For Us To Heal As A Nation We Have To First Heal As Individuals

We have been in a situation for the past several years where politicians and media companies have been doing whatever they can to divide us.

Weak leaders, like some of the politicians we have, want to keep us divided because they think they can stay in power, or get into power, if we are fragmented and fighting among ourselves.

Portrait of a sporty young woman making a heart shape with her hands while exercising outdoors.Likewise, media companies want to be dramatic with exaggerated and controversial stories because stories like this attract more viewers, listeners, and readers.

As we look to Heal our Nation from this division, and as we look to Reunite our Country, then we first want to focus on Healing Ourselves as Individuals.

The disrespect, anger, and sometimes hatred that people feel toward each other, and act toward each other, is not good for any of us individually.

Therefore, we are hurting ourselves more than we are hurting anyone else when we are disrespectful, angry, and hateful toward other people.

We are hurting ourselves more because if we are mean and unkind to other people, then those other people are only having to deal with our meanness and unkindness for a few minutes here and there.

But we are having to live with those negative feelings inside ourselves all day every day.

Couple, happy and hand heart sign in a nature park showing love and a smile outdoor. Black people w.We Create Our World By What We Think About, and so if we are angry, mean, unkind, and hateful toward other people, then we are living in these negative thought processes all day long every day because we have created a world for ourselves that is filled with anger, hate, meanness, and unkindness.

It is very negative for us, for our emotional health, for our mental health, and for our physical health if we are choosing to fill our Lives with anger, hate, division, meanness, and unkindness.

Thinking this way is a bad habit that is counterproductive to our own health and happiness.

And just like all habits, the more often we participate in the bad habit, the more our minds feel the need to do the bad habit again.

Our minds try to feed the bad habit by us choosing on our own to think about the anger and hate.

We also choose to feed our bad habit by reading and watching and listening to other people in the media expressing these negative thoughts.

By involving ourselves in these things, then we are allowing our bad habit to create a negative world for us to live in.

An unquestionable fact of the Universe is that we attract to ourselves the same emotions and thoughts that we are sending out.

She completes me.Therefore, when we send out negative emotions and thoughts about anything, including about other people, then this does nothing positive for us. Instead, we are just creating a negative world around us for ourselves, and we are also only going to attract negative emotions and thoughts back toward us.

Therefore, we need to let go of these negative thoughts and negative feelings for our own health and for our own peace of mind.

For us to let go of these negative thoughts and feelings, then we need to defeat our negative habit just like we would defeat smoking, or drinking, or any other habit that is a negative for our Life.

Just like all negative habits, we defeat the habit by choosing to exercise our willpower and not take part in it.

We also defeat this habit by choosing to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Defeating any negative habit is not easy, but we can Always defeat it if we utilize the strength of our willpower, and if we are fully committed to being self-disciplined.

We just need to come up with a Goal, and a Plan for how we are going to reach our Goal.

Our Goal is that we are going to be Kind and Thoughtful to ourselves by being Kind and Thoughtful and Loving toward everyone else.

Our Plan for reaching our Goal is:

Salt water heals all wounds. Shot of two attractive young woman standing together on the beach1) When we find ourselves thinking negatively about someone or a group of people who have different opinions than we do, then we are going to replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

2) For example, instead of thinking negatively and angrily about people or about their opinions, we are going to think about the different background that every person comes from that has shaped his or her viewpoints differently than our backgrounds have shaped us.

3) We are going to think about how all of us are different because of the different backgrounds we have each come from, and that none of us can ever fully know what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes because we have not ever actually walked in their shoes. We can only try our Absolute Very Best to understand and appreciate every person’s point of view.

4) In our other areas of Life, when we see people who are struggling because of discrimination to do with race, gender, who they Love, or who they identify as, then we allow the good inside of us to come forward. We care about and think kind thoughts about these Wonderful people because we consider, understand, and appreciate the different and difficult backgrounds that they each have had to endure.

5) Therefore, if we can appreciate and value and show our respect for the different backgrounds that have led these Wonderful people to where they are today, then we can also choose to realize that every person has a different background and that all of these different backgrounds will have resulted in each of us seeing the World in a different way.

6) We want to appreciate and respect these different backgrounds because none of us are ever 100% right about any issue. We all see issues from our own perspectives, based upon the different backgrounds that we each have come from. However, the Truth is Always in

the middle between us. None of us are ever 100% correct about anything, but we can only understand that we are not 100% correct when we take the time to look and listen to other people’s points of view.

7) We can all learn from every person we meet because every person has insight and perspective that we have never before felt or experienced.

8) Therefore, when we see someone say something or think something that we do not agree with, instead of us getting angry, we are just going to smile inside ourselves as we try to imagine the different background that person has had than we have had. A different background and set of Life experiences that has caused the person to think the way they do.

