Gun Ownership And The Danger Of Violent Video Games

Some of our politicians think that guns do not contribute to crime, and they think that everyone should be allowed to carry a gun with them in public wherever they go. 

We have other politicians who blame guns for all gun violence, and they refuse to acknowledge that people and people’s actions are ultimately responsible for gun violence. 

Just as with all things, the truth and the solution are always in the middle between viewpoints. 

America was founded under the principle that every person should be allowed to own a gun to protect themselves against the threat of a tyrannical government, and to protect themselves against the threat of violence. 

Therefore, the majority of people in America share the belief that every household should be allowed to own a gun for self-protection. 

However, after accepting this as correct, then we still need to protect our American People because gun violence in America has dramatically increased in recent years. 

I lived in England for 14 years where they have strict gun laws. The regular police did not even carry a gun when they walked around on patrol in the cities there. 

Statistically, in America there were more than 48,000 people killed by guns just in 2021, the highest number of any year in American history. 

In comparison, in England and Wales combined there were only 35 people killed by guns in 2021, and only 28 people in 2022. 

With the highest number of people in American history shot in 2021, it is not surprising that the highest number of guns sold in American history occurred the year before in 2020, with more than 20 million guns sold in America in just that one year. 

Similarly, there were 647 mass shootings in the United States in just 2022, and in Great Britain there have only been 5 major shootings by a civilian in British history. 

Therefore, if we are going to Build A Safe and Beautiful World For Our Children, then we obviously need to take serious action to reduce gun violence in America because the gun violence we currently have is completely unacceptable. 

One of the primary Libertarian principles is: 

We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose. 

Therefore, this principle states that in any action a person takes there are two groups of people involved, the person taking the action as an individual is in one group, and everyone else in America who is not that individual is in a second group. 

An individual is allowed to take any action he or she chooses to take so long as the individual is not harming other people. 

Following this Libertarian principle for gun ownership, then a person who has a gun in his or her home for protection from violence, or for protection from the possibility of a tyrannical government, is not affecting anyone else in America, and so that choice of gun ownership in the home should be completely up to the individual to make. 

Some people think it is safer to have a gun at home, and some people think it is more dangerous to have a gun at home. But since that decision is not affecting anyone else, then that decision should be entirely up to every individual. 

However, as soon as a gun is carried outside of the home, then the rights and the safety of other people are potentially affected, which brings into consideration the Libertarian principle of not harming anyone else. 

By following this Libertarian principle, then it would be appropriate for us to consider the ways we can protect other people from being harmed by guns, especially since gun violence has become such a major problem in America. 

We have driving safety tests for anyone who wants to be able to drive a car because cars are potentially dangerous to other people, and this requirement makes our roads much safer. 

Libertarian principles would not allow anyone to drive a car who has not been trained and who has not passed a written test and a driving test, because doing so would potentially endanger other people. 

Therefore, it is logical that to protect other people, then Libertarian principles would have this same kind of safety training for someone if they want to bring a gun into a public area. 

Along these lines, Libertarian principles would ask for us to look at how we can reduce the possibility of people getting shot because of a brief moment of anger or emotions, instead of just being yelled at or only being involved in a minor physical altercation. 

These split-second shootings take away the lives of the people who were shot, and ruin the lives of the people who lost control of their emotions for only a split-second. 

Likewise, there is a national test for driving a car that includes a written part of the test and a practical driving part of the test because these driving tests protect other drivers. 

Therefore, Libertarian principles would also ask for us to develop a national gun safety test, including both a written part of the test and a gun handling and shooting practical part of the test, because having a gun safety test would decrease the risk of gun accidents and protect both the gun owner and other people. 

Having a gun safety test like this would also keep people from being able to purchase guns quickly when they are angry, helping these people to slow down and reduce their anger while they are taking a gun safety test. 

This would ultimately save lives by keeping many of these shootings from ever happening. 

This gun safety test would also help to keep guns from being sold to people who have mental illnesses and who have committed crimes in the past. 

Therefore, a gun safety test fulfills Libertarian principles because a safety test would make America far safer for everyone in many ways. 

In conclusion, we need to find ways to dramatically reduce the gun violence in America. 

To reduce it, we want to start using common sense and logic to make fair and logical decisions instead of taking politically partisan positions. 

By following Libertarian principles, then we are creating a Winning situation for everyone because all Americans will be allowed to own guns to protect themselves from violence and from any potentially tyrannical government, and the gun safety test will keep everyone in America safer, including keeping gun owners much safer. 

In addition, we want to look at a subject that we never hear any politicians talk about, which is violent video games. 

It can be shown from studies that violent video games are one of the main reasons for the increase of gun violence in America. 

Studies have shown that the shooting of guns in violent video games has a negative and violent effect on our society, especially with our younger males. 

In sports, practice simulations are now designed and available for every sport’s skill development. 

Practice simulators are also available for many career fields, such as for flying, police and FBI training, and flying commercial airliners. 

Coaches, players, and experts know that the technological simulations for baseball hitting, golfing, and for every other sport, are beneficial for athletes to practice because the athletes have the opportunity to perform hundreds and thousands of simulated repetitions in what appears to be a real-life environment. 

This simulation practice has been shown to improve the athletes’ skills in their sports. 

Likewise, commercial pilots use very realistic flight simulators to learn and perfect their take-off, flying, and landing skills. 

Similarly, the police and FBI use these realistic simulators to train their officers. 

