We Will Protect Our Children And Stop All Child Trafficking

As we work together To Build A World For Our Children, above all else we need to make sure that our Children are safe.

Every year there are millions of children worldwide who have been forced into child trafficking.

Hundreds of thousands of these children end up in America, primarily because of the millions of immigrants who have been allowed to illegally cross into America through our Southern border.

Oftentimes, children are brought to the border by illegal aliens who are not related to the children because these adults think it will be easier for them to gain entry into the United States if they have a child with them.

Our government does nowhere near enough to try to determine if these children are actually related to the adults they arrive with, and our government currently does not even allow border agents to interview the children on their own, or conduct DNA tests on the children and adults.

Instead, our very hardworking border agents are only able to watch the children and adults interact with each other from a distance, forcing our border agents to try to read minds and body language to try to guess at which children are being trafficked.

Hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied children also arrive at our border on their own, and our government turns these children over to child “sponsors” who may be planning to traffic the children.

Once again, our government does nowhere near enough vetting on these sponsors before entrusting these adults with the precious Lives of children.

It has been reported recently that 85,000 unaccompanied children have gone missing during the past few years after crossing the border and being turned over to sponsors.

American authorities do not even know where these children are or how to try to contact them.

This is an incomprehensible failure to the children, to their families, and to all of humanity by our current politicians.

These politicians have been letting millions of immigrants enter illegally into America because the politicians think that the immigrants will help them to win elections.

However, in the process of this selfish action by our politicians that is damaging America, hundreds of thousands of children have been severely harmed by these politicians.

Therefore, we need to assign a complete government department to work 24 hours a day, every day, to find these children.

Then, after finding them we need to locate their parents and family members either in the United States or in their home country, and then return these Wonderful children to their families.

We also need to strengthen our border security rules and regulations by allowing and requiring our border agents to interview all children who arrive on their own, and all children who arrive at the border with adults.

These interviews will allow us to make certain that the children are safe, and allow us to make certain that the children and adults are actually related to each other.

We also need to be allowed to give DNA tests to all children and adults who have arrived together at the border, and if any children are found not to be related to the adults they are traveling with, then the children and adults need to be separated. With the adults denied entry into America and potentially arrested if there is evidence of possible child trafficking, and with the children held in social services until their families can be located.

This will result in a small number of children being held in social services when this law is first started, but very quickly the adults will stop bringing trafficked children to the border because word will quickly spread to immigrant countries that adults are not allowed entry into the United States if they bring a child who is not related to them.

Therefore, this single law on its own will automatically stop almost all child trafficking across the border.

Our current political administration has not placed anywhere close to as much importance on making sure that children are safe, and on rescuing children, as we should be doing in America.

Our current administration just continues to focus its attention on allowing as many immigrants as possible to enter America for their own political purposes, instead of focusing on the protection of children. Which is unforgiveable because these children are all alone and have no way to protect themselves.

If we are going to be the tremendous Country that we have set our Goals on becoming, then we first must protect all the People who are our weakest and most vulnerable, and more than anyone else this includes our Children.

I will have a government department that works 24 hours a day, every day, to locate trafficked children at our border and inside of America, and then return these children to their families.

Until families are found, or if families are not able to be found, then we will allow these children to move into our outstanding Village communities, just like our foster care children do, where they will be able to have housing, attend school, receive medical care, work on personal development skills, be trained in career skill development, and be hired for a job by the Village Corporate Partner.

You can read more about our Villages by reading the page on this website titled, “Creating A New and Wonderful World For Our Foster Children.”

In conclusion, when we are Building A World For Our Children, then we are Building A World For All God’s Children no matter whether they arrived in America by birth, or whether they arrived completely on their own because they were brought to America by a stranger who we saved the children from.


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