The Cycle Of Authoritarianism – The Time Period Cycles That Have Led Us To Today

When historians have looked back through world history to study powerful empires, they have found that each powerful empire has lasted for an average of 250 years before they collapsed.

In America, we will be reaching our 250-year anniversary in 2026, and so the challenges we see facing us now would be expected based upon the study of previous world powers.

As we approach this anniversary, I researched our history and found that there have been some repeating cycles of shorter duration than 250 years which have occurred at regular intervals throughout our 250-year American history.

In addition, what appears to be beyond only coincidence, these shorter cycles are exact multiples of 250 years.

250 years, divided by three, equals 83 years, and a study of American history shows that approximately every 83 years, America has become very divided internally between ourselves, and has also become very divided externally from other countries around the world.

For instance, if we begin with America’s founding in 1776, then that was the American Revolution where we became very divided from our home country of Great Britain, resulting in our Revolutionary War.

Likewise, 84 years later, America was very divided again when the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln occurred, and this division led to the American Civil War in 1861.

Then, 80 years after the start of the Civil War is 1941, which was the start of World War II for America, where once again America and the world were very divided.

Therefore, the three greatest internal divisions, and the three largest wars in our American history, have all occurred at regular intervals, an average of 83 years apart, since the beginning of America.

Now we are 83 years since World War II began, and so we have again reached the exact length of time that has previously resulted in major internal conflict and major wars.

Worryingly, America and our American people have become just as internally divided as we were at previous 83-year intervals, and we have also become very divided from other countries in the world where war is occurring and where war is being threatened.

If we take this thought process further by dividing the 83-year cycles in half, then we find another repeating cycle that is 40-42 years long.

These 40 to 42-year cycles have also had major events for our Country, but somewhat less significant than the 83-year cycles.

The War of 1812 and the burning down of the White House by British troops in 1814, along with America’s first financial crisis with bank closures and unemployment in 1819, surrounded our first 40 to 42-year cycle.

We also had the most contested presidential election in America history in 1824, when none of the candidates received more than the 50% of the votes required to win, and so the House of Representatives had to choose the President.

This caused a huge controversy across the United States when John Quincy Adams was chosen over Andrew Jackson, even though Jackson had more votes in the election than Adams did, resulting in claims of corruption.

Our second 40 to 42-year cycle occurred at the same time as our first 83-year cycle, which may have been why they added together to make the situation very severe with the Civil War.

In our third 40 to 42-year cycle, that occurred on its own in the middle of our second 83-year period, was the shooting of President McKinley exactly 40 years after the start of the Civil War in 1901, and also the build-up to World War I.

This period also had the French Revolution and the Revolution in Russia, which shows that there was a cycle of conflict going on around the world at the same time as our conflict that would have had some additional negative effects in America.

Our fourth 40 to 42-year cycle occurred at the same time as our second 83-year cycle, which again may have multiplied the effect that resulted in World War II.

In our fifth 40 to 42-year cycle, that occurred in the middle of our third 83-year cycle, was the Iranian hostage crisis 38 years after the start of World War II, the shooting of President Reagan 39 years after the start of World War II, and the build-up to the war with Iraq.

When experts on cycles study historical cycles, they plot the oscillating shorter-term cycles on the same chart as the medium-term cycles and the long-term cycles.

Therefore, in the case of American history, we would see the 40 to 42-year cycle wave structure overlapping with the 83-year cycle wave structure, so that the 40 to 42-year cycles occurred on their own in the middle of the 83-year cycles, and then combined with each 83-year cycle.

In addition, as we approach 250 years, we now have not only the first 250-year cycle, but also both the sixth 40 to 42-year cycle, and the third 83-year cycle, all combining at the same time.

Perhaps it is this combination of all three cycles that makes the 250-year moment an especially precarious time for empires throughout World history.

This same overlapping cycle structure is used for the study of all cycles, and we often see it drawn this way for economic cycles and stock market financial cycles.

In any study of cycles, every time different wavelength cycles meet each other, then the strength of the events at that meeting are expected to be bigger and stronger than when the shorter wavelength cycles are on their own.

Therefore, looking at our American history, when the 40 to 42-year wavelengths were on their own in the early 1800’s, in the early 1900’s, and in the early 1980’s, they would have some amount of negative strength, but the events at that time were not as large or strong as when the 40 to 42-year cycles and the 83-year cycles met at the same time.

