We Will Solve Immigration And Create The Right Balance

Our current political leaders, including our President, have taken a very extreme position on immigration by allowing an estimated 10 million immigrants to cross our Southern border illegally in the past three years.

Having a border that has allowed many millions of immigrants to enter without going through an immigration application and processing, has been very damaging to America in many ways.

Including because of the billions of dollars in costs that American taxpayers have had to pay to take care of all the immigrants, because of the huge amount of illegal drugs that have crossed our border and have killed so many of our Amazing and Wonderful young people, and because of the increased threat of terrorism that could occur inside of America against our citizens because we have not been able to verify who most of the immigrants are.

In addition, there have been millions of illegal entries across our border by people who evaded our border guards, and therefore were not processed through our entry system, because our guards have had to be far too busy dealing with an overwhelming number of immigrants.

This allowed mass migration has also been very damaging for many of the immigrants, themselves, as they have suffered many hardships along the way that include loss of life, assaults, crime, debt owed to cartels, families being separated, more than 85,000 immigrant children going missing, child trafficking, and child slave labor.

Therefore, for any politicians to have allowed this situation to occur has been a complete neglect of their duties to America, as well as a complete neglect of their duties to all Americans, to families and children, and to the immigrants themselves.

Some Democrat politicians have accused Republican politicians of not being willing to pass new immigration laws that will improve our immigration policies by allowing a larger number of immigrants to enter America legally every year through a smoothly operating immigration process.

Just as with all debates and issues, we need to take into consideration the viewpoints of everyone, compare these viewpoints with the facts, and create a Win-Win Solution that displays Respect, Fairness, and Understanding for all the different viewpoints that People have.

This Solution requires that we first need to get control of the problem so that the situation does not get worse. Getting control of a situation needs to be the first goal in any crisis.

If your boat is filling up with water because it has a hole in the bottom of it, and the water is eventually going to cause your boat to sink, you do not deal with the situation by just trying to bail the water out of the boat faster than the water is coming in.

This would not be the best strategy to use because the water might keep coming in faster than you can bail it out, and because you would have to keep bailing non-stop forever, which would not be physically possible.

Therefore, the first thing you would do is to fix or plug the hole. This would keep the situation from getting worse. Then you would start to bail the water out.

With this same thinking, to get control of our border situation before it gets worse for our Country, we first need to stop any additional immigrants from entering illegally by installing a barrier at our border.

A barrier that will stop illegal immigration, that will stop illegal drugs from crossing our border that are killing our People, that will reduce the threat of terrorism in America because it will stop potential terrorists from getting into America, that will keep immigrants from being harmed by all the dangers, and that will keep immigrant children from suffering through trafficking and child slave labor.

A recent bill in Congress suggested that America allow up to 5,000 immigrants per day for seven consecutive days, which is 35,000 immigrants every week and 1,825,000 per year, to cross the Southern border illegally before the President would have the option to stop any additional entries.

And the bill was worded so loosely that even the 35,000 immigrants allowed per week was not a requirement for the President to enforce it, but instead just an option for the President to enforce it.

Therefore, the bill was actually meaningless because it included no commitment at all by the President to enforce it.

In addition, even if the bill was enforced at 35,000 immigrants per week, this still adds up to 1,825,000 immigrants per year, which is not much less per year than the number of immigrants who have been crossing our border for the past three years.

Therefore, this bill was making no real effort at all to slow down or reduce the number of immigrants entering our Country. It was just a political maneuver to make voters think that something was being done, even though nothing was actually being done.

America’s states, cities, and towns are already completely overwhelmed with immigrants that our Country and our taxpayers are already having to pay billions of dollars to take care of.

Therefore, in the current overwhelming situation that America is already in, allowing a minimum of 5,000 more immigrants every day would only continue to make the situation worse.

As a result, this proposed policy did not begin to deal with the border situation because it was allowing the water to continue to come into the boat without fixing the hole in the boat.

By stopping the illegal entry of future immigrants across our border, then this will allow us to begin to focus our efforts, focus our manpower, and focus our resources on dealing with the immigrants who are already in our Country.

Stopping more illegal entry will also allow us to put our maximum efforts into finding all the 85,000 immigrant children who have disappeared, many of whom have been forced into trafficking and slave labor since they entered America.

Then, while we are dealing with our current immigrants, we will have both parties sit down in good faith to work out an immigration policy that is a fair compromise for both parties.

A compromise that is also fair for all future immigrants who want to come to America to pursue the American Dream, just like most of our ancestors have done.

I have good friends from Guatemala, who as a family have been split apart for nearly ten years, with the father legally working and living here in America, and with the mother and their children living in Guatemala, while they have been trying for ten years to work their way through our immigration system.

