Our Revolutionary Tax-Free Plan For Owning Your Own Business – You Will Get To Keep All Your Profits Without Paying Any Taxes

I Believe that You Deserve to have the Opportunity to go after Your American Dream.

I also Believe that if You own Your Own Business, then You are a Warrior who is so committed to Your Goals and to providing for Your Family that You are willing to take on the continual challenges and the tremendous amount of work that is necessary when You own Your Own Business.

I also Believe that if You are so Committed to Improving Your Life and the Lives of Your Children and Your Family that You are willing to take on these challenges and this extra work, then You Deserve to be Rewarded for Your Incredible Commitment.

In addition, I Believe that if you and your family are struggling financially, then you should be allowed to start your own Business to supplement the income you make from your job, and because you are willing to do this extra work to improve Your Life and to improve the Lives of Your Family, then you should not have to pay income tax on the extra work and the extra commitment that you have taken on.

Fashion designer, colleagues and creative smiling while sewing trendy clothes for fashion in a stud.You should be able to keep all the money you make from your extra work because I Believe that is fair to You and to Your Family.

I also Believe that after you begin Your Business as a way to supplement the income you are making from your job, when Your Business begins to make more Profit for You than your job has been paying you, then you should have the opportunity to leave your job and become a Very Successful Business Entrepreneur who does not have to pay income tax on the first $150,000 of Profit you make from Your Business.

Therefore, because of my Tremendous Respect for You, the first thing I am going to do is to pass a law where You will pay No Federal Income Tax on Your Business for the first $150,000 Per Year of Personal Income Profit that You Make from Your Business.

In addition, You will pay No Federal Income Tax for Businesses that Make More Than $150,000 of Profit Per Year, provided that You spend a percentage of Your Additional Profit above $150,000 on additional employees.

Privately Owned Businesses, that the government refers to as Small Businesses, but are actually very large and important to all our Americans who own them, are the backbone and most important part of our American Economy.

The Government classifies them as Small Businesses, even though they are anything but small to those of us who own them. They are our Life, and they are our Family’s Financial Life.

Portrait Of Male And Female Apprentices Working As Carpenters In Furniture WorkshopSmall Businesses are so important to America and to the American Economy, that Small Businesses have accounted for 62% of net new jobs since 1995, and Small Businesses employ 46.8% of private-sector employees.

There are 33.2 million Small Businesses operating across the United States, and Small Businesses employ more than 61.5 million people.

Therefore, Small Businesses are what make the American Economy Successful.

I have owned many small businesses during my career, and what I have learned from these experiences is that owning your own business is a 24 hours a day and 7 days a week job and responsibility.

With my small businesses, the pressures of trying to survive and make financial ends meet for my children and my family often caused me to have to work 365 days every year, working 16 hours a day five days a week Sunday through Thursday until midnight, and working 18 hours a day until 2 or 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

I worked for 25 years on this 365-day work schedule, and for 10 of those years my family and I lived in a house that had no floor or lights in the kitchen, a house that had a septic system that the county services would not allow to be used because it was broken and had created a small pond in our front yard.

Eventually, after all these many years of effort, I was able to work so hard that I got my family out of this tough situation. However, these many years of very difficult experiences that we had, where just like You I was working so very hard but our family could not afford almost anything, has always stuck with me.

If you have also struggled, or if you are struggling now, then you and I are very much alike, and I know exactly how you are feeling.

cheerful young african american woman in apron talking on smartphone while working in flowers shopTherefore, because I know and understand how You are feeling, then I am going to do everything in my power to help You.

There are very few politicians who have ever owned a small business, and so none of these politicians can relate in any way to the tremendous challenges and difficulties that you face.

Because Small Businesses are so important to America, then I think that no one should be allowed to run for any national political office if they do not have personal experience running a Small Business.

We have politicians who have been in Washington DC for 50 years, but who have never had a regular job or owned a business, and so they have no concept of the challenges and difficulties that you are facing.

Since these politicians have no concept of your challenges, then there is no way that they can make the fair decisions and the right decisions to help you.

In contrast to these politicians, I know, fully appreciate, and totally Respect everything that you have had to do to keep your Small Business going, and to keep Yourself and Your Family surviving.

In fact, I Believe so strongly in the Tremendous work ethic that owning a Small Business requires, and I Believe so strongly in the lessons we learn when we own a Small Business, then I think that every person in America should have the experience of owning their own Small Business because it teaches you to appreciate so many things.

Owning your own Business teaches You to appreciate the work and financial risk that a Small Business owner has to take.

Owning your own Business teaches You how much pressure a Small Business owner has because the financial future of your family is completely dependent upon you making a profit from your business.

Owning your own Business teaches You how to work Very Hard. Because You have no other option.

Owning your own Business teaches You to appreciate Life and to Greatly value hard work.

Happy, business people and portrait in office for leadership, support or motivation at design agenc.Owning your own Business also teaches You to work harder and be a better employee when you later become employed by other people because you have learned how hard it was for you to pay employees when you owned your business, and so you greatly appreciate and value any job that someone else pays You to do.

Therefore, you learn from owning your own business that being a valuable employee requires you to give more work and more value to the business and to the business owner than the amount of money you are being paid for your work.

Because if you are not giving more work and more value to the business owner than the business owner is paying you for your work, then you are taking from their business instead of giving to their business.

The result of knowing this fact is that we become far better employees for other businesses after we have owned our own business.

Therefore, I think it is a Tremendous Life Lesson for every person to own a Small Business, and because Small Businesses are such an important part of the American Economy, then I think that every politician should be required to own a Small Business before they are allowed to run for national office.

It is only through owning a Small Business that a politician can understand how America works, that a politician can understand what makes the American economy operate, and that a politician can understand the incredible amount of work and effort and commitment and financial risk that it takes for You to own a Small Business.