When the 40 to 42-year wavelength cycles and the 83-year cycles combine every 83 years, then this should result in much stronger negative events than the 40 to 42-year cycles on their own.

And that is what we have seen throughout American history. First in 1776 for the Revolutionary War, then in 1861 for the Civil War, then in 1941 for World War II, and now in the 2020’s.

Adding onto this third combined cycle is the 250-year wavelength cycle, which would have the potential to have an even stronger and potentially more damaging effect on America because all of these cycles would be meeting for the first time at 250 years, with the 6th wavelength of the 40 to 42-year cycle overlapping with the 3rd wavelength of the 83-year cycle, and both of these overlapping with the first wavelength of the 250-year cycle.

Therefore, if empires last an average of 250 years, then these three cycles combining at 250 years may have had an influence on the outcomes of these empires.

In the case of American history, we can see that these cycles, up to now, have been accurate in predicting significant historical events every 40-42 years, with the largest significant events every 83 years when the 40 to 42-year cycles and 83-year cycles meet together.

Following this pattern, these cycles would predict that the largest and most damaging events would occur at our current 250-year cycle, when the 40 to 42-year cycles add onto the 83-year cycles, and both of them add onto the 250-year cycle.

In looking at these studies of cycles, the cycles are not just numbers that occur by chance. They display a pattern of human behavior that is occurring every certain number of years.

We can make up an incorrect example to explain this concept.

For example, if we were looking at science, and we found that the Western states had a drought every 40-42 years on average, then we might find that the Eastern states could help to ease the drought in the West by supplying water to the Western states.

However, let us pretend that the Eastern states have a drought every 83 years on average, causing the drought in America to be much worse every 83 years than the drought is every 40-42 years, because the Eastern states would not have enough water to supply water to help the Western states if the Eastern states were in a drought, also.

As a result, the overall drought in America would be much more damaging and harmful every 83 years than the minor droughts occurring only in the West would be every 40-42 years.

However, although these droughts every 80-83 years cause very large problems, let us say that the Great Lakes in the middle of the Country can be used every 80-83 years to supply just enough water to help both the Eastern and Western states to get through a very tough and dangerous drought.

But what happens if once every 250 years, on average, the Great Lakes region does not get rainfall, and so these lakes cannot be used to supply water to the Eastern and Western states?

Then, the combination of all three drought cycles occurring at the same time every 250 years would result in a huge drought that would severely affect the entire country.

This is an example of how cycles overlap so that when they occur at the same time, then together they cause much more serious extremes.

Therefore, when we look at the cycle lengths in American history that have led to internal division and wars, what we are really talking about is that there may be some negative human behavior patterns that, like fashion trends, occur about once every 40-42 years.

While there may be other, more extreme negative human behavior patterns, that occur about once every 83 years.

In addition, there could be an even more negative human behavior pattern that occurs once every 250 years.

If this is the case, then the negative behavior patterns that occur every 40-42 years will add onto the negative behavior patterns that occur every 83 years, causing the 83-year cycles to have more negative human behaviors occurring at the same time, which together will cause more major detrimental events to occur.

If this is also the case for the 250-year cycle, then this means that all three of these negative human behavior patterns are going to occur at the same time at the time of the 250-year cycle, and this is what we might be seeing now.

However, as a glimmer of hope to ourselves, these 250-year cycles are not outside of our control.

We can still change the course of history if we can figure out what human behavior patterns are reoccurring at these cycle periods.

By figuring this out, then we can correct the negative human behaviors we are exhibiting, and by adjusting our behavior we will keep our Country from going through the tremendous difficulties that our politicians appear to have us moving toward.

For us to figure out what these negative human behaviors are, we need to start by looking for negative human behaviors that we see occurring now, and then decide if these behaviors might be causing our problems.

When we look at our current political environment, we see some very negative behaviors that jump out at us.

For example, authoritarian behavior of our politicians is very apparent because they are repeatedly attempting to take freedoms away from our American citizens.

The covid pandemic caused this authoritarian behavior to accelerate rapidly.

Examples of this authoritarian behavior during the pandemic were the closing of businesses, the closing of schools, forcing people to get vaccinations even when the vaccinations were not anywhere close to being as effective as originally thought, censoring free speech, criminalizing free speech, closing Churches and so removing freedom of religion, and removing the right to make decisions for your own body, etc., etc.

