You Become What You BELIEVE You Can Become


Most of Life is about Believing in Yourself.

The rest of Life is about Working as Hard as You possibly can without becoming discouraged.

Each of us is capable of achieving far more than we realize we can.

We each grow up in an environment that surrounds us, and although the environment surrounding us when we were young was random and by chance, without realizing it we subconsciously got used to that environment. As a result, we subconsciously built the same limitations and barriers on ourselves as adults that our random childhood environment made us think were our limitations.

Unfortunately, we often get ourselves trapped inside these limitations and barriers, and when we do, then we spend parts of our Lives, or even our entire Lives, moving around inside of and being held back by those limitations because we cannot see that our incorrectly perceived limitations and barriers are self-imposed.

The thoughts and fears and limitations we had as youngsters, incorrectly become the thoughts and fears and limitations that we have as adults.

The limitations that we thought we had for our Lives as youngsters become the incorrect limitations we think we have for our Lives as adults.

The same is true in sports. Players and athletes think they can play and perform at a certain level, and without realizing it they subconsciously limit themselves to only being able to achieve the level of performance they Believe they are capable of.

As a result, players end up generating the same level of performance that they Believed they could generate.

When we watch athletes in any sport, we see many athletes who are just as talented and skilled as each other. However, we see some athletes who perform at a far higher level than the other players do, with the only difference being because they thought they could.

There is no physical difference between the athletes, and the only difference between them is the self-expectation level of the players.

The higher performing players just thought they could perform at a higher level, and because they thought they could then they did perform better.

As a coach and as a teacher and professor, my Goal with every player I coached and with every student I taught, was to get each of them to BELIEVE in themselves more, to get each of them to See A Vision for themselves that was Far Greater than what they had previously imagined.

My Goal was to get them to See A Bigger Picture Of Who They Could Be.

My Goal was to get them to See Themselves through the Same Limitless Eyes That I Saw Them With.

I BELIEVED They Could Achieve Anything They Set Their Mind To, and Anything That They Set Their Work Upon.

I BELIEVED There Were No Limits To What They Could Achieve In Their Lives.

I Believed that my role as their coach and teacher and professor was to get them to BELIEVE in Themselves as much as I BELIEVED in Them.

I came up with a way to describe this SELF-BELIEF Concept, and I often spoke about this concept to my players and my students.

The way I see it is that in our Lives we all begin as youngsters standing at the bottom of a long staircase, with the very top of the staircase leading up high into the Beautiful Blue sky and into the Beautiful fluffy clouds.

This staircase represents our BELIEF in ourselves, our BELIEF in who we are and what we are capable of Becoming and Achieving at a given moment in time.

Each step up the staircase represents the Self-Expectation level that we have of ourselves at a given moment in time.

Each step represents the level of performance that we Expect to be able to Achieve, the level of performance that we BELIEVE we can Achieve at that moment.

We each begin our Lives, and we each begin every new endeavor we take on, or any challenge we are faced with, with us standing at the bottom of the staircase looking up at it.

We begin at the bottom of the staircase, not even on the first step yet, because at this moment in time we do not have any experience of success in Life or at this new endeavor or against this challenge, and so we are uncertain whether we will even be able to reach any level of performance, or achieve any level of success at this new endeavor or in this Life or against this challenge on this staircase.

And so, where we stand at the bottom of the staircase is our foundation. It is our base position, the position that we Believe we belong.

But if we have the Courage to begin to try to climb the staircase, then we will have a small amount of occasional success, whether that low level of success is because of our improvement, or because of a random occurrence where we just happened to do something right by chance.

This very limited success causes us to think that, hey, we can do this a little bit, and this causes our BELIEF level to go up just a little bit.

This very limited success also causes our Self-Expectation level to go up a little bit, which means that we now expect to be able to perform at this low level of success.

And so we take one step up the staircase because we now BELIEVE and Expect that we can regularly perform at this slightly increased level.

This step up results in the first step on the staircase becoming our new base, our new foundation that represents our new and slightly higher BELIEF level and Self-Expectation level.

As we continue to Live our Lives, or play our sport, or begin this endeavor, or take on this challenge, then our performance will stand firmly on that first step because this first step has become our new base and our new foundation level.

