We Will Create A New And Wonderful World For Our Foster Children

As I have written in other areas, a person or a Country should be judged by how we treat and take care of the people who need us the most.

One of the groups of people who need us the most are our foster children.

Therefore, if we are going to be a Great Country, then we need to show Tremendous Respect for and take care of our Wonderful foster children by treating them with great Dignity, by helping them to overcome their hardships, and by working with them to create opportunities for them to Succeed in their Lives.

As we design and formulate a Plan to accomplish this for them, it is very important that we realize the huge emotional challenges that our foster children face, as well as the far greater danger that they will become homeless, abused, and trafficked.

Even after our foster children make it through a foster care system where they have often moved from home to home, there is still a huge danger that they will become homeless and on the streets because they are rarely fully prepared to take care of themselves.

Just like our own children are not ready at only 18 years of age, and especially because foster children do not have a family to fall back on as a safety net to save them if they get into any financial difficulties.

In research studies, there are five primary factors that contribute to our foster care youth ending up homeless as they transition out of foster care to taking care of themselves on their own.

These factors are:

1) A lack of support after they transition to being on their own.

2) Moving around to many different homes and different case workers while they were in foster care, that results in them losing contact with people who cared about them and that they had good relationships with.

3) Their personal feelings of low self-esteem where they do not feel worthy of being happy.

4) The lack of preparation and skills development that our foster children develop, which results in them becoming very dependent upon the foster care system taking care of them because for all those years the foster care system gave our foster children their basic needs without the children learning how to obtain what they need on their own.

5) Our younger foster children often lose contact with their older brothers and sisters because of all the moving around between different homes that foster children are forced to do, and because their older brothers and sisters will have aged out of the foster care system before our younger children do, causing their older siblings to be sent away from their younger brothers and sisters.

Our foster children have huge challenges when they transition out of foster care between ages 18 and 21, and this removal of services before they are ready can result in homelessness, unemployment, poverty, a lack of medical care, and often drug addiction.

A huge mistake that our government has made is that they have been treating each of these problems of foster children, homelessness, poverty, mental health issues, drug addiction problems, veteran homelessness, domestic violence, and child abuse and trafficking as separate issues.

Our government has tried to design aid programs for each of these groups individually.

However, these individual programs stretch the government’s finances far too much to be effective, and they also stretch the government’s manpower too far because in the current system the government manpower must cover every area of our Country.

By the government treating these problems as separate issues, then there is a huge amount of government money being wasted on all the duplication of services.

Treating these problems as separate issues also requires the government to subcontract many of these services, such as medical care and drug addiction.

As a result, the government is then forced to pay hundreds of thousands of outside people and companies to provide these medical and addiction services across America, and our government is forced to pay outside contractors to do these jobs costs much more than paying our own personnel.

We also do not have as much quality control over outside contractors.

It has been found that within the first four years of transitioning out of foster care, 20% of our foster care youth nationwide are homeless.

Similarly, 29% of all our homeless youth nationwide between ages 13 and 25 have been in foster care.

California government leaders do even worse, as 31% of California foster children end up homeless within the first four years of aging out of care, showing that the California government does an even worse job preparing foster children to be able to take care of themselves.

It is not logical that the state of California, who claims they care about people, and who charges extremely high tax rates to California residents, is the worst state in America for actually taking care of people.

In San Francisco, 75% of their unhoused youth were either in foster care or in the juvenile justice system.

In Sacramento, California, 34% of unsheltered homeless had been in foster care.

The California government has done a far worse job than anywhere else in America taking care of their homeless and foster children because 50% of all the unsheltered homeless people in the entire United States are in California.

The fact that California charges and collects the highest amount of taxes, but still does the worst job in America taking care of its residents, proves that the policies that this group of California politicians are following cannot be the correct policies to solve America’s problems and challenges.

As a result of these factors, our foster children very often lose contact with their older brothers and sisters who are extremely important to them because brothers and sisters are the only partial family these foster children have left.

Once our foster children become homeless, then it is far more difficult for them to get or keep a job because they do not have access to internet employment sites to locate available jobs, they do not have a place to shower, dress, and look nice for work, and they often do not have transportation to get to work.

Unemployment rates for homeless people range from 52% to 90% depending upon the state and city they are in, with California, Los Angeles, and Washington DC having the highest rates of both homelessness and unemployment.

When our homeless people lose their jobs for one of these homelessness reasons, then most of them also lose their medical insurance because their insurance is a benefit they were receiving from their jobs.

Without medical insurance, they are not able to take care of themselves if they develop a medical problem or a mental health issue.