9) We are also going to think about the fact that every person in America is related and connected in some way to every other person in America. Therefore, we are all one family already.

hispanic woman showing love with hands in heart shape expressing healthy and marriage symbol near window and green plant at home.10) And anyone we are not officially related to yet, then we will be related to them very soon through our children, or our grandchildren, or our great-grandchildren.

11) As a result, we are actually all one family and all interconnected already, whether that connection is in the past, in the present, or in the future.

12) Therefore, we may not agree with every opinion that every other person has, but we are not going to get angry about someone else’s opinion because all our family members have different opinions and we Love all of them anyway.

13) We also want to think about how these people we do not currently agree with are family members from our American family, who fought beside us in the Revolutionary War, in the War of 1812, in World War I, in World War II, and in every other war and battle before or since. Therefore, we have great appreciation and gratitude for these family members because without them then we would not even be here today ourselves.

14) We also want to think about how these people we do not currently agree with are the same people who have gone to school with us, played on sports teams with us, played with great sportsmanship on sports teams against us, stood up to fight oppression with us, helped to knock down racial barriers with us, fought for women’s rights with us, tried to improve our schools for our children with us, and helped to build America with us into the Most Outstanding Country in the World.

15) We also want to realize and appreciate that All People are Wonderful People no matter which political party they support. There is so much more to a person than the small issue of what they think politically. There is Kindness, Love, Compassion, Caring, Thoughtfulness, Respectfulness, and many hundreds of other qualities that are far more important than political views.

16) In the past, people did not even know or care which political party people supported. Throughout all my schooling and careers, I was never even aware what political party any of my friends, or my teammates, or my work colleagues were. The political issue just never came up in any conversation because we did not care. We Liked and Loved each other because of who we were as people, and not because of anything unimportant to do with opinions about politics.

17) Somehow our society has gotten off track and become far too interested in which political party people support. However, this is not important compared with all the other far more valuable qualities that make up a person.

18) Instead, we want to look for the good in every person we meet. In Life, we find what we are looking for because We Create Our World By What We Think About.

19) If we look for things we do not like about people, then we will find more and more things we do not like. However, if we look for things we do like about people, then we will also find more and more things that we like. What we find is all because of what we are choosing to look for and our own perspectives.

20) This reminds me of the Parable of Two Villages, where two travelers walk at different times an hour apart past a wise farmer in a field.

Each traveler asks the farmer what the people are like in the next village.

On both occasions, the farmer responds by asking each traveler what the people were like in the last village that the traveler had come from.

The first traveler says that the people in the last village were kind, friendly, generous, and thoughtful. To which the farmer replies that the traveler will find the people in the next village to be the same way.

An hour later, the second traveler answers the farmer’s question by saying that the people in the last village were unfriendly, mean, rude, and dishonest. To which the farmer replies that the traveler will find the people in the next village to be the same way.

Therefore, the wise farmer tells both travelers that the people in the next village are going to be exactly like each traveler thought the people were in the last village they were in.

And so the farmer is saying that each of the travelers will see the people in the next village exactly like they saw the people in the last village, because ultimately how we see others is not based upon the people, but rather is based upon what we are looking for and what we are expecting to find.

Mixed race couple do hearth sign with hands, looking to camera - love and relationship concept with young man and woman - boyfriend girlfriend together - friendship millennial boy and girl21) It is our own opinions, biases, and attitudes toward others that determine how we see Life, and how we see other people. Therefore, if we look for the good then we will find the good, but if we look for the bad then we will find that, also.

22) This is what we are doing in our own Lives when we see people from a different political party. We look for the negative qualities in these people that we are expecting to find, and we trick ourselves into thinking that we have found those qualities.

23) At the same time, we are ignoring the many positive qualities these people have that do not fit in with what we are expecting to find.

24) In fact, we often even look at the facts incorrectly, unknowingly tricking ourselves into thinking that a positive quality in a person is actually a secret ulterior motive that is a negative. Therefore, we are taking someone else’s positive quality and making up in our own minds their ulterior motive and illogical negative quality.

25) However, we are so good at tricking ourselves that we do not even realize how illogical we are being.

26) An example of this happened recently when someone from the Democratic Party was visiting a southern neighborhood where people were driving pick-up trucks around with American flags on them.

The people in the pick-up trucks thought they were showing patriotism and pride in their Country, while the Democratic visitor interpreted the American flags as a threat and a statement that this was their Country and that no one else was allowed to enter it.

27) This example shows how people see things from their own viewpoint based upon the backgrounds they have, and based upon their own personal attitudes, biases, and opinions.

28) People find what they are looking for because they interpret what they see according to their own pre-conceived expectations. Expectations that are based upon their own personal experiences and beliefs from their past.

