The Elimination Of Federal Income Tax – Your Financial Investment In America Will Make You An Owner Of America

The current income tax system is not working, and the result is that America is now $35 trillion in debt, with our national debt continuing to increase so rapidly that most economists are forecasting for America to have an economic collapse within the next several years.

However, despite these forecasts, our current government has their head buried in the sand as they just continue to spend more and more money that is putting us even further into debt, with our debt now rising by an additional $1 trillion every three months.

The interest we owe on our debt is also increasing so quickly that within ten years, all the tax money the government brings in each year will do nothing other than pay the interest on our debt.

When this happens, then the government will have no money to pay for anything to help any people or families.

At which point, our entire economy and Country, as we know it, will collapse and not be able to provide anything to anyone.

When the debt reaches this very high level, then America will be so much in debt that the government will need to increase taxes on everyone by three or four times, including on lower income families, just as Greece did in their recent debt crisis when they even increased taxes on their citizens who had the lowest incomes by 337%.

Therefore, the reality of the situation is that our current tax system that was designed 100 years ago is no longer working, and because of the extremely desperate situation we are in, then we need to be very creative and very innovative in our design of an entirely new system that will work for us in today’s World.

Our current politicians are not being creative at all, and instead they only choose to focus on the very superficial level of making up as many new ways as they can to tax people.

This continual increasing of taxes that we are required to pay can be seen by the fact that every American citizen paid an average of $15,098 of taxes in 2022, and this amount is double the amount of taxes that Americans paid 40 years ago even when allowing for inflation.

Therefore, we are paying more taxes now than at any time in American history, but yet our government continues to spend more than the taxes they collect and get us further into debt every year.

Our government has such a lack of innovation and creativity that they see raising taxes as their hammer, and when the only tool they think they have is a hammer, then they think every problem with our economy is a nail that they can hammer by raising taxes on as many things as they can try to get away with. Including often taxing the same money twice.

Our current government falsely states that they can pay for their increased spending by using their hammer to increase taxes on people with higher incomes, but they are being dishonest and trying

to divide our Country when they say this because the facts are that America’s higher earners are already paying a higher percentage of America’s taxes than the higher earners of any other country in the world.

Our 1% of highest earners already pay 46% of all taxes collected, our top 10% of earners pay 76% of all taxes collected, our top 25% of earners pay 89% of all taxes collected, and America collects all its taxes from the top 40% of earners, with the bottom 60% of earners not contributing to any of the taxes collected.

No other country in the World gets such a large amount of taxes from such a small percentage of higher earners.

Likewise, America has never before had such a small percentage of citizens paying income taxes, either.

For example, in 1945 when our current tax system was designed, 90% of all Americans paid taxes.

The current White House administration wants to increase taxes on the highest earning 2% of the population, falsely thinking that 2% of the population can pay off the national debt of 100% of the population.

Therefore, we cannot solve our debt problem by our politicians continuing to do the same things they have been doing for the past 24 years, because America has had a budget deficit that has increased our national debt every year since the year 2000, with our deficits continuing to get much larger every year than they have ever been in our history.

It simply does not work mathematically for politicians to try to take a larger and larger amount of taxes from two percent of our population, especially when taking high tax rates from our higher earners causes the longer-term negative effects of slowing down our economy, reducing America’s GDP, decreasing everyone’s wages, and drastically increasing unemployment.

For example, the White House’s 2024 budget is $7.3 trillion, which is the largest budget in American history.

Our government has said they are going to try to pay for their vast overspending by increasing taxes on our higher earners that represent only 2% of our population.

Our White House has promised for three years that they will not raise taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000.

However, economists have shown that the White House’s tax plan is going to raise taxes on earn between $75,000 and $400,000, also. Which is going to break the White House’s campaign promises for the past three years.

Economists have also shown that raising taxes on higher earners by such a large amount will be a negative because it will slow our economy and reduce our GDP by more than half of what our GDP would have been without the tax increases.

Economists have also shown that these increased taxes on higher earners will reduce all wages for everyone in America, including your own, by 1.6%, and they have forecast that these increased taxes on higher earners will cause 788,000 people to become unemployed.

Therefore, drastically raising taxes on a small percentage of the population does not work mathematically. And even if it were to collect a small amount of more taxes for a very short period of time, in the long run these higher taxes would slow the economy and cause unemployment, which would actually result in less taxes being collected and a larger budget deficit than we had before the taxes were increased.

This is because with such high taxes then Americans will stop opening new businesses that hire new employees.

Therefore, raising taxes again on higher earners would actually make our debt problems worse.

As a result, we need to look at our national debt problem with a different tool than just a hammer, because our current debt problem is not as simple as a nail.

Our current politicians make the mistake of looking at every problem from a position of scarcity.

They falsely think there is only a limited amount of money in the World, and that their job is to shuffle the money around and redistribute the money to different people. Taking the money from people who have it and giving the money to people who do not have it.

However, this scarcity viewpoint does not work because spreading money around by taking money from one person and giving it to another person, with a whole lot of government wastage of money in between, does not increase the total value of the money.

Instead, when the same amount of money is spread around to a wider number of people, and the government wastes a whole lot of the money in between, then the money becomes spread too thinly and people still do not have enough.

The result is that most people end up in a situation where they just keep being given a tiny fish every day by the government, a tiny fish that is barely big enough to even survive on.

Instead of these people being taught and helped to learn how to fish on their own, so that every person can Achieve his or her American Dream, and so that every person can feed themselves and their families with Abundance for a Lifetime.

The government treats our lower income people very badly because unethical politicians want to force our lower income people to vote for them so that these politicians can stay in power.

To force us to vote for them, these politicians do not want us to be strong and wealthy. Instead, they want us to have just enough to survive on as the politicians give a tiny fish to us every day, because a tiny fish is just enough for us to survive on for one day at a time.

When we are only getting barely enough to survive on, then the only option we have is to vote for those unethical politicians so we can just keep trying to survive with that tiny fish every day.

But these politicians are completely wrong because they are forcing us to live from a viewpoint of scarcity.

And in America we are not supposed to be a country of scarcity.

We are supposed to be a Country of Abundance.

That is what the Promise of our American Dream is. A Promise of Being Able To Achieve Abundance When We Work Hard and When We Work Smart.

My Plan will bring back the Promise of the American Dream because we will each be able to Achieve Abundance.

Instead of you being given only a tiny fish every day to try to survive on, my Plan will provide the resources for us to all Learn How To Fish on our own, and provide the resources for each of us to Achieve Abundance and Achieve Our American Dream when we use our Skills To Fish Every Day With Maximum Effort and With Everything We’ve Got.

When our incorrect politicians do things from a viewpoint of scarcity, then no one wins because our lower income people will only have a tiny fish to survive on every day, and our higher earners will stop trying to progress our economy forward because taxes on them are so high that they will stop beginning new businesses and stop hiring people.

As a result, America will just keep getting further and further into debt.

Therefore, the solution is not to have a viewpoint of scarcity like the politicians are doing now, where they just want to try to shuffle the same amount of money around to more and more people.

The solution is to have a viewpoint of Abundance where we raise everyone up together to create more Success, to create more Value, and to generate more Money for everyone because A Rising Tide Raises All Ships.

Our focus wants to be on raising the tide for everyone.

We do not want to be focused on pushing the same amount of water around so that everyone has a boat that is in water only a few inches deep.

In order to raise America’s tide, then we need to first focus on helping everyone to be Hugely Successful and to make more money, because when everyone is making money and Living In Abundance then the debt of our Country will take care of itself.

This Philosophy is True in Every Area of Life.

