We Will Eliminate All Taxes On the Profits And Dividends You Make From Your Financial Investments

To help you to build long-term Generational Wealth for You and for Your Family, we will eliminate taxes by allowing you to reinvest all the Profits you make from the company shares you sell on the stock exchanges without you paying any taxes on your Profits. 

This will be just like a 1031 exchange currently allows you to not pay taxes on your Profits when you sell real estate properties. 

This will be a huge financial advantage for you because it will allow your financial investment money to continue to grow tax-free without you paying any taxes on your stock Profits, just like your Individual Retirement Account currently grows tax-free.

An additional tax advantage we will give you is that you will not have to pay any taxes on Dividends you receive from owning shares of corporations on stock exchanges.

The Dividend money that corporations pay you as an owner of their shares has already been taxed at the corporation level before the dividends were paid, and so this dividend money should not be taxed twice like our government has been doing.

Our government has been taxing you unfairly by taxing your Dividends, and we are going to stop this. 

Therefore, we will help you to build your Wealth for You and for Your Family by eliminating any tax on your Dividends. 

The elimination of all taxes on your Profits and the elimination of all taxes on your Dividends will be a huge motivation and encouragement for you to build your Wealth through stock market investments.

In America, currently, the lower 50% of income earners only own an average of $11,000 of stock. 

By eliminating all taxes on your Profits and on your Dividends, we are going to greatly increase the number of people who are investing in the stock market so that you build Generational Wealth for You and for Your Family.

We are also going to help you and help every person to be better at managing your personal finances and family finances by offering and teaching a free Financial course to every person in America that will greatly benefit you in the management of your personal and family finances.

Our Financial course will also greatly benefit you in your understanding, management and making of all kinds of investments that will build your long-term Generational Wealth for You and for Your Family.

This Financial course, just like the Business course we will provide you with so you can start your own tax-free Business, will build equality and provide a level playing field for every American of every ethnic background and every income level because you and every American will be able to take and complete this very valuable Financial Course for free.

This Financial course will receive a graduation certificate that will also help you and every person to get hired by companies for employee positions.


We will also provide a tax advantage for you by allowing you to take your profits tax-free out of your stock market investment account and use these profits to purchase your first home.

This is technically creating the tax advantage of a 1031 exchange between stock Profits and first home ownership. 

This will provide you with the huge advantage of you taking tax-free Profits that you would have paid taxes on, and you using this tax-free money to pay the down payment on your first home. 

Thereby providing you with a tax-free down payment on your first home.

An additional tax advantage we will give to you is that we will allow you to take the tax-free money you have deposited into your Individual Retirement Account, along with the Profits you have made in your Individual Retirement Account, and use this money as a tax-free down payment on your first home, also.

In conclusion, we are creating a tax-free environment for you that will motivate you to work hard, and save your money, so you can make financial investments with your money that will allow you to build Generational Wealth for You and for Your Family.

My overall big picture tax plan is to provide the maximum number of financial incentives and financial rewards for You to work hard, for you to be disciplined in your spending and your saving, and for you to be disciplined in your financial investments.

People always ask me how America and our federal budget can afford to eliminate all these taxes for you.

My answer to these people is always in three parts.

  • Our Nation is Stronger when Our People are Stronger.

A Rising Tide Raises All Ships, and so by us Lifting Your Tide then Your Ship is Raised and our America’s Ship is Raised.

  • We are going to drastically reduce our government spending by eliminating all wasteful spending, and by giving our Congresspeople the extra job and responsibility of monitoring all spending that goes on in their Districts and States.

Our U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senators, State House Members, State Senators, City Mayors, and County Mayors will work together as a team with our White House to make certain that every penny we allocate to spending will achieve its Maximum and Ultimate Purpose on the ground.

For too long our government has voted to spend money, and then never paid any attention to how efficiently or effectively the money is used on the ground.

We are going to change this because voting to spend money is the easy part.

The hardest and most important work is on the ground monitoring and managing that the money is used efficiently and with maximum effectiveness.

Our Congresspeople will love doing this monitoring and managing because this will allow them to spend more time in their home districts working with the people they love who voted them into office.

Therefore, this extra job and responsibility for our Congresspeople will be a Win-Win for Everyone, and by creating maximum efficiency and effectiveness it will save America Hundreds of Billions of Dollars every year.

  • Currently, 40% of all company stocks on stock exchanges are owned by foreign investors, 30% of all company stocks on stock exchanges are owned by tax-free individual retirement accounts that are already not taxed, and only 25% of all company stocks are owned by American investors who are paying taxes on them.

America has not been taxing the foreign investors who own 40% of all stocks on our exchanges, and so 40% of all stock investments have not been paying any taxes to America.

Instead, these foreign investors have been paying taxes to their home countries.

Therefore, we are going to flip this around.

Why should we let other countries collect taxes from investments in our stock market? 

We are going to start taxing foreign investors in America on their 40%, and we are not going to tax you or our American investors on your 25%.

Other countries like Italy and Spain have been taxing foreign investors who invest in the Italy and Spain stock exchanges, and so we are perfectly entitled in America to do this same thing.

The result will be a Win-Win for You and for America.

You and all American investors will not pay any taxes on your financial investments so that you can Build Generational Wealth for You and for Your Family.

And America will not collect taxes on the 25% of stocks owned by you and by Americans, but America will collect taxes from foreign investors on their 40% of stocks that they own.

Therefore, we will allow you to be grow Your Generational Wealth tax-free, but we will collect 60% more tax revenue from foreign investors than we were collecting from you and from Americans.

Therefore, You are going to Win and America is going to Win.

In conclusion, We Are Building You A World For Your Children Where You Are Going To Be Able To Provide Your Children With Generational Wealth.

That Is My Goal and Together We Are Going To Achieve This Goal For You.


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