We Will Improve Our Presidential Election Process

Our election process has gotten completely out of control for a number of reasons, including because the political campaigning by candidates for President goes on for two years.

Spending two years out of the four-year Presidential term campaigning for a job that already has someone in the position is not only a waste of time for everyone in America, but is also counterproductive and a negative for our Country.

After a President has been elected in the previous election, then it should be a law that everyone is required to stop the politics until it gets within six months of the next election.

During these three and a half years of non-campaigning time, we should all be working together as hard as we can for the good of You, for the good of every American, and for the good of Our Country.

We should not be fighting back and forth, and we should not have candidates campaigning for an office that already has a person in that office.

There is no other industry in America that works that way. Just think how disruptive it would be for an NFL team if halfway through an NFL season there were coaches publicly applying for the team’s head coaching job? Or if there were quarterbacks on other teams applying for the starting quarterback position?

It would decrease the likelihood of a head coach being able to lead a team to the Championship if there was constant public campaigning going on in the media for the coach’s job by other coaching candidates.

Therefore, because this public campaigning would decrease the likelihood of team success, then anyone involved in the campaigning is being selfish and does not care about the success of the team.

The NFL rules do not allow coaches or players to talk to other teams or campaign for jobs with other teams because it is harmful to the teams.

We should have rules in our elections that do not allow this either.

Any politician can sit on the outside and criticize. President Theodore Roosevelt said many things about this topic, all of them very eloquently.

Therefore, politicians sitting on the outside and criticizing while campaigning for a position that already has someone in that position is very counterproductive for everyone in America.

For an NFL team to win the Championship, and for America to become the Most Outstanding Country in the World, then we need to have All of Us working together without any distractions.

Any politicians who distract from our combined American effort to be Outstanding, by involving themselves with political infighting and campaigning, are being completely selfish because they are intentionally harming our group and team efforts.

That is why I have waited until six months before the election to announce my candidacy.

I did not announce sooner because I will always do everything I can to help and support whatever is Best for You and Best for America.

Supporting You and America is Always my only Goal.

I BELIEVE in us being a Team, America’s Team, and so I have supported our present government for the past three and a half years.

Until now, with six months to go before the election, when I know that we can do Far Better with the many policies I have designed that will help You to Achieve Your American Dream, with my extensive knowledge and experience in building championship teams and championship organizations, with my vast experience in more career fields than any President has ever had in American history which provides me with valuable insights for solutions, with my ability, effort, and enthusiasm to encourage, motivate, and inspire Everyone to Achieve Your Personal Greatness, with my Absolute desire and skills to achieve World Peace that will protect our Children, and with my willingness to Love Everyone, Respect Everyone, Treat Everyone with Kindness and Dignity, and Unite All of Us Together so that Everyone Wins.

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