We Need Leaders Who Care About You

One of the worst problems we currently have in America is that we have a very large number of our political leaders who are more interested in taking care of themselves than in taking care of the American people who they are supposed to be representing.

Very few of the current politicians in Congress take actions and vote on laws based upon what the American people want who these politicians are supposed to be representing.

These politicians are only concerned about continuing and expanding their own personal power and control. They are in politics for all the wrong reasons.

A politician is not supposed to want power or to have power. A politician is supposed to serve and work for the People he or she represents.

In contrast, I do not care at all about trying to gain power, and instead I would like to get involved with politics because I want to help as many people as I possibly can.

I want to be a Servant to You.

I want to Serve You and Work For You So That I Can Make Your Life and the Lives of Your Family Better and More Beautiful.

That Is My Wish and My Goal For You and For Your Family.

The very selfish actions of our current politicians include the following:

1) Caring more about publicity for themselves than they care about doing their job correctly.

2) Caring more about being extreme in their positions so they can raise campaign donations than they care about doing what is best for you.

3) Caring more about voting with their party in a group think than they care about finding compromise with the opposing party.

4) Every politician in one party voting for their party’s position on every issue instead of voting for what the people in their district or state want.

5) Being malicious and personal against politicians from the opposing party so they can gain attention and raise campaign donations for themselves.

6) Using the inside information they have learned from their position in politics to buy stocks and invest in various industries, so they can make huge profits from the inside political information they have gotten from their positions.

7) Caring more about staying in power so they can keep their jobs than they care about being honorable with their actions.

8) And sometimes even being corrupt and illegal when some of our politicians sell out America and accept financial payments from other countries for doing things that are in the other country’s best interests, and are not in America’s best interests.

The reason I am interested in being a part of our government is the exact opposite reason from most of our current politicians.

I want to be involved with our government because I am very worried about where our Country is heading, because I am very worried about our risk of world war due to complete negligence by our current White House politicians, and because I want to help as many people in America as I possibly can.

I began thinking about running for office when I saw how our White House administration has been pushing America and Ukraine into a war with Russia, instead of our White House using diplomacy, communication, and respect toward other countries to keep the war from starting to begin with.

There is no doubt that a Great American Leader and President could have stepped into the Russia-Ukraine situation back in late 2021, and early 2022, to communicate respectfully and to negotiate peace between both countries that would have kept the war from ever beginning.

However, our political leaders made no effort to communicate or negotiate peace with Russia because our politicians selfishly wanted to use Ukraine and the Ukrainian people to try to force the removal of Russian President Putin.

Then, I was pushed more and more toward running for office because for the past two years our current President and his administration have been pushing us closer and closer toward a World War with Russia and with any other countries who choose to join with Russia.

Our President and his administration have been pushing us toward World War for the past two years by gradually increasing the weapons and weaponry they have given to Ukraine.

At first, our President said we would give some weapons to Ukraine so they could protect themselves against Russia, but that America would not provide Ukraine with more powerful missiles because that might incite Russia into a nuclear war with us.

Then, a few months later, our President and his administration changed their minds and said they would provide these more powerful missiles to Ukraine as defensive weapons, but that America would not provide powerful drones and long range missiles to Ukraine because this would allow Ukraine to attack Russian cities with missiles, and providing these offensive weapons could push Russia into a nuclear war with us.

Then, a few months later, our President and his administration changed their minds again and said that they would provide drones to Ukraine, but that America would not provide long range missiles or stealth bombers or fighter jets to Ukraine because that could incite Russia into a nuclear war against us.

Then, a few months later, our President and his administration gave these drones and long-range missiles to Ukraine that he had said we would not give because they might incite a nuclear war with Russia.

Then, a few months later our President and his administration secretly gave fighter jets and stealth bombers to Ukraine that he had previously said America would never give because giving them might incite a nuclear war with Russia.

Therefore, our President and his administration have been gradually escalating their personal war against Russia, and with each escalation they have been putting America, our Children, and our World in greater and greater danger of a nuclear war and World War II.

None of these actions by our President and his administration have been in the best interests of America, or the best interests of our American citizens, and so once again the President and his administration are being selfish and are not making decisions that are in the best interests of you who they are supposed to be representing.

Our President and his administration have been continually taking us closer and closer to World War III, and we are not paying enough attention to the huge and dangerous mistakes that our President and his administration are making.

In fact, our President and his administration have even been sending very powerful weapons to Ukraine like fighter jets and stealth bombers without first letting American citizens know they are going to send them.

The President and his administration have been putting us into a situation where we are like a frog in boiling water. The water is getting gradually hotter so that the frog does not realize how hot the water is getting until it is too late for the frog.

