World Peace And Friendship


There should not be wars in our World anymore. There is absolutely no reason in modern society for countries to be fighting and having wars with one another.

Have we learned nothing over the past thousands of years of fighting each other?

Wars are almost always caused by three things. A lack of communication with other countries, a lack of respect toward other countries, and a lack of emotional understanding between countries and leaders.

Therefore, since all three of these factors are avoidable, then wars are actually caused by bad leadership who choose not to do them.

For example, if America had stepped in to communicate, respect, and emotionally understand the issues involving Russia and Ukraine, then that war would never have begun. Instead, our leaders just let it happen without stepping in to communicate.

There were also ways that the Israelian conflict could have been avoided before it began by real American leaders stepping in to communicate, respect, and emotionally understand the issues and the people involved. However, our American leaders again did not do this.

Instead, when our President was asked in an interview about whether America is being stretched too far by being in two wars, he ridiculously said that America can handle two wars because we are the strongest country in the world.

Saying something so nonsensical shows a complete lack of understanding for what a leader is supposed to be doing.

Our leaders are supposed to be protecting the American people from war, protecting our children from having to go to fight in wars, and protecting You and our World from a nuclear war.

But instead, our leaders did nothing to communicate with other countries’ leaders to try to keep the two wars from happening, and then after they have done nothing to stop the wars, our President acts like America being involved in two wars is no big deal and very easy for us to do.

Anyone who thinks this way is a danger to our children and a danger to every person in our Country.

And anyone who thinks this way should never be allowed to be in a leadership position because they are not capable of leading.

To be a real Leader, a person needs to be able to relate with and understand the feelings of the people who the Leader is responsible for.

A True Leader is someone who is so in tune with their people that the Leader feels the same emotions as their people feel.

We do not currently have this kind of Leader in America.

The history of World conflict and wars has three primary factors that interact, the combination of which determine whether people and countries cooperate with each other, or whether they have wars with each other.

One factor is the instinctual fear and mistrust that human beings have for other people who are different from them.

The second factor is communication. Our World has grown closer together because communication methods have improved over the centuries, from speaking, to understanding and speaking different languages, to formalized methods of writing, to phone calls, to international phone calls, to fax machines that accelerated written communication, to emails, texts, and all methods of internet and television communication that are immediate in today’s advanced technological world.

Faster and better methods of transportation have also greatly contributed to the increase and ease of communication because throughout history we have progressed from walking, to horseback riding, to wagons and trains, to ships that have become larger and faster, to cars that have become faster, to planes and jets that have progressively become faster and more powerful.

The continual increase in speed and distance of transportation methods throughout history has allowed us to communicate with each other more quickly because the faster we can travel to speak with a potential enemy in person, then the faster we can initiate face-to-face communication that will usually keep aggression and war from occurring.

The third factor is Respect. Our leaders, and all of us, need to have Absolute and Complete Respect for every person in our World, for every group of people, and for every Country in our World.

This Absolute and Complete Respect needs to be at such a very high level that our leaders are willing to work hard to understand every person’s culture, every person’s viewpoint, and every person’s perspective, so that as a Country and as Human Beings we are willing to have regular open communication with everyone.

Throughout history, the combination of these three factors, fear, communication, and respect has created the historical path of world conflict that human beings have witnessed and been a part of since mankind first began.

As human beings, we will almost always choose not to have wars with people we openly communicate with because we will have developed relationships and friendships with them.

We will also choose not to have wars with people who we have made our maximum effort to emotionally understand and respect, because through understanding and respect then we are able to appreciate and have empathy for them and their situations.

The history of the World proves that people who we openly communicate with respectfully and with emotional understanding become our friends.

Many hundreds and even thousands of years ago, people did not communicate with other people who lived outside of their own village or tribe, and so they often had wars with people who lived in the village or tribe right next to them.

They feared and did not trust their close neighbors because they had different cultures and spoke different languages that restricted communication between them.

As communication methods improved so that neighboring villages and tribes began communicating with and understanding each other, then they no longer had wars between neighboring villages.

Instead, neighboring villages and tribes began to combine and have wars with people who lived a little farther away from both villages, people who they again did not communicate with or make an effort to appreciate, understand, and respect.

Once again, these wars occurred because of a difference in cultures and language that caused fear, a lack of communication, and a lack of understanding.

As communication methods and the speed of transportation to initiate face-to-face communication have improved throughout history, then the circle of communication between people has widened to larger and larger areas.