A second obvious negative human behavior that is occurring now is the divisiveness that our politicians and many Americans are displaying, which includes the complete unwillingness of politicians to discuss and compromise on issues they disagree with.

Until the current President, America had never before had a President who gave speeches where he criticized and showed complete disrespect toward the 50% of American citizens who did not vote for the President or agree with his policies and viewpoints.

Every President since George Washington has been a member of a political party, but once a President is elected, then a true President needs to care about and show respect toward every person in America, no matter who people voted for.

A true President needs to treat every person equally no matter who they voted for. However, our current President has not done this, and so he has increased the division in our Country.

All politicians should represent every person in their State, District, City, or County without any thought about who voted for them.

Candidates for office run their campaigns based upon the political positions they think are correct and needed, and by winning their elections, then the candidates become elected to office.

However, the elected politicians should not only serve the people who voted for him or her. The elected politicians should be serving all 100% of the population equally.

If politicians do not work to serve the people who did not vote for the politicians, then this causes nearly half of our American citizens to feel like they are not being represented or cared about by anyone, which results in the frustration and anger in our population that we currently have.

Any politician, like our current President, who has verbally attacked and been very disrespectful to the American citizens who did not vote for the President or who do not agree with the President on some issues, should not be allowed to be elected because they are not Leaders who care about America or about our American People.

You cannot be a Leader when you only care about the People who are nice to you and who already agree with you.

You cannot be a Leader when you are not even attempting to serve the other half of the country.

A third negative human behavior we are currently seeing is the tendency of a large part of the media to be so biased that they no longer write the truth about many issues.

This media bias is increased even further by social media sites whose logarithms cause one half of our Americans to only read news articles that push the extreme biased views of one side of arguments, while causing the other half of our Americans to only read the extreme entirely opposite and biased views of the other side of the arguments.

The reliance of people in our current culture to read social media for news, and the divisiveness caused by biased social media, were also accelerated during the pandemic because people were not working as much, they stayed in their homes more, and they got into the habit of spending more hours online and on social media.

The regular news media has also helped to cause this divisiveness because there are very few media outlets left that attempt to write balanced news articles for people from both viewpoints to read.

Instead, most of the media tries to only appeal to the fragmented group of readers or viewers who their media outlet caters to.

One of the main causes of this fragmentation of readers and viewers is that there are so many media sources now.

In years past there were just the three or four main television channels, and so these channels had to be balanced with their news because each channel needed to appeal to a wide range of diverse viewers.

However, there are now a huge number of media outlets, including the main terrestrial networks CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox, the cable and satellite networks like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, the smaller cable networks, the large number of internet streaming networks, the major newspapers and magazines, the radio stations, radio networks, the thousands of podcasts, and the blogs, etc.

With all this competition in the media industry, the media networks realized they could not attract a very large number of readers and viewers from diverse backgrounds, and so the media outlets decided they needed to find their smaller segment of the viewing market and appeal to that specific group of people who would watch them, read their articles, or listen to them all the time.

As a result, media companies have become very biased and one-sided in their news coverage now, because they are trying to stay loyal to the narrow segment of the population that watches, reads, or listens to their media outlet.

This division of the media in America has even been encouraged by politicians.

A fourth negative human behavior we are currently seeing in America is the desire of some people to blindly agree with other people in your group. Many people have become so blindly loyal that they have stopped thinking for themselves.

Instead of thinking for themselves, they just blindly follow the other members of their group in a group think, even if the beliefs that their group has are totally illogical.

The blind following of a group is included as a characteristic of authoritarianism because the definition of authoritarianism is the blind submission to authority, and the repression of individual freedom of thought and action.

A fifth negative behavior we are currently seeing is connected to this fourth behavior. It includes people doing everything they can to cancel or harm people who do not agree with every issue that people in their group thinks is correct.

This group-think behavior is also shown in politicians when they vote the exact same way as the rest of their party on every issue, forgetting that they are supposed to represent their citizens instead of only representing their party.

Every politician in a party voting the same way as a group is the sixth negative human behavior we are currently seeing because it is completely wrong for every politician in a party to vote exactly the same way on every issue.

The politicians are not supposed to be representing each other. The politicians are supposed to be voting for the citizens they represent in their districts and states.

Not every Democratic district or Republican district across the United States is exactly the same. Just because a district voted for a Democratic candidate, or voted for a Republican candidate, does not mean that every district who voted for a Democratic candidate thinks exactly the same way on every issue as every other district that voted for a Democratic candidate. The same is true for the districts who voted for Republican candidates.

