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Social media has many advantages, but it has also been shown to increase depression and anxiety in people, especially in young people, for reasons such as online bullying, being envious of others, and loneliness because writing to people online does not fulfill all our human needs of being physically close to each other.

Therefore, as parents we really want to set time limits for how long our children should spend on social media.

In addition, the advertising business models and the algorithms that the social media companies use are one of the primary reasons that America has become so divided as a country.

The algorithms are designed by the social media companies to push a continual stream of articles to each social media user that match what the user has previously read.

Likewise, the advertising business models generate more revenue by attracting users to advertisements on the articles that the users are interested in reading, based on the algorithms that are designed to get users to look at the articles that match the users’ viewpoints, so that the users will read more articles and gain more advertising revenue for the social media companies.

Therefore, it is in the financial interests of the social media companies to keep sending articles to users with content that matches what the users already think is accurate and true, because the more articles the users read then the higher the revenue brought in by the social media companies.

However, what is good for the finances of the social media companies is the same thing that is causing the division of America, because social media users are only reading articles with content that supports one side of every issue.

As a result of only seeing media content that supports their viewpoints, then people become very firm in their belief of this one-sided viewpoint because they do not ever read any of the facts that support a different viewpoint.

In fact, they usually do not even know there is another viewpoint besides their own.

As a result, a primary reason that America is so divided is because the social media companies have caused a situation where half of America only reads articles that support their viewpoint, and the other half of America only reads articles that support the opposite viewpoint, with very few people reading both viewpoints that allow them to fully understand the issues.

A second primary reason that America is being divided by social media is because human beings, at our core, have a deep desire to be part of a group that we feel accepted by.

When these two primary reasons combine, then human beings have a desire to be included as an accepted member in the only group of people they read about in the one-sided string of articles they are sent by the social media algorithms.

In fact, many people are not even aware that there is any other group of people to choose from or between because they are only aware of one viewpoint.

I have designed a solution for this social media dilemma through the implementation and enforcement of several rules that I would require of social media companies.

These are the Rules I would implement:

1) Require every political or contentious issue covered in an article to have a small table included with the article that shows the percentage of users who agree with each of the political viewpoints on an issue.

2) Along with the table, a list of a few articles that support each of the different viewpoints shown in the table from different sources.

By the social media users seeing these tables, then they will be able to see that there are varying opinions about every issue, which will result in the reader not being so extreme in his or her views.

In addition, the reader will be motivated to look at the list of articles shown with the table, in order to read about other people’s viewpoints.

The reader will often choose to read some of the articles that support other people’s viewpoints, which will allow them to gain a better understanding of why other people think differently than they do.

In our current social media situation, readers do not even know where to go to look for these articles that support other people’s viewpoints, and often these contradicting articles are not shown or even blocked from the internet search engine a reader uses.

But with these tables and the lists of articles that are included with the tables, then readers will realize that their own personal viewpoint is not the only reasonable viewpoint available, and they will also get the opportunity to read articles and facts that support other people’s viewpoints.

The result of this will be to eliminate most of the division between people that we currently have in America.

Although this law might, at first glance, appear to add a large amount of work for the social media companies, conducting these surveys on the various issues will actually increase social media user involvement by keeping readers on their social media platforms longer,

As a result, social media companies will greatly profit from these surveys.

Also, having these lists of articles that support other viewpoints will result in users reading more articles about the subject, and spending more time on the social media site, which will again increase the social media companies’ profits.

In addition, this rule would not require as much work for the social media companies as we initially think because there are not actually that many different issues and topics that a table and lists would need to be produced for since most political articles cover similar topics.

As a result, there are not that many tables and lists that would need to be produced because most tables and lists can be used repeatedly with all the articles that are written about that topic.

Additional Rules I would implement:

3) The social media companies would need to disclose the algorithms that they use, and all algorithms would need to be approved by a government department that oversees social media.

4) Social media companies would be required to have a software that eliminates bots and fake news influencers from their sites, because it is the bots and the fake news influencers that are often intentionally posting disinformation in order to try to divide Americans.

Going to a subscription-based model is an option that would help with the removal of bots and fake news influencers because the subscription information gathered would be designed to keep bots and fake news influencers from being able to register.

5) Make adjustments to the Section 230 law that currently provides immunity to social media and internet companies when there is disinformation, hateful language, and false information on their sites.

These adjustments would not remove all immunity, but it would include the social media and internet companies being legally responsible if they are not making specific and required efforts to keep these off their sites.

Section 230 immunity would be entirely removed for social media and internet companies who have any algorithmically elevated content on their websites that includes disinformation, misinformation, hateful language, and false information. Making companies legally responsible for their algorithms would force companies to have fair and honest algorithms that are not intentionally pushing and promoting one side of an issue.

6) Our Constitution allows free speech, but that does not mean that social media algorithms should be allowed to amplify false or hateful free speech to millions of people.

Therefore, social media companies need to be legally responsible for algorithms that incorrectly amplify false and hateful posts and articles.

7) Social media companies need to make it more difficult, and a slower process, for social media users to do things like retweet posts, because when retweeting is too quick and easy then users are often retweeting posts before they have time to actually think about whether they agree with the post, or not. By making retweeting a slower and somewhat more difficult process, then users have more time to think about whether they agree with the post before they repost it to a large number of people.

8) Social media companies should not be allowed to have advertisers who target a certain group of people with their ads. A recent study found that there was a 75% reduction in fake news on Facebook when an advertising system was designed to stop advertisers pushing articles at a target group of people.

In conclusion, the internet and social media companies are amazing technological advancements that are very valuable and important to Americans and to people from all over the world.

However, since it is a newly created technology, then it was only after the internet and social media sites had been invented that people have had the opportunity to look at and evaluate how we can improve the rules for these social media sites so that we maximize their benefits while minimizing and eliminating the dangers and the disadvantages.

With the rules I have put forward here, then social media companies will be able to grow from strength to strength, which will allow them to provide huge advantages and benefits for everyone.

The people who created and own these social media sites are outstanding Americans who have the deep desire to help America, and the deep desire to help the American people as much as they possibly can.

Implementing these rules will be a Win-Win solution for Everyone because these rules will still allow social media owners to fulfill their dreams, while also allowing our Wonderful American People to understand everyone’s different viewpoints so that we can eliminate our polarization and come together to communicate with each other in a Respectful and Understanding way.


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