We Will Put A Limit On Campaign Financing And Fundraising

In addition to Presidential campaigns lasting too long, which is detrimental to our success in America because it distracts from all of us working together as a team, our election process has also gotten completely out of control because Presidential campaigns are now raising and spending close to a billion dollars each.

Campaign spending to that level is a complete waste of money that would be better utilized helping and providing for our American people who need this money far more than campaigns do.

Raising these large amounts of campaign money from donors also causes a situation where Presidential candidates who win the election are compromised because they become indebted to their large donors.

This results in a corrupt system where a President pays back these large donors through doing many financial and policy favors for them.

We can see this happening right now, where many of the major donors to the current White House are corporations from industries that the White House directs its government spending and beneficial policies toward.

It used to be that it was illegal for people or corporations to donate such large amounts to campaigns, but the laws were changed in recent years, and these changes have resulted in the unethical situations that are going on currently.

Many additional large campaign donors are from industries that the White House responds to by helping these industries with government support.

As a result of these large donor conflicts of interest, our Presidents have often not been taking fair and objective actions that are in the best interests of America because our Presidents do not want to lose their large campaign donors.

When this conflict of interest with donors is happening, then our election system is not ethical anymore, and in many cases can even be looked upon as corrupt.

Therefore, we need to eliminate all the massive campaign fundraising and spending, and we need to place a financial restriction on the amount of money that a presidential campaign and its PACs can fundraise and spend.

We need to make this financial restriction very low, in the range of $10-$25 million in total fundraising for a candidate’s entire Presidential campaign.

American citizens do not need or benefit from watching the dishonest ads and the attack ads on television.

Instead, candidates need to work to communicate with voters in other ways by candidates being open and honest about what they have accomplished or failed at, and by candidates being open and honest about what policies they want to implement that will benefit You, benefit every Person in America, and benefit Our Country.

It has taken me a few years to formulate the more than 100 policies I have designed to help You, to help every Person, and to help America, and these policies that I BELIEVE in have taken me six months of work to write in depth on this website for you to read.

I am the only candidate who has written every policy I Believe in, and the only candidate who has written every policy I would choose to implement.

I have put all my policies in writing for you to read because I am always going to be completely honest and transparent with you in every situation.

I have also put all my policies in writing for you because I want for you to be able to make an informed decision when you decide who you want to vote for.

I am not going to run any dishonest ads or attack ads against other candidates like the other candidates do.

I am also not going to be asking You for donations because I want You to keep your money for You and for Your Family.

Instead, I am openly and honestly showing you in writing what I BELIEVE in, and what I am going to do to benefit You, to benefit every Person, and to benefit Our Country That We Love.

No Presidential candidate in American history has ever put everything in writing to You like I have.

If You choose to elect me, then I will continue to be just as open, honest, and transparent with You while I am serving You.

I see this situation like I am applying for a job with You.

If You choose to hire me, then I will work for You completely and I will serve You completely.

I do not care about being paid anything, and I will donate any salary given to me to underperforming schools in minority and underprivileged areas, and to our minority and underprivileged Americans who will be most helped by it.

My only Focus and Purpose will be to Make Your Life Better and Your Children’s Lives Better.

When You and I Work Together Successfully to accomplish this for You and for Your Family, then All of America will be Better because A Rising Tide Raises All Ships.

You and I Together Are Going To Raise Our Tide For You, For Your Family, and For America.


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