29) Just like the two travelers did in the Parable. Two travelers see the same people in two entirely different and opposite ways, not because the people are different, but instead because the travelers look at the world in a different way.

Loving african american couple cuddling and making together heart shape gesture with their hands as a sign of their love, peach studio background. Valentine concept30) We Create Our World By What We Think About.

31) And so, as we each defeat our negative habit through our personal efforts and self-discipline, it is very important that we do not spend our time watching television programs, listening to the radio, and reading newspapers and articles that sensationalize stories and try to divide us.

32) When we are trying to break any negative habit, such as smoking, drinking, or drugs, then it is crucial that we do not go to the places where there is smoking, drinking, and drug use going on because going to these places will make it harder for us to resist our bad habit.

The same is true with watching, listening to, and reading stories that are designed to stir up our anger and hatred toward other people.

33) Involving ourselves in media programs like this are nothing more than a quick fix for our negative habit, and we are not going to be able to defeat our negative habit if we allow ourselves to get angry and emotionally involved with biased and exaggerated viewpoints from media that we are watching, listening to, or reading.

34) When you feel the need to watch, listen to, read, or talk about something political, then instead go for a relaxing short walk in nature, or play with your children, or read a good book, or meditate, or listen to nice music, or do anything that you really enjoy so you can keep your mind off of the habit.

35) You will thank yourself when you do these other enjoyable things instead because you will be helping and improving your emotional health, mental health, and physical health, rather than harming yourself with negative feelings.

36) The same is true about spending a large amount of time around people who are constantly angry and emotionally involved with political issues, or angry about anything else. We may think we can resist the influences of these people, but the reality is that these people are creating your world around you by their words and actions.

37) When you are around people like this, then it is like you are standing up on a chair and they are standing down on the floor next to you. In that position it is far easier for them to pull you down off of the chair with them, than it is for you to pull them up onto the chair with you.

38) This is the way it is with every negative habit and with every negative behavior.

39) The fact is that People who support the Democratic Party are Wonderful People, and People who support the Republican Party are Wonderful People. If we just take the time to look.

40) We are all far more alike each other than we are ever different from each other. If we just take the time to look, talk, and listen to other people without us having our own pre-conceived and biased expectations of what we think we are going to find.

41) By looking with a clear mind and a clear heart then we will be able to Appreciate each other, and by talking and listening then we will be able to Understand each other.

42) And so, by looking, talking, and listening then we will realize that We Still Love Each Other.

43) Just like we Always did.

44) We just forgot for a little while.

Portrait of a young couple making a heart shape with their hands at home.In conclusion, any anger, meanness, unkindness, and hatred that we direct toward others does more damage to ourselves than it does to the people we are directing our negative emotions toward.

When we express and show our Love toward another person, then we feel Fantastic inside because we feel the Love within ourselves that we are Giving to them.

Loving someone else benefits us more than it benefits them.

Just think about how Great you feel when you hug your dog, or your cat, or your child, or the person who You Love.

Therefore, Loving other people does more positive for us than it does for anyone else.

Likewise, disliking or hating other people harms us more than it hurts anyone else.

When We Love Other People, then we feel Tremendous because We Feel This Love Within Ourselves.

The More Love We Give To Others, the More Love We Feel Within Ourselves.

All Acts of Love begin by First Giving Love.

Love does not begin by us waiting to be Loved.

Instead, Love begins by Us Giving Our Love To Other People First.

Therefore, to make our Life Happy and Fulfilling, we need to be Giving As Much Love As We Possibly Can To As Many People As We Possibly Can.

When we do this, then our Life will feel Incredible emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Be Quick To Love Everyone.

Be Quick To Show And Express Your Love To Every Person and To Everything.

Every time you Show Love, then You will Be Helping Other People To Feel Happiness and Love, You will Be Creating Your Own World Into A Far More Beautiful And Wonderful Place, and You will Be Benefiting Yourself And Your Own Life The Most Because Of The Incredible Happiness and Love That You Will Feel Inside Of You.

You Create Your World By What You Think About.

Therefore, You Want To Create Your Positive And Wonderful World By Intentionally Directing Your Thoughts To Only Seeing The Positive And The Love In Every Person and In Everything.

Each time you exert your willpower by choosing to look for and think about the Positive instead of the negative, then it will become easier for you the next time because your mind will be developing a new and positive habit.

In the process, You will be continually Creating Your World into a Happier and More Loving Place.

Let Us Love Each Other, and with this Love then LET US BUILD A WORLD FOR OUR CHILDREN.

And Let Us Put Someone In The White House Who, instead of dividing us, Will Reunited Us and Bring Us Back Together With Love and Kindness and Respect As The One Family Who We Are.

Portrait of group of beautiful young multiracial girl friends community hugging and looking at camera outdoor. Smiling only women together embraced affectionately. Female friendships and quality time

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