Our World’s progress with improved communication has led to friendships being developed between people who live farther and farther away from each other.

As a result, wars have gradually been fought between groups of people who lived farther and farther away from each other, with the war participants always living just outside of each other’s circle of communication.

Therefore, the distances between enemies who have fought wars grew from being village against village, to a group of villages against a group of villages, to a county against a county, to civil wars between different sections of a country, to a country against a country, to world wars with a group of countries against a group of countries.

As communication and transportation methods have improved, then this has allowed people from farther and farther distances away from each other to communicate and develop friendships and respect for each other. This has caused wars to be fought by people who lived farther and farther away from each other.

Wars have always been fought between people who were not within the communication circle of their enemy. Therefore, as communication methods have improved, and communication circles have grown wider and larger, then the only enemies remaining to fight against were the people who were still outside of each other’s communication circles.

Throughout the centuries, America has fought wars with people who were outside of our circle of communication during the time period that the wars took place.

However, as communication methods have improved following each war, then the people we fought wars with have gone on to become our great friends after the war was over.

For example, America will never have another war with England, or France, or Germany, or Japan, or Spain, or Italy. They are all now our friends, we are related to each other because we have intertwined families between us, and we will never again have wars with these countries.

The same is true of all the European countries who have fought wars against each other throughout history, and who are now such great friends that they have joined together in a European Union.

Therefore, when we look at the big picture of history, all the wars we have ever fought have been a waste of time and Lives because we all ended up becoming friends anyway.

As a result, all of the pain and suffering from the wars could have been avoided if our leaders had just communicated with respect to each other before the wars began.

However, instead of us learning this lesson of history, our current very wrong and mistaken leaders have been moving us closer and closer to conflict with Russia and China because they have stopped communicating with Russia and China like they should be doing.

This lack of communication should never happen between our countries because we have been friends with Russia and China for many decades.

The only reason there has become a risk of war between America and Russia and China is because of failed American leadership that has refused to openly communicate with respect and emotional understanding toward these countries who have been our friends in the past.

Countries who we have worked so closely with economically, who we are entirely related to through our intertwined families, who we have competed against with such supreme sportsmanship during international sporting competitions like the Olympics, and in the case of Russia who we have even fought alongside of as a main ally during World War II.

As soon as we begin to openly communicate with Russia and China like we have in the past, then we will once again realize that we are supposed to be friends and family with each other.

By us doing this, then the huge benefit for every person in our World will be that the current very dangerous risk of world war between us will disappear.

In summary, the only people who America can ever have a war with are the countries and people who we do not openly communicate with respectfully and with emotional understanding.

Other than our current, hopefully temporary, lack of communication with Russia and China, the Middle East and North Korea are the only other people who we do not openly communicate with respectfully and with emotional understanding.

History tells us that one day Russia and China are going to be our great friends again, just like every other country who we have ever had disagreements with throughout history are our friends now.

We are going to become great friends with Russia and China again as soon as America has a Great Leader who goes to meet with and begin friendly, respectful, and emotionally understanding communication with President Putin and President Xi Jinping

History also tells us that one day we are going to be great friends and close family with all the Middle East countries, and great friends and close family with North Korea.

These friendships will happen as soon as America has a Great Leader who is willing to communicate, respect, and show emotional understanding toward all countries and all foreign leaders who our current American leaders incorrectly think are our enemies.

America and the World is wasting time and wasting Lives by having enemies and wars because history tells us that all of us in our World are going to eventually become friends and family.

Therefore, we should be avoiding all wars by having open communication in a respectful and emotionally understanding way with every country and with every group of people in our shared World.

Seventeen years ago, I wrote a movie screenplay on this concept that I titled, “America’s Greatest President”, because I could see these trends in world history, and I was concerned about the lack of communication and respect that our American leaders were showing toward other countries.

My only purpose for writing this screenplay was to put forward this concept of creating World Peace through open communication, respect, and emotional understanding with every person and every group of people in our World.

I was hoping that a movie like this would get our leaders to see the path to creating World Peace.

In the seventeen years since I wrote my screenplay, our leaders have not followed this path.

We cannot wait any longer because we are getting too close to a nuclear war, and so I decided that if I am a Leader then I can guide us onto that path of World Peace.

Wars are caused by fear and a lack of trust between people who do not communicate with each other.

Personal communication with those who we currently fear and do not yet trust, while showing respect and emotional understanding toward them, will develop friendships that will end all wars and bring our entire World together in World Peace.

