The Villages We Will Build For Our Homeless People And Families

As I have written in other areas, a person or a Country should be judged by how we treat and take care of the people who are our most vulnerable and who have the greatest need for our help.

Some of the people who need us the most are our homeless Americans and their families.

If we are going to continue to be a Great Country, then we need to show Tremendous Respect for, and take care of, our Wonderful people who have found themselves homeless.

We need to treat these people with the Greatest amount of Dignity by helping them to overcome their hardships, and by working together to create opportunities for them to have Great Success in their Lives.

It is far easier for people to become homeless than we realize because when people do not have the benefit of a family safety net then it often only takes one financial mistake, or one medical injury or problem, or one mental health issue, or one domestic violence issue, to cause them to become homeless.

35% of renter households in the United States are categorized as cost-burdened, which means that they spend more than 30% of their income on housing costs and utilities.

By spending such a high percentage of their income on housing costs, then they are barely getting by every month, and so it only takes something very small to put them into a situation where they do not have enough to pay their rent, their bills, buy food, and pay for medical care.

When someone becomes homeless, then it is very difficult for them to get back into a home because after becoming homeless then they often do not have a place to keep their belongings and wash their clothes for work, or to take shower to look nice for work or for a job interview, or to have access to the internet to look for jobs or to communicate with their work, or to even have access to a phone to speak with potential employers.

In addition, our homeless Americans are often discriminated against by the public because the public does not understand how easy it is for people to get into a homeless situation, and so homeless people are often erroneously thought of as lazy, dangerous, and solely responsible for their homelessness.

The stigma surrounding homelessness and mental and substance abuse disorders makes it harder to recover from medical issues and well-being difficulties because barriers are formed that prevent recovery.

Our LGBTQ+ Americans, and especially our LGBTQ+ youth, are disproportionately affected and harmed by homelessness. As shown by the fact that 10% of America’s youth population identify as LGBTQ+, but nearly 40% of the homeless youth in America identify as LGBTQ+.

This disproportionate percentage is because of discrimination against them, and because of increased risks for mental and substance use disorders.

Therefore, our Plan to solve homelessness needs to focus a Great amount of our attention on helping our LGBTQ+ Americans.

We also need to focus our attention on children on the streets who are endangered, and we need to stop all child trafficking.

As we design and act upon a Plan to accomplish this with our homeless Americans, it is crucial that we realize how very similar the situations are for our people who are homeless, for our people who have suffered domestic violence, for our people who are discriminated against for various reasons such as their identification as LGBTQ+, for our people who are in severe poverty, for our homeless Veterans, for our people who are being abused and trafficked, for our people who have mental health difficulties, and for our people who have drug addictions.

It is crucial for us to understand and appreciate how a person can often be categorized in more than one of these groups because the hardships and challenges a person faces in one area often cause the person to fall into one or many of the other difficult categories.

For example, homelessness can result in unemployment, poverty, a lack of medical care, and often drug addiction.

Likewise, when people are not able to pay medical costs, then this very often results in bankruptcy, homelessness, unemployment, and poverty.

Drug addiction often requires medical care, and can also result in unemployment, poverty, and homelessness.

Unemployment causes poverty that can result in homelessness and a lack of medical care.

Therefore, when we formulate a Plan for solving these issues, we want to design and build the foundation and infrastructure components so that every component of our Plan is designed to solve more than one of these hardship categories at the same time.

A huge mistake that our government has made is that they have been treating each of these problems as a separate issue.

Our government has tried to design aid programs for some of these groups, but they have always attempted to focus on each group individually.

However, this stretches the government’s finances so much that government programs often are not as effective as they need to be.

These many programs also stretch the government’s manpower too much because the government is trying to cover every small area of our Country with each program.

By the government treating these problems as separate issues, then there is a huge amount of government money being wasted on all the duplication of services.

Treating these problems as separate issues also requires the government to subcontract many of these services such as medical care and drug addiction.

As a result, the government is then forced to pay hundreds of thousands of outside people and companies to provide these medical and addiction services across the Country, with the cost of these services being far higher than they need to be because the costs are being paid to non-government outside companies.

Let us first take a look at foster care children in America.

It has been found that within the first four years of transitioning out of foster care, 20% of foster care youth are homeless.

Similarly, nationwide, 29% of all the homeless youth between the ages of 13 and 25 have been in foster care.

