We Will Create And Build Transgender Sports Programs


In our current polarized society, both parties spend all their time trying to fight for their position.

Instead, what we should be doing is showing our Respect for the people who have a different opinion than we do by taking the time to listen to their feelings until we fully understand how they feel and what is important to them.

Then, we want to analyze our own position on an issue to determine what is important to us and why we feel the way we do.

If there is a third position on the issue, then we want to also listen with Respect to the people who believe that point of view until we can fully understand how they feel and what is important to them.

After we fully understand all sides of an argument, we need to look at the different viewpoints and then work to find a solution to the issue that is a compromise between all the viewpoints, so that the solution we create is a Win for Everyone involved because it solves the most important elements of the issue for Everyone.

Here are two very important issues for our Wonderful people who identify as transgender that our politicians continue to only want to fight over, and the Winning solutions for Everyone that I have designed and will implement.

All People are Equal, and Every Person deserves to be treated with Complete Respect.

This Equality and Respect for Everyone includes Transgender Athletes.

Democratic politicians have fought to allow Transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports, saying it is not fair and disrespectful for transgender athletes to have to compete against men.

Republican politicians have fought to require Transgender athletes to compete in men’s sports, saying it is not fair for women athletes to have to compete against transgender athletes because transgender athletes have a biological advantage in sports.

Both of these viewpoints are crucially important because they are both trying to be kind and give consideration to a very important group of our Wonderful People.

Our Democratic politicians are trying to be kind and considerate to transgender athletes, and our Republican politicians are trying to be kind and considerate to biological girls and women who enjoy playing sports.

Therefore, both of these viewpoints need to be thought about and understood.

The Winning Solution that solves this dilemma, and that shows our Greatest Amount of Respect for everyone involved on both sides of the issue, is to create transgender sports teams in schools and universities for transgender athletes to enjoy competing on without any controversy.

The only argument against this solution is that some schools and universities would say they cannot afford to do this. However, that is not a good argument because schools and universities said this same thing back in the 1970’s when Title IX became law that required equal sporting opportunities for women.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, athletic programs thought there was no way they would be able to maintain their men’s sports if they had to also operate women’s sports at an equal level.

However, fifty years later we see all the millions of women who have benefitted from playing sports, we see that women’s sports are just as popular as men’s sports, and in fact even more popular based on this year’s NCAA Basketball Final Fours.

Therefore, we see that college sports are now in their strongest financial position in history, and we see both men and women college athletes making large amounts of money with the new Name, Image, and Likeness rules.

Therefore, the arguments fifty years ago against Title IX have been proven to be false, and so we should not listen to these same arguments now to keep our transgender athletes from having their own teams.

Now is the perfect financial time to build transgender sports because there is currently more money flowing into college athletic departments than there has ever been in history.

This financial strength is the result of huge television and internet streaming contracts, the very large number of spectators that pay to come to games, and the revenue generated from the new Name, Image, and Likeness laws.

Therefore, athletic departments can definitely find and create a way to be able to build transgender sports.

Some athletic departments might not want to be required to find a way to afford to do this. However, in order for us to show our Great Respect, and our Great Love, and our Great Caring for every single person, then building transgender sports is something that is the right thing for us to be doing.

Therefore, we just have to do it.

Athletic departments may not think they can afford it, but we know they can find a way to make it work when they set their minds to it. Just like our athletic departments found a way to make it work with women’s sports for the past 50 years.

The reason we know our athletic departments will find a way is because we have tremendously intelligent and outstanding athletic directors and coaches leading our athletic departments.

In the current situation, where transgender athletes are sometimes competing on women’s teams, and sometimes competing on men’s teams, then neither of these options is completely fulfilling or completely fair for anyone.

Women athletes understandably do not think it is fair for them physically when transgender athletes compete on women’s teams.

Likewise, it is not ideal for our transgender athletes, either, because playing on the women’s teams does not allow our transgender athletes to feel fully respected and recognized when they achieve success on the women’s teams.

It is also not fair in many ways for our transgender athletes to have to compete on the men’s teams.

Therefore, the current situation of transgender athletes competing on either women’s teams or men’s teams is not a winning situation for anyone involved.