For instance, if you are selling a product, then you do not want to only focus on trying to sell a mediocre product as many times as you can. Because if you do that, then the customers may purchase your mediocre product one time, but they will not purchase it again because it did not provide them with something of value that helped them.

If you try to sell like this, then your company is going to always struggle financially.

The way your company becomes successful is not by focusing on sales first, and instead by you first making your product so Great and so Valuable to your customers that they want to buy your product again and again because your product provides them with Value.

If you do this, then your company will be very successful, and the sales will take care of themselves because you will have a Great product.

This same Philosophy is true with finding a solution for You to Achieve Your America Dream, and with finding a solution for our national debt problem.

If our politicians only focus on shuffling the same limited amount of money around to more people, then there is no rising tide, and so you will not Achieve Your American Dream.

In such a situation, our debt problem will just keep getting worse until our Country and our economy collapse.

But if we focus our attention on helping You and every person to become Very Successful, then the rising tide we Create will take care of You and every person in America by helping You to Achieve Your American Dream.

By focusing our government on helping you and taking care of you first, then our Country will become so successful that our national debt will be solved at the same time.

Leaders are supposed to eat Last. We are supposed to take care of Our People First, and that is what I am going to do.

Therefore, in looking for a solution to our national debt problem, we do not want to focus on which taxes we can raise, because that is the scarcity viewpoint mistake that our politicians have been making for the past 24 years.

Instead, we want to look first at how we can provide You with financial opportunities that are tax-free so that You can become Hugely Successful, and so that You can Achieve Your American Dream.

Providing You with new tax-free opportunities that You have never had before, such as helping You to start a new tax-free Business that is a Win for you because your Business can bring You and Your Family a Life of Abundance.

And this Win for You is not a loss for America’s tax-collecting because You never would have started your Business at all if we had not provided You with this tax-free opportunity.

Therefore, the part of my Plan that allows You to start Your own tax-free Business is a Win for You, and is not a loss for America or for anyone.

In fact, it is actually a Win for America because A Rising Tide Raises All Ships, and so when You are Hugely Successful with your Business, then this is going to raise our National Tide that will indirectly reduce our national debt for everyone.

Therefore, by us focusing on You and getting You to Win, then indirectly America is going to Win, too.

My Plan includes many creative ideas like this, all of which will help You to Achieve Your American Dream, and all of which will indirectly or directly allow us to pay off our national debt so that America moves into a New Future of Prosperity and Abundance.

In formulating our new innovative Plan, I have designed it so there are no income taxes anymore, and instead you make financial investments in America. Investments that earn positive financial returns for you.

Investments that also give ownership shares of America to you and to every American for every year that you make a financial investment in America.

My Plan has many ways that it will financially benefit You and financially benefit every American.

All of these benefits will help you to build long-term Wealth and Achieve Your American Dream For You and For Your Family. My Plan includes:

1) Instead of paying taxes, you would make an investment each year in America.

2) Each person or couple would invest at a percentage based on their income level, with higher earners investing a higher percentage of their income.

3) You will earn and receive positive financial returns for your investment.

4) You would have the option to direct your investment into specific areas, such as the stock market, real estate, and building the infrastructure for America.

5) You would also have the option for your investment to accumulate in value over time so that you can then use your accumulated investment as a deposit to purchase your home.

6) If you are purchasing your first home, then with your accumulated investment we would also be able to provide a reduced interest rate on your mortgage.

7) Instead of making an investment, you could choose if you would rather, to donate an amount equal to your investment to a charity that provides benefits to people in America.

8) The more successful America is financially in a year, the higher the investment return you will receive for that year.

9) As your total investment amount accumulates over the years, then the financial returns you will receive from your investment will increase every year because you will receive financial returns on the total amount you have invested throughout the years.

10) We can even look at providing you with a down payment for a house after a certain number of investment years.

11) Your investment will also make you an owner of America. There is no reason that a citizen should not be an official owner of their Country, because throughout history a citizen has always been considered to be an indirect owner based on the citizenship rights and legal rights they have within the Country they are a citizen of. Therefore, we are just making your ownership of America official.

12) Every year that you make your investment, you will receive one ownership share of America.

13) Every person will be paid one ownership share for each year they invest, no matter how much they invest in a year, so that lower income earners who invest less, and higher earners who invest more, will both receive the same one ownership share every year. This makes it fair and equal for every person no matter how much they earn and how much they invest.

14) Every person will accumulate ownership shares as he or she invests each year.

15) These ownership shares provide value to you, show our respect for you, and show our appreciation to you for your very valuable contribution in building America.

16) By your choice, you can choose to be investment-connected with all your family members, which will result in all the shares earned from all your family members to be totaled

together. By you choosing this, then you and your family will accumulate a total number of ownership shares for your family that will continue to increase and grow every year.

17) The ownership shares you build will be passed on to your children as an inheritance that you will be able to leave for your children, and all your family shares together will continue to increase and grow through the future generations of your family.

18) Having ownerships shares will provide you and your family with ownership benefits and advantages.

19) For example, by you being an owner of America, then you and your family will get to have free admission to all nationally owned locations and attractions, such as National Parks, National Seashores, National Recreation Areas, National Monuments, National Wilderness Areas, National Wildlife Refuges, National Historic Sites, National Military Parks, National Lakeshores, National Preserves, National Scenic Areas, and National Museums, because these are some of America’s assets that you are an owner of.

20) As a government, we will always be working to continue to add additional benefits and advantages for you and for your family because you are an owner of America.

21) You will be sent an Ownership Card every year that you will be able to show at the entrance to gain free admission as an owner to all of these Nationally owned locations and attractions.

22) The more ownership shares that you and your family own, the greater your benefits package will be, and the higher the financial return you will receive on your total investment.

23) Families that connect their investments to each other would also gain investment advantages that they financially benefit from.

24) By us totaling your family ownership shares, and by us increasing benefits, rewards, and financial returns for the number of shares that your family owns, then we will be helping to restore families and family values because we will be helping to keep families together.

25) Keeping families together, and keeping both fathers and mothers with their children, will benefit children, will benefit America, and will improve our society because it will make our children and our society stronger.

26) Keeping families together will also help to keep grandparents actively involved with their grandchildren and children, thereby providing very valuable intergenerational support for grandchildren that will benefit the grandchildren and that will benefit our society.

27) This will also provide very valuable and improved Quality of Life for grandparents, who will once again feel a renewed Purpose for their Lives when they are actively and positively contributing to the Lives of their grandchildren and children.

28) By you having and increasing your ownership shares, then you will also have an advantage that new immigrants to America will not have. You will have ownership shares in America that new immigrants do not have.

29) This is very fair because you have been here longer and contributed more to the building of America than new immigrants have. We will be rewarding Americans who have worked hard to build our Country.

30) As your ownership shares grow, then your shares increase the value of your citizenship with every year you are a citizen.

31) The potential for immigrants to begin earning ownership shares makes becoming an American citizen a very valuable motivation for anyone who is interested in becoming an

American citizen. It also provides a very valuable benefit for anyone who is approved for immigration into America.

32) My Plan will work to increase what you will receive from social security after you retire, because as your financial investment grows from a combination of your investments and from the positive investment returns that your investments make, then the returns you receive each year from your investment will allow you to make additional revenue to support what you are going to receive from social security.

33) Many people are concerned about whether social security is going to continue to be available when you retire, which is a justifiable concern because the White House has said that they have no plan to fix social security, even though in 8 years you are only going to be receiving 75% of the social security that you are supposed to be paid, which is going to double the rate of poverty among our retired generation.