Likewise, the very bad and dangerous decisions that our President and his administration have been gradually pushing us closer and closer into a World War, until it could be that one day soon, just like the frog, it will be too late for us to do anything to stop the war.

The final straw that pushed me into running for office was when our President was being interviewed by a television news anchor, who asked the President about the dangers of America being involved in two wars, one in Ukraine and one in Israel.

Our President replied that America can handle fighting two wars because we are the strongest and most powerful country in the history of the world.

His words sounded like a war hawk who wants to get America into wars.

His answer was the exact opposite of what any American President should ever say.

A responsible Leader and responsible President would have answered that he and his staff were doing everything they could to help to end the wars by negotiating peace with all the countries involved.

For the past 100 years, America has been the primary World power, and in our position as the World power, our role has been to try to negotiate for, and maintain Peace for, every country in the World.

However, our current President and his administration have been doing the exact opposite of this.

They have been refusing to communicate with countries they think are their enemies, thereby allowing wars to begin, and they have been further escalating these wars by sending progressively stronger weapons that risk a World War.

Even more recently, our President was heard bragging to workers at a factory in Colorado that he has nuclear codes he travels with that would “blow up the world”.

For an American President to be talking about nuclear codes and blowing up the world is completely wrong and unethical.

In addition, when a President makes jokes about something so serious and world-ending, then it looks like our President no longer mentally understands the seriousness of nuclear weapons.

This lack of understanding makes the President look dangerous for our Country and for the World.

It is not in your best interests, or in the best interests of our American people, or in the best interests of the World, for us to be fighting wars.

America should not want any of our young men and young women to be at risk of being sent to war, and so our President needs to do everything in our power to keep wars from occurring.

In addition, nuclear weapons are so powerful now that any responsible American leader should be trying to maintain World Peace instead of making decisions that push America and our World into conflicts and wars that could become nuclear.

The fact that our President does not realize how wrong his words are, the fact that he does not seem to be able to understand the dangers of war anymore, and the fact that he no longer understands the importance of trying to communicate and utilize diplomacy to avoid war, has put America, our American children, our American families, and our World into tremendous danger.

That is why I am running for office, because our current President and his administration are putting America and our Children in more danger every Day.

When I owned and managed a television station for many years, I was most proud of the Veteran’s Voice television show that I started and hosted with Ken Wiley, the American World War II veteran and hero, who drove LCVP landing boats onto the beaches in seven D-Day invasions in the Pacific during World War II.

I began this television program so that I could honor and show my Great Respect and Appreciation for our American military veterans.

Working with my great friends, World War II veterans Ken Wiley and HC Moretz, World War II historian Keith Buchanan, along with World War II veterans Norman Isenhour, Sam Wotherspoon, and hundreds more of our American heroes, we made 350 Veteran’s Voice television shows during an 8-year period, and more than 300 of these shows were personal interviews with World War II veterans who told their personal life stories in two-hour interviews from when they grew up as children, through all their World War II experiences, and through to their current lives and families.

What resulted from our work was more than 600 hours of personally told World War history, and our work became the largest compilation of personally told World War II history that has ever been compiled anywhere in the World.

These interviews are considered so important that copies of these shows are kept in many libraries and museums across the United States.

I became great friends with all of these amazing World War II heroes.

They were the kindest, most thoughtful, and most humble men who I had ever met, and it was one of my Greatest Honors in my Life to be able to spend all these Days and Hours with such outstanding human beings.

They are very clearly “America’s Greatest Generation,” and I can only hope that by me spending so much time with them that some amount of their kindness and thoughtfulness rubbed off on me.

Some of the things that I learned from these great men over the years we were together is that no one wins in a war. Everyone loses.

I also learned from them that America and America’s military were not prepared for the war when it began after Pearl Harbor. America did not have the military capabilities, military personnel, or enough military equipment like battleships, aircraft carriers, fighter aircraft, and tanks to be prepared for the war.

However, America pulled together as a unified Country by every person in America joining the cause and playing their very important and very valuable part in preparing to protect America.

Whether each person’s contribution was by joining the military, working in the factories to build the ships, tanks, aircraft, and guns, growing our food, or doing any of the other millions of jobs that were needed to prepare for America’s war effort and to take care of our homeland.

These great World War II American heroes told me that it took a couple of years for America to build all the necessary equipment, and to do all the things that America needed to do, so we were capable of winning the war.

America’s geographical location that is situated thousands of miles across oceans from our World War II enemies, kept American citizens safe within America during these two years that we were building and getting prepared for the hardest parts of the war.

However, because modern weapons are far more powerful now than they were back in the 1940’s, if a war were to begin now, then our American people would not be safe here in America because modern weapons can travel much longer distances and reach our mainland within minutes of being launched.