World Peace is what we owe our Children.

Let Us Build A World For Our Children by having open, respectful, and emotionally understanding communication with Everyone in our World.

We are all human beings no matter what country we come from.

We are all alike, and we are all the same.

The citizens of other countries are all human beings looking for the same Love, and Kindness, and Security for themselves and for their families that we are looking for ourselves and for our families.

We often do not trust other people, but then illogically we are surprised when people do not trust us.

But why should they trust us any more than we trust them?

It is natural human behavior for other people to feel the same way that we do. They do not trust us either, and they are also surprised when we do not trust them.

Therefore, we need to begin open and respectful communication with each other so that we can learn to trust each other and develop friendships with one another.

If I were the President, then I would love to immediately travel to meet with President Putin in Russia, to meet with President Xi Jinping in China, to meet with Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran, to meet with Kim Jong Un in North Korea, and to meet with all the leaders we have conflict with in the Middle East.

A true leader is exemplified by the history of kings who led their countries on horseback into battle.

When I have seen dangerous things happening in our World, then the first thing I very badly wanted to do was to get on a plane and go straight into the danger to do whatever I could to help the situation.

For example, in the days leading up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I wanted very badly to fly to Russia to meet with President Putin, and to find a way to solve the war threat through discussion and negotiation.

There is no question that if our leaders had flown to Russia to speak with President Putin, then the war would never have begun and all of these Lives would have been saved.

When the hostages were taken in Israel, I wanted to immediately fly to meet with the Hamas leaders to find a way to get all the hostages released and agree on a solution to end the war.

If we had done this, then we would have rescued all the hostages, we would have saved tens of thousands of human lives, and we would have saved hundreds of thousands of future human lives.

Even better than this, though, we should have flown there to meet with the Hamas leaders and the Israeli leaders before the war began, and before the hostages were ever taken, because then we could have come up with a solution that was for the benefit of everyone.

If I am ever blessed with the opportunity to be a Leader for America, then this is what I will do.

I would have gone to Afghanistan, also.

We had our soldiers, our citizens, and our allies stuck in Afghanistan during a very dangerous evacuation. We could have saved all of them if our leader had cared enough to go there to speak with the Afghanistan leaders.

I do care far more than enough, and so I would have gone and solved the situation before it got to where we lost our American lives at Abbey Gate, and before we left Americans and our allies behind.

What is the point in being a leader unless you are going to lead when your people’s backs are against the wall and they need you?

Leaders are not needed when everything is going great.

Leaders are needed when everything is going wrong.

Every time there are American people at risk anywhere in the World, and any time there is something going on that is a threat to our World, then I am going to immediately go there to create a solution.

I am also going to immediately go to meet with people within our own Country who have different political opinions.

People with different opinions are not our political enemies like politicians try to refer to them as.

They are just regular people who have different opinions and different viewpoints.

And because I know that the truth is Always in the middle between viewpoints, then I know that I will learn something very valuable from these people and from their viewpoints when I get the tremendous opportunity to hear what they have to say.

My Promise and my Commitment is that I will always find a solution between us that includes their viewpoints because that is Always where the truth and the solution is. It is Always in the middle.

Republicans and Democrats, and all other political parties, should not be fighting with each other. We should all be working together.

The fighting between our American people will stop as soon as our political Leaders begin to openly communicate with each other in a respectful and emotionally understanding way.

I will lead that positive effort and change.

Every single person in America deserves to be fully respected, fully listened to, and fully treated with complete dignity and emotional understanding.

I would love to be responsible for bringing all our political parties together because I know that The Truth Is Always In Between.

No person or group of people is 100% correct on any topic. The Truth is always in the Middle between our many viewpoints.

Therefore, we need a Leader who is willing to act as a motivator and as a mediator to bring people together by listening and appreciating and emotionally understanding all the different sides of an argument, so that together we can create a Respectful Compromise in the Middle that is a Win-Win solution for everyone.

The one thing I have discovered through all of my sports careers, business careers, and education careers, is that there is Always A Way To Win.

We Can Always Find A Way To Win in any situation if we make our best effort to listen and consider all viewpoints and possibilities, and if we then utilize this information that comes from every source we speak with to create a Win-Win solution for everyone.

Our Country and our World have enough challenges to deal with, including environmental issues, economic issues, food issues, water issues, space issues on our Earth, and space issues in our Universe, and therefore we cannot be wasting time creating unnecessary conflict and wars between us because we need to solve real challenges that we can only solve by all of us working together.


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