We Will Eliminate All Capital Gains Tax On Your Profit From The Sale Of Your Home


We want to help you to Build A Powerful Financial World For Your Children, and one of the ways we are going to do this is by us implementing the law that YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO PAY ANY CAPITAL GAINS TAX WHEN YOU SELL YOUR PRIMARY HOME.

My Tax Plan includes not having any Capital Gains Tax on the sale of your Primary Home.

A Primary Home is the largest investment that most people and most families will ever make, and therefore the profit that you make on the resale of your home will likely be the largest single profit amount that you will ever earn.

You deserve to be able to keep all of this profit because you have worked very hard on your home.

Taxes should not be paid on your profit because families invest many years of their income and personal work into home repairs, upgrades, maintenance, insurance, and property taxes on their homes.

Therefore, it is not accurate or fair when the government attempts to say that as a homeowner you have made a profit on your home that is equal to the higher price you sold your home for, minus the lower price that you paid to purchase your home many years ago.

This is not accurate or fair at all because you have paid many bills on your home during the years that you owned your home, and you have personally worked on your home for thousands of hours that you were not paid for.

This amount of profit is also not accurate because a large amount of the profit you will get from the resale of your home is actually the result of inflation that has caused the prices for everything to increase.

If you live in your home for ten years, and you sell your home for a 25% profit compared to what you purchased it for, it is not fair for you to have to pay tax on this entire profit amount because inflation will have caused this numerical 25% profit to be much less when you actually go out to spend the 25% profit because the value of the U.S. Dollar will have decreased during those ten years.

Therefore, because of inflation, the increased price that you sell your home for will show a much larger amount of numerical profit than you have actually gained in purchasing power from it.

After you have paid mortgage payments and paid loan interest on your house, after you have paid for many repairs on your home from post-tax income, after you have worked unpaid for thousands of hours to maintain and improve your home, and after the value of money has decreased because of inflation, then it is double taxation if you have to pay taxes on the resale of your home.

As a result, it is time for our Federal Government to allow you and your family to hold onto all the profit that you made from the sale of your home.

This profit can provide a tremendous financial windfall and cushion for you that will provide security for you and your family, and allow you to get ahead financially.

This is one way we are going to help you to build a Tremendous World for your children.

From an American economic standpoint, removing any tax on the resale of primary homes will also have additional advantages to our economy because it will provide an impetus to get the real estate market moving again.

The inventory supply of homes for sale in our current economy is very low because with the rise of interest rates during the past two years, homeowners do not want to sell their current homes that have low mortgage rates on them because they would then need to purchase another home with a much higher mortgage rate on it.

Therefore, most homeowners are choosing to stay in their current homes so they can keep the very low interest rate they have on their current mortgage, and this has caused the supply of homes for sale to be very low.

By allowing homeowners to sell your home and keep all their profits from the sale without paying any taxes on the profit, then this will result in more homeowners listing their homes for sale so they can deposit a large sale profit into their bank accounts for their families.

With this law, then homeowners whose children have grown will especially want to sell their current homes because then they will be able to deposit the entire profit into their bank accounts while also purchasing a smaller home.

By doing this, parents will be able to gain the best of both worlds because they will have a large lump sum of money in their bank accounts that they can utilize for retirement and to give to their children and grandchildren, while also having the benefit of a smaller mortgage payment each month.


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