Therefore, when you see an entire party of candidates vote exactly the same way on every issue, then these politicians are showing that they do not care about representing the citizens of their district and state, and instead these politicians just want to vote the same as the other politicians in their party.

Many of these politicians vote the same way because they are blindly loyal to their party, instead of being loyal to the citizens they are supposed to be representing, and many of these politicians are too scared to vote differently from their party because they are afraid they will lose their job when their party revengefully tries to get the politician to lose in the next election by supporting another politician to replace them.

As a result, our political system is currently broken because many of our politicians no longer care about and support the citizens in their districts and states. Instead, many of our politicians selfishly try to just keep their jobs by voting the same way as their parties vote on every issue to keep their parties happy with them.

Now that we have identified six negative human behaviors that are currently going on in America, we want to look back in history to see if any of these six negative human behaviors were visible during the negative events of the 40 to 42-year cycles. Even more importantly, we want to see if any of these negative behaviors were present during the 83-year cycles, because the 83-year cycles all led to wars that were even more damaging to our Country.

What we find through research is that many of these negative behaviors and situations were present in America during our 40 to 42-year cycles, and were present to an even larger degree during our 83-year cycles.

The Revolutionary War came about because the American colonists felt that the English King and Government were behaving as Authoritarians.

The colonists felt like they were being forced to submit entirely to the authority of the English government, and they felt like they were not being allowed to have their individual freedom of thought and action.

For example, the colonists were being taxed for many different things, such as tea, that they did not think was fair.

The colonists especially did not think it was fair that the British government did not allow any of the colonists to be put in a political position where they could help to make decisions for the colonies. Therefore, the colonists felt like they were being taxed without having any government representation of their own.

The colonists felt like they were not being allowed their freedoms, including no freedom of religion, or freedom of speech, or potentially freedom to have a gun, etc.

On the opposite side of the argument were the colonists who as a group were called Loyalists.

The Loyalists supported the English government, and they often notified the English government of any colonists who were against the English government. We sometimes see similar behaviors like this today.

In many cases, the colonists who wanted a revolution disliked the Loyalists more than they disliked the English government.

The name Loyalists may have even been a referral to authoritarian behavior because, as written earlier, the definition of authoritarianism is the blind submission to authority and the repression of individual freedom of thought and action.

Therefore, the American colonies were not only divided from the English government, they were also divided from their fellow colonists who were Loyalists.

As a result, the American colonies were very internally divided during the 83-year cycle in 1776, just like we are very internally divided today.

The first 83-year cycle after the Revolutionary War was during the Civil War.

Once again, this war was caused by a feeling of authoritarianism between the Southern states and the Northern states.

The Southern states felt that the Federal government had taken over too much control and was being authoritarian toward the states’ rights.

The biggest issue of the Civil War was obviously slavery, and there were other smaller issues also, such as the trade tariff that the Federal government put on trade with England and Europe. A trade tariff that was very beneficial for the Northern states but very detrimental to the agricultural economy of the Southern states.

The Federal government was $500,000 in debt at the start of the Civil War, and there was no income tax at that time for the Federal government to raise revenue to pay its bills.

Therefore, the Federal government was in very serious financial difficulties, and felt that they needed to implement the trade tariff so they could pay their bills.

The states were not used to being told what to do because the Federal government had only been around for 85 years at that point, and so states were still accustomed to making their own decisions.

American colonists still thought of themselves as being from the colony they lived in, more than being from a united group of colonies. Therefore, the change to control being with a federal government was still new to the colonists.

As a result, when the Civil War began, most Americans still felt more loyalty to their states than they did to the Federal government. This is why people like General Robert E. Lee decided to support Virginia instead of the United States, not necessarily because they agreed with the cause of the war, but because

they were not going to fight against their home state and so they felt they had no choice but to be loyal to their state.

Likewise, the Southern states were being authoritarian on the issue of slavery, and slavery became the biggest factor and the most damaging issue that caused the war.

Therefore, we can see that disagreements about authoritarianism occurred during both the 83-year cycle of the Revolutionary War and during the 83-year cycle of the Civil War.

The next 83-year cycle occurred exactly during World War II.

In this 83-year cycle, authoritarianism had begun in many parts of the world.