34) This Plan I have designed will protect you from this happening to you because my Plan will be able to provide you with more income than you would receive from social security.

35) Therefore, this Plan will help to make sure that you are financially secure and successful in your retirement years.

36) Possibly most importantly of all, this Plan will unite our Country, and bring us together again, because with all of us being owners of America then we will all be working together as a Championship Team to build the Most Outstanding Country in the World.

37) And as investors in America, then we will all be working together to build the Most Outstanding Economy in the World so that we will be able to receive the highest possible financial return on our investment.

38) American Patriotism and Love For Our Country will return in America to the way we used to be when We Were All For One And One For All!

In addition to your ownership of America, you will also receive the following financial benefits.

1) You will be able to start Your Own Business and not pay any taxes on your Business Profits.

This is the fair and right thing to do for you because many of our Americans lost their businesses during the Covid pandemic, primarily because of government-required shutdowns. Therefore, it is only fair and right for us to offer you this huge tax-free advantage for your next business.

Major corporations benefited during the pandemic, and now we are going to level the playing field back again by having our fellow Americans who own their businesses to have the advantage this time.

We are going to help every American to become a successful Entrepreneur by providing a free Nationwide Business Program course where we teach every person how to start and run your own business.

This Business course will also build equality and provide a leveling of the playing field for every American of every ethnic background and income level, because every American will be able to take and complete this very valuable Business Course for free.

This Business course will receive a graduation certificate that you can also use to help you to get hired by companies for employee positions.

I am a firm Believer that You can Achieve anything You BELIEVE You Can Achieve and Everything You Can Dream of, as long as You are willing to outwork everyone else.

Allowing You to have your own Business that You do not need to pay taxes on, fits into my BELIEF because it puts you in Complete Control of Your Own American Dream.

You are no longer at the mercy of needing to be hired for a job and only being able to make the wages that someone else can pay to you.

Instead, you have Complete Control over Your Own Destiny because you can keep getting paid from your job while you are also having Your Business on the side that provides You with additional tax-free income.

This will give you two incomes and will provide You and Your Family with great financial security.

Then, when you get your Business large enough and making the amount of money you desire, then you can resign from your job and go full-time with your tax-free business.

With this Plan, then Your Destiny and the Achievement of Your American Dream are now in Your Complete Control.

There are no limits on you anymore because the harder you are willing to work, the more money you are going to make, and the faster You Are Going To Achieve Your American Dream.

These tax-free businesses will also provide an advantage for all American workers by increasing wages for everyone. This increase in wages will be the result of a reduced supply of available workers because many workers will have stopped being employed so they can start and operate their own businesses.

As a result, the supply of workers in America will decrease, while the demand for workers in America will increase. The result of this big change in supply and demand for workers will cause wages for every worker in every career field to dramatically increase.

Hopefully resulting in the increase of wages to a level that allows workers to make a Living Wage for the tremendous benefit of themselves and their families.

2) An additional tax advantage we will give to you is that you will not have to pay any capital gains tax when you sell your home. Instead, you will be able to keep all the Profits from the sale of your home for you and for your family.

I think this is fair, because as a homeowner you will have paid large amounts of your own money purchasing your home, maintaining your home, repairing your home, and improving your home.

You will also have done many thousands of hours of unpaid work to maintain, repair, and improve your home.

Therefore, it is not correct that you will have made a profit equal to the difference between the price you purchased your home for and the price you sold your home for. Because you have spent large amounts of money maintaining, repairing, and improving your home, and you have spent many thousands of hours working unpaid to maintain your home, repair it, and improve it.

In addition, during the years you owned your home, inflation will have occurred that reduced the value of money, increasing the price of your home and the prices of everything else, also. Therefore, a large part of the profit you will have made on your home is because of inflation and is not because of clear profit. As shown by the fact that you are going to have to pay more for everything you purchase with the money you sold your house for.

As a result, a large part of the profit from the sale of your home was not pure profit, and instead was because of money you spent on your home, because of the thousands of hours you worked on your home, and because of the inflation that occurred during the years that you owned your home.

Therefore, it is an example of government overtaxing unfairly when they require capital gains taxes to be paid on the sale of your home. We are going to help you by eliminating this capital gains tax on your home.

You will greatly benefit from not having to pay capital gains tax on the sale of your home because this will allow you to build your Wealth more quickly for you and for your family.

Removing capital gains taxes on the sale of your homes will also greatly benefit the current housing industry that can use this help.

3) An additional tax advantage we will give you is that you will not have to pay any taxes on Dividends you receive from owning shares of corporations on stock exchanges.

The Dividend money that corporations pay you as an owner of their shares has already been taxed at the corporation level before the dividends were paid, and so this dividend money should not be taxed twice like our government has been doing.

Therefore, we will help you to build your Wealth by eliminating this tax on Dividends.

This will be a motivation and encouragement for you to build your Wealth through stock market investments, because in America today the bottom 50% of income earners only own an average of $11,000 of stock.

We want to greatly increase the number of people who are investing in the stock market so that everyone can build Wealth for themselves and for their families.

And we are going to help to increase the number of people investing by removing all taxes on your Profits.

We are also going to help every person to learn how to manage their personal finances and family finances better, by offering and teaching a free Financial course to every person that will greatly benefit you in the management of your personal and family finances.

Our Financial course will also greatly benefit you in the understanding and management of making all kinds of investments that will build your long-term Wealth for You and for Your Family.

This Financial course, just like the Business course we provide you with, will build equality and provide a level playing field for every American of every ethnic background and income level. Because every American will be able to take and complete this very valuable Financial Course for free.

This Financial course will receive a graduation certificate that will also help you to get hired by companies for employee positions.

4) To help you build long-term Wealth for You and for Your Family, we will reduce taxes further by allowing you to reinvest the Profits you make from the company shares you sell on the stock exchange without you paying any taxes on your Profits.

Just like a 1031 exchange currently allows you to not pay taxes on your Profits when you sell real estate properties.

This is a huge financial advantage for you because it will allow your financial investment money to continue to grow tax-free without you paying any taxes on your stock Profits, just like your Individual Retirement Account currently grows tax-free.

5) We will also provide a tax advantage for you by allowing you to take your profits tax-free out of your stock market investment account and use these profits to purchase your first home.

This is technically the tax advantage creation of a 1031 exchange between stock profits and first home ownership. It provides you with the huge advantage of taking tax-free money that you would have paid taxes with, and instead allow you to use this tax-free money to pay the down payment on your first home. Thereby providing you with a tax-free first home down payment.

6) An additional tax advantage we will give you is that we will allow you to take the tax-free money you have put into your Individual Retirement Account, along with the profits you have made in your Individual Retirement Account, and use this money as a tax-free down payment on your first home.

7) An additional tax advantage we will give you is that you will not have to pay any estate or inheritance taxes.

This will allow your family and your children to be able to keep everything you have worked so hard to build, without your children having to pay any taxes on your estate when they inherit it from you. You truly will have Built A World For Your Children.

8) An additional tax advantage we will give you is that you will not have to pay any taxes on the interest you make on your savings.

We want you to save your money and we want for you to build your Wealth.

Therefore, we are going to motivate you to save, and we are going to reward you for saving, by allowing you to grow and increase your savings tax-free.

You will be able to choose any method of interest growth that you would like, from interest you earn at banks and credit unions, to CDs, Treasury Bills, and Treasury Bonds where you can earn even more.

Our Goal is for You and Your Family To Become Very Wealthy, and so we are going to help you to Achieve Your Wealth in every way we can.