Every Christmas my friend travels back to see his two sons and his wife for a few weeks.

For the rest of the year, he works very hard here in America so that he can send money to Guatemala to take care of his family.

My friend told me that the main reason his family is still trying to work their way through the immigration system is because of two reasons.

First, our U.S. immigration rules require that he earns $46,000 per year before he can get approval for his wife and children to move to America, and secondly because he is having to pay an immigration lawyer $15,000 to complete and file the immigration applications for his family.

This story is the exact example of why we need an Immigration solution that is in the middle between the two extreme viewpoints of our politicians.

The Republican point of view is that it is very unfair for the immigrants who have crossed our border illegally to have been allowed to stay in America.

The Republican viewpoint is that allowing illegal entry has allowed the border-crossing immigrants to jump ahead of the immigrants who followed our immigration laws.

Just like the immigrants who have entered illegally have been allowed to jump ahead of my friends who have been going through our immigration system in the correct and legal way for the past ten years.

Likewise, from the Democratic point of view, our immigration system is not working smoothly enough when we have outstanding potential immigrants being forced to keep their families split apart for ten years, immigrant families stuck in our immigration system that is taking far too long.

Therefore, the truth and the solution is in the middle like it always is.

We need to stop any additional illegal border entry so we can focus our attention on the 10 million immigrants who are already inside of our Country that our taxpayers and residents are already having to take care of.

To stop any more illegal entries, we need to put a barrier up to stop the illegal immigration, to stop the illegal drugs, and to stop the potential terrorist entries so that we do not make the illegal immigration situation worse than it already is.

A barrier that will also benefit the immigrants, themselves, by stopping the immigrants from being harmed in all the ways they currently are being harmed, and by stopping the child trafficking and slave labor that is going on.

But, at the same time, we also need to improve our immigration system, and make our immigration system faster and more efficient so that we are able to process legal immigrants far more quickly than our system is currently able to do.

As we improve our immigration system, and as we treat our immigrants nicely, we additionally need to appreciate, though, that immigrants also have a responsibility to us.

If our immigrants truly want to become American citizens, then it is very important for them to learn about the history, the civics, and the government of our Country.

It takes time for any immigrants, no matter how outstanding they are as people, to grow into our American culture so that they truly can become an American citizen.

When we look at the history of immigration into America in the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s, we see that immigrants back then were not given anything. They were expected to work hard, provide for themselves, and become a valuable citizen of our Country.

The immigrants throughout our history have been willing to work very hard, they have been willing to overcome many obstacles and challenges, and they have been willing to develop themselves into citizens of the United States because they wanted so much to become American citizens.

The immigrants from the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s wanted to become American citizens so badly that they were willing to overcome whatever hardships they needed to overcome so they could start a new Life for themselves and for their families.

Our current society has forgotten that most of the immigrants who came to America were indentured servants when they arrived.

In our current culture we like to think that the people who founded America were middle-class and upper-class people from Europe. However, this is not true. The vast majority of people who founded America were actually lower-class immigrants from Europe.

Our society has forgotten the many hardships that our ancestors had to endure because in addition to slavery, that was very wrong, between 50% and 67% of our immigrants who came to America from Europe in the 1600’s, 1700’s, and into the 1800’s, came to America as indentured servants.

The reason that most of the immigrants to America came as indentured servants is because they did not have enough money to pay for a ticket to travel on the boats from Europe to America.

Since they could not afford to come to America, then businesspeople and ship owners in Europe purchased their tickets for them, with the contractual obligation that the immigrants had to work for free in America for between 4 years and 7 years, working for people and farms in America.

The European businesspeople and ship owners would make their money by selling these indentured servant contracts to businesses and farms in America, which was really payment for the immigrant’s ship ticket.

The immigrants then had to work for the 4 years to 7 years for free in order to more than pay back the cost of the boat ticket to America, and the cost of the food, clothing, and housing they would be given while they worked in America.

Entire families came over from Europe, and every family member, including the children, had to serve as indentured servants to pay back the cost of their transportation.

Indentured servants were treated like they were below other people, and they were forced to work very difficult labor jobs, usually on farms, for very long hours without pay for at least four to seven years.

During their years of working, they had to live in very difficult and low-level conditions, they had minimal food and clothing, and they were not allowed to get married without permission from their boss that was called their master.

They also rarely ever were shown their indentured servant contract in advance, or even shown it while they were working, and so the conditions they were forced to live in was not what they had been told in Europe before they agreed to come on the ship.

