into the future so that America could heal.

As a nation, we also need to have Great Leaders who are smart enough and strong enough to be willing to put our current disagreements and battles into the past.

We need to have Great Leaders who allow us as past enemies and future friends to move forward into our bright future together so that We Can Heal Our Nation Again.

If the Union and Confederate men and women found a way to heal themselves after the worst four years of war in American history, then surely we can find a way to heal ourselves when our arguments and differences are far less and not even comparable.

As President, I would make certain that we brought all our people together again into one unified America so that we can heal our nation.

Just like the Great Union Leaders of the Civil War, in order to accomplish this healing of our Nation, I would have us show our Respect for each other by putting aside our differences and battles of the past.

I would have us look forward with Mutual Respect and Friendship and Love For Each Other, as we move into our Bright American future where we are All One Family and One Unified Country again.

Along these lines, we are not going to be able to put our differences and our battles into the past, and move forward together into a Bright Future, when some people are trying to prosecute and punish politicians and people from the other political party who we disagree with.

Therefore, we need to stop and put aside any of those cases that have been brought by both sides, and we need to move forward.

There were 3.5 million men who fought in the Civil War, and we had 1.5 million casualties, including 620,000 men who were killed.

This 620,000 of men killed represented 2% of the entire population of the United States, which means that 1 in every 50 Americans was killed during the Civil War.

620,000 is more than all the Americans who were killed in the total of World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, combined.

Therefore, if our forefathers who fought against each other for four long years in the Civil War, resulting in 1.5 million casualties, 620,000 killed, and the loss of 2% of our American population, were strong enough to put aside their differences and move forward together as Fellow Countrymen again, then

surely we can put aside our differences and become Fellow Countrymen again now, when we have nothing remotely comparable to a Civil War to have to forgive for.

Every single person on this Earth has had ancestors who have been treated very badly, and current family members who have been treated badly or very badly. Most of us individually have even been treated unfairly or badly at various times.

Everyone has something they think was unfair or wrong, and so we would benefit by realizing that if everyone refuses to stop until they get revenge, then the revenge will never stop. It will go on back and forth forever.

Therefore, as a Country we cannot continue to seek revenge by looking back at the past, and instead we need to look forward to our bright future together.

There is no doubt that every Person and every Country is a work in progress. We are all developing and improving every Day.

Therefore, as a Country we still need to work hard to improve every Day.

But if we do not look forward to the future and unify, then America is not going to survive.

The famous book, The Fate of Empires, by Sir John Glubb, shows that when nations are at the point of collapse, then the collapse occurs and is helped caused by the politicians and citizens becoming very divided and polarized.

Sir Glubb found that even when great nations were at the absolute point of collapse, when you would think that the Country would pull together for its own survival, then the politicians and citizens of the collapsing nation were still not willing to put aside their differences and unify.

In fact, as their nation’s collapse became more imminent, instead of people pulling together to survive, the politicians became even more polarized and more divided.

That is where we are today. That is where America is today.

We are at the point of near collapse, but instead of us realizing the difficulties we are in and putting our grievances and anger into the past, and instead of us pulling together for the Future to Fight Together for our own survival, we are allowing ourselves to be destroyed by ourselves.

If I am ever Blessed with the opportunity to help Save Our Country, then I am going to Bring Us Together.

I Am Going To Speak Of Nothing But Unity.

I Am Going To Unify Us.

I am going to leave the past in the past and Move Forward Into A Bright Future For Us Together.

We are not that far apart. We have nowhere near the amount to forgive and forget that our Civil War forefathers did.

And so, if our Civil War forefathers could Unify and Become Fellow Countrymen Again, then So Can We.

And the first step to Unifying is to Look Forward and Never Look Back.

We are going to Make Our Needed Changes, and We Are Going To Begin to Treat Every Single Person with Absolute Love, Dignity, Respect, Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Caring, and Understanding.

We are going to make All these Positive Changes as a Country so that We Are Treating Every Single Person in all these ways.

But no one is going to be treated in any of these ways if our Country collapses.

If our Country collapses, then every single one of us is going to realize that we made a huge mistake by not Coming Together.

However, by then it is going to be too late for us to do anything about saving our Country.

Unfortunately, none of our other presidential candidates are willing to put aside our differences and move forward. They all want to pick a side and fight against each other.

And so, it really makes no difference which of them is elected, because either of them results in nothing more than a continued divided nation that is still on its way to collapse.

If You Will Trust Me, though, then I Promise You That I Will Represent Everyone.

I Promise You That I Will Treat Every Single Person with Absolute Love, Dignity, Respect, Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Caring, and Understanding.

I Promise You That I Will Make the Changes we Need to Make to Restore The American Dream For You And For Your Family.

And I Will Unify Us As One Nation Again.

America will be a New Place.

But we will still be the Old Place also.

Because we will have taken the Best of the Old and combined it with the Best of the New.

Everything, including a Country, must Become New and Change to Survive and Grow.

If something does not Change and Grow then it dies.

But if a Country tries to get rid of the Best of the Old, then it dies, too, because the Best of the Old is what Built Our Country.

And if Our Country collapses because the Best of the New and the Best of the Old refuse to compromise and stop fighting, then it dies, also.

Therefore, our Only Option for Survival and Growth is to Combine The Best Of The Old with The Best Of The New by Holding Onto The Excellence We Have Already Built and by Making the Changes We Need to Make to Survive and Grow and Prosper with Abundance as a Country.

The Greatest Country In The World. Like We Have Always Been.

But This Time Even Better Than Before.

We Can Do This.

I Promise You We Can.

But To Have Enough Time To Accomplish This Then We Need To Begin Right Now.


View of the Mall and Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

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