We all know about the authoritarianism that occurred in Germany, where their government took over complete control of everything in Germany, where the German government took away all the freedoms and rights of the German people, and where the German government committed atrocious acts against the Jewish people and against other groups who the German government could control and overpower.

Where the censorship and control were so strong by the German state media that the German people lost their ability to think about what was right and wrong on their own, resulting in the citizens becoming what many people refer to as brainwashed into thinking and agreeing with the state media and the controlling government.

Following World War II, the atrocious acts that the German government had been doing during the war became widely known and very severely criticized.

However, what is less discussed in our history books is the fact that during the 1930’s and 1940’s there was an authoritarianism trend also occurring in many other parts of the world, including in countries like Italy that fought with Germany, and even in some countries that fought against Germany.

In fact, even America during that time was incorporating and attempting to incorporate a number of policies that people have classified in recent years as being authoritarian.

In America there were many laws put into place during that time period, including The New Deal that gave considerable control to the Federal government, a very large increase in federal income taxes on 90% of Americans, the attempt by President Roosevelt to pack the Supreme Court, the imprisonment of more than 100,000 Japanese-Americans during the war and the taking away of all their possessions, the election of the same President four times for the only time in American history that a President has ever been elected more than twice, and the anti-communist Red Scare that American politicians waged on America, on Washington DC, and on Hollywood.

Therefore, the 83-year cycle that occurred during World War II was a time period where authoritarianism, government control, censorship of citizens, and the taking away of freedoms was being shown in many countries around the world.

As a result, throughout America’s history, every 83 years we have had very negative events that involved authoritarianism.

As we move forward to our current 83-year cycle that we are in now, we have seen leaders of other countries speak about what they think are the advantages of authoritarianism compared to democracy.

Within America, we have politicians who have been trying to force citizens and politicians from their own party to have blind allegiance to their ideas, politicians who have been pushing for censorship of citizens, politicians who have been trying to punish citizens that do not agree with them, politicians who have been ignoring and breaking the laws written in our Constitution, politicians who regularly discuss getting rid of our Constitution, and politicians who have taken away or attempted to take away many freedoms that have previously existed.

We see Americans on both sides of the political argument saying that the other side is authoritarian, and that the other side will be authoritarian if they are elected.

Therefore, our current 83-year cycle has all the same negative behavior tendencies that every other damaging 83-year cycle in American history and World History has had.

As a result, it appears that human beings and politicians have a behavioral tendency to move toward authoritarian behavior approximately every 83 years, and that every time the authoritarian cycle comes back around again then it results in very negative events such as wars and revolutions.

In the fashion industry, we see cycles occur also, where a certain fashion trend is popular for a period of time, becomes unpopular for a while, and then comes back around and becomes popular again many years later.

Authoritarianism by our politicians and government leads to very bad events for our Country, and as Americans it is crucial that we resist the politicians who are pushing authoritarianism onto us.

What is very strange about our current authoritarianism is that people on both sides of the political argument only choose to see the authoritarianism they think is present in their opponent’s party, and they fail to notice the authoritarianism that is very present in their own party.

In some ways, this blindness to their own side’s authoritarianism is understandable, because if a person agrees with his or her side’s policies and laws, then the person does not think of those policies as authoritarian because they agree with them.

For example, if a person would choose to do the policies or laws on their own without the government telling them that they had to do them, then the person does not notice that a policy or law exists.

We only notice laws as being restrictive when we disagree with the law.

Therefore, if a person agrees with a policy, then the person does not feel like or notice that they are being told what to do.

An example of this would be the vaccines, where the Federal government made unprecedented laws that required hundreds of millions of people to get vaccinated with an experimental drug, to wear masks, to close their businesses, to close their schools, to lose their jobs, etc.

Whether we agreed with those laws, or whether we did not agree with them, there is no doubt that they represent what would be considered authoritarian decisions that our federal government made.

But people only saw those laws as authoritarian if they disagreed with the laws.

If a person agreed with the laws, then they did not notice the authoritarianism because they were doing what they would have done anyway without the government telling them to do it.

Therefore, people who agreed with the vaccines never felt like their side’s politicians were being authoritarian because they agreed with their side’s vaccine requirement.

This is just one example, and we are only using it here because it was such a polarizing issue that nearly everyone can relate to it.

However, there are many more examples on both sides, where each political side only notices the other side’s authoritarian behavior and does not notice their own side’s authoritarian behavior.

