You Create Your World By What You Think About


Your thoughts have the power to Create Your World and to Create Your Life How You Want Your Life To Be.

We can look at a limitless number of examples of this.

Here are some quotes from the past.

“One’s own thoughts is one’s World. What a person thinks is what he becomes.” – Maitri Upanishad – 1,000 B.C.

“We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think.” – The Buddha – 500 B.C.

“We can only do what we think we can do. We can only be what we think we can be. We can only have what we think we can have. We can do what we are. All depends on what we think.” – Robert Collier

“The universe is transformation; our Life is what our thoughts make it.” – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

“The divinity that shapes our ends is in ourselves. It is our very self… All that a man or woman achieves is the direct result of his or her own thoughts… A person can only rise, conquer, and achieve by lifting up their thoughts.” – James Allen

Therefore, throughout world history people have understood that our thoughts have Great Power, and they have understood that what we think about Creates who we become.

And as we become the Creation of our thoughts, then who we have become Creates the Destiny for our Life.

Mother Theresa understood that our thoughts have power when she said that she would not attend an anti-war rally in Washington, but she would attend if they called it a Peace Rally.

She said that calling it an anti-war rally focused people’s thoughts on thinking thoughts of war even though they are against war, which would be a negative thought pattern and not lead to peace, while calling it a Peace Rally would focus people’s thoughts on thinking thoughts of peace, which is a positive thought pattern that would help to create and generate Peace.

Mother Theresa very obviously Believed in and understood the Power of Thoughts.

We have also seen where Muhammad Ali and Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner taped photographs of themselves on their bedroom ceilings above their beds, photographs where they were performing tremendously in boxing and in the track and field events of the decathlon.

They Believed that seeing themselves being successful in these photographs on the ceiling as the last things they saw before they went to sleep, and as the first things they saw when they woke up, would

cause them to think positive thoughts about their abilities and about their future success while they slept through the night and when they first woke up.

Therefore, they also Believed in and understood the Power of Thoughts.

This strategy was obviously successful because Muhammad Ali went on to become the only three-time Heavyweight Boxing Champion in history, and Jenner went on to set world records in the Decathlon by achieving eight personal bests in the ten Decathlon events during the 1976 Olympics to win the 1976 Olympic Decathlon.

When I owned and was the general manager of a television station for ten years, I Believed so strongly in our thoughts having the power to Create Our World that I required all of our news anchors and reporters to only tell positive stories on our newscasts and shows.

While all the other television stations sensationalize their newscasts and tell all the most negative news stories that they can because they think that attracts viewers, I refused to allow any of our newscasts or shows to have any negative news stories of any kind.

We were only allowed to tell Positive news stories.

My Goal was to Create a Positive World within our city, where people only thought Positive thoughts about our city.

My Goal was for our viewers to feel good when they watched our newscasts and shows, and for our viewers to feel good after they had watched our newscasts and shows.

I even created an uplifting story segment on every newscast where we always played Louis Armstrong singing “What A Wonderful World”, while we told a particularly positive and inspirational story.

My positive approach with the television station must have worked because when I arrived at the station it was only being broadcast on 1 cable network in two counties, but I grew the station into being broadcast on 16 cable networks across six states and increasing our viewers by 10,000%.

Religion also has this same Belief. For example, there are many references to this Belief in the Bible.

One of these is in Mark 11:24 when he writes, “Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Another reference to this is in Matthew 21:22 when he writes, “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

Motivational Life coaches also Believe very strongly in the Power of Thoughts. As a result, they will have each of their students put together a collage of pictures taped onto a poster, with each picture representing something that the student wants to accomplish and achieve.

The students then put the posters up on a wall in their house, in a very visible location, so that the students can see the pictures many times daily.

Seeing these pictures creates thoughts in a person’s subconscious mind that they have already accomplished these things, which helps the students to go on to achieve what is in the pictures.

Once again, the Power of Thoughts.

Very similarly, all of us are influenced by the environment we grow up in.

For example, a child of a professional athlete who spends time with his or her parent in the stadiums, on the practice fields, and talking with other professional player teammates, grows up thinking that becoming a professional athlete is just a normal thing that is not that unusual or hard to do.

As a result, these children of professional athletes are much more likely to become a professional athlete themselves because they have grown up without the subconscious limitations and barriers that most of us grow up with who think it is very difficult to become a professional athlete.

Unfortunately, though, if we grow up in a negative or a bad environment, then we are absorbing and taking in the negative thoughts that we have in this environment.

Each of us can still overcome growing up in a negative environment, but to accomplish this we have to work harder when we get older to change our thought patterns to more positive ones.