However, can you imagine the complete personal fulfillment that a transgender athlete will feel when a transgender athlete competes and succeeds against other transgender athletes.

Spectators will enjoy going to watch these athletic competitions, and transgender athletes will become fully recognized and rewarded for their athletic accomplishments.

It will become Beautiful to watch, and our Great Transgender Athletes will become America’s Heroes exactly like our women athletes and men athletes are our Heroes now.

This Solution will result in a Win for everyone involved.

The transgender sports debate has similarities to the transgender bathroom issue several years ago that became such a large public debate that it resulted in states being criticized and punished by organizations.

It was the first issue that showed how divided America’s political positions had become, and it was the first issue that displayed how polarized and inconsiderate the two sides of our government had become.

It made no sense that this turned into such a battle because both sides had understandable points of view, even though neither side took the time to realize that the other person’s viewpoint was completely understandable.

Both our Democrat politicians and our Republican politicians were trying to be kind and considerate to our Wonderful people.

Our Democrat politicians were trying to be kind and considerate to our Wonderful transgender people, and our Republican politicians were trying to be kind and considerate to our Wonderful girls, women, and fathers who are out in public places with their young daughters.

The viewpoint of Democrat politicians is perfectly correct when they say that people who identify as transgender should not have to walk in to share a bathroom with people who identify as the opposite gender.

We need to be very understanding and respectful of our Wonderful transgender people’s feelings because we do not want to put them into an unfair, uncomfortable, awkward, and dangerous situation.

The viewpoint of Republican politicians was not an effort to be inconsiderate to people who identify as transgender, and instead they were only trying to be fair to women and young girls who said they felt uncomfortable when they were in a bathroom with a person who they had no way of knowing whether the person really identified as a transgender person.

Fathers of young girls were especially uncomfortable with the situation because fathers who were out in public with their young daughters on their own without a mother being present, already feel totally helpless and afraid when they have to let their young daughters go into a women’s public bathroom.

A father is not allowed into the women’s bathroom, and so he feels helpless and worries very seriously about his daughter from the other side of the bathroom door because he has no way of checking on his daughter to even see if she is doing alright.

A father is always very protective of his daughter every minute of the day when they are on their own together, and so he does not ever take his eyes off his daughter.

But then he is forced to wait outside a public bathroom, hoping that his daughter is alright on the other side of a door with people he does not know.

Unfortunately, none of our politicians on either side made an effort to understand or respect the other side’s perfectly understandable feelings and viewpoints.

Both groups of politicians were trying to claim that the other group was unkind, mean, and inconsiderate. However, this was not true.

Neither group of politicians was trying to be unkind or inconsiderate toward anyone.

Their only difference of opinion was that one group was looking at the situation from primarily the viewpoint of the people who identify as transgender, while the other group was looking at the situation from primarily the viewpoint of the girls, women, and fathers who were on their own with their young daughters.

If anyone on either side of the debate had made the effort to listen to and understand their opponent’s viewpoint, then we would have found a very simple solution that is a Win for everyone.

Instead of doing this, though, both groups of politicians just kept being stubborn by choosing their own viewpoint, and then fighting the other group to justify their viewpoint.

Neither viewpoint was wrong on its own, but because the Truth and the Solution is Always in the middle, then the mistake was that our politicians were not thinking and working together to combine both of their viewpoints.

The Winning solution to this situation that shows Complete Respect and Understanding for the feelings of every person involved is to simply require a third bathroom at all public restroom locations. Just like the single bathrooms at some locations that we often refer to as family bathrooms.

This is a very simple solution that solves all the issues and is in the best interests of everyone involved.

This protects the feelings of the person who identifies as transgender, it protects the feelings of the women and young girls, and it protects the feelings of the father who is on his own with his young daughter when she goes to the bathroom.

An added advantage of requiring these family bathrooms at all public places is that fathers and young daughters would not have to be separated at all when they are out on their own because they could also use the family bathrooms.

Therefore, the Winning solution is always very simple to Discover when we take the time to show Our Respect, Kindness, Consideration, and Understanding for Everyone.

When we take the time to look for the Solution and the Compromise that is Always in the middle between the viewpoints.

This Always results in a Winning solution for Everyone.

We need to learn from these two examples because the Truth and the Solution for every problem and for every challenge is Always In The Middle.

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