Our Free Universal Health Care System For Everyone That Lowers All Medical Costs By 50% To 70%, Saves America $780 Billion Every Year, And Pays You A $2,000 Bonus Income Every Year When You Stay Healthy

We need to make sure that every person in America has Excellent health care, and we need to lower people’s medical costs by a huge amount because medical costs in America are ridiculously priced.

I have a Plan to create a Universal Health Care System that will provide free medical care to every American in the United States, that will save $780 billion every year for the government from what they are currently spending every year, that will create a Free market system that results in the lowering of all medical costs and prescription costs by between 50% and 70%, that eliminates the risk of anyone having medical costs that can cause them bankruptcy or homelessness, that creates a financial reward for every American to stay healthy, that makes our Children healthier than they have ever been, and that will make America the Healthiest Country in the World.

Our politicians spend all their time taking extreme and polarized positions, when the truth and the Creative Solution is in the middle between these two positions like it Always is.

These are the Facts:

  1. 67% of all bankruptcies in America are caused by medical bills.
  2. One in four Americans currently has medical debt.
  3. More than 50% of homeless people have unpaid medical bills that have contributed to their homelessness. These medical bills are usually less than $300 because of things as small as deductibles, co-pays, and out of network charges, but despite being fairly small amounts they often still begin a cycle of homelessness.
  4. When a person becomes unemployed then they very often lose their medical insurance because their insurance is attached to their employment.
  5. When a homeless person or homeless family has unpaid medical bills then these medical bills keep them homeless for an extra two years.
  6. When a homeless person or homeless family has medical bills that have been reported and sent for debt collection, then these medical bills keep them homeless for an extra eleven years.
  7. Damaged credit scores caused by medical bills cause individuals and families to not be able to buy a house, or rent an apartment, or buy a car to be able to get to work.
  8. These damaged credit scores cause individuals and families to be forced into higher interest rate loans, higher interest rate car purchases, and loss of income by having to use high-cost check cashing facilities, all of which combine to put them and their families into very difficult financial situations that often lead to homelessness.
  9. 38% of American people and American families choose every year not to get medical care when they need it, and instead delay their medical treatment because of costs.

These facts prove that we have hundreds of thousands of American individuals and American families who are suffering through a huge amount of financial and medical hardships because of the ridiculously priced cost of medical care in America.

I know exactly how you feel because my family and I were in the same situation as you. For fifteen years, we could not afford to get medical insurance, and so we had to pick and choose what treatment we could afford for ourselves and for our children.

When the Affordable Care Act came in, often known as Obamacare, we were able to get medical insurance.

However, we found that the insurance company provided by the Affordable Care Act was often not accepted by many medical facilities.

Also, even if the medical facilities did accept our insurance company, their medical charges for us with insurance were so expensive that the co-pay amount and deductible amount were higher costs for us than the total cost that the medical facilities would charge us if we said we did not have insurance.

During these years, we found that the doctors and medical facilities would almost always charge us less if we did not have insurance than they would charge us just in co-pays and deductibles if we did have insurance.

Therefore, the Affordable Care Act medical insurance was useless for us and were not even able to use it.

I know and appreciate how hard President Obama and his administration worked on their medical plan, and I know that their intentions were good. However, the facts are that it just did not work.

With the Affordable Care program, a family like ours with children would pay an amount every month for medical insurance.

Then, when we needed to go to a doctor, either the medical office would not accept our insurance, or they would charge such a high price that our co-pay amounts and deductible amounts far exceeded what they would have charged us if we were uninsured.

Therefore, we would always just choose to pay the uninsured amount to save us money on the co-pay and the deductible, and so the monthly amounts we paid for the insurance were completely a waste of money.

The government was also wasting its money by supposedly paying to reduce our monthly payments.

For example, we might be paying $900 per month for health insurance, which is $10,800 per year.

When we went to the doctor, then the doctor’s office might charge us $200, and supposedly the insurance should cover this. However, they would require us to pay a co-pay of $35, and then we would have to pay the remaining $165 because the insurance company counted that amount toward our $2,000 per year deductible.

Therefore, we were paying $10,800 in premiums per year for insurance, and we were paying $200 for every doctor visit until we reached the $2,000 deductible in a year, which was difficult to reach.

And so, we would have to pay the first $12,800 of costs every year before insurance paid anything.

As a result, it was less expensive for us to just choose to pay the $75 doctor visit cost as if we did not have insurance.