The facts are that 30% of homeless people have mental health issues, and 50% of homeless people have substance addiction problems.

In addition, 40% of our homeless youth identify themselves as LGBTQ+, which shows the discrimination they suffer from, as well as the difficulties some have with mental health and substance abuse.

Therefore, any Plan we put into place to protect and house our foster children, must be very focused on protecting our LGBTQ+ children, and also very focused on protecting our children who are abused and trafficked.

Statistically, 57% of homeless people who were previously in foster care are more than 35 years old, which shows that people who have been foster children often become homeless when they are adults, and when they become homeless then they often stay homeless throughout their adult lives.

Very sadly, the life expectancy of a homeless person is between 20 and 38 years less than people who have homes.

It is a disgrace that our Country has allowed our medical industry to charge the ridiculous amounts of money they currently charge for medical services.

It is also completely unfair when people cannot afford to pay these vastly inflated medical bills, and because of this they end up becoming bankrupt, unemployed, in complete poverty, and homeless.

The ideal solution to all these problems at the same time is to create Village communities that combine housing, foster care, self-development, nutritional care, schools, a fitness center, career skill development, employment, medical care, and drug addiction care.

Within these Village communities we will provide housing for foster care children, homeless people, military veterans who need our help, unemployed people who have become homeless, our LGBTQ+ homeless Americans, children and adults who have suffered abuse, domestic abuse, and trafficking, people with medical and mental health issues, people with drug addictions, and homeless families with children.

We will also partner with large corporations that place office locations within the Villages we have created, offices that can provide employment for every resident in our Village.

We will also provide medical care and drug addiction solutions right within our Village communities.

We will also provide the teaching of independent living skills to all residents so they can increase and improve their personal self-development skills, which will allow them to become even more successful.

We will also teach them our Business Development Program so they will know how to start a business, and we will teach them our Financial Management Course to prepare them for handling their own finances.

The Village community model we will emulate is similar to the excellent work communities that grew up in America in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, some of which are still going today.

For example, in locations like Hershey, Pennsylvania with the Hershey Chocolate Company, and in Corning, New York with the Corning Ware Company.

These work communities became wonderful neighborhoods for individuals and families, and they grew to include excellent housing, athletic fields, boating, bowling alleys, recreational facilities, tennis courts, libraries, museums, and sometimes even an amusement park.

In America, the time period between 1894 to 1915 was very similar, in many ways, to the period we are living in now for our current groups of people. There was unrest, economic uncertainty among workers, unemployment, and unprecedented immigration.

By combining all our services for our foster children and for these other groups of people in one Village community location, then we will provide far better personal services for every resident.

In addition, we will also reduce our costs tremendously because by centralizing our services in these Villages, then we do not need to provide services to every inch of the United States like our government is trying unsuccessfully to do now.

We will also save government costs because we will provide all these services ourselves in one location, instead of needing to pay higher prices to outside companies who are spread out across the United States.

One of the Keys to Success in Life is to take on a difficult challenge that is causing a negative situation for you, and figure out a way to turn this challenge around into a Positive situation for You.

It is Always Possible for us to do this because it is Always Possible For Us To Find A Way To Win.

We just need to keep persevering and sticking to our task while we look for the silver-lining Advantage that every disadvantage holds within it if we look closely enough.

An Advantage that gives us the Opportunity to Find, Create, and Pursue.

“Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity.” – Joseph Sugarman

Through our Village communities, we will take the disadvantage of being a foster child, and turn this disadvantage around so that our foster children have an Advantage that will Give Them Great Pride and Rebuild Their Belief In Themselves.

Can you imagine how fantastic a Village Community like this will be for a boy or a girl who is in our foster care system?

Our Villages will solve every challenge that a foster care child is faced with.

1) The foster children will be able to have complete stability because they will be developing lifelong connections in the community that will provide them with support.

2) They will not have different case workers changing all the time. Every foster care child will be provided with a specific case worker at their Village that stays with them forever, providing continuity that has been shown to be very beneficial for all foster children.

3) They will not be getting moved from home to home like they currently are.

4) They will be able to stay together with their older brothers and sisters even after their older siblings would have aged out of the old foster care system.

5) They will be able to develop greater pride in themselves because case workers and teachers will be right on site helping them to develop their personal development skills that will make them very successful in their lives.

6) They will be given the identification cards that are so important for them, but that many homeless people do not have.

7) They will be protected from domestic abuse and child trafficking.

8) The Village Communities will create a foster care plan where the services that Villages provide to our foster youth is gradually taken away one service at a time as our youth get closer to the age of being on their own.