9) Our Internal Revenue Service workers will become your financial allies because their role will change from collecting taxes, to being financial advisors who work with you to help you and every American to become financially successful.

10) As we progress with our Plan, we will build a self-sustainable National endowment that makes enough positive financial returns from its investments every year to pay for our government budget every year.

As a result, when we have achieved this, then we and our Children, and our Grandchildren, and beyond, will never again have to pay any federal income taxes because the payment of

our government budget will become self-sustainable without any further investment or taxes.

11) An additional advantage we will give you is that you will receive a financial return from my Plan that when you retire will more than replace what you would receive from your social security.

Many people will look at all the taxes we are eliminating for you, and all the advantages we are giving to you, and wonder how it is possible for us to help you in so many ways while still collecting enough taxes to pay for the government budget costs, and while also paying off America’s $35 trillion in debt.

The answer is that, as I have written on other pages on this website, we are going to reduce our government spending drastically by first reducing our spending to only what we absolutely need to spend.

We are also going to post on blockchain and elsewhere, a list of everything that our federal government spends money on as it is being spent.

This list of spending will allow you and every American to monitor all our federal spending, which is what you should be allowed to see and monitor because in my Plan you are an owner of America.

We are also going to control our spending by having our U.S. Congresspeople, State Senators, and State House Members monitoring and keeping track of all the spending that takes place in their districts and states.

It recently came to light that our government is spending $90,000 on a small bag of metal bushings that should only cost a few dollars.

This example shows how much money our government wastes because Congress votes to spend the money, but then no one monitors or keeps track of the money as it is being spent.

We are going to change that by having our Congresspeople monitor and keep track of the spending that they have voted for, which is going to streamline our government, and make our government operate far more efficiently.

Everyone likes to spend, but many people do not like to do the work it takes to monitor and keep track of the spending.

There will be no more voting for spending without also monitoring and keeping track of the spending, and this addition to our Congresspeople’s role is going to save us trillions of dollars that are currently being wasted.

It is perfectly reasonable for our Congresspeople to be doing this monitoring and tracking of spending because our Congresspeople have always had two roles and two working locations that cause them to divide their time between both Washington DC where they vote, and their home districts and states where they work and help the American people they represent.

In fact, in our earlier American history, Congresspeople did not spend as much time as they do now in Washington DC, and they spent more of the year back in their home districts and states working

with the citizens they represented on improvements and projects like I am referring to here in my Plan.

Adding this role to our Congresspeople of monitoring our spending in their districts and states will be very personally fulfilling and uplifting for our Congresspeople because they will get the opportunity to be directly involved with all the improvements, projects, developments, and innovations that they voted for and that they are providing to the people of their districts and states.

Therefore, adding this monitoring and overseeing of spending role to our Congresspeople is going to be a Win-Win for our Congresspeople, for America, and for You as a citizen and as an owner of America.

In addition to drastically reducing our government spending, and having our Congresspeople stop the spending waste by monitoring and keeping track of all the spending projects in their districts and states, we are also going to increase taxes in these other ways that do not affect you.

1) There are too many large corporations that are not paying enough taxes, and many that are not paying any taxes at all. There are even some corporations that are making very large profits but have still been able to avoid paying any taxes.

In fact, 42.3% of large corporations that had at least $10 million of assets paid no tax in 2012, including 19.5% that made a profit and still paid no taxes.

Similarly, 34% of large profitable corporations that had revenues above $10 million paid no tax in 2018.

Therefore, we are going to begin taxing corporations based on their revenue instead of based on their profits.

Revenue is far easier to track, and taxing revenue also has several benefits for corporations, including the benefit that the corporations will always know exactly how much of the sales price of a product they owe for tax. Therefore, corporations will be able to plan their necessary sales price points more easily.

An additional advantage for corporations will be that they can focus a considerable amount of their attention on being as cost-efficient in their production methods as possible, so that they are able to maximize their profits for the same sales price.

When corporations are taxed on profits, then being more cost-efficient with production increases profits but also increases the taxes the corporations need to pay. Therefore, finding cost efficiencies is not as motivating when a corporation is having to pay increased taxes on the cost efficiencies they develop.

In contrast, when a corporation is taxed on revenue, then being more cost-efficient does not increase the taxes that a corporation has to pay, and so the cost efficiencies they develop will result in an increase in profits that are 100% equal to the cost efficiencies that they have saved.

Therefore, this is a huge motivation for a corporation to become as cost-efficient as they possibly can, which is beneficial for everyone.

In addition, taxing on revenues will result in some similarities to the pricing methods for corporations in other countries that have Value Added Tax (VAT).

Nearly every country in the world, except for America, has consumption taxes like VAT that can go as high as 23% on top of the price of a product.

Therefore, corporations in those other countries have always needed to consider VAT charges when they are pricing their products.

Our American corporations would begin to compute their sales prices in the same way that corporations in other countries do when they allow for VAT.

By paying taxes based on revenue, then American corporations would only have to compute the price they need to sell a product for to make their necessary profit, and then add the tax amount on top of their needed price so they can pay the taxes that they owe.

Just like corporations around the World do with VAT tax costs.

An additional advantage for the consumer is that taxing on revenues will help to keep inflation from occurring at as high of a level because corporations have less motivation to raise prices when the corporations will have to pay taxes on all increased revenue.

Since all corporate revenue is being taxed, then to avoid double taxation of that revenue, we can also look at ways to give financial investment advantages to employees who work for and get paid by these corporations so that corporations and employees are not both being taxed on the same revenue.

2) Allowing American citizens to begin their own business and not have to pay taxes on their profits is a huge financial advantage for every American.

At the same time, making these businesses tax-free is a cost to America because of the loss of collecting taxes on these businesses.

However, the huge financial advantage for every American of not paying taxes on their businesses, and the financial loss to America of not collecting taxes on these businesses, results in an overall net positive because our individual Americans will financially benefit far more from eliminating this tax than our Country will suffer financially from its elimination.

Therefore, we should implement the elimination of this tax for the following reasons:

Sole proprietorship businesses in America, which are taxed on a pass-through basis the same as if it is your individual personal income, make up 77% of all total businesses but

only have 6.6% of the total revenue.

83% of sales and 81% of profits for all pass-through businesses in America are earned by businesses that have more than $10 million in annual receipts.

The top 1% of business earners earn 71% of all business income.

The top .1% of business earners earn 33% of all business income.

Therefore, as shown by these statistics, the amount of taxes being paid by sole proprietor businesses that have less than $10 million in annual receipts is a fairly small percentage of the total amount of taxes being paid by business owners.

This means that by us eliminating taxes for Americans with sole proprietor businesses, then this will be a huge advantage for every American who owns a business, but it will not have that much of a negative effect on the amount of money that America would collect in taxes from these sole proprietor businesses.

Therefore, this law will be a huge net positive for everyone because individual Americans will benefit far more from it than America will have disadvantages from it.

It is true that more Americans will start businesses who do not currently have businesses because we will have made their businesses tax-free for them. Which technically would increase the disadvantages for America when these businesses are tax-free.

However, these new businesses would never have been started if we had not made them tax-free, and so America is not really losing tax revenue that never would have occurred without the tax-free status being given.

Therefore, these new businesses that will provide tax-free income to every American who wants to start a business are a huge advantage for every American, without being an actual disadvantage to America.

As a result, making these businesses tax-free is by far a net positive result for everyone in total because they greatly benefit every American, while being a much smaller negative for America.

Since eliminating this tax will result in a huge net positive, and because I always BELIEVE in creating Win-Win situations where decisions are made for the greater good of the most people, then we should implement the elimination of this tax on businesses.

