We Will Build Senior Age Communities That Will Empower Our Seniors To Create And Build Their Second American Dream

Our senior age Americans are one of our most valuable National Treasures. However, as a society we are not allowing our senior age Americans to continue to live Lives of fulfilment, achievement and contentment.

Every one of our older Americans has a Life Story to tell us that is heroic because of the many difficulties and challenges they have overcome. A Life Story that has so many Life Lessons to share with us that every one of us can learn a tremendous amount from.

However, if we do not keep our seniors Healthy and living a High Quality of Life, and if we do not take the time to listen to their stories and Life Lessons, then we are allowing all of this wisdom and knowledge to leave us without us documenting and learning these very valuable Life Lessons from them.

As a Country, we need to find a better way to honor our older Americans by creating a living environment for them that will allow them to have far more Healthy and High Quality of Life years than they are currently having, that will allow our senior age Americans to feel fulfilled and valuable, and that will allow our senior age Americans to continue to be a valuable asset to their families, to our society, and to our Country.

This environment needs to allow our senior citizens to have fulfilling opportunities that allow them to continue to grow and develop and improve themselves in whatever interests they have.

An environment that allows our seniors to easily receive medical care whenever they need it.

An environment that allows our seniors to have the opportunities to continue to contribute in very valuable ways to their children, to their grandchildren, to their great-grandchildren, to their communities, and to their Country.

When I speak of providing this environment, I am reminded of the work I did with our World War II veterans and Korean War veterans, where I hosted and made more than 350 television shows with our World War II and Korean War heroes that we named “The Veteran’s Voice”.

I made these shows because I wanted to honor our veterans and show my tremendous respect for them.

Hosting these shows was one of the Greatest experiences of my life because I was able to spend ten wonderful and incredible years with our American heroes.

I cherish all the Days and Years that I got to spend with these Great and Heroic Men and Women.

In each television show, I interviewed our veterans for more than two hours, talking with them to allow them to tell their Life Stories from when they were very young and growing up, through their years of war experiences in World War II and the Korean War, and all the way until today with their families.

I hosted these shows with World War II hero Ken Wiley, a veteran of seven D-Day invasions in the Pacific where he drove the LCVP landing crafts onto the beaches, and together we interviewed hundreds of our heroic veterans of America’s Greatest Generation.

The four most valuable contributions that these 350 television shows made were:

1) They became the largest compilation of veteran-told World War II history in the world, and these shows are considered so valuable that they are archived in libraries and war museums across the United States.

2) We made a DVD of every veteran’s two-hour Life Story, and we gave a DVD copy to every veteran’s wife, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, great-grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, because we wanted for every relative of these American heroes to forever have the Life Story of their Loved One.

3) By documenting their Life Stories, then we immortalized the Life Lessons they had learned, and the Life Experiences they had. If we had not done these shows, then all of these incredibly valuable Life Lessons and Experiences would have been lost forever. But now they will be remembered forever.

4) I was told many times after the Shows by the veterans’ children and wives that they had never been told many of the stories and experiences that their father or husband had spoken about during my interviews with them on the Shows. Therefore, if we had not done these interviews, then these stories and experiences would never have been heard by anyone.

What I learned from doing these television shows about these heroic men and women of America’s Greatest Generation has inspired me and increased my desire to uncover and unlock the very valuable stories and experiences that all of our senior age Americans can tell us and teach us.

As a society, we cannot allow these Life Lessons and Experiences of our senior age Americans to be lost.

Once they are gone, they can never be recovered.

Therefore, we need to create the communities and the environment that will allow our senior age Americans to continue to develop and be personally fulfilled, that will allow them to have far more Healthy and High Quality of Life years than they are currently having, and that will allow our senior age Americans to continue to contribute to us with their very valuable wisdom, knowledge, Life Lessons, and Life Experiences.

In order for us to accomplish this environment for them, we are going to take the concept of the Kampung Admiralty in Singapore and adapt it to the perfect environment for our senior age Americans.

Our facilities will be intergenerational, which means they will be centers that bring together families and people from all generations by including within the facilities many different areas for each generation to utilize and enjoy.

We will build these very unique facilities for our senior age Americans across the United States, and in each of these communities we will include senior age apartments, a healthy-eating food court so they can eat nutritionally and easily on their own or with their families, a fitness center and performance center to keep them physically active, an art and hobby center for them to continue to create and produce artwork and items they will be proud of, an indoor park to walk in and take their grandchildren to, a medical center that includes free screenings and nutritious food recommendations, elder care facilities, and a resort-like luxury hotel for their families who have to come from a distance to stay at when they visit them.

Within the communities will be preschool facilities and elementary schools, bringing together all generations by allowing grandparents to participate in and contribute to the Lives of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the preschools and elementary schools, allowing grandchildren and great-grandchildren to see their grandparents in a very happy setting far more often, allowing grandparents to volunteer in the preschools and schools so they can teach their Life Lessons to the next generations, and allowing parents to be with both their young children and with their senior parents at the same time.

Surrounding these facilities will be walkways protected from the sun, restaurants and shops, bicycle paths, golf cart paths, green space, pedestrian signage, and an excellent tram or subway system within 400 yards so our senior age Americans can travel easily when they want to go somewhere, and so families can come to visit their parents and grandparents very easily.

We are going to make these communities so enjoyable to visit for grandchildren and great-grandchildren that they greatly look forward to and are very excited about going to visit their grandparents and great-grandparents.

Included with the indoor park, the healthy food court, the art and hobby center, the fitness center, the bicycle paths, golf cart paths, and restaurants will be an animal petting zoo that grandchildren and great-grandchildren will greatly enjoy on every visit.

Our senior age Americans will also greatly benefit from these petting zoos because they will be able to volunteer to help take care of the animals, which will reward them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We are going to add many very valuable Healthy and High Quality of Life Years to the Lives of our Senior Age Americans, we are going to create an environment where our Senior Age Americans are given the opportunities to continue to develop themselves and their skills, we are going to create a situation and an environment where our Senior Age Americans will still feel very important to their families and to their communities, and we are going to bring all of our generations together in one place so that the grandparents can share their Life Lessons and Life Experiences with their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and school-age youngsters.

The American Dream does not end when we get to a certain age.

Therefore, we are going to build and develop the facilities that allow our Senior Age Americans to continue to build on the First American Dream they have already Lived by Creating a new and Second American Dream for themselves and for their families.


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