The Work Ethic Necessary And That We Need To Have From Our President

There is no question that the position of President of the United States, if worked at with the maximum amount of effort every Day like needs to be done for the good of America, is one of the most difficult jobs in the World.

However, in recent years we have not seen this level of work, and the result has been that our Country has been neglected to where we have become like a rudderless ship drifting in the ocean.

I cannot comprehend this low work rate because, like you, I have always been used to working 365 days a year and 12-16 hours every day, especially during time periods when you and I have owned our own businesses.

I would never take a day off from work if I were President because I would look at the situation like I only had four years to contribute to the accomplishment of everything that we need to accomplish for You and for America.

I would feel like we cannot waste a Single Day because we are going to need every one of those Days in all four years to be able to accomplish what we need to accomplish for You and for America.

Therefore, I cannot understand why any President would ever choose to go on vacation.

In contrast, our current President has been on vacation or had time away from Washington DC during 40% of the days he has been President.

I cannot comprehend that low level of work ethic.

The way I would look at the situation is that being President is only four years, and four years are going to go by fast. Therefore, no matter how hard we work, and no matter how much we accomplish, on the Day we are leaving and we are walking out that White House door, we are always going to be wishing we had more time because we will be continuing to think of more and more Dreams of what we would Love to accomplish for You and for America.

And I am not just saying this, either, because when I resigned as a college professor and head of two departments so I could take care of my father, who was struggling, I worked every Day in my office for three months after the school year had ended, working 12 hours every day for free for three months, because I wanted to complete every Dream I had for my students and for my departments before I left.

Likewise, when I was building one of the Top 10 Super Schools in the United States, I never took a single day off, worked every day throughout the summers, and even worked every day of every Fall and Spring Break.

In the same way, when I owned a television station for ten years, I worked 365 days every year including on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and worked more than 100 hours every week.

Looking at our current administration reminds me of what George McGovern, the long-time Democratic Senator and 1972 Presidential candidate said, who in 1988 after retiring as Senator purchased the leasehold of a hotel and resort in Connecticut.

His hotel and resort went out of business after only a few years, and he told the Wall Street Journal in 1992 that when he was a Senator and Presidential candidate he did not realize how difficult it was for people to operate their own businesses, especially when their businesses had to deal with all the government regulations he had voted for as a Senator.

McGovern said that if he had known how difficult it was to run a business, then he would have voted differently while he was in Washington.

This quote highlights the problem we have in Washington when our politicians have not had any business or work experiences outside of Washington before they become a politician.

The current administration has proven the fact that we need regular people in the White House who have not been spending their entire careers only in the political bubble of Washington DC, because they have no real-world concept of how hard people need to work.

We need regular people who have actually owned businesses, and who have worked as employees for businesses, so that our next Washington DC leaders have the successful career backgrounds and experiences to know what is happening in the real world, to know what the challenges are that you are facing, and to understand how to solve these challenges.

Our current administration has paid very little attention to anything for the past three years, but anything they have paid attention to have only been ideological issues because ideology is easy to participate in since it is only the putting forward of ideas.

Talking about ideas does not actually require any nuts-and-bolts work, and nothing can ever be accomplished without nuts-and-bolts work.

Nothing can ever be achieved without people doing work with their feet on the ground.

A person, or a group of people, can come up with ten very good ideas they would like to do in five minutes.

But any one of those ideas will take from months to years of Daily Very Committed Work to accomplish successfully.

Therefore, to accomplish anything in Government, or in Life, then accomplishment requires a huge amount of nuts-and-bolts action and activity.

For example, our White House sitting in Washington DC and talking about the potential root causes for illegal immigration across the Southern border can be done while sitting in an office, but it is only by going to the Southern border to see the problems firsthand, and putting in the work on the ground to solve these problems that anything can actually ever be accomplished and solved.

The same is true about World Peace. Our White House sitting in Washington DC in February of 2022 and guessing whether Russia might invade Ukraine, like our government was guessing about, did nothing to keep the war from starting.

But if we had done the work to go to Russia to speak with President Putin in person, and if we had brought together President Putin and President Zelenskyy for a face-to-face working discussion, then peace could very well have been accomplished without the war ever starting.