In addition, as I have written about on other pages, A Rising Tide Raises All Ships, and so when you and every American person is succeeding financially, then all of America benefits and rejoices because Our Entire Tide is being raised.

In order to keep this an overall net positive, it would be important to have a limit placed on the businesses that qualify for this tax-free status to businesses that have less than $10 million of annual revenue. Once a business is turning over more than $10 million annually, then it is much more like a major corporation than a personally owned business.

It would also be wise to implement a rule where all businesses have the tax-free status up to $10 million of revenues, but that after a sole proprietor business is making a net profit of more than $150,000 or $200,000 per year, then the number of employees hired, and the amount of salaries paid to these employees, needs to be a minimum percentage of the additional profits above the $150,000 or $200,000.

You are going to need to hire money employees as you grow and so hiring employees would be a choice you would make on your own, anyway.

Hiring also helps with the national level of unemployment, and it allows America to have some investment from these employees.

In conclusion, making your business tax-free will be a huge advantage for you because as you build and grow your business, then the money you would have paid every year in taxes can instead be utilized by you to build and grow your business far stronger and much more quickly than would have ever been possible if you had needed to spend that money on taxes.

Therefore, you are going to be able to Achieve Your American Dream much faster than anyone has ever been able to Achieve it in the past.

3) Many people will also think that eliminating the taxes you have to pay on your profits when you purchase and sell company shares on the stock exchanges is going to cost America too much in lost taxes. However, the facts are that:

– Foreign investors from other countries own 40% of all the shares on our United States stock exchanges, which has increased by a large amount from 11% in 1980. These foreign investors are not required to pay taxes to the United States on their profits.

Retirement accounts owned by Americans own 30% of all the shares on our stock exchanges, and so these do not pay any taxes already because they are retirement accounts.

American investors with taxable accounts only own 25% of the shares on our stock exchanges, and these American investors are currently paying taxes on their profits.

From these statistics we see that only 25% of all investments on our stock exchanges currently pay taxes to America on their profits.

We should be taxing the profits that foreign investors make on the stocks they own in America because they are making their profits here in America. They are also taking their profits back to spend in their own country’s economy instead of spending their profits with businesses here in America.

By us eliminating all the taxes on the profits that you make while you and all Americans are owning the 25% of shares that American investors with taxable accounts own, and by us beginning to tax the profits that foreign investors make who own 40% of all our shares, then we can gain a net positive of taxes collected that are 40% minus 25% to equal an extra 15% of the profits made. This is going to be a 60% increase in the amount of taxes we will collect on stock exchange profits compared with what we are currently collecting.

America is perfectly allowed to do this because many other countries charge our Americans this capital gains tax when we earn profits on stocks we own on their countries’ stock exchanges. For example, Italy charges a 26% tax on foreign investors and Spain charges a 19% tax.

When countries charge this tax on our American investors, then our American tax system is losing this money because our system has been providing a foreign tax credit to our Americans who have had to pay capital gains taxes in other countries.

Therefore, America should be charging these capital gains taxes on foreign investors who own our company shares.

By making this change, then it results in a huge Win for you because you will be able to build and grow your investment account tax-free, which is going to be a tremendous financial advantage for you.

At the same time, it will be a Win for America because we will be bringing in 60% more capital gains taxes from stock profits than we currently have been collecting.

4) Our U.S. corporations that are based in other countries are not being taxed as much as our U.S. corporations that are based here in America. This is not how we should be handling this, and we need to have the same taxes being charged by us to our U.S. corporations that are based in other countries that we charge when they are based here in America.

By charging this same tax amount, then we remove the incentive for corporations to build their factories, manufacturing plants, and offices in other countries in an effort to reduce their taxes.

In addition, by charging this same amount of taxes, then many of these corporations will return to the United States.

We want all our U.S. corporations to return to the United States because this will greatly benefit America’s economy, and returning will also result in the hiring and employment of hundreds of thousands of additional American workers.

American corporations that are based in other countries are generating a total of $1.5 trillion in corporate profits. The corporate revenue that generates $1.5 trillion of profits would bring a large amount of tax revenue into America, and so this revenue should be taxed in the same way that corporations based in America are taxed.

Experts have stated that closing offshore loopholes would bring in a minimum of $1 trillion of tax revenue during a 10-year period.

We also have the option to negotiate treaties that are beneficial for us with other countries so that together we share the same total tax amount between our countries, and those treaties would be done on an individual country basis.

5) We have allowed foreign companies that are from other countries and have offices and factories here in America to not pay as much tax as they should pay. Therefore, we need to be very strict with our enforcement of taxes on foreign companies. These foreign companies need to be taxed in exactly the same way that we tax our own U.S. corporations.

6) We need to reduce the opportunity for corporations to have accelerated depreciation or bonus depreciation of assets because this results in the delayed paying of taxes owed.

7) We need to remove regulations for your businesses and for corporations so you can be more successful.

The job of government is to help people who need help, and to get out of the way of people and corporations who are already on their way and ready to move forward to Achieve Their Goals.

Regulations are a negative for corporations, and so we need to eliminate as many regulations on corporations as possible.

However, regulations are even more of a negative for you with your smaller and medium-sized businesses because corporations have vast worker and financial resources to spend on meeting regulations that you do not have.

You are currently being forced to waste time and waste costs on trying to comply with regulations, and these have a much larger negative impact on smaller and medium-sized businesses than they have on corporations.

Therefore, we want to remove all the regulations that we possibly can on Our Corporations so that we can allow Our Corporations to Thrive to their Maximum Level.

At the same time, it is even more important for us to remove all the regulations we can for the benefit of your smaller and medium-sized businesses, because Our People and Our Businesses can be Far More Successful when you are not being restricted by unnecessary time-consuming and costly regulations.

By us removing every regulation we can for you, then we are leveling the playing field even more for you and for your smaller and medium-sized businesses, which helps you to Successfully Achieve Your American Dream For You and For Your Family.


With my Plan, we would be able to generate a large federal budget surplus every year.

This would allow us to pay off the $35 trillion of national debt we currently have, which would save America from the future financial collapse we are currently heading toward unless we make this change.

Paying off our national debt would allow us to get America out of debt for the first time since 1835, when President Andrew Jackson from Tennessee was able to accomplish it.

This was also the only time in American history that America has been completely out of debt.

As we pay off our $35 trillion of debt, we will also create a National Endowment, just like colleges and universities have endowments.

Through the years, we will build our Endowment up by being very careful with our spending, and by investing our money with outstanding investment companies.

An investment company like BlackRock already very successfully manages assets of $10.5 trillion, and so there is no reason why a group of companies like Blackrock cannot successfully manage $40-$50 trillion of our Endowment.

Our National Endowment would make profits of at least 11% or 12% every year on our investments, just like Harvard and Yale make this amount of profit every year.

This return is very realistic because top hedge funds on average make an annual profit of 12.5%.

We will also make additional profits from any partnerships we form with corporations.

Our government will partner with outstanding American corporations to generate larger profit returns, and we will sometimes join with corporations in public-private partnerships to build the American infrastructure we need to build.

These infrastructure partnerships will also save us money because these corporations are already excellent at building infrastructure.

We will also partner with corporations on many initiatives that corporations are excellent at, instead of us trying to have our government involved in things that we do not specialize in.

An example of partnering with corporations is the continual mess that our government has made with the FAFSA program for financial aid to college students and their families. We do not need to reinvent the wheel and try to manage it ourselves, when we can work in partnership with major technology corporations who are already excellent at this kind of work.

Working in partnership with corporations will also save us a very large amount of money.