When we perform after we have taken one step up the staircase, then most of our performances will be at the success level of that first step. There will occasionally be performances slightly above or below the level of this first step, sometimes just at random, but for the most part we will perform at that first step level.

As we have the courage and commitment to continue with our efforts of working hard, then we will continue to improve little by little, until at some point we will have begun to regularly perform at the second step level instead of the first step level of the staircase.

This increase in performance will result in us developing a higher level of Self-Expectation for ourselves, and result in us having more BELIEF in ourselves that we can perform at this higher second step level.

And so we take another step up the staircase, to the second step, because we now BELIEVE and Expect that we can perform at that second step level.

From the moment we step up onto that second step, then that second step level becomes our new base and foundation, and as a result, our performances regularly match this second level of performance because that is our new BELIEF level and our new Self-Expectation level.

The process of Becoming Great at Life, or Great at any sport, or Great at any endeavor or challenge, is this same repeated process of working to improve, performing better because of our work, taking steps up the staircase as our BELIEF in ourselves increases, and as what we expect of ourselves, our Self-Expectation level, increases.

With each step up the staircase, then that new level of BELIEF and new level of Self-Expectation becomes our base and our foundation, and so our performances regularly match up with the level we are at on the staircase.

Two of the key points we want to take from this are:

1) Our level of performance at any moment in time is based upon the level of the step that we are standing on. Therefore, our level of performance is based upon the level of our BELIEF and Self-Expectation. Two players, who are of equal ability, very often perform at different levels only because one player has more BELIEF and a higher level of Self-Expectation than the other player does.

2) The level we are at on the staircase is based upon the influence of the environment we grew up in that imposed subconscious limitations and barriers, the amount of work and commitment we have put in to improve, the random occurrences of higher performance that increased BELIEF and Self-Expectation, and the teachers and coaches we are blessed with who can get us to BELIEVE in ourselves more than we would have Believed in ourselves on our own.

Therefore, I have Always seen my Role and my Goal as a Coach, Teacher, and Professor, to be to get my Players and my Students to BELIEVE in Themselves at a higher level than they have ever BELIEVED before, to get them to have a Higher Level of Expectation for Themselves than they have ever had

before, to get them to See a Bigger Vision for Their Lives than they have ever seen before, and to get them looking through their own eyes to See Themselves and Their Enormous and Vast Potential and Possibilities in the same INCREDIBLE way that I See Them Through My Eyes.

I BELIEVE That A Great President Should Fulfill This Same Role For Every Person In America.

When I have been a Coach, and a Teacher, and a Professor, then my Goal has been to help every one of my Players and Students to get Up The Staircase So Far That They Are Above The Fluffy Clouds And Into The Bright and Limitless Blue Sky.

So I can help them on their climb up their staircase, I am constantly Encouraging them, and Motivating them, and Getting them to BELIEVE more and more in themselves.

When they accomplish any successful performance, no matter how small, that is higher than the level of the step they are on, either because they have improved or because of a random occurrence, then I Leap Up with Tremendous Enthusiasm to get them to BELIEVE that their one-off performance is now their Higher Base and Higher Foundation for all their future performances.

Through Encouraging them, Motivating them, and Increasing their SELF-BELIEF, I am regularly able to get them to take a Big Jump of two, or three, or four steps at the same time.

And when they have this one performance that matches that much higher step level, then I am All On It Complimenting them, Encouraging Them, Motivating Them, and Getting Them To BELIEVE that Their Much Higher Level Of Performance on that one occasion is Now Their Normal Base Level and Foundation Level for All Their Future Performances.

Our President Needs To Realize That We Each BECOME What WE BELIEVE WE CAN BECOME.





America has not had a President like this for a long while, and it is Time that we have a President like this Now.

Can You IMAGINE How Our Country Would Be TRANSFORMED For The BETTER?

There Is No Limit To What You Can Accomplish And Achieve In Your Own Life When We BELIEVE Together.

And When We BELIEVE TOGETHER There Is No Limit For What You and I TOGETHER Can Accomplish And Achieve For Your Family And For Our Country.



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