Therefore, the $10,800 of insurance premium payments we were paying every year, and whatever amount the government was paying to supplement our monthly payments, were completely wasted.

This fact shows that the Affordable Care Act did not work in practice, and it proves several other things.

  1. It proves that doctors and medical facilities are overcharging patients who have medical insurance.
  2. It proves that the medical insurance system is so inefficient, disorganized, and overpriced that the medical facilities and insurance companies can work together to get away with ridiculous overcharging for medical care.
  3. The fact that doctors and medical facilities would choose to be paid a small payment directly at the time of the medical visit, instead of a much larger payment after filing through insurance, shows how difficult, time-consuming, and inefficient that medical insurance is for both the medical facilities and for us the customers.

Together these facts prove there is a huge amount of financial slippage in the medical care system that is benefiting insurance and medical companies in the system, but that is not benefiting and is harming the American people in every way.

Therefore, the Affordable Care insurance was not of any value for us.

The positive intention of Obamacare was excellent. However, just like anything that is ever invented, things do not always work in practice like they are planned in theory.

Our current politicians fight each other by choosing to take polarized positions on healthcare without our politicians recognizing and solving the real problem.

The real problem is the exorbitant and ridiculously priced medical care, and neither group of politicians is going to be able to effectively solve America’s medical care problem until we solve the vastly overpriced medical care costs.

To show how ridiculous our medical care costs are, I know an American citizen who was bitten by a wild animal and needed to get a rabies shot.

It turns out that rabies shots are no longer given by doctors in their offices, and even though it only takes a few minutes to give a rabies shot, the shots can only be given one shot at a time in a series of three outpatient visits to hospital emergency rooms.

However, even though it was such a short and simple procedure, taking only a few minutes for each of the three visits, the total cost charged to the patient was $36,000. How is that even possible it is so ridiculous?

But these kinds of ridiculous medical costs are being charged to tens of millions of our American people every year.

People go to an emergency room, or to a hospital, and they are never told what the costs are going to be for their visit there. Instead, they get bills sent to them after they have left.

These bills are not only ridiculously priced, but they get many separate bills sent to them from all kinds of different medical people. A bill from the hospital, a separate bill from each doctor, and a separate bill

from each of the various other services that were given to them that they did not know were extra charges.

One group of our politicians wants to provide free universal medical care to every American. That is a valuable and worthwhile goal, but it is only achievable in a positive way if we first get the medical costs down to a reasonably priced level.

Otherwise, just like we found with our family, the insurance becomes of no value to people if it is cheaper for people to say that they do not have insurance.

In addition, our taxpayers are having to pay for our government to provide this universal health care, and so this taxpayer money is being wasted if the system is not working well.

In addition, the extremely high medical costs are wasting the money that American taxpayers are paying when they have their social security taxes deducted from their paychecks to cover the cost of Medicare.

The result of very high medical costs is that even if every American has medical insurance then they are still being left to pay medical insurance deductible costs, co-pays, and out of network costs that are putting them into financial difficulties. These difficulties are very often causing bankruptcy, homelessness, family hunger, and unemployment.

Our other current group of politicians do not want to have universal health care because they see it as a socialist philosophy, and they think that people should have to pay for their own health care costs.

This is incorrect and is not an option in present day America. We need to make sure that every American has access to excellent medical care.

This position of Americans paying for their own medical costs may have been an arguable position during certain periods of time in the past when our middle class was doing very well. However, it is not an arguable position in today’s America where too many of our fellow Americans are struggling financially.

Unfortunately, both groups of politicians are missing the entire point because the issue that needs to be solved is the exorbitant cost of medical care.

Therefore, this is another example of how our current politicians do not look at a problem correctly and so they are not able to come up with a solution, because all they want to do is to fight and argue from their extreme and opposite points of view that ignore the real problem.

If I were President, then I would provide a different model of Universal Health Care for every American that would be a Winning solution for You, for our taxpayers, and for our government.

But I would provide it at a cost much lower than what our government is currently paying for only a portion of our current medical care.

I would also provide better medical care than the universal health care systems that other countries have.

I would provide this outstanding Universal Health Care system by working with medical care experts to find a way to make our Universal Health Care system the very best medical system in the world.

Our politicians who want universal health care do not actually understand that having a universal health care system is not the solution on its own, because even after you have it then you still need to work very hard to make it an excellent and efficient medical system.