Therefore, it is only logical that when a person plays a violent shooting video game for several hours every day, during which they are shooting many hundreds of people in a very realistic-looking simulated environment, then they are making it easier for themselves to actually shoot someone in real life. 

Psychologists refer to people playing violent video games as cognitive rehearsal because without realizing it these people are rehearsing and practicing and training their minds to be able to shoot at people. 

Medical studies have shown that playing violent video games causes people to exhibit more aggressive and violent behavior, and causes people to become more comfortable seeing and participating in violence. 

For example, one study took college students, had half of the students play violent video games, and had the other half of the students play regular video games. 

Then, after playing these video games, the study had all the students watch a ten-minute movie that contained a large amount of violence in it. 

During the watching of the violent movie, they had the students connected to devices that measured their physical and emotional responses. 

From this, the study found that the students who had been playing the violent video games showed much less physical and emotional reaction to the violence in the movie. 

Therefore, the students who had been playing the violent video games had gotten more comfortable seeing violence, and they had become desensitized to seeing violence. 

Becoming desensitized means that they had gotten used to seeing the violence in the video games, and so they did not think that the violence was as wrong as the students who had not been playing the violent video games. 

Numerous studies have also found that playing violent video games causes people, especially young males, to have overly impulsive behavior, more aggressive behavior, bad decision-making, prolonged stress, a lack of inhibition for behavior that should be controlled, decreased executive functions, and a decrease in being able to focus their attention on goals, on schoolwork, and on what should be important to them in their Lives. 

Additional medical studies have found that violent video games have a negative long-term effect on the brains of young adult males even after they have stopped playing the violent video games for more than a week. 

Therefore, these studies found that violent video games permanently changed and altered the brains of young adult males, which is a very scary and dangerous thing to have happening to our young people. 

As evidence to support this theory that playing violent video games is a main cause of the mass shootings in America, many of the mass shooters in America have been younger people who spent most of their time alone, and who spent a large amount of time on their own in their rooms shooting guns in violent video games. 

We are all born with a fear of pulling a trigger and shooting someone. As proof of this, there have been many hundreds of movies and television shows made that have shown characters mentally struggling to pull a trigger when someone dangerous is walking toward them. 

However, when a person pulls a trigger in a violent video game hundreds and even thousands of times every day to shoot a person in the game, then there becomes a numbing and desensitizing effect on this trigger pulling movement because of repetition and habit. 

These are the cognitive rehearsal and desensitizing effects that medical experts say are occurring with the playing of violent video games. 

When a video game player shoots hundreds of people every day in a very realistic video game, and every time the person who is shot in the game gets back up and keeps playing in that game or in the next game as if nothing happened, then this also has a desensitizing and numbing effect on the video game player’s willingness to pull a trigger. 

In addition, this has a desensitizing and numbing effect on their understanding of what happens when they actually shoot a person in the real world, especially for violent video game players who suffer from some psychological and cognitive issues. 

It is very likely that many mass shooters became so numbed and desensitized to the act of shooting people in the violent video games they played so often, and became so numbed and desensitized to everyone who was shot in the game getting back up to play the next game, that these mass shooters lost some of their ability to understand the seriousness and realities of what they were doing during the mass shooting incidents. 

They became so numbed by the video games that they lost some ability to understand what the long-term effects would be when they went forward with the real shooting. 

In conclusion, any plan to reduce gun violence in America needs to take a very serious look at restricting and eliminating the violent video games that our Country is allowing our young people to play. 

We know that we need to have ratings on films that keep youngsters from watching R-Rated and X-Rated movies, and so it is not logical for us to allow our youngsters to participate in violent video games that would be R-Rated and X-Rated if they were movies. 

It has been scientifically proven that young people’s minds, especially young male minds, are not fully developed until a person is at least 25 years old. 

Therefore, as shown in studies, our Country is allowing the developing minds of our young people to be permanently altered by these violent video games. 

This is not only very dangerous for everyone in America, but it is also very unfair to the youngsters who go on to shoot people because as a society we are allowing these youngsters to destroy their own lives and other people’s lives by playing violent video games that they should not be playing. 

Allowing video game companies to make a profit from designing and selling violent video games is not a fair trade-off for the minds and Lives of our young people that we are losing. 

Likewise, increased corporate profits are not a fair trade-off for the safety of everyone in our Country. 

Therefore, we need to make laws that drastically reduce the violence that is legally allowable for our young people in video games and movies. 

None of our politicians have ever mentioned violent video games as being something we need to look at or change. 

Therefore, our politicians have been showing that they care more about the profits of video game companies than they care about the minds and the Lives of our children. 

Our politicians have also been showing that they care more about the profits of video game companies than they care about the safety of everyone in our Country. 

These politicians constantly argue about guns, but they never look at and discuss what behavioral traits and cultural factors are causing so many of our American people to get involved in gun violence. 

The level of gun violence we currently have in America has never been seen before in American history, and since violent video games have been a recent addition to our American culture, then the beginning of the playing of violent video games coincides exactly with the huge increase in gun violence we have had in America. 

The fact that violent video games and increased gun violence are occurring at the same time is not a coincidence, and so we need to make new video game laws to protect every American child and every American. 

We owe this to our Children. 

And we owe this to every person in America. 

We do not want our young people to have their brains permanently altered and changed by playing violent video games. 

We also need to be able to protect our Children when they are in school and when they are anywhere else. 

We will solve the issue of gun violence by looking at the situation in a logical way, and by following the Libertarian principles that will guide us. 


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