As a result, the fact is that both America and the World are currently going through another cycle of authoritarianism, and both of our political sides are displaying authoritarian behavior and authoritarian tendencies.

Most of us do not seem to recognize our own side’s authoritarianism because as human beings we evidently are not able to notice or realize when our minds have become very influenced into thinking in only one direction.

When we examine the process of our thinking, how can we expect our mind to be able to tell itself that it is overly influenced in one direction. Because if our mind thinks something is true, then our mind cannot tell our mind that it is wrong.

The same is true of a person who has lost some of his or her memory, because if a person cannot remember that something happened ten minutes ago, then they cannot possibly realize that they are forgetting that it happened. They just do not know it happened.

You cannot know that you forgot something if you do not know it ever happened. We see this with people who have Alzheimer’s all the time.

Therefore, if a person’s mind has become 100% totally convinced that something is true, then the person cannot realize they are not thinking about it correctly because their own mind at 100% certainty cannot tell itself that it is wrong.

All we have to do is to look at the nice and kind and wonderful German people to realize that they never would have gone along with the Holocaust, and they never would have gone along with invading other countries and starting World War II, if their minds had not been very strongly influenced by the state media propaganda and by their unethical and destructive government.

We need to learn from this situation in Germany because if the gradual brainwashing of the German people kept their minds from being able to realize how authoritarian their government and country had become, then it is only logical that we also might not be noticing the authoritarianism that our political party is pushing onto us.

If we have any further doubt that our political party is being authoritarian, then all we have to do is to look at the fact that both of our political parties are completely polarized to the extremes.

Neither of them is willing to compromise on almost anything. This is a definite sign of authoritarianism.

Almost every politician from both political parties votes entirely the same way as their party votes. This is also a sign of authoritarianism.

The definition of authoritarianism is the blind submission to authority and the repression of individual freedom of thought and action.

Therefore, if every person in a political party is voting exactly the same way, then their actions display the blind submission to authority and the repression of individual freedom of thought and action.

In conclusion, all the negative behaviors that we continue to see in America and around our World every 83 years are related to and connected with authoritarianism.

The six negative behavior traits we found that are going on currently are all connected with authoritarianism.

These six negative behavior traits are:

1) The desire of politicians to feel powerful by making authoritarian laws, a desire that was magnified and increased during the pandemic.

2) The extreme polarization and divisiveness of our politicians and many people.

3) The extreme polarization and divisiveness of our media and social media.

4) The extreme group-think going on where people blindly agree with the other members of their group, even when what their group thinks is completely illogical and can be proven false by facts.

5) The extreme desire for some people to cancel out and ruin other people who do not think the same way as they do on an issue.

6) The way that every politician from an entire political party will vote the same way on nearly every issue.

If you are still not entirely convinced that we have gone in the same direction as 1930’s Germany, during the 1930’s the German people were so convinced they were correct, and they were so convinced that they needed to think and do exactly what their government wanted them to do, that they turned in their own Jewish neighbors and friends to go to prison camps.

We have been seeing similar things here in America, where Americans are getting turned in by neighbors and friends, and even by their own children and family members.

We have seen people being cancelled and having their careers ruined by strangers who do not even know them.

Every time someone turns their neighbor or family member in, their group rewards and reinforces this behavior by cheering them on and treating them like heroes, which results in more people turning their neighbors, friends, and family members in.

The blindness to reality of what is going on in our Country has gotten so bad that it has gone beyond anything we have ever seen in America.

Every day we see media people and politicians make statements that we can see with our own eyes are blatantly 100% false. Causing us to wonder whether these media people and politicians know they are completely lying, or whether their minds have moved so far outside of reality that their minds actually think that what they are saying is true.

In conclusion, as we move toward our 250th year as a Country, which is the average length of time that previous empires throughout the past 3,000 years have collapsed, we can see that the challenges facing us are all related to authoritarianism.

We can also see that for us to overcome these challenges, then we are going to have to solve many questions.

Is the 250-year anniversary the same level of danger to our Country as a repeat of the very serious 83-year cycles we have had?

If the 250-year cycle is the same level of danger as previous 83-year cycles, is the collapse at 250 years caused by an outside invader being available and ready to take advantage of our weakness at this moment in history?

For example, during the height of the Civil War, America as a Country was so weak and divided that it is very likely an outside invader could have come in to conquer and take over our Country.

An invader did not invade America, though, but was that only because there just happened to be no invader ready enough and powerful enough to invade us at that time in world history?

