We Will Turn Video Games, The Internet, Social Media, And Artificial Intelligence Into A Complete Positive

Throughout the pages on this website, I have written that it is always possible to Find A Way To Win in any situation by taking a negative and turning it around into a positive.

When we look at video games, the internet, and social media, we see three inventions in our society that have tremendous positives and offer incredible potential benefits, but that also have many negatives and can cause serious harm.

Video games offer tremendous enjoyment to a large percentage of our population.

However, medical studies have shown that violent video games often cause negative changes to people’s personalities, and violent video games can even contribute to an increase in aggressive behavior and violence.

Likewise, the internet offers us the opportunity to search for and find the facts on any issue, which allows us to learn, understand, and increase our knowledge.

Internet sites like TikTok and Reels offer tremendous opportunities for everyone, including for our young people and for businesses.

However, some sources of information on the internet are not reliable, some sources intentionally manipulate the results of your search so you are only able to read what they want you to read, and some sources can even be intentionally trying to mislead you.

Similarly, social media offers the opportunity to communicate with anyone you know and love in an instant.

This saves a considerable amount of time compared with mailing letters that take several days to arrive, or sending faxes that are time-consuming because they require physical documents to be written or printed.

However, studies have shown that social media can cause depression and anxiety in many people, especially in our younger people.

It can also be very hurtful for people mentally and emotionally.

In addition, many people are concerned with the potential for social media to have what they call misinformation and disinformation.

Along these same lines, Artificial Intelligence is an incredible invention that is already providing many benefits for our American people and for our society.

However, we have already seen how artificial intelligence can be misused, and experts have also warned us about the potentially extreme dangers of artificial intelligence.

Therefore, all four of these incredible inventions have created a dilemma for our society because we have not yet found a way to maximize the positives of them while reducing or eliminating the negatives.

The reason we have not yet found a solution to these dilemmas is because we have allowed these four inventions to be developed on their own by corporations that are solely or primarily looking at commercial profits for their companies.

As a society, we cannot allow commercial profits by corporations to be placed ahead of the health and safety of our American people, especially not ahead of our children.

Therefore, we need to step in and solidify our guidelines for these areas.

Some people might think that corporations should be allowed to do whatever they want to increase their profits. However, when we have situations that are harming our children, especially when they are new industries that have very little rules or guidelines, then we need to work hard to create the environment that will help our children to be safe, happy, and successful.

America has often stepped in to control commercial areas when the government thought it was necessary for the health of our young people.

For example, in 1971 the government made it illegal to advertise cigarettes on television or radio, smokeless tobacco ads on television and radio were banned in 1986, billboard advertising was banned in 1998, and tobacco advertising at sporting events was banned in 2006.

This example shows that America has been willing to put rules and guidelines in place when the health of our young people has been threatened.

Therefore, violent video games, the internet, social media, and artificial intelligence are all areas that we, as a Country, need to be able to implement rules and guidelines on to protect our children.

For us to design these restrictions, then just like President Franklin Roosevelt did so effectively for important issues in the 1930’s, I will bring together a field of experts on video games, the internet, social media, and artificial intelligence.

We will find and categorize the positive and negative factors and variables for each of these, and through research and expertise we will create the rules and guidelines that each of these areas needs to operate under.

Until now, we have asked our congresspeople to formulate these rules.

However, although our congresspeople are very skilled in many ways, we still cannot expect them to have the depth of knowledge that is necessary to understand all the details and intricacies of these four technologies.

Therefore, we will put together a team of experts to research these issues for our congresspeople.

These experts will make recommendations to us, which will allow our government to understand the necessary facts and have the knowledge to be able to make excellent decisions.

Corporate profits are important to companies, but profits are not nearly as important as the health and safety of our American people, especially the health, safety, and personal development of our children.

We will create rules and guidelines in each of these areas to protect you and your children from the violence that can be caused by violent video games, to protect you and your children from manipulated and misleading internet information, to protect you and your children from the depression, emotional trauma, and anxiety that social media can cause, and to protect you and your children from the misuses and dangers of artificial intelligence.

In the process, we will take these four incredible inventions, place guidelines on the negative elements of them, and build the positive elements of each so that we can maximize the tremendous benefits that these four amazing inventions will provide for everyone.

This will result in all four of these tremendous inventions, including internet sites like TikTok and Reels, making entirely positive contributions for You, for your Children, for our Young People, and for America.


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