The European businesspeople and ship owners always lied to the immigrants in Europe in order to convince or trick the immigrants to agree to become indentured servants, and often they even kidnapped the European immigrants so that the immigrants did not even make the choice to become an indentured servant.

If the indentured servants tried to run away, or if their master said they had done something wrong, or if a female indentured servant got pregnant, then the master could add many additional years to the indentured servant’s contract. And since the indentured servants had no legal help, then the masters were almost always able to do anything they wanted.

The indentured servants were looked down upon by society, and so they often had to deal with and protect themselves from discrimination and bias.

Any children who were born to an indentured servant could be taken away by the master for up to 31 years later.

The African Americans who arrived between 1619 and 1660 were not considered slaves, and they were considered indentured servants, also, just like the immigrants from Europe were.

The entire concept of slavery and indentured servants was based upon the fact that America had a very large amount of land, and these farms were required to sell their crops to Europe, but there were not enough people living in America to work such a large amount of land.

Therefore, farm owners and businesspeople struggled to take care of their farms and harvest the crops unless they found a way to bring in inexpensive labor.

As a result, slavery and indentured servants had some similarities. They were both paid only in food, clothing, and inadequate housing, but while slavery continued forever, indentured servants would initially be required to work for between 4 and 7 years, before possibly being extended for longer.

In studying this history of America, it is very interesting to know that up to 67% of our Ancestors who came from Europe had extremely difficult lives, first of all in Europe that caused them to either want to or be forced to travel to America on a very treacherous and dangerous boat crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, then to have to work for free as indentured servants for an average of between 5 and 9 years while they lived in very difficult conditions with limited food and limited clothing.

There have actually been times throughout American history where slaves and indentured servants felt so closely attached to each other that they fought side-by-side in their efforts to secure a better Life for themselves and for their families.

Then, after our African American ancestors and our European ancestors had survived all of those difficult conditions, if they were given their freedom, then both groups of our ancestors had to find a way to survive on their own without a house or a job to pay for the food and necessities for themselves and for their families.

Therefore, throughout history, immigrants to America have not been given the luxuries that our government is currently giving to the immigrants who have arrived in America during the past three years.

Throughout American history, none of our ancestors or immigrants were given free housing in fancy hotels, or free food, or free transportation and flights to wherever they wanted to go in America, of free credit cards, or free cell phones, or free laundry service, or free maid service, or free medical care, or automatic jobs.

All of our ancestors and immigrants throughout history had to have such a tremendous desire to become an American citizen that they were willing to take on all these very difficult hardships after they arrived in America.

Most of the current immigrants entering America now are just as nice and kind as people, and are just as skilled and willing to work hard as the immigrants who helped to build America in the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s.

However, if we provide all the current immigrants with free transportation anywhere they want to go in the Country, if we provide them with a very nice hotel to stay in, with free food, free maid service, free laundry service, free credit cards, a free phone, free health care, freedom from being prosecuted for crimes in the sanctuary cities, and free everything else, then we are actually giving the immigrants free luxury vacations in America instead of giving them an opportunity that they have to work for.

When we are giving the current immigrants everything for free, then we are going to attract a far different group of people than we were attracting in the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s.

It is human nature for people to value something more, and cherish something more, if they have had to work for it,

When people are given everything without having to working for it, then not only do they take the gifts they are given for granted, but they often do not even value or respect what has been given to them.

That is what we are currently seeing with the immigrant situation now. America, the American people, and the American taxpayer have been tremendously kind by giving the current immigrants an opportunity to come into our Country, and then by giving the immigrants so much and so many gifts.

However, most of the current immigrants do not seem to appreciate, value, or respect what they have been given. This lack of appreciation, value, and respect is because they did not have to give any work or effort for all these gifts, and because we did not ask them or require them to do anything in return for these gifts.

This situation reminds me of when I was the head coach of my championship-winning teams in Europe.

We won three National Championships and two European Championships, and at the beginning of every season I would bring the Championship Trophies into the team meeting room where I would talk with my team.

I would say to them that if the League or the European countries walked into this room and gave us another beautiful Championship Trophy for this year before our season even started, then that trophy would be only a hunk of metal that had no value to anyone. It would only be worth whatever the scrap metal in it was worth.

I would say to them that a Championship Trophy is meaningful and valuable because of what it Represents.

A Championship Trophy represents every minute of hard work and hard training that we have given of ourselves throughout our entire Lives, on the practice field to get better, in the weight room to get stronger, in a meeting room to become smarter and better prepared, on a dark field at night running on our own in the freezing cold to get faster and in better shape, and on a game field when you are losing and the chips are down, when your back is up tight against the wall behind you, and you had to find that something that you can’t even define, that you didn’t know even existed, deep down inside of yourself.

