We Will Find A Way to Win

The last time that America was faced with the challenges that we face now was back in the 1930’s during the Great Depression when President Franklin D. Roosevelt solved many of America’s challenges by putting together experts in every field to come up with creative solutions for many of America’s problems at the time.

I would do this exact same thing. I would bring together experts from every field, and along with my many ideas and plans, together we would Create and Design Solutions for every problem that You currently face, and for every challenge that America and the World are now facing.

One of my greatest strengths is to be able to work with people from all walks of Life to come up with Win-Win solutions that everyone is happy with.

Another of my greatest strengths is to be able to Find A Way To Win no matter what the situation is. I have seen through all my experiences that no matter how difficult a challenge appears to be, there is Always a Way To Win at anything you do.

There is also always a way to find a solution that can produce a Win for everyone.

We just need to analyze the problem from every viewpoint, work extremely hard to understand all the details of every issue, and then through creative problem-solving come up with a solution that is a Winning solution for Everyone involved.

I have done this exact thing many, many times over the years as an athlete, as a head coach, as a business owner and general manager, and as an educator.

In my sports career as a player and as a head coach, my teams and I have won 22 Championships, and every one of these 22 Championships began with me taking over a team that had never won and turning them around from being a losing program into being a Champion.

I first did this as the Quarterback on my high school team, where I took over a team that had never won more than two games in a season, and in my first season we won the Championship.

I continued this as the free safety for Furman University where the school had never won an outright Southern Conference Championship in school history, and was coming off a losing season, and in two years as a player and one year as a coach we won the Southern Conference Championship every year.

Then, I became the player/head coach of the professional Manchester Spartans American Football team in Great Britain, where I took a last place team from the year before I arrived to a perfect 14-0 winning record in my first season, and in my first three seasons we won three Division Championships, three Conference Championships, three League Championships, and three National Championships.

Following this, I took my Spartans team into Europe, where no British team had ever won a single game before I arrived, and we won the European Championship in my first year competing in Europe.

I was then chosen as the Great Britain National Team Head Coach, and even though no Great Britain National team had ever previously won a game in European competition, either, we won the European

Nations Championship in my first year, winning the European Quarter-Final, the European Semi-Final, and the European Championship Final by a combined score of 99-12.

In soccer, I purchased an English professional soccer club that was in huge debt, bankruptcy, and going out of business, and as owner and chief executive officer within five months had saved enough costs and made enough revenue to pay off all the club debts, getting the Club out of bankruptcy, and getting the Club out of debt for the first time in 100 years.

I became the head coach/manager and owner/chief executive officer of an English professional soccer team that was going out of business and had not scored a goal that season before I arrived, rebuilt our underdog team so we made it to the third Round of the FA Cup in each of my two seasons to play Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers, made it to the Second Round of the Worthington Cup to play Aston Villa, made it to the National Semi-Final in the FA Trophy, and in my second year we won a Cup Championship that was the Club’s first Championship in more than 40 years.

In business, I purchased an American Football Team in Great Britain that was struggling financially before I arrived, and within two years as the owner and general manager we had won both the National Championship and the European Championship.

I became the head coach of high school football and baseball teams that had rarely won a game, and in my first season set the all-time school record for wins in a season to become the school’s baseball coach with the highest all-time winning percentage in school history and the school’s football coach with the highest all-time winning percentage in school history.

I purchased a television station that was going out of business and was in so many financial difficulties that it only cost a $10,000 deposit to purchase the station. I built the station from broadcasting on only one cable network and in only two counties, to broadcasting on 16 cable networks in six states to 2 million viewers, and increased the power of the station’s over-the-air broadcast signal to reach 100 times as many viewers. Resulting in the station being sold for more than 60 times what was paid for it.

With this station that had been closing, I also paid for, created, and co-hosted with World War II veterans Ken Wiley and H.C. Moretz, and hundreds of amazing World War II veterans as guests, more than 350 Veteran’s Voice television shows that were two hours long each.

I made these Shows to display my great Respect and Love for our military veterans, and our 350 television shows became the largest compilation of personally-told World War II history that has ever been recorded, and these shows are archived in libraries and military war museums across the United States.

I took over as the chief executive officer of a thoroughbred racehorse farm that was struggling financially, and within two years we had become the most successful horse farm in the Country, where we had two racehorses training at our farm go on to win Triple Crown races, including Tiz The Law who won the 2020 Belmont Stakes, won the Travers Stakes, won the Florida Derby, and finished second in the Kentucky Derby, and Medina Spirit who won the 2021 Kentucky Derby, won the Shared Belief Stakes, Won the Awesome Again Stakes, finished second in the Breeder’s Cup Classic, and finished third in the Preakness Stakes.

In education, I became a college professor and head of two departments that were struggling in the School of Business, redesigned the entire curricula to remake the Major, designed and created three new Minors, and created a sports television broadcast department, so that the two departments became a very beneficial contributor to the development of hundreds of college students for years to come.

I became an academic director at a high school, where I took a brand-new academic program that had only 27 students in it, redesigned it, and found a way to make all stakeholders happy to create a Win-Win situation for everyone.

Within less than a year, my program had grown from 27 students to more than 900 students, we had redesigned the high school curricula and added more than 50 new project-based, experiential-learning, and community-benefit courses, our high school had been chosen as one of the Top 10 XQ Super Schools in the United States, and I was able to raise $2.3 million in grants for my high school that I used to redesign the high school by building a presentation auditorium, a career technology makerspace, an outdoor theater stage, a television studio, an outdoor classroom, a new technology center, and a modern study area.

In this capacity, I was invited to Washington DC as one of only four public school educators in the entire United States to speak with the U.S. Congress on Capitol Hill about the outstanding and very innovative educational programs we had designed, and to speak with Congress about the future of education in America.

Therefore, my career as an athlete, as a coach, as a business owner and general manager, and as an educator, has always been about taking situations that were in great difficulties, turning them around through a very committed 365 Days a Year work ethic, and Finding A Way To Win that is a Win-Win solution for everyone involved.

For America We Will Find A Way To Win Again that is a Win-Win For Everyone.

We just need to Care about You, and Listen to You, so that we Understand all the challenges You Are Facing.

Then, with a team of experts just like President Franklin D. Roosevelt did, and with these experts and I working non-stop every Day for 365 days per year like I have worked all my life, we will Find A Way To Win against every challenge You are facing by Creating and Designing Win-Win Solutions For You And For Everyone.

We Can Do This.

We Must Do This.

We Will Do This.

And I Will Not Stop Working Every Day For You Until We Do It.


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