In contrast, there may be an invader ready to invade us if our Country gets very weak during this 83-year cycle.

Or is this 250-year cycle going to be even worse than the 83-year cycles we have had in the past, and is this cycle going to be a greater challenge for us than the other 83-year cycles have been because the current level of authoritarianism in America is worse?

Or is the media even more biased now than in the past, and their bias is going to make this cycle worse?

Or is this cycle going to be worse because the politicians running our Country have gotten so used to being protected by the media that they have increased the dishonest things they say, have increased their authoritarianism methods, and have increased their efforts to benefit themselves personally?

This final question has a lot of merit to it because our current administration has repeatedly shown a lack of caring about our American citizens, they have shown an elitist attitude where they think they are above at least most, if not all, of our American citizens, and they are involved in many situations where they have benefited themselves personally.

The primary truth of authoritarianism is that people within a Country become more willing to be ruled and controlled by authoritarian politicians when the people within the Country are scared and very fearful for their own survival.

The higher the level of fear that people have, the more their survival instincts kick in.

The higher the level of fear we have, the less important secondary things like freedom become to us, compared to primary survival requirements like air, water, food, shelter, and safety.

People can still survive if they give up their freedom. But people cannot survive without air, water, food, shelter, and safety.

In today’s America, our authoritarian politicians who desire more and more power have shown that they want to keep us very scared and fearful of climate change, toxic air and water, a shortage of food, pandemics, racism, xenophobia, transgenderism, gay rights, abortion rights, the loss of democracy, misinformation, disinformation, dangerous invaders, and war.

With each of these fears, the Federal government tells us that our only chance is if we trust in our government to take care of us.

Our politicians tell us that we are not going to survive unless we trust them to protect our climate.

They tell us we are not going to survive unless we let them give us a very small fish to eat every day instead of helping us to learn to fish Abundantly for ourselves for a Lifetime.

They tell us we are not going to survive unless we take the experimental vaccines, wear masks, close our schools, and close our businesses.

Suspiciously, though, them making us do all these things only caused more of us to need the government to give us a very small fish to eat every day because many of us lost our businesses and our jobs so that we could no longer take care of ourselves.

And so suspiciously again, all these authoritarian laws are harming the American people, but they are benefiting and increasing the politicians’ own power.

These politicians now try to falsely scare us by saying that we are not going to survive unless we realize that everyone is a racist, and we are not going to survive unless we separate ourselves into different skin-color groups so that we can be protected from everyone who has a different skin color from us.

They falsely tell us we are not going to survive unless we separate ourselves based upon who we Love and who we identify with.

They falsely tell us we are not going to survive unless we vote for them because if the other party gets in then we are going to lose our Country and lose our democracy.

They falsely tell us we are not going to survive if we allow freedom of speech because if people have freedom of speech, then there is going to be misinformation and disinformation spread.

They falsely say this even though yesterday’s so-called “misinformation” has very often become today’s facts and truth.

They falsely tell us we are not going to survive if we do not provide hundreds of billions of dollars to help countries to fight wars. Even though the facts are that we could have avoided the wars completely if our political leaders had done what we should have done to calm the situations and bring people together before the wars ever began.

Our politicians want to keep us very afraid for our own survival because then they are able to weaken us by dividing us.

When we are weaker and divided, then they have been able to gradually exert more and more authoritarian rules upon us.

This same same thing happened in Germany in the 1930’s.

The German government convinced the German people that they should fear the Jewish people, and the German government made-up many false reasons for this fear from the amount of money the Jewish people had, to false lies about race, genetics, cleanliness, and the spreading of disease.

Through many years of this political effort, the German government convinced enough German people to think these lies were true, and this allowed the German government to be able to implement their personal power plan without much resistance from the German people.

From the very beginning of our current situation in America a few years ago, our politicians in leadership roles appeared to me to behave exactly like the government in “The Hunger Games” movies.

The government in “The Hunger Games” intentionally kept their citizens down and poor because people who are down and poor do not have the power to stand up for their own freedom.

The Hunger Games government also made up a game that separated and divided the contestants of the game by forcing them to try to kill the other competitors in order to survive and win.

The Hunger Games government was very smart because the contestants they chose for the games were always the most powerful individuals from each region. The government knew that these powerful individuals were the government’s biggest threats because they were the most likely to become leaders of their people, leaders who would have the personal power to push for freedom and better conditions.