Therefore, as our politicians are negligently pushing us toward World War III, and as they are putting us into a position of being like a frog in boiling water, if a war were to begin now, then the destructiveness of it would happen very fast.

Large parts of the World would be destroyed before we could have any time or opportunity to do anything about it.

Therefore, it is crucial that we do something to protect ourselves now before any war begins.

First, we need to get our Country away from the current politicians who are leading us toward a world war because of their refusal to communicate with countries they disagree with.

Politicians who continually display their complete negligence and very bad decision-making and actions that are not in the best interests of America or our Children.

That is why I am running for office.

I BELIEVE that Communication, Understanding, and Respect for Everyone is what brings us World Peace, and so I am motivated and driven to achieve this World Peace before it is too late and negligent politicians have taken us past the point of no return.

Some of my greatest strengths are my abilities to show Respect to everyone, Listen to everyone, Understand all the different viewpoints of everyone, and design creative Win-Win Solutions that are Fair and in the Best Interests of Everyone.

If I were President, then the first thing I would do is to go to talk with President Putin of Russia, President Xi Jinping of China, Leader Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, Ayatollah Khamenei and the leaders of Iran, the leaders of Hamas, and the leaders of all the countries in the Middle East.

As I wrote in my screenplay back in 2007, titled “America’s Greatest President”, and as I know even more strongly now, wars occur because leaders stop communicating, because leaders stop showing respect, and because leaders stop showing understanding toward people they consider to be their enemies.

When people do not communicate with each other, then mistrust develops, fear of their enemy and of the unknown develops, and leaders begin to take protective actions that can mistakenly start a war.

However, when people communicate with each other then they build friendships and trust that keep wars from happening.

Therefore, I am fully certain that if I am President then all these wars and threats of wars will stop.

We will have World Peace because I will Communicate with everyone, show Respect and Understanding toward everyone, build Trust with every country, and build Friendships with every country.

The citizens of every country in the World want to have Peace, just like we do, and so we can achieve Peace if we have someone who will lead the World to Peace through communication, respect, understanding, and friendship.

The 14 years that I spent living in other countries while I was playing, coaching, and owning international sports teams, including when I was the Great Britain National Team Head Coach competing with countries from around the World, along with the 14 years that I was doing business with people and countries from around the World, have allowed me the vast opportunity to meet, learn about, and understand the people and cultures who make up our World.

My many years of experience working in and with other countries have given me huge advantages compared to any other politician.

If I were President, then we would still build a Very Powerful military because we would operate under a Trust but Verify philosophy. We would Trust that other countries would not attack us, but we would Verify they would not attack us because we would have a military so strong that we would dominate any other countries if they tried.

However, instead of us acting like security guards stationed in hundreds of places around the world like we do now, which is not only very expensive for us but also causes some countries to resent us and think we are their enemy, we would have our very powerful military focused on doing good around the World and across America.

After I severely injured my knee for the second time, this time in an American football game in Europe, I was in a Manchester, England hospital, where I was having major surgery again to repair my knee.

This Manchester hospital dated back to before World War II, and the entire patient area was filled with long rows of cots on both sides of the room like an army barracks, with about 25 cots on each side of the room.

I chose to stay awake throughout the surgery, and watched as the doctor cut my leg open, watched and listened as he power-drilled two holes in the bone of my fibula with a power drill, and watched as he inserted two metal rods into my leg bone.

A few weeks later, I was playing in the American football play-offs and winning the National Championship game again with an inch gap between the two separate pieces of my leg bone, with my leg bone only held together by the two metal rods that had fused inside the two separate pieces of bone like a bridge between two islands.

A few hours after the surgery, I left my cot in the hospital, and made my way into a small room with chairs at the end of the long barracks room, where patients gathered to talk.

I was the only American there, and almost all the other men in the room were British World War II veterans.

These amazing British World War II heroes told me many stories of how kind and thoughtful our American soldiers were during World War II.

They told me how our American soldiers were incredibly thoughtful, kind, and nice to all the British children who had withstood such violence and war in their young lives.

Every day our American soldiers would give the British children food, chocolate, and bubble gum that our soldiers would give to them from their own very limited U.S. rations.

This is an example of what our American Military will become if I am President.

America will have the strongest and most powerful military in the World so that we Always know our American People are protected and safe.

Our military will be the World Championship team in every way.

But we will utilize this strength and power to do good within America, and to do good around the World.

Our World should never have anyone fighting a war anymore because Every Country and Every Person in Our World is All One Family, and as One Family we should All Be Friends Who Communicate, Respect, Understand, and Care About Each Other.

Compared to the vastness of our Universe, we all Live in the same very small village.

And so we should act like we do, and we should treat each other like we do.


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