Through our savings and our investments, we will build up our Endowment to such a high financial amount that we will be able to pay all the costs of our government budget every year with just the interest we have earned and the profits we have made on our investments with our Endowment each year.

We will operate our federal government like a corporation, which is what we should have always been doing, and our President and Congress will be accountable and answerable to you for everything they spend because you will be an owner of America.

The situation will be the same as you being a Shareholder and a Director on the Board of Directors of America’s corporation.

Our President will be the CEO of America’s corporation, and our President will be accountable and answerable to you for everything that our Country spends, just like a corporate CEO has to be accountable to the Shareholders and to the Board of Directors.

Our President will be looked at as America’s CEO, our Congress will be looked at as America’s Management team, and you will have the same power and control over them as a corporate Shareholder and as a Director on the Board of Directors.

Our Congress will not just vote to spend your money, and then ignore whether your money is being spent and utilized correctly.

Our Congress is currently not utilizing your money correctly because they are staying in Washington DC too much. When they should be voting on important issues in Washington and then getting back to work in their districts and states more often.

Instead of wasting time in Washington fighting over national issues, our Congress will vote on these key issues within set time periods, and then be responsible for monitoring and overseeing the spending that has been allocated to their district and to their state.

House of Representative members represent every district across our United States, and Senators represent every U.S. state. Therefore, we have Congresspeople on the ground across America who can monitor and oversee spending projects that are occurring in their districts and states.

This will save your money by making certain that projects stay under or within budget.

For example, if a bridge is being built in a district, then the U.S. Representative from that district, along with the Senator of that state, will be responsible for monitoring and overseeing the building of this bridge so that it is built within or under budget.

Our U.S. Congresspeople will also work together with state governors and state legislators, which will be tremendous teamwork between all our levels of government.

The President and the Congress will work for you and serve you at all times, just like our government is supposed to be doing.

The way it used to be before our politicians began acting like they can do whatever they want to do without getting your approval, and without them even telling you what they are doing.

The CEO and Management team of a corporation are required to give their Shareholders and Board of Directors a Quarterly Report every three months.

Likewise, we will require our President and our Congress to give You a Quarterly Report every three months.

Then, through our saving of your money, our very careful spending, and our Endowment investments, we will increase the size of our National Endowment so that we are able to only spend 5% to 6% of our Endowment every year to pay for all of America’s yearly federal government costs.

At this point, our Endowment would become permanently self-sustainable, so that no more money was ever needed to be paid to our government in taxes by our citizens.

As a result, all federal income taxes would permanently end.

Some people will try to tell us that we are not going to be able build our Endowment large enough to do this, but Yes we can when we have a Goal and a Plan for how we are going to get there.

Colleges like Harvard and Yale have built up their endowments so much that they are self-sustainable, as shown by the fact that they could choose, if they wanted, to pay for every one of their student’s tuitions every year with just the profits they make each year on the investments from their endowments.

They could choose, if they wanted, to pay every student’s tuition in their entire school without Harvard or Yale even touching the base amount of their endowment.

Therefore, if colleges can do it, then we in America can definitely do it.

There is Always a way to do anything that we set our mind to do, and that we commit to do.

As I have written may times on this website, and as I have said many hundreds of times to my players, to my students, and to my business partners, it is Always Possible To Find A Way To Win.

That is how Championships are won.

Can you imagine The World We Would Have Built and Left For Our Children if they never have to pay any taxes?

Can you imagine how motivated every American would be to create our Self-Sustainable Endowment when we have a Goal and a Plan for how we are going to get there?

None of us want to pay taxes now with the current disorganized way that our government handles our money because we are currently just giving our money to a government that does not respect our money, that wastes our money, that does not even tell us what they want to do with our money, that gets our Country in huge debt, and then does not even have enough respect for us to be accountable for and take responsibility for what they have spent.

With my Plan, we will all be motivated to invest in America so that we can become owners of America, ownership that gives us many financial and ownership benefits and rewards.

We will also be motivated because we will have full control and knowledge about where our money is going to be spent, and full monitoring of our money through our Congresspeople as it is being spent.

We will also be motivated because our investment in America will increase in value every year as it is invested.

We will also be motivated because the better that America does, then the more we will each earn in financial returns on our investment.

We will be motivated because we will have a specific Plan we are following, and a specific Goal we are aiming for. And when we have achieved our Goal, then this will end all income taxes that you and your children will ever have to pay to the government.

And together we will have Built An Incredible Country And World For Our Children.

We will also be happy to invest in America because with all the taxes we are completely eliminating for you, that I listed earlier regarding your businesses, houses, and investments, then you will be creating and building long-term Wealth for You and for Your Family.

Therefore, my Plan is a Win for You, a Win for Every American, and a Win for America.

When we have built up our Endowment so that you and your Children will never have to pay taxes again, then you will be able to build your long-term Wealth even faster and higher because you will be keeping everything that you make.

The Most Wonderful Beauty of this Plan is that we are all going to unite and come together again for our Country because we are all going to be investors in America, and because we are all going to be owners of America.

We are all going to be working together as a Team to build and improve the America that we are all investors in and owners of.

When I interviewed hundreds of World War II veterans for the 350 Veterans Voice television shows that I made so that I could honor our World War II heroes, the one overriding thing that the veterans all said to me was that America was very successful during World War II because everyone in America came together and worked together as a Team.

Every person during World War II, from the soldiers fighting the battles, to the people who were back home working in America to build equipment, to the people who were growing food to supply to our soldiers and to all Americans, to the people who were back home providing positive support and encouragement, were unified and working together to save America.

With my Plan, we will all be unified and working together also, just like during World War II, because we need to save America for ourselves and For Our Children.

Before the very dangerous economic path we are on with our national debt causes our Country to collapse.

The reason my Plan is necessary is because our current income tax system is no longer working and needs to be completely and entirely changed.

When it is impossible for a system to work any longer, then we cannot just continue to keep using it while we pretend that the results are going to change even though we keep doing the same thing every year.

Many people like to use the definition of insanity as being, “Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results”.

Well, that is what our politicians have been doing. They have been using the same overall tax system every year since the 1940’s, even though this system stopped working several decades ago.

We have had federal budget deficits every year since the year 2000, and so the current income tax system has gotten us into the $35 trillion national debt mess we are now in.

The current tax system continues to get us into deeper financial trouble every single year as our national debt has been increasing and growing every year.

Our $35 trillion national debt is now increasing by $1 trillion every three months.

In five years, we are going to be paying 50% of all the taxes collected every year just to pay the interest on our debt.

And in ten years, we are going to be paying 100% of all the taxes collected just to pay the interest on our debt.

Therefore, in ten years, our government will have no money to pay for anything that anyone needs because all taxes collected will just be going to pay the interest on the national debt.

It is expected that our national debt will be $141 trillion in 30 years, even if our Country does not collapse before then.

If we continue to follow this same system, then very soon, possibly before the next presidential election in 2028, we are going to get past the point of no return, which is going to result in the

economic collapse of America in ways that are going to be very similar to how countries like Greece and Venezuela collapsed.

An economic collapse in America that could potentially cause our inflation to increase by many thousands of percent each year.

A collapse that could potentially end America as a country because some outside force may choose to take advantage of our extreme economic weakness.

Therefore, we cannot continue to use this same archaic system that is not working, and that no longer can work.

We need to look at creating a completely different system that is far more innovative and creative, and that fits into what we need for You and for Every American today.

The Plan I have designed achieves this for us.

We do not want a system that was designed a hundred years ago for how America was then. Instead, we need to create a new system that works for today.