California government leaders do even worse, as 31% of California foster children end up homeless within the first four years of aging out of foster care, showing that the California government does an even worse job preparing foster children to be able to take care of themselves than other states do.

It is completely illogical how the California government, who like to say they care about people, and who have exorbitant taxes that they take from California residents to supposedly provide services to people who need it, is the worst state in America for actually taking care of people.

In San Francisco, 75% of unhoused youth had been either in foster care or in the juvenile justice system.

In Sacramento, California, 34% of unsheltered homeless had been in foster care.

In fact, the California government has done a far worse job than anywhere else in America taking care of their homeless and foster children because 50% of all the unsheltered homeless people in the entire United States are in California.

Since California charges and collects the highest amount of taxes, but still does the worst job in America at taking care of their residents, then this proves that the policies the California politicians are following cannot be the correct policies to solve America’s problems and challenges.

As we look at people who become homeless, a very large percentage of people become homeless because of debts they owe that caused them personal bankruptcies.

Statistically, more than 60% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical bills that people could not afford to pay.

These bankruptcies often result in foreclosures on their homes or a loss of credit that keeps them from being able to rent an apartment, either of which often causes homelessness for them.

Once our people are homeless, then it is far more difficult for them to get or to keep a job because they do not have access to internet employment sites to locate available jobs, because they do not have a place to shower, to dress, and to look nice for work, and because they often do not have transportation to get to work.

Unemployment rates for homeless Americans range from 52% to 90% depending upon the state and city they are in, with California, Los Angeles, and Washington DC being the highest rates of both homelessness and unemployment.

When our homeless Americans lose their jobs for one of these many reasons, then most of the time they also lose their medical insurance because they only had medical insurance from their jobs.

60% of homeless people in America do not have medical insurance, and without medical insurance they are not able to take care of themselves if they develop a medical problem or a mental health issue.

The facts are that 30% of homeless people have mental health issues, and 50% of homeless people have substance addiction problems.

However, our homeless people usually have no way to treat their mental health and addiction issues because they cannot afford to pay the medical costs to fix these issues, and because most of them do not have medical insurance.

If people become homeless because they are having trouble paying their medical bills, then the statistics show that their homelessness is extended by two years.

Even worse, if their unpaid medical bills are sent to collections so that it damages their credit score, then their homelessness is extended by eleven years, which causes them to become chronically and permanently homeless.

Statistically, 57% of homeless people who were previously in foster care are more than 35 years old, which shows that people who have been foster children often become homeless when they are adults.

In addition, when foster children become homeless then they often stay homeless throughout their adult lives.

Very sadly, the life expectancy of a homeless person is between 20 and 38 years less than people who have homes.

It is very wrong for our Country to be allowing a situation where the medical industry is charging ridiculous amounts of money for medical services.

When people cannot afford to pay these absurd medical bills then they often end up becoming bankrupt, unemployed, in complete poverty, and homeless.

Our homeless Americans often have their children with them, and this results in these Wonderful people and Wonderful families having lives that are not only very difficult and dangerous, but that are also two to four decades shorter than they should be.

The ideal way to solve all of these problems at the same time is to create Village communities that combine housing, employment, medical care, mental health care, substance abuse care, protection from abuse, protection from trafficking, and protection from domestic violence.

Within these Village communities we will provide housing for homeless people, foster care children, military veterans who need our help, unemployed people who have become homeless, people with medical and mental health issues, people with drug addictions, our LGBTQ+ homeless Americans, children who have been abused, children and adults who have suffered from domestic abuse and trafficking, and homeless families with children.

We will partner on these villages with large corporations. Our corporate partners will place office locations within the Villages we have created, and these corporate offices will provide employment for every resident in the Village.

We also can provide medical care, domestic abuse care, child and adult trafficking care, mental health care, Veteran care, and drug addiction care right within the Village communities.

We will also provide the teaching of independent living skills to all the residents, and we will work with them to increase and improve their personal self-development skills which will allow them to become even more successful than they would have become, otherwise.

We will also teach them our Business Development Program Course so they will learn and know how to start a business, and we will teach them our Financial Management Course to prepare them for handling their own finances.

The Village community models we will look to emulate are the excellent work communities that were built in America in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, some of which are still going today.

These were built by corporations in locations like Hershey, Pennsylvania with the Hershey Chocolate Company, and in Corning, New York with the Corning Ware Company.