By putting in the work and talking with them face-to-face before the war began, then we would have saved hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian Lives, we would have saved all the economic and physical destruction that has occurred in Ukraine and in Russia, and we would have saved more than $100 Billion of your American taxpayer money that we could have spent on our own American citizens who really need this money and need our help.

Therefore, not doing the work to travel to talk with these two leaders has caused immeasurable losses to human beings in Ukraine and in Russia, has caused America not to be able to take care of our own people who need our help, and has increased the risk for America and the entire world to be pushed into a World War.

In addition, if we continue to not do the work of talking with these two leaders, then the risk of a World War continues to increase.

Likewise, the ridiculous cost of health care in America is not improved by our politicians talking about it.

However, medical costs can be reduced and improved by our President doing the work to meet with pharmaceutical companies, to meet with medical insurance companies, and to meet with medical care facilities, so that we can find and create ways to reduce your medical costs.

In the same way, inflation is not improved by complaining about perceived price gouging or what they call shrinkflation.

But inflation in America could have been avoided if our government had done the work to not overspend, an overspending that was caused both by them choosing to spend more than our budget could afford and by them not doing the work to pay attention to where the money goes and what it is being spent on.

All of this requires actual on the ground work, and our current White House does not want to do any of this actual meaningful work.

Israel and Palestine are another example.

Many of us have our opinions about which country is right, and which is wrong. However, this is not the main point, because just like Russia and Ukraine, if our administration had done the work to go to speak with and to work with Israel and Palestine in the years leading up to this war, then we would have avoided this war ever beginning.

Therefore, once again, our White House was not willing to do the work that was needed to save many tens of thousands of Lives.

In contrast, I would have been there years ago to meet with Palestinian leaders, Israeli leaders, Hamas leaders, Iranian leaders, and all Middle East leaders, and we would have solved this war before it ever got started.

There is absolutely no excuse for our White House to have completely refused for the past three years to do the work that is necessary to solve anything.

The long list of America’s most important issues that have not been dealt with by our current White House and federal government continues to increase all the time because our current administration

does not seem to understand that coming up with ideas and talking about them is not actually work, and so talking does not accomplish anything that is measurable.

Ideas are very important, and people who come up with ideas are very important.

However, the mistake being made by our White House is when people think that the idea is the entire work, because in terms of the amount of work it takes to build something new, or solve a challenge or a problem, the idea is less than one percent of the work.

The idea is the first important step, but after the idea is formed then the daily real work actually begins, and it always takes months or even years of daily work to make any idea a success.

As a result of our government not understanding this fact, then they have not been keeping up with the daily work that has been needed every day for the past three years, and this has caused our current government to become farther and farther behind with each day that passes.

Until now, when the work they have not done every day has built up to the point where they are completely overwhelmed by the huge number of things they have gotten behind on.

The fact is that if people are not keeping up with the necessary daily work rate, then the amount of work they are behind just continues to grow and increase every day until there is so much work to do that they have no idea how to deal with it all.

That is where our White House is right now.

Our current White House has gotten so far behind in their work every day for three years, that they have put themselves into an extremely weak position politically because they have not accomplished anything for the past three years.

Therefore, out of desperation they have decided that their only chance is to keep doubling down on any ideological issues they can come up with.

Their entire campaign this election is based on them trying to scare you with threats they have made-up to get you to vote for them again, and trying to distract you from seeing the facts that there are problems everywhere in America that they are not working on or solving.

That is why America needs a President who is a grinder.

A President who understands all the challenges and all the difficulties You are facing because he has lived those real-world challenges and difficulties also, just like You are now.

A President who really is a unifier, not just by talk but by action.

A President who will Heal our Nation and bring us together so that we are All working together with an All For One and One For All Attitude as One American Championship Team.

A President who is going to work 16 hours Every Single Day for You, and often more hours than that.

A President who is going to work 365 Days Every Year for You for Four Straight Years without taking a single day of vacation of any kind.

A President who will stick to the task Every Single Day, for as long as it takes, until we fix Every Single problem we have in our Country, and until we get ourselves back on the Path that will lead to You Achieving Your American Dream For You and For Your Family.

We can do this, but we are running out of time because we cannot allow ourselves to get four more years behind without our White House doing any work, and so we need to start right away.


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