Most universal health care systems in other countries are not good at all and are very often even bad. This is because their systems do not provide good medical care, they have very long waiting lines that can be twelve months long for people who need serious and important surgeries, and they have a huge amount of financial slippage due to all the waste that occurs whenever a government is involved in a business or service, just like with our Affordable Care Act.

I saw these universal health care systems up close when I was playing and coaching American football.

I lived in Europe for 14 years when I was playing and coaching there, and I saw universal health care systems that did not work for the European citizens because their medical care systems were very inefficient and were not managed correctly.

Most people in America think that having a universal healthcare system is the entire solution. However, having it is only the first small step. Managing it effectively so that it provides outstanding medical care in a cost-efficient way is what is necessary to make it a working system that is great for our American people.

For example, one time I injured my knee seriously in Great Britain, the same knee I had injured while I was playing for the New England Patriots, and I was taken to the hospital after the game.

The universal health care doctor put my leg in a cast, and he said that my leg would heal on its own.

However, I did not feel like the doctor was correct because it was a very serious knee injury that included the top piece of my lower leg fibula bone being broken off the top of my fibula. My lateral knee ligament and hamstring tendon were attached to this broken-off piece of bone that was now floating around in my leg.

Therefore, this broken-off piece of my leg bone was not a weight-bearing piece of bone, and to make the situation worse, this piece of bone, because my hamstring tendon was attached to it, was being pulled further upward through my leg away from my knee every time my hamstring tendon contracted.

As a result, the two pieces of my leg bone were being pulled farther and farther apart by my hamstring, instead of being held by gravity next to each other to heal.

Therefore, because I did not agree with the medical advice given to me by the universal health care doctor, a few days later I went to visit a private doctor.

The private doctor said that my knee would never heal without surgery, and that if I had not gone to see the private doctor then my playing career would have been over because I would have forever had an unhealed and crippled leg.

Without intervention, my leg bone would have remained broken, my lateral knee ligament would have been missing from my knee, and my hamstring tendon would have not been connected to anything.

Over the years, I also saw many friends who had very serious medical conditions but had to wait for as long as a year to get a medical appointment.

Therefore, a universal healthcare system only works if it is designed and managed very efficiently.

We are going to manage our new model American Universal Health Care system so perfectly that it is not only cost-effective, but so it is also the greatest health care system in the world.

And we will accomplish this at a far lower cost than what you are paying now.

Here is the Universal Health Care Plan that I have designed:

  1. Our federal government currently spends $1.8 trillion of our taxpayer money every year providing health care to Americans. There are hundreds of billions of additional costs, but we will just take this lower number to show how much benefit my Plan would provide.
  2. With 340 million Americans, this is $5,294 that the government is spending on average for every American.
  3. Even by spending this much, most Americans still have to pay their own medical costs.
  4. We need a Universal Health Care system, and so having one is our only option.
  5. Therefore, our choice must be to provide the most outstanding Universal Health Care system in the World at the lowest possible price.
  6. There is no way to accomplish this in a system that is dependent upon medical facilities keeping their costs low by their own choice, and that is dependent upon insurance companies providing excellent coverage by their own choice.
  7. Therefore, the way to solve the high medical costs and the bad insurance coverage is to create a Free-market system that the medical customer, you, has complete control and power of.
  8. The two areas of medical care that people can possibly need are regular day-to-day care for normal medical visits, and critical medical care for more serious situations.
  9. My Plan’s solution is to divide these two medical care areas and treat them differently.
  10. We will take care of the critical care area by the government purchasing critical care medical insurance for every American.
  11. We will purchase $100,000 worth of critical care insurance coverage per year for every person above a certain age, and $50,000 worth of coverage per year for every person below that age.
  12. There will be no co-pays and a zero deductible, which means that the insurance will cover every cost and you will never have to pay a penny.
  13. If someone ends up needing more than those coverage amounts in a year, then the government will cover these amounts without it costing you anything.
  14. Providing this critical care insurance to every American will keep anyone from ever becoming bankrupt or homeless again because of medical bills. 67% of all bankruptcies and 50% of all homelessness are caused by medical bills. We will eliminate all of these.
  15. The cost of this critical care insurance will be an average of about $1,000 per person, per year.
  16. Since our government will be a huge customer with the critical care insurance companies because our government will be purchasing 340 million policies, then our government will be able to negotiate the lowest possible rates that will save as much government money as possible.
  17. Since our government will be a huge customer of medical facilities and treatments for everyone in America, then our government will be able to negotiate the lowest possible medical costs that will keep their insurance premiums as low as possible.
  18. Currently, our government is overwhelmed by trying to control every medical charge cost from the smallest visit to the most serious treatment, and because they are overwhelmed then they are not able to efficiently control the medical costs that are being charged.
  19. By the government only having to deal with the critical care medical costs, which are only about five percent of the total number of possible charges, then the government can manage these costs far more efficiently. As a result, our government will be able to reduce the number of employees they have doing this work, which will further save taxpayer money.
  20. With the critical care costs for every American taken care of, then we can focus our attention on the regular day-to-day medical costs that Americans have.
  21. We will not pay insurance premiums for this as is currently being done. This does not work to lower medical costs, as shown earlier, because when we have insurance then we have no leverage for us to be able to bring down the medical costs through Free market pricing.
  22. If all medical costs are being negotiated between only the medical facilities and the insurance companies, then there is nothing to cause the insurance companies to provide excellent coverage at a good price because the medical facilities and the insurance companies are working together to keep medical costs very high since they both benefit when the costs are very high.
  23. Instead, we will get medical costs down by creating a Free-market system between 340 million Americans and the medical facilities.
  24. We will do this by having our government create medical accounts for every person in America, and by having our government put $2,000 each year into every American’s account. For example, if you are married, and you have 4 children, then you will have six accounts with $2,000 put into each account every year by our government, for a total of $12,000 every year put into your accounts by our government.
  25. Our government will hold this money in your accounts for you to use for normal, non-critical medical care, and for prescriptions.
  26. You will then charge your account whenever you go to a doctor, or when you purchase a prescription, and our government will simply subtract this cost from your account.
  27. At the end of the year, any money in your accounts that you have not spent on normal medical care or prescriptions will be sent to you in a check from the government.
  28. Therefore, if your family has six family members, as described, and you did not spend any money out of your account on normal day-to-day medical care in a year, then you will receive a $12,000 check from the government for that year.
  29. Our government will then put $2,000 more into each of your accounts for you to use for the next year.
  30. The reason this method is the solution, and the reason it will work better than anything else we have ever had in America, is because it creates a Free-market system for regular medical care and prescriptions.
  31. Currently, our medical system does not work because medical care costs and insurance premiums are not being controlled by a system that has very limited cost controlling mechanisms that involve only the medical facilities, the insurance companies, and a very overwhelmed government that has gotten itself into an industry that is not their area of expertise.
  32. As soon as we put $2,000 in every person’s account and have every person making their own decision about when and where they want to spend their money, then we will have created a Free-market system with 340 million people who are acting as cost controlling mechanisms.
  33. When a person has medical insurance, then there are two areas of extreme financial waste. One area of extreme financial waste includes the medical facilities that charge way too high of a price for medical services. However, since the citizen customers are getting their medical care covered by insurance, then the customers have very little reason or motivation to choose to go to a medical provider who is charging a lower price. Without customers caring about the medical prices, then medical facilities feel comfortable keeping all their prices very high.
  34. The second area of extreme financial waste is caused by citizen customers who are covered by insurance making far too frequent visits to the doctor because it is not costing them to go.
  35. When citizen customers are having the cost of these visits subtracted from their own accounts, and when they get to keep any money that is left in their accounts at the end of the year, then our citizen customers will make far wiser choices about when they need to visit a doctor.