To Find A Way To Win.

That is what a Championship Trophy means.

A Championship Trophy Represents Each And Every One Of Those Minutes, and Each And Every One Of Those Moments.

And that is what an American Citizenship should Represent, also.

A person should have to work to become an American Citizen. Because if they have not given of themselves to earn the right to be a Citizen, then it is just a piece of paper that they do not appreciate, value, or respect.

It would be as meaningless as a hunk of metal that was sitting on a shelf.

The immigrants from the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s became so valuable to the building of America because they came to America for the right reason.

They came to America to live and work hard in freedom as they made their own way in their pursuit of their American Dream.

And most of them achieved their American Dream for themselves and for their families.

But when we give everything to the current immigrants for free, then we are going to attract many immigrants who are not here for the right reason.

Many of them are currently attracted to America because they know they will be given everything for free here, allowing them to have it easier here than they had it in their own country.

In addition, there is no doubt that there are many current immigrants who are willing to work very hard, just like our ancestors and immigrants throughout history did. However, because we are allowing 9,000 immigrants to come into America every day across our Country, including 7,000 immigrants every day

across our Southern border, totaling 3.2 million and 2.4 million immigrants per year nationwide and across our Southern border, then our employment system cannot provide 9,000 new jobs every day to anyone, much less 9,000 new jobs every day to immigrants who often cannot speak or write English.

Many of the jobs in America in the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s were labor and farm jobs, also. Labor and farm jobs did not require as much language understanding, speaking, and writing as our current jobs require because most jobs now require some specific skills beyond just the willingness to work hard physically.

Therefore, when we allow more immigrants to enter the United States than our businesses and our economy can provide jobs for, then we are creating a situation where it is impossible for most of the current immigrants to have the opportunity to get a paying job.

If immigrants have no chance of getting a job because there are far too many immigrants arriving every day, then we are creating a situation where the only option we have is the very bad option of using our taxpayer money to provide these immigrants with everything for free, like we are doing now.

As a result, the pace of immigration is the most important factor in any immigration policy or law.

In the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s, the pace of immigration was far slower than it is now because transportation methods were much slower and less frequent.

There were not many passenger ships that sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe in the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s. However, now there are hundreds of flights every day coming from all around the world, and there is a 1,954-mile border between the United States and Mexico for immigrants to cross over that our government is giving free transportation from to anywhere the immigrants want to go.

Therefore, the transportation limitations in the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and early 1900’s were a natural limitation on our immigration numbers.

In addition, our immigration office back then knew exactly when each ship was going to arrive, and so the immigration office would be fully staffed and ready to process immigrants into the U.S. at the times the ships were arriving, and the immigration workers were needed.

Also, there was no way back then for an immigrant to get off the boat and avoid the port of entry to get into America without first going through the immigration office processing.

All of these natural limitations on the immigration numbers in the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and early 1900’s are no longer available to us.

Instead, we have many hundreds of flights every day from all around the world that arrive to a very large number of airports across the United States. We also have a 1,954-mile Southern border that is far more easily accessible to people now than it was in the 1699’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s, a 3,525 border with Canada that is more easily accessible than it used to be, and coastlines that are more accessible by privately-owned boats.

Therefore, with all of these many challenges facing our United States Immigration System, then we need to implement and enforce some rules so that we can manage the speed of immigrant entry.

By managing speed of entry, then we have the time to verify who every person is so that we are not letting in the wrong people, so that the immigrants have the time to learn about our history, civics, and government which allows them to become valuable members of America, and so that we have the time to allow our job opportunities to be equal to the number of immigrants that need jobs, which provides every immigrant with the opportunity to work, and which keeps our taxpayers from having to pay for everything for free for millions of immigrants because the immigrants have a job and can provide for themselves.

When we allow too many immigrants to enter too quickly, then none of these necessities are achieved, and we end up with immigration chaos in our Country that is currently costing our American taxpayers billions of dollars, like the current White House is allowing.

The politicians who have caused our current overwhelming immigration crisis, also want to appreciate the fact that when we allow immigrants to enter the United States illegally, but we allow them to be placed into the regular immigration system anyway, then this is not fair to the immigrants who have applied for immigration legally and properly.

As the old saying goes, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

Giving entry into America and immigration status to people who have entered illegally is not a free decision because doing this has harmed the immigrants who have applied for immigration the legal and correct way.

We have so many illegal entry immigrants in our immigration system now, that the time it takes for legal immigrants to obtain citizenship has increased from two or three years, like it used to be, to ten years like it is now.