Most of our politicians have never owned a business, and many of our politicians have never even had a real job before they entered politics, including some politicians who have been in Washington DC for many decades.

Portrait Of Mature Couple Running Organic Farm Shop TogetherTherefore, these politicians are completely unable to relate to the huge challenges and difficulties that a Small Business owner like you is faced with.

These politicians have no idea of the tremendous amount of financial risk and stress and work that Small Business owners like you have to overcome for yourself and for your families.

These politicians’ have a lack of understanding and respect for Small Business owners, and their lack of understanding and respect caused them to close your businesses during the pandemic.

This totally inconsiderate behavior by these politicians caused many Small Business owners to lose their businesses that you had worked so hard and for so many years to build.

The government’s actions to close Small Businesses also helped large corporations to do well, which added further difficulties for Small Businesses and Small Business owners.

Therefore, America owes our Heroes who are Small Business owners, and we need to do everything we can to help our Small Business owners to be Successful and to get back what you lost.

Helping our Small Business owners is also a great business decision for America.

Here are the Benefits to You and to America of my Tax-Free Business Plan:

1) You will not pay any taxes on the first $150,000 of profit You make from Your Business.

2) You will also not pay any income tax on your additional Profits above $150,000, by you instead choosing to spend a percentage of Your Profits above $150,000 on salaries for new employees.

3) Instead of paying income tax on Your Profits above $150,000, your hiring of these additional employees will create more new jobs for Americans that will benefit other Americans and reduce America’s unemployment rate.

Portrait of smiling grocery shop workers standing in front of counter and looking at camere4) By you using these additional profits to hire new employees instead of paying taxes with the Profits, then this is like giving you free employees paid for by the government, and all of your free employees will work to increase Your Business Profits and allow You the Opportunity to Build Your Own Personal Business Empire.

5) You will have the tax-free opportunity to restart and build back any businesses that you may have lost during the pandemic when politicians were unfairly shutting down businesses.

6) You can also choose to start any new business tax-free that you have never had before.

7) I BELIEVE You and Your Family deserve this advantage.

8) My Plan will allow every person in America to have a way to increase your income by starting a new business that benefits you and your family’s finances.

9) As you build your business, then you will have the opportunity to grow your business tax-free so that your business becomes Your Family’s primary and excellent source of income.

10) My Tax-Free Plan will make America a stronger economic nation because A Rising Tide Raises All Ships.

11) By not charging taxes on your businesses, then this will allow your businesses to make excellent profits at a lower sales price.

12) These lower sales prices across our Country will have a positive effect on our economy by lowering inflation.

13) Lowering inflation will benefit every person in America by helping you to spend less and save more money.

14) Starting these businesses will greatly benefit new business owners through the development of all the personal skills and strengths that I have described owning a business does for you.

15) Starting these businesses will result in your new businesses hiring new employees, which is going to be excellent for our American unemployment rate.

young attractive multiethnic waitresses looking at camera while standing together with arms crossed16) By people leaving their current jobs to start their own businesses, then their old jobs will become open, and this will create job opportunities for new people to fill their old jobs. Once again improving our unemployment rate.

17) My Tax-Free Business Plan will reduce the supply of workers available for hiring because many workers will stop being employees and start being business owners.

18) My Tax-Free Plan will also increase the demand for workers because of all the new businesses that are being created.

19) By my Tax-Free Plan reducing the supply of workers and increasing the demand for workers, then Hourly Wages and Salaries will increase significantly because of the economic laws of supply and demand.

20) Therefore, my Plan will increase employee wages and salaries across the United States, and will help every person in America to be able to earn a Fair Living Wage.

21) So we can help everyone to start and operate your own business, then we are going to begin a Free Nationwide Business Education Program and Financial Literacy Program that is open to every person in America for free.

22) This will help every American to be successful with his or her own Business, and will help every person to be successful with their personal and family finances.

23) You will be able to take these Business Education and Financial Literacy Programs for free, and you will be able to earn a Graduation Diploma from these Programs that will Benefit You with your own Business and with your own Finances.

Portrait Of Male And Female Owners Of Sustainable Plastic Free Grocery Store Behind Sales Desk24) These free courses will bring equality and level the playing field for every person from every economic and ethnic background.

25) Your Graduation Diploma will also be Very Valuable on Your Resume’ when You apply for and get hired for a job.

26) Through these Programs, every new Business owner will become better and more knowledgeable about his or her own personal and family financial management skills.

27) This knowledge will be tremendously valuable for every person, and this Personal Development will help every person and every family in America to become stronger financially.

28) Therefore, my Tax-Free Plan for Small Businesses is going to have Tremendous Financial Advantages For Every Person In America.

29) Through our Free Business Education and Financial Literacy Programs, then every person in America will have an equal opportunity to Succeed, whether a person dropped-out of high school before graduating, or graduated from high school, or graduated from the most expensive college or university graduate school.

30) Every person in America will have the same Opportunity To Succeed when you start your own Business.

31) America will become The Nation of Outstanding and Financially Strong Entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, I BELIEVE that You Deserve This Opportunity to Build Your Business Empire and Go After Your American Dream.

And I BELIEVE it is our responsibility in government to Create the Foundation and the Infrastructure that will Restore The American Dream.

And I BELIEVE it is our responsibility in government to help you to Succeed with Your American Dream For You and For Your Family.

I Am Very Excited About Seeing All The Wonderful Businesses And American Dreams That You Are Going To Build, and I Am Going To Be Hugely Thrilled When I Get To See You And Your Family Achieve Tremendous Abundance, Financial Gains, and Financial Strength.


Portrait, cafe and barista couple with tablet ready to take orders in small business. Teamwork, div.

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