  36. Both of these extreme financial waste areas are solved by my Plan because we are creating a Free-market system where the citizens are spending money provided by our government, but because our citizens get to keep the money every year that they do not spend, then our citizens will justifiably think of that money in their accounts as their own money.
  37. Since the money in their account becomes their own money if they do not spend it, then we have created a Free-market system with 340 million cost controllers.
  38. The result will be that our 340 million citizens are going to visit the doctors and the medical facilities that charge them lower prices for visits, which is going to force the doctors and medical facilities to lower their costs to compete with each other.
  39. Our 340 million citizens are also going to question any charge they think is too high, and they are going to push to negotiate getting services done as cheaply as possible. Which again is going to force the doctors and medical facilities to lower their costs to compete with each other.
  40. Our 340 million citizens are also going to purchase the prescription drugs that have the lowest price, which is going to create a Free market and force drug companies to lower their prescription costs.
  41. A Free-market system is the very best system for keeping costs low with anything. The main reason that America’s medical costs are ridiculously high is because our current medical industry is not a Free market. This is due to the fact that doctors and insurance companies do not have any incentives or needs to lower their costs, and instead they actually have an incentive to work together to keep medical costs high.
  42. By creating a Free market with 340 million citizens, then we will solve America’s high medical cost problem. People will choose to spend $75 for a doctor visit instead of letting the doctor’s office charge $200 with insurance. Just like my family and I always paid the $75 when we did not have insurance, and like we chose to pay $75 when we had Affordable Care Act insurance that was of no value to us.
  43. People will still go to the doctor when they think they need to and have the $75 deducted from their $2,000. However, they will not go to the doctor for unnecessary reasons like some people do when insurance is paying for their visits.
  44. There are also many additional benefits to my Plan because our 340 million citizens will become financially motivated to take care of themselves.
  45. Every person will want to get their $2,000 check at the end of the year, and so Americans will make far better health decisions about how much they eat and what they eat, how much they drink or smoke, how much exercise they do, and how many vitamins and supplements they take.
  46. People will see it as a good investment to join a gym for $300 a year if they are going to be paid $2,000 every year to stay healthy.
  47. People will see it as a good investment to spend $100 per year on vitamins and nutritional supplements if they are going to be paid $2,000 every year to stay healthy.
  48. People will see it as a good investment to eat food that is nutritional for them if they are going to be paid $2,000 every year to stay healthy.
  49. Our children’s health across America will greatly benefit because parents will be financially motivated to instill excellent health habits for their children, and because children will also be financially motivated.
  50. People can even choose, if they want, to use some of the $2,000 to buy weight loss products that could potentially benefit their health in many ways. They may not have felt like they could afford these products until they received the $2,000 every year.
  51. An additional benefit is that families who have lower incomes will receive a huge financial boost at the end of every year, giving them an amount of money that can help them in so many ways.
  52. Our government is currently paying an average of $5,295 per person for every American each year for medical care. My Plan has our government only paying $3,000 per person every year, and so our government will be saving $2,295 per person.
  53. This will save our government $780 billion every year by reducing the amount our government spends on health care from $1.8 trillion to $1 trillion plus any minor additional costs.
  54. Amazingly, we will have created a Win-Win situation for everyone because our government will be saving $780 billion every year, our 340 million Americans for the first time in American history will have a Universal Health Care system that will pay for all their medical costs, our 340 million Americans will make a much greater effort to take care of their own health because they will be making money every year by staying healthy, and our lower income Americans will be provided with a great financial boost that will help them tremendously.
  55. In addition, by providing the critical care medical coverage, by giving each person $2,000 per year, and by the government paying for anyone’s critical care that is higher than the $100,000 per year of insurance coverage, then we will eliminate all bankruptcies and homelessness that has been caused by medical bills.
  56. Since 67% of bankruptcies and 50% of homelessness are caused by medical bills, then by implementing my Plan we will automatically reduce bankruptcies to a third, and we will reduce homelessness to less than half. Can you imagine how many millions of people this will benefit?
  57. As an additional bonus, this $2,000 per year, per child, will make it much easier financially for families to have more children, which is going to benefit our Country because experts are worried about America not having enough children being born.
  58. And as a further bonus, this $2,000 per year, per child, will make it much easier for women and families to choose to go forward with the birth of their child when they feel pushed into stopping a pregnancy because of financial reasons.
  59. As an even further bonus, we will be providing our Military Veterans with the greatest health care system in the world, and we will also be potentially providing them with $2,000 every year for each family member that will greatly benefit our Veterans who are in financial need.
  60. As a result, my Plan will result in a Win for Every Person and a Win for All of America.

In conclusion, as a Country we cannot allow our American people and our American families to be suffering because they have no medical insurance or access to medical care.

We also cannot allow our American people to suffer medically or financially because our medical care system has become vastly overpriced.

We also cannot allow our American people to become bankrupt or homeless because of vastly overpriced medical costs.

My Plan will provide the most Outstanding Universal Health Care System in the World for every American.

My Plan will also potentially put $2,000 every year into the pockets of every American.

My Plan will financially motivate and inspire every American to take care of themselves so they can stay healthy, which will make America and our American people the Healthiest Country in the World.

Becoming the Healthiest Country in the World will increase our Life expectancies and benefit our Country in an unlimited number of ways.

My Plan will save our government $780 billion every year that can instead be spent to help our American people in other ways.

Our children’s health, which for the first time in American history has declined in recent years, will benefit tremendously, which will increase our Children’s Life expectancy, happiness, personal fulfilment, and Life Purpose.


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