Therefore, allowing the illegal entry of many millions of immigrants is going to cost legal applicants at least seven years of waiting in line behind the illegal entries. And that is not fair, either.

In conclusion, as soon as we stop illegal entry so we can start to focus our attention on all the immigrants that we already have, then we need to immediately sit down with both parties and negotiate immigration policies that are fair for everyone involved, including fair for our immigrants.

As we find, discover, and create the perfect immigration system for America, we need to understand and appreciate that the two overriding factors we need to focus on are the need for immigrants to be willing to work hard and overcome challenges in order to become an American citizen, and the speed of entry of immigrants.

We are not going to attract the correct kind of people to America if we are giving them everything like they are on a free luxury holiday.

Instead, we want immigrants to come to America who are willing to work hard, just like our immigrants and ancestors who founded and built America have done throughout history.

Regarding speed of entry, transportation limitations during the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, and for a large part of the 1900’s, created a natural restriction on how many immigrants could arrive in America.

Current transportation methods are so advanced that our immigration system becomes overwhelmed when so many immigrants are arriving at our border every day year-round.

Therefore, we need to have laws and restrictions that we enforce on illegal entry into the United States, and we need to have an immigration process timeline that matches the number of immigrants that our employment system can provide jobs for.

As a result, when Congress and the President decide on how many immigrants we are going to allow into America every year, we cannot make this decision based upon the ideological thinking of some of our Democrat politicians who are willing to let everyone in because they think they are being nice.

At the same time, though, we cannot unfairly restrict the number of immigrants we allow in, like some of our Republican politicians have been accused of.

The solution as Always, is in the middle between the two extreme viewpoints.

And so we need to find the sweet spot in the middle, which is the number of immigrants that our immigration system can safely process in a year, and that our economy can provide immigrant jobs for that do not take any jobs away from our American citizens.

Therefore, after we have determined the maximum number of immigrants we can both process and provide jobs for, then we have a starting point from which to work.

From this starting point, if some of us want to increase the number of immigrants that we allow into the United States every year, then we cannot just make laws to let the immigrants in, and we cannot just choose to not enforce laws like we are doing now.

Instead, if we want to increase the number of immigrants we allow every year, then we need to choose to put government funds into the upgrading of our immigration system, and we also need to increase the ability of our economy to provide these additional immigrants with jobs that do not take jobs away from our American citizens.

Increasing immigration without being able to process them at the speed of entry, or without being able to provide them with a job, creates weaknesses and hardships on both the immigrants and on our American citizens.

However, if we upgrade the speed of our immigration system, and we expand our economy so that we can provide an increased number of jobs to immigrants, then we have the option of being able to increase the number of immigrants that we can bring into America.

After we have set our immigration targets and our goals, it will be very easy for us to monitor how we are doing because all we will need to look at are three numerical measurements.

These three measurements are the waiting times of immigrants in our immigration system to receive their citizenship, the unemployment rate of immigrants in our economy, and the unemployment rate of our American citizens who were working before recent immigrants arrived.

Based upon our evaluation of these three metrics, we will have the option to increase immigration numbers if we have short waiting times, low unemployment for immigrants, and low unemployment for our American citizens, or the option to decrease immigration numbers if we have long waiting times, or higher than desired immigrant unemployment, or increasing unemployment of our American citizens.

A third option we would have is to allocate more government funds to improve the immigration numbers that both our immigration system and economy are able to handle efficiently.

It could even be that in times when our economy is not doing well and unemployment rises, then we can respond by reducing immigration by a specific amount, and when our economy is doing great and unemployment is very low, then we can respond by increasing immigration by a specific amount.

In summary, the issue of immigration is not an ideological issue that two groups of politicians should be fighting over like our government is doing now.

Likewise, the issue of immigration cannot be based on what our politicians emotionally think is the right number of immigrants to allow into America.

Our immigration issue should be completely logical and mathematical.

The number of immigrants that we should allow into America is equal to both the number of immigrants we can process efficiently through our immigration system, and the matching number of immigrants that our economy can provide immigrant jobs for without taking jobs away from our current American citizens.

This is not an unknown magical number that our politicians should be fighting over.

It is a logical and mathematical number that allows America to gain the incredible value of outstanding immigrants coming into our Country, while also providing every immigrant with the opportunity for them to Pursue their American Dream for themselves and for their families.

We Can Do This.

Because we are the Most Outstanding Country in the World.

And because throughout history we have Always been the Kindest and the most Loving People in the World to Immigrants who have come to our Shores in the Pursuit of their American Dream, while they have worked hard with us to Build America into the Most Outstanding Country in the World.


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