Our current system no longer works for many reasons, including:

1) The current politicians look to find every way they can to collect taxes from American citizens, even if the politicians are double-taxing people on the same income, because the politicians think they can do whatever they want to do.

2) The income levels of American citizens have become so wide between higher earners and lower earners, that there has been a very large increase in the number of citizens who do not make enough income to have to pay tax.

3) Our income tax system has a higher percentage of Americans not paying income tax than any other country in the world.

4) In 2022, 40.1% of Americans were not required to pay any federal income taxes, and because some citizens receive financial benefits like child tax credits, then the net result was that there was no net income tax revenue collected from the lowest earning 60% of our citizens.

5) America is the only country in the world that does not have any net tax collection from these 60% of citizens, and we are the only country in the world that collects all its tax revenue from only the highest 40% of earners.

6) In comparison, in 1945 when the current income tax system was established, 90% of Americans were required to pay federal income taxes.

7) Our current income tax system can only work when 80-90% of people are paying taxes, but current income levels do not allow that to happen.

8) Because there are fewer people paying income tax than there used to be, and because our government continues to spend and waste a larger amount of money on its budget every year, then the politicians are continually attempting to increase the amount of taxes they collect from higher earning Americans in order to pay for the politicians’ increased spending.

9) Currently, the top 1% of income earners in America pay 46% of all the income taxes collected by the government, the top 5% of income earners pay 66% of all income taxes

collected, the top 10% of income earners pay 76% of all the income taxes collected, and the top 25% of income earners pay 89% of all income taxes collected by the government.

10) In fact, the United States has our higher income earners already paying a larger percentage of total tax revenue than any other country in the world, and so it is totally illogical for our politicians to think that our higher earners should pay even more taxes.

11) Therefore, the current tax system, where more and more people are not being required to pay any income tax, but where the politicians continue to need more and more tax revenue every year because they are wasting large amounts of it on wasteful spending, causes the politicians to continue to try to get an increased amount of taxes from a small number of higher income earners.

12) The reality is that all the money that our billionaires have could ridiculously be taken away from them and paid toward our nation’s taxes, and this would still not cover our tax deficit for more than a year.

13) And then we would not be able to pay for our budget the next year, and our billionaires would have no money left to pay any taxes for future years.

14) Therefore, trying to collect more and more revenue from a small number of higher income earners is obviously not mathematically sustainable.

15) The current White House administration tries to divide our Country by making false claims about higher income Americans not paying as much as lower income Americans.

16) However, as the above facts show, what politicians are telling people is dishonest and not true. The higher income earners are already paying the largest amount of taxes by far, and they are already paying the highest percentage of taxes by far. Therefore, politicians are being dishonest and misleading us when they intentionally use vague terms like “not paying their fair share” so the politicians can try to falsely blame higher earners, and so the politicians can avoid telling the truth that they have no plan for how to solve America’s debt problem.

17) Our current politicians have:

1. No plan for how to solve our $35 trillion national debt problem.

2. No plan for how to solve our yearly budget deficits that increase our $35 trillion national debt by an additional $1 trillion every three months.

3. No plan for how to solve the fact that in five years it will take half of all our tax revenue just to pay the interest on our national debt each year, and in ten years it will take all 100% of our tax revenue to pay the interest on our national debt each year. Which would cause our American economy to collapse and seriously harm every person in America, potentially causing the complete downfall of our Country.

18) Our current White House administration has never owned a business, has not had a regular job, and has had no experience in economics. Therefore, our government makes the mistake of just continuing to try to jam a square peg into a round hole by setting a budget of $7.3 trillion this year that is the highest in American history, and then falsely claiming they can pay for their wasteful budget by raising taxes on our higher income earners even more than they already are. Something which can never work mathematically.

19) What these politicians fail to realize is that even if they could get more tax money from our higher earners, taking very large amounts of taxes from our higher earners would be bad in the long-term for our American economy because it is the higher earners who start more

new businesses, who hire new workers to reduce unemployment, and who contribute significantly to keeping our economy going and growing.

20) When money is taken away from high earners through high taxes, it may bring in an increased amount of taxes for the very short-term, but because of the increased taxes, then the higher earners will not have the incentive and the money to start businesses, or to hire and pay workers that will stimulate our economy. The result will be an economic downturn that causes unemployment for workers and a decrease in the amount of taxes collected by our government.

21) Therefore, the increase in capital gains tax to 49.9%, like the White House is currently proposing, will cause higher earners to stop investing their money into businesses because they will think it is not worth the hard work and the risk of financial loss to only have a maximum potential profit of 50%.

22) Our current Politicians do not seem to be able to look past the very short-term to see that increasing taxes actually results in the government collecting less tax revenue in the long-term.

23) For example, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, there were some years when the government raised the income tax on higher earners so they had to pay 90% of what they earned to the government. However, even this ridiculous tax increase resulted in the government only collecting about the same amount of taxes they had collected before the tax increases because higher earners just stopped making new investments if they were going to only get to keep 10% of what they made. By making less investments, then there was no business revenue to pay the taxes on, and so the amount of taxes collected did not increase.

24) The result of this exorbitant tax and subsequent lack of investment by the higher earners caused the American economy to hugely suffer by slowing the economy and increasing unemployment.

25) Therefore, our politicians are looking at our current situation in completely the wrong way because they do not seem to understand the basics of economics.

26) An analogy of their incorrect thinking would be a hot dog restaurant that is not bringing in enough money to pay their bills, and so the restaurant decides to raise the price of their hot dogs from $3 each to $9 each.

In the restaurant’s simplified view, they incorrectly think they are going to increase the amount of their sales to three times what the sales were before because they are going to be charging three times as much for every hot dog. However, what they are not thinking deeply enough about is that customers will stop coming to their restaurant to buy any hot dogs at all because customers are not willing to pay $9 for a hot dog. Therefore, the restaurant may get a few customers for the first week until customers see how much the restaurant is now charging for its hot dogs. However, by week two, no customers will be coming into the restaurant, and so the restaurant is going to end up collecting much less money than it was when they were only charging $3 for their hot dogs.

27) The same thing happens when politicians raise taxes. They may collect a little bit more money at the very beginning, but then taxpayers stop investing, they stop starting new businesses, they reduce the wages they are paying to employees, and they stop hiring new employees.

28) This results in the amount of taxes collected being less after raising the taxes than they were when the taxes were lower. But these politicians do not think ahead to understand this, very probably because as career politicians they have never owned a business, and often because they have never had a regular job working for a business.

29) The White House’s budget for this year of $7.3 trillion is the largest budget in American history.

30) Independent economic studies have shown that this increased government budget is going to be very harmful to the American economy because it is going to reduce the financial investment from higher earners, who without the increased taxes would have been able to contribute greatly to the growth of the economy.

31) The government’s large budget is also going to reduce the hiring of employees for the investments that the higher earners would have made in the economy if the taxes on them had not been increased.

32) It has been shown through these independent economic studies that the negative effects of the government’s $7.3 trillion budget for 2024 are going to slow our economy by reducing America’s long-term GDP by 2.2%.

33) The negative effects of this large budget are also going to reduce capital stock by 3.8%, reduce wages for workers by 1.6%, decrease income for Americans by 1.9%, and increase unemployment by eliminating 788,000 jobs that will cause nearly a million Americans to lose their jobs.

34) When our GDP is reduced, when salaries for employees are reduced, and when unemployment increases, then the government is going to be collecting less taxes than they were before the taxes were raised because the economy will have slowed, people will be making lower salaries, and less people will be working. In addition, the government will be paying more unemployment benefits because of the increased unemployment.