This gradual weaning off of the system will allow the opportunity for the teachers and case workers to work with our foster youth in the months and years before they move out, developing within our foster youth these necessary skills one skill at a time.

Until our foster youth are able to provide for themselves all the services they will need when they are on their own. This is what parents do with their own children, and so this is also what we need to do for our foster children until they are fully prepared like they need to be.

This personal skill development will ensure that our foster children will not end up in a homeless situation.

In our current foster care system, when our foster children get to the ages of between 18 and 21 years old then they age out of the current system, forcing our foster children to be completely on their own.

Since most of them are currently not ready to be completely on their own, then many of our current foster children become homeless after they age out of the system.

An additional advantage of our Villages will be that our foster children will be able to stay right there in the Village they grew up in, where they will be employed by the local corporation, and where they will have continued support so they can continue to develop personally at the same pace that our youngsters who grow up in family homes do.

By not aging out at age 18 or 21, then this will keep brothers and sisters together, and the foster siblings will not lose contact with each other. Keeping together their crucially important family unit.

Their older siblings will be able to continue to stay with them in the Villages even after they have reached the age of 21.

This is a huge advantage for our foster children because their brothers and sisters are very often the only family they know and still have left.

While the older siblings are employed, then they will pay rent to the Village from their salaries because this prepares them for the outside world.

These rental payments will also result in saving government revenue that can be used to build more Villages for more of our American people in need.

At some point, our foster care youth will feel ready to take a job outside of the Village, which will result in them moving away from the Village.

This will be a moment of Celebration because developing every child into a fully-developed and fully functioning adult is always our long-term Goal for every youngster in our Villages.

In addition, just like our Villages will be perfect for our foster children, our Villages will also be perfect for our homeless individuals and homeless families, for our unemployed homeless, for our homeless with medical and mental health issues, for our children and adults who have been abused and trafficked, for our LGBTQ+ homeless, for our military veterans who are homeless and who have medical problems, and for our homeless who have drug addictions.

We can save all of these Wonderful people, and we can get all of them back on track to living their very Successful Lives of Happiness and Purpose.

While we are saving Lives and providing these tremendous services, we will also be saving hundreds of billions of dollars for America because we will be providing services in central locations with fewer workers, instead of trying to provide services across every inch of our Country.

We will also not be paying outside workers in medical care like is currently being done, because we will have our own medical personnel and service personnel on site at every Village to provide services to everyone.

This will save a huge amount of government money.

In addition, we will be providing a well-paid and valuable job for every resident in the Village, which will result in the residents gradually being able to contribute toward the cost of the housing that we have provided, thereby reducing and eliminating one of our largest costs.

We will be providing housing and a job for people who were previously homeless and in poverty, and we will be developing people so that we help them to develop their personal skills and career skills that will prepare them for Great Success in Their Lives.

This will drastically reduce and hopefully eliminate America’s homeless problem.

As an additional economic advantage, by us getting our foster youth safe, and stable, and strong, then our government costs will gradually decrease because our foster care children will become able to take care of themselves as they Live a Happy and Successful Life of Purpose.

Studies show that in the current homeless environment it costs our government $32,000 per person, per year, for every homeless person on the street.

However, it only costs our government $18,000 per person if our homeless person is living in government housing.

Therefore, in our currently broken homeless system it is already far more expensive for our government if our people are homeless than if we provide housing for our people.

With my Villages Plan, then we will reduce this $18,000 per person even further, and our government will save hundreds of billions of dollars every year compared to what we are currently spending in our inefficient, ineffective, and broken homeless system.

In addition, there are many American Corporations who are led by outstanding men and women, and so just like how Hershey and Corning Ware stepped up more than 100 years ago, many of our exceptional leaders and corporations will step up again now to Partner with us on these Village Communities by providing employment opportunities for our residents.

In some cases, our Corporations will even choose to build the Villages themselves as our Village Partners.

Our Partnerships with these outstanding American Corporations and Leaders will create tremendous benefits and relationships for everyone.

Our Corporate Partners will also discover a huge number of outstanding workers and people working for them in our Villages.

Outstanding people and workers who had gotten lost in the old system, but who have risen up to fulfill their vast potential when we created a Plan that gave them a Second Chance to Save Their Lives.

In the process, we will be creating a Win-Win solution for Everyone because we will be Saving Lives, Saving Families, Adding Happiness and Meaning to Lives, and adding Purpose and Love to Every Person’s Life.

Every Foster Child is Someone’s Biological Child.

Every Foster Child is One of America’s Children.

Every Foster Child is America’s Child.

Every Foster Child is Our Child.


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