You can do this. Through discipline you can change your thoughts to positive thoughts when you set your mind to it.

“Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own mind.” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt

To free your mind into thinking positive thoughts, you want to first begin to notice and talk about the beautiful sunrise or sunset when you see one, and the beautiful blue sky, the white fluffy clouds, the beautiful stars and the beautiful moon at night, the colorful and beautiful rainbows, the beautiful lakes, mountains, rivers, and oceans, the kindness of other people, and the beauty and sweetness of children and animals and nature.

As you begin to think positive thoughts about the beauty of the World around you, then you will find that your mind will subconsciously begin to search for more beauty and positive characteristics in every person.

Your subconscious mind will also begin to look for the beauty and positive characteristics in all of your relationships at home and at work.

And as your Life changes to include all these Positive thoughts, then you will begin to have Bigger and More Positive Dreams For Your Own Life.

We Become Who We Think We Can Become.

By Us having Positive Thoughts about Everything Around Us, then we will also have Positive Thoughts about Our Careers, and Positive Thoughts about Who We Can Become.

And when Create and Generate this Positivity in our Lives, then there is no limit to what we can accomplish because We Will Be Creating Our World By What We Think About.

In summary, then, it has been widely Believed that our repetitive thoughts, the thoughts we think about very regularly, have the power to gradually over a period of time Create what we have been thinking about into Reality.

There is very strong evidence to support this.

As you will have seen for yourself, the people who are very successful at anything are usually completely driven by the thought of working to be successful at what they have chosen.

Therefore, because they are completely driven, then most of the time they are thinking about the success they are trying to have.

As a result of how driven they are, and because of how much time they spend thinking about their Goals, then through their willpower and their thoughts they help to Create what they want the most.

“A man is what he thinks about all day long.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is also strong evidence and Belief that when you have definitely decided you are going to do something no matter what obstacles are in your way, when you have no more doubt on the path you are choosing, when you are fully committed without any hesitancy, then God and the Universe will move things in the Universe in your favor to help You to Achieve the Success You Desire.

“What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a person is in that state of mind in which they know exactly what they want and are fully determined not to quit until they find it.” – Alexander Graham Bell – Inventor of the telephone

Here are some more very successful people who refer to Providence, which is the word they use to refer to the protective care and divine intervention of God, the universe, or nature as a spiritual power.

“Concerning all aspects of initiative and creation, is one elementary truth – that the moment someone definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

“Until one is committed there is always hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment someone definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no person could have dreamt would have come their way.” – W.H. Murray – Member of the Second Himalayan Expedition

The principle that this thinking refers to is how most people make halfway decisions where they decide they will give something a try to see if it seems to be working.

They make a halfway decision that if it works really well, then they will stick with it, but if it does not seem to be working well, or if obstacles come up they did not expect, then they will give up on it and do something else.

This is a halfway decision that does not show full commitment, and as human beings we unfortunately often make these halfway decisions.

However, if we make a decision that we are fully committed to, where we have decided that we are going to work so hard that we are going to turn our decision into a success no matter what difficulties or obstacles try to get in our way, then God and the Universe will do things to help us to be Successful.

I BELIEVE this is true, and I also BELIEVE there is a relationship between the two concepts we have discussed here about how You Create Your World By What You Think About.

These two concepts are:

1) The Power of Your Thoughts to Create Your World By What You Think About.

2) The Power of Your Full Commitment to Move the Universe in Your Favor.

These two concepts are written about as if they are separate Beliefs.

But they are actually two Beliefs that are fully and completely related to each other because when You Make a Full Commitment to succeed at something, then Your Mind only thinks about how You are going to Succeed.

Likewise, when You are Fully Committed to something, then Your Mind does not waste time thinking negative thoughts because You are only looking and moving forward.

Therefore, making the Decision to only think Positive Thoughts so You Can Create Your World By What You Think About, and making the Decision that You are going to be Fully Committed to Achieving Your Goal, are completed related to each other and work together.

When You commit yourself to either of these concepts, then the result is going to be that You Are Going To Create Your World in the Positive Successful Way You Are Thinking About and You Are Going To Create Movement in the Universe that will Bring About Your Success.

As a result, both of these two Beliefs are saying the same thing.

You have Control over Your Own Life to Create Your World, and You have Control over Your Own Life to Be Able to Move the Universe in Your Favor to Create Your Success, By the Positive Things That You Focus Your Thoughts On and By The Full Commitment That You Make To Move Positively and Confidently Forward toward Your Success.

This is how You Are Going To Create Your American Dream For You And For Your Family.



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