These work communities became wonderful neighborhoods for individuals and families, and the communities expanded to include excellent housing, athletic fields, boating, bowling alleys, recreational facilities, tennis courts, libraries, museums, and sometimes even an amusement park.

By combining all our services for these groups of people in Village community locations across the United States, then we can provide far better personal services for every resident in each of our Villages.

In addition, we can also reduce our costs tremendously because by centralizing our services in these Villages, then we do not need to provide services to every inch of the United States, like our government is unsuccessfully trying to do now.

We would also save government costs because we could provide all these services ourselves in one location, instead of needing to pay higher prices to outside contractor companies who are spread out across the United States.

One of the Keys to a Successful Life is to be able to take on a difficult problem that has caused a negative situation for you, and figure out a way to turn around this problem into a Positive situation for You and for the people You Love.

It is Always Possible for us to do this in any situation because it is Always Possible For Us To Find A Way To Win.

We just have to keep persevering and sticking to the task while we creatively and innovatively look for the silver-lining Advantage that every disadvantage has within it; the Opportunity we can See, Create, and Pursue with all of our efforts.

“Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity.” – Joseph Sugarman

Our Villages will be perfect for our homeless people and families, for our foster children, for our unemployed homeless, for our homeless with medical and mental health issues, for our veterans who are homeless and who have medical problems, for our LGBTQ+ who are homeless, for our Americans who have suffered through domestic abuse and trafficking, and for our homeless who have drug addictions.

We can save all of these Wonderful people, and we can get all of them back on track to Living their very Successful Lives of Happiness and Purpose.

While we are saving Lives and providing these tremendous services, we will also be saving hundreds of billions of dollars for American taxpayers because we will be providing services in central locations with fewer workers, instead of trying to provide services across every inch of our Country.

We will also not be paying outside workers in medical care, as is currently being done, because we will have our own medical personnel and our own service personnel for every category of resident right on site to provide services to everyone.

Having all our service personnel within the Villages with our residents will save a huge amount of government money.

In addition, we will be providing a well-paid and valuable job for every resident in the Village, which will result in the residents gradually being able to contribute toward the cost of the housing that we have provided for them.

Until at some point, many of them will feel ready to move into a nearby neighborhood by their own choice, thereby reducing and eliminating one of our largest costs.

We will be providing housing and a job for people who were previously homeless and in poverty, and we will be working with our people to develop their personal skills.

As a result, we will get them back up on their Path to a Lifetime of Happiness and Love.

Our Villages will drastically reduce, and hopefully eliminate, America’s homeless problem.

And even more importantly, our Village communities will rescue and save many millions of our Wonderful People who have found themselves in a very difficult homeless situation, allowing our People to once again live Lives filled with Happiness, Purpose, Self-Confidence, Achievement, and Love.

Studies show that in the current homeless environment it costs our government $32,000 per person, per year, for every homeless person who lives on the street.

However, it only costs the government $18,000 per person, per year, if a homeless person is in government housing.

Therefore, in our currently broken homeless system it is already far more expensive for our government to pay for our people who are homeless than it is for our government to provide housing for our homeless people.

With my Villages Plan we will reduce this $18,000 per person housing cost even further, and our Government will save hundreds of billions of dollars every year compared to what we are currently spending with our inefficient, ineffective, and broken homeless system.

In addition, there are a large number of American Corporations who are led by outstanding men and women, and so just like Hershey and Corning Ware came forward more than 100 years ago to build corporate communities, many of our exceptional corporate leaders and corporations will undoubtedly come forward again to Partner with us on our Village Communities by these corporations providing employment opportunities for all our Village residents.

In some cases, these Corporations are even going to be willing to build the Villages themselves as our Partners.

Our Partnerships with our outstanding American Corporations and Leaders will create tremendous Government/Corporate relationships that will benefit America in many ways.

Our Corporation partners will also discover a very large number of Outstanding people and workers living within our Villages who have been given a second chance after we have overcome their homelessness.

Outstanding people who had gotten lost in the old homeless system, but who have now risen up within our Villages to fulfill their vast potential because we created a Plan that gave them a Second Chance to Save Their Lives.

And in the process, we will be creating a Win-Win situation for Everyone involved because we will be Saving Lives, Saving Families, Adding Happiness and Meaning to Lives, Adding Love, and Adding Purpose to Every Person’s Life.

Every Homeless Person is Someone’s Child Who They Love Dearly.


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