We Will Protect Our Children When They Are In School

It is crucially important that we protect our children when they are at school.

Our children are not only the future of our Country and the future of our World, but they are also every family’s Greatest Treasure.

Therefore, we need to do whatever is necessary to make sure our children are safe when we send them off to school every morning.

During my years as a teacher, school administrator, and professor, I loved my students so much that I was always concerned about their safety at school.

I taught in one school that had the school cafeteria just inside the front entrance to the school, and so this was a very important security area that was potentially vulnerable during lunch time.

Because of this area of vulnerability, I often thought about what I was going to do to personally attack and tackle a school shooter if one had begun shooting after coming through the front door.

I had a plan for the route I was going to take from my office to get close enough to the shooter to be able to have a chance to run at them and tackle them.

School resource officers are often placed in schools to protect our children because many people think that school resource officers are our children’s best deterrent and defense against school shooters.

It has also been found that having a school resource officer reduces day-to-day violent incidents in a school by 30%, which keeps principals and teachers from needing to spend as much of their workday on disciplinary issues that take away from their work providing education.

However, some people think that school resource officers are not good to have because they can cause negative effects on children through an increase in disciplinary punishments, school suspensions, and even criminal arrests.

Some people also think that school resource officers can be biased against minority students.

As we look to make the decision on what is best for our children, we need to realize that our first priority is to keep our children safe from outside threats.

We also want to understand that the safety positives of a school resource officer are provided by having someone in the school resource officer position itself, while any negatives are only caused by the personal characteristics of the person who is hired to fill the officer role.

Therefore, we should not be deterred from hiring school resource officers because of the personality faults or work-related faults that some school resource officers have had.

In the same way, there are some regular police officers who do things that are wrong, but that does not mean we do not have any police officers.

Likewise, there are some teachers who do things that are wrong, but that does not mean we do not hire any teachers.

This principle applies in any career field.

There are always some people who do things wrong in any career field, but that does not mean that we do not have anyone in that career field.

I have spent many years as a teacher, professor, and school administrator, and I have worked with many outstanding school resource officers who have been some of the most important people and role models for our students in our school.

In my educational career experience, I have found that the Greatness in a school is very often provided by the people who work in the schools such as the custodians, the school resource officers, and the staff who are not teachers or principals.

Teachers have a very important job teaching in the classroom, but because teachers are inside their classroom for most of their day, and because they only get to see a small percentage of the school’s students in their classes, then teachers are usually only able to have a direct positive impact on a small percentage of the students in their school.

Likewise, principals are often busy in their offices with the management and administration of their school. In addition, they often have to leave the school for meetings in their district with superintendents and with other principals, and for training meetings that are outside of school.

Every school has a culture and an ecosystem that the school functions around, and although the teachers and the principals are a very important contributor to this culture, it is arguable that the biggest contributors to a positive or a negative school culture are the school workers, such as custodians and school resource officers who are out in the hallways and community areas all day and every day, seeing students throughout every day, and providing their own personal brand of caring, love, and encouragement.

Some of the most outstanding people I have ever met in schools have been the custodians and the school resource officers.

For example, my daughter received an award in high school one time, and she was presented it in the gym in front of a full crowd of people.

As soon as she was given the award, she walked over to the front row of the bleachers to give a hug to one person, Charlie Jennings, an older man who was one of the school custodians.

Charlie had spent four years giving positive encouragement to my daughter throughout her high school career, just like he had given positive encouragement to each and every student in the entire school for the past 25 years.

I cherish that memory of my daughter hugging Charlie, and the thought of it brings tears to my eyes.

Charlie was so kind and humble that he did not even realize the tremendously positive impact he was having on so many children.

I have also worked with custodians at other schools who were just as valuable to their students.

One woman I remember especially, because she was the most important person in the school building for a large number of students who relied on her as a mother figure.

School resource officers can be just as important to the students and to the school.

When I was teaching and being a school administrator, I would spend a great deal of time with the school resource officers, talking with them and getting to know them.

Some school districts would rotate school resource officers so they were changing every month or two.

However, when I found a school resource officer who cared about and loved our students, and so was great at his or her job, then I used to spend a lot of time talking with them and convincing them how great it would be for them to become our school resource officer full-time.

I would speak with them about the tremendously positive impact they could have on our children’s lives.

When these outstanding men and women became our full-time resource officer, then the Love and Kindness they gave to our students, and the work they did for our students and for our school, was amazing and extraordinarily positive.

An outstanding school resource officer not only protects the students from harm, but he or she also provides love and caring to the students individually, serves as a tremendous role model for students, provides motivation to students to become a police officer as a career, and reduces student anxiety toward police officers by helping students to trust and count on police officers whenever they are out in the regular world away from school.

In conclusion, we need to protect our children when they are at school, and school resource officers are the very best option for us to be able to do that.

The negativities that some people have experienced with school resource officers are not because of the position itself, but rather because of the guidelines and rules that those officers were asked to perform in, or because of the negative personality characteristics of certain officers.

Therefore, because the truth and solution is always in the middle like I have always said, then the truth and the solution with school resource officers is the combination of both the positive and the negative viewpoint.

As a result, we should have school resource officers, but we should only hire resource officers who have a teacher’s mentality for students, and who truly Love and Care About the students just like the students were their own children.

In addition, we need to work with the states and with the federal government to create the guidelines and the rules that school resource officers are required to work within.

We do not want school resource officers who are biased against certain skin shades, or resource officers whose focus is on discipline, school suspensions, and arrests.

Instead, we will build the guidelines and rules so that the school resource officers focus on the protection of their students from outside threats, and so our resource officers focus on becoming positive adult role models and caring leaders to all the students in their school.

Any school resource officer who does not work within these guidelines, or who is not a positive and caring role model for their students, will be replaced by a resource officer who will provide these crucially important personal characteristics and Loving behavior toward their students.

With this positive image that our school resource officers will build and develop, then we will also utilize our school resource officers to sometimes go into the classrooms to speak with the students, to help students to develop trust in regular police officers, to provide valuable career advice, and to teach and motivate our students about staying out of trouble.

We will make it a requirement that school resource officers will always work only for the school and will not work for the police department.

Along with this requirement, school resource officers will also not be allowed to provide a connection between the students and the criminal justice system that could potentially result in students being arrested.

In summary, school resource officers are a very crucial part of keeping our children safe in school, and for us to maximize their benefit to students then we always need to take the time to find and hire school resource officers who Love and Care deeply about their students, treating their students just like they are their own children.

We will also create a detailed national handbook for the work that school resource officers will do so that they are always serving as Positive, Caring, and Loving role models for their students, while being diligently focused on protecting their students from outside threats.


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