By the Hunger Games government choosing the most powerful individuals for the games, then they were eliminating all, but one, of the most powerful individuals who could have pushed for improvements and change that would have overthrown the government, thereby allowing the Hunger Games government to solidify their personal power.

Is this any different from what we are experiencing now in America?

I don’t think it is different at all.

Many of our politicians continue to want to keep our American people down and poor. They want us to need for the government to give us a very small fish every day so we can survive for a day, instead of helping to teach us to fish so we can learn to provide for ourselves and for our families in Abundance for a Lifetime.

We have cities who have been giving very small fish to us every day for 50 and 60 years, so the politicians can stay in power for 50 and 60 years, because we are being tricked into thinking that we need these politicians to survive.

Our politicians are also making every effort to divide us through our skin-color, divide us by the nation our ancestors came to America from, divide us by who we choose to Love, by how we choose to dress, and by who we choose to identify with?

Our politicians do not want our American people to all stand together as one powerful group in the Democracy that America has always been founded upon.

They want for us to be divided, and they want for us to stay divided, because by us being divided then we incorrectly think that we are in a weak position, and that we need to give away our freedoms so that these politicians can save us.

The covid pandemic allowed these politicians to implement vaccine mandates, mask mandates, business closures, school closures, Church closures, and every additional restriction on us that they could come up with.

The misguided personal power they felt from being able to force people to do things during the pandemic made them realize, or think, that they can get away with forcing their power onto the American people.

As a result, these politicians want to continue to force us to do things that are beneficial to them.

They have been vastly exaggerating the dangers and risks to us of all the threats they claim we are facing, and these exaggerations have made many of us so scared for our own survival that we have been willing to submit to their authority so they can protect us.

Many of us have been willing to give up our freedoms because we think that giving up our freedoms will guarantee our own survival.

As a result, this is where we are today, in the middle of an authoritarian cycle, which is nothing more than a natural human instinct that comes around in human nature and human behavior about once every 83 years.

But this time, instead of us allowing this cycle to become just as bad, or worse, than the previous 83-year cycles that have resulted in major wars, including a Civil War and World War II, we have the opportunity to learn from history this time and change our choices, and change our behavior.

The first step for us to solve this authoritarian cycle before it can lead to war, and potentially lead to our Country’s collapse, is for us to solve the extreme polarization that currently exists between our American People, with our outstanding media, and between our political parties.

How did the heroes of “The Hunger Games” end up winning and saving their Country from collapse?

By the heroes stopping the fighting between themselves and coming together as one Team.

Each of us needs to Trust that we as individuals have gone way too far in one direction, even though our minds cannot tell us that we have.

And with this Trust we need to gently push ourselves to take a Step of Faith in the direction toward people who think differently than we do.

Faith is BELIEVING in something that we cannot yet see.

Faith is Believing in something that is not yet visible.

Therefore, I am asking for You to take a Step of Faith, in the BELIEF that we, as Americans, have been through many, many challenges over these past 248 years, and by us Staying Together we have Always Overcome every challenge we have ever faced.

We Have Always Been An All For One and One For All Country.

That is how We Became The Most Outstanding Country In The World.

This challenge is no different.

And as we take this Step of Faith Toward Each Other, We are going to Find A Way to search for the Middle between Us, and Find A Way to Compromise with the People who we disagree with and who we do not understand.

Because we know that the Truth and the Solution for Anything Is Always In The Middle.

Our American people who identify as members of the Democratic Party are Wonderful People who care about others, who are willing to give of themselves to help anyone and everyone who they feel needs their help, who celebrate and applaud diversity in every person and group, and who BELIEVE in an America where Everyone Loves Each Other.

Our American people who identify as members of the Republican Party are Wonderful People who care about others, who are willing to give of themselves to help anyone and everyone who they feel needs their help, who celebrate and applaud diversity in every person and group, and who BELIEVE in an America where Everyone Loves Each Other.

If you saw two people walking down the street, and then bending down to help a Child they did not know who had fallen, you wouldn’t know whether they were a Democrat or a Republican.

And it wouldn’t matter to You, or to the Child.

Surely, Two Groups of Wonderful People Can Find A Way to Come Together Again.

It is Time For Us to stop allowing people to divide us, and it is Time For Us To All Come Back Together Where We Belong.

We Know That As We Build A World For Our Children, It Is Going To Take All Of Us Together To Build It Successfully.

Let’s Get Started.



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