35) Therefore, increasing taxes may bring in a little more money for a year, but in the long-term it will cause the government to collect less taxes. Therefore, our Country will be right back in the same position within a couple of years where the government is not able to pay its bills.

36) In addition, raising taxes on higher earners is not the solution because all 741 billionaires in America have a total combined value of $5.2 trillion, and this is even if they sold every business, and every house, and every property they owned. Therefore, if the government could make every billionaire pay everything they own toward taxes, then it would still only cover our budget deficit for a year or two.

37) Then, after a year or two, America would be in even more trouble than we are now, with a huge budget deficit every year because the government would be getting no money from our billionaires anymore, and all the businesses that our billionaires had owned would be closed with every worker now unemployed.

38) Therefore, the government continually increasing its budget to record levels, and expecting America’s higher earners to pay enough taxes to cover the costs of these wasteful budgets, is mathematically impossible, makes our economy weaker, reduces wages, decreases your income for the long term, and increases unemployment.

39) Therefore, our politicians are kidding themselves, and being completely dishonest with you, when they lie to you to say that they can balance the budget if higher earners “would pay their fair share”.

40) That is completely false, but politicians keep saying it anyway because their goal is to divide us against each other.

41) They are choosing to make false statements because they want to get lower income earners to be angry at and falsely blaming higher income earners.

42) What the politicians are not telling you is that after they take all the money away from the higher earners, but the American national debt has continued to get bigger, then the politicians are going to come for everyone’s money, including yours.

43) In addition, they are going to stop all benefits and financial support to everyone because they will have no money to pay for it.

As a result, my Plan looks at our tax system through fresh eyes.

It is an innovative and creative Plan that will build and grow until it will keep you and your children from ever having to pay income taxes again, that will build up a self-sustaining National Endowment that pays all of America’s bills every year without requiring any more taxes to be collected, and that will help you and every American to become Very Successful and Achieve Your American Dream for You and for Your Family.

When we look at the history of taxes in America, we see that there was no income tax at all when America began.

Instead, our federal government ran its budget only on the taxes it collected from miscellaneous items, such as tariff taxes that were paid by other countries that shipped foreign products to America for us to purchase.

During the Civil War, there was a very brief period of income taxes in the North for a couple of years to help to pay for the costs of the war, and then income taxes were discontinued again until 1909 when Congress made an amendment to the Constitution that the federal government was allowed to collect income taxes.

The Congress and President Franklin Roosevelt pushed forward a huge increase in income tax rates in 1935.

Then, as World War II began, Congress and President Roosevelt again expanded income taxes to about 75% of the population by passing the Revenue Act of 1940 that significantly raised individual income taxes and corporate income taxes.

Congress and President Roosevelt expanded income taxes even further in 1945 after the war, which resulted in 90% of Americans becoming required to pay income taxes each year.

Then, in the 1960’s there were tax code changes that caused income taxes and payroll taxes to become even larger.

Since the 1960’s, the American economy has negatively changed so that a large number of Americans are not being paid a high enough salary to be able to live at a necessary level.

In addition, since the 1960’s, politicians, in their desire to get votes for their re-election, have continually decreased and eliminated income taxes on lower income and middle-income individuals and families.

The combined result of wages that are too low for people to live on, and politicians decreasing taxes on lower income and middle-income earners, is that 40.1% of Americans were not required to pay any income tax this past year.

In addition, because some American families do not pay taxes, and they also receive money through tax credits like the Child Tax Credit, then America collects no net income tax from the lowest 60% of income earners.

This means that the highest 40% of earners pay 100% of the income taxes in America.

During this same time period since the 1960’s, the politicians have regularly increased the amount of income tax that higher earners have had to pay, and because higher earners make up a small minority of people in America, then they have not been able to defend themselves against the dishonest statements that politicians say when they use vague terms such as, “They need to pay their fair share”. When the facts are that higher earners already pay far more than their fair share of taxes.

The highest 1% of earners pay 46% of all income tax collected, and the top 10% of earners pay 76% of all income tax collected.

As a result, America’s high earners already pay a higher percentage of America’s taxes than any other country in the World.

Therefore, taking even more taxes from our higher earners would not only be unfair to our higher earners, but as previously shown, it would also result in our economy suffering from lack of investment.

In addition, our federal budgets are so high now, and such a large percentage of people are not being required to pay any taxes, that the government could take away all the money and the entire wealth that our billionaires have, and all this billionaire’s money combined would still not balance our budget.

The politicians do not tell you that the current economic forecasts show that our current $35 trillion debt is going to have grown to a $141 trillion debt within 30 years.

And it is only going to grow that high if our Country does not collapse before then.

If our Country collapses, then unemployment could reach 20% or 30% like it reached 28% in Greece, there will be tens of millions of people homeless, the price of all food and products could begin increasing by 36 times every year because of inflation, like happened in Venezuela where inflation increased by an average of 3,605% every year from 1973 until 2024, peaking at 344,510% inflation in 2019.

With an economic collapse like this, then our government would also have no money to help anyone, and every person and every American family would be left to try to take care of themselves.

When Greece got into a debt crisis like we are in, they forced twelve tax increases on its citizens, made many spending cuts to reduce benefits to people who needed them, and implemented many reforms from 2010 to 2016.

Greek citizens who earned the lowest incomes had their taxes raised by 337%.

These tax increases caused riots and nationwide protests, and eventually led to a 28% unemployment rate.

For 32 years from 1981 to 2013, they had budget deficits that continued to increase as government spending was too high.

Just like we have had our budget deficits increasing for the past 24 years since our last budget surplus in the year 2000.

Eventually, Greece’s national debt got so high that it was not sustainable because the amount of interest they had to pay on their debt became more than they had money to pay for.

Just like we are very soon going to be spending $1 trillion every year to pay the interest on our debt, and this $1 trillion of interest payments is going to continue to increase by very large amounts every year.

The Greek banks closed for several weeks, and then Greece defaulted on their debt in 2015 when their debt-to-GDP ratio had increased from 127% to 179%.

Just like it was forecast recently that our debt-to-GDP ratio is going to reach between 166% and 181% by 2054.

In Greece, taxes were increased by very large amounts, and people with the lowest incomes had their taxes increased by 337% in 2016.

Therefore, if America has a debt crisis, then just like Greece, our government will require every American to pay a large amount of taxes no matter how low people’s incomes are.

The Greek government also added a 23% sales tax on everything that was purchased, further causing citizens to not be able to purchase basic necessities.

Therefore, America is well along the same financial path of both Venezuela and Greece, and so it is crucial that we change what we are doing before it is too late.

That we change our course before our economy and our nation collapse.

It is going to take many decades for either Greece or Venezuela to fully recover, if they ever do, and so their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren are going to be paying for the financial mistakes that their parents made, for most, if not all of the Children’s Lives.

We cannot let this happen in America, because how can we reach Our Goal of Building A World For Our Children if we end up leaving them with a collapsed Country?

Therefore, we need to completely change what our politicians have been doing that has brought us to this financial crisis that we are in.

It does no good to keep doing the same thing over and over every year when it is not working, and when it is only making our situation get worse.

As a result, we need to look at our situation with fresh eyes that are not limited or restricted by what has been done wrong in the past, and we need to be creative and innovative so we can design and implement a Tax Plan and an Economy that works for America today.

The Tax Plan and Economic Plan that I have Designed For You and For America Today will Rescue Our Country and Ourselves from the path to collapse that we are currently on, and will help You and allow You to Achieve Your American Dream For You and For Your Family.


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