You Will Overcome Adversity And Conquer Your Challenges – Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan

Life is a series of challenges where we are attempting to accomplish and achieve things that are very important to us, from doing well on a test and graduating from school, to making a sports team, to trying to compete in a competition, to applying for a job and going for an interview, to proposing to our partner, to trying to be the very best parent that we can be, to trying to build a Wonderful Life for our Family.

But the key point for us to remember is that whether we perform well on a given day is primarily dependent upon the hard work we have put in during the days, weeks, months, and years leading up to our performance attempt.

Everything in Life is about working Every Day as hard as we can to achieve Self-Development.

There is a very valid saying that people overestimate how much they can accomplish in a day, but they underestimate how much they can accomplish in a few months or a few years.

I always say to my players and to my students that that if you work the very hardest that you can in a given Day, then the most you can improve is just a tiny bit, such a small amount that your improvement is almost too small to measure.

However, if you work as hard as you can every Day for a period of months and years, then all these tiny amounts add up on top of each other, and so when you look back many months and years from now, you will be absolutely Amazed at how far you have come and how much you have improved.

The comparison I would make to emphasize this most important point is a child. If you have a child, and you are seeing your child every Day, then you do not notice that your child is growing taller because although your child is growing a tiny bit every Day, the amount of their growth is too small for you to notice.

However, if you do not see a child for several months, or a few years, then you are amazed at how much they have grown.

I continually spoke about this philosophy and principle of self-development to my students and to my players, and as a result it became the mantra and call to arms of my college students who I loved, large numbers of whom have gone on to become very successful coaches, athletes, and business people.

This philosophy and principle of self-development works exactly the same way for your own personal development.

Therefore, the key points that we all need to realize are:

1) If we work as hard as we absolutely can for a given Day, then it is only possible for us to achieve a very small amount.

2) But if we work as hard as we absolutely can every Day for a period of months and years, then we will be able to look back and be Amazed at how far we have come.

3) For you to accomplish this Tremendous personal growth for yourself that is going to Amaze you, then it is necessary for you to work this hard every single Day because the principle of compounding can only take effect when you do it every single Day.

4) The mistake that people make is that they only put the hard work in once or twice a week, or even a few times a week, and when they do this then they often become discouraged because they are not seeing the results they would like.

5) The reason that putting in the hard work only once or twice a week, or even a little bit more, does not work is because although you are improving the same tiny bit on the days you work, you are slipping backwards on the days you are not working, and so you get caught up in a one step forward and one partial step back trap. This limited amount of forward movement is not powerful enough to create the energy potential and the power synergy to explode you upwards.

6) But if you put in this hard work every single Day, you will improve a tiny percentage on the first Day, and then on the second Day you will improve a tiny percentage on the level you started at, and you will also improve a tiny percentage on the improvement you made on the first day. And then on the third day, you will improve by a tiny percentage on the level you started with, by a tiny percentage on the improvement you made on the first Day you worked, and by a tiny percentage on the improvement you made on the second Day you worked.

7) Therefore, your improvement becomes like compound interest on your money in a bank. If you deposit $100 into a bank at 5% interest, and if the bank pays you your interest once per year at the end of the year, then the bank will pay you $5 at the end of the year so that you have $105 in the bank. But if the bank pays you 5% interest compounded daily, then at the end of the year you are going to have considerably more than $105 because throughout the year you will be getting paid interest on the original $100, and you will also be getting paid on the interest that the bank has already paid you each day throughout the year.

8) This concept is like rolling snow into a ball to make a snowman. You start by making a small snowball, and as you roll it in the snow, then the snowball picks up a little snow from the ground as you roll it. While the snowball is small, it takes several full rolls in the snow to get noticeably bigger. However, when the snowball gets larger then it seems to almost double in size with every roll you make. Therefore, just like your improvement, your snowball is collecting snow on top of the snow you have already collected.

When any of us lift weights, then we understand and accept this principle automatically because we have all seen that when we are dedicated to a weight training program. We realize that as we weight train over time, we are going to see that we are gradually putting more and more weight on the bar, and that we are getting gradually stronger little by little.

That is just the way our bodies work, and because we are so used to this concept for weight training then we accept this concept as a natural law for weight training.

But when we are taking on different self-development challenges that are not as easy to measure as an exact amount of weight on a bar, then it becomes more difficult and more subjective for us to measure our improvement.

Because it is more difficult for us to measure our improvement, then we do not appreciate that our improvement and development for anything is just like our improvement with weights.

However, this principle of self-improvement works for everything if we follow the same every Day work process.

Unfortunately, though, when we cannot measure our improvement on something we are working on as easily as we can measure the exact weights we put on a bar, then we make the mistake of skipping Days.

We rationalize with ourselves that we will skip today, but we will work twice as hard tomorrow.

To which I would say, if it is possible for you to work twice as hard tomorrow, then you should have worked twice as hard today and twice as hard tomorrow.

Skipping days also does not work because it results in you taking partial steps backward on the Days you skip, and so skipping days results in you not getting the benefit of compound interest on your work for those Days you skipped.

One of the reasons that many people do not work as hard as they need to work is because we only see the great athletes, the great entertainers, the great musicians, the great speakers, the great singers, the great actors and actresses, the great businessmen, the great politicians, and the other people who are great at anything, after they have already become great.

We do not get to see these people when they were not as good, when they were cut from the team on sports try-outs, when they sat on the bench after they were on a team, when they were trying to learn the guitar and their fingers were raw and bleeding, when they were young and the smallest person on their team, when they were taking singing lessons to learn how to sing, when they were struggling with grades in school that threatened them from graduating, when their first few businesses failed and they had to start again from scratch, when as a coach they had two losing seasons in a row and they got fired early in their career, when they had to transfer colleges because they were not getting any playing time where they were, when they were acting in the small play in the local corner theater and not in the giant movie they are in now, when they lost the first three elections they ran in for political office, and when they were homeless because they had lost everything they had and were forced to start all over again.

Because we do not get to see these people before they were great, then we make the mistake of thinking that these people were always great.

When the reality is that each and every one of these great people had to overcome many challenges and adversities throughout their Lives and throughout their careers.

The reality is also that each and every one of these great people had to work extremely hard to get to where they are now.

When we look at these people now, then we are seeing the finished product of all their years of hard work, and so we do not get the opportunity to see how much they have improved since the beginning and how far they have come.

One of the most important things I have learned over the years is that each of us, You and me, can accomplish whatever we very badly want to accomplish if we are willing to outwork everyone else who wants the same thing that we do.

To accomplish whatever you desire, you only need to make a Plan that you are going to use as Your Directed Path for how you are going to reach your Goals, and then you just need to set your mind on doing Everything that is in Your Plan Every Single Day.

When you first make your original Plan, then You are going to be detailed in writing everything You are going to do to reach Your Goals. Therefore, your original Plan is going to be specific.

However, at the beginning of anything you are not going to know all the answers. In fact, you are not even going to know many of the questions.

Therefore, You want to be ready to adjust and fine-tune your original Plan as You work toward Your Goals.

The way your original Plan adjusts is because Every Day You are Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan. Every Day You are deciding on a Daily Plan for what You are going to do that Day, that You think is the most important way You can spend your time on that Day.

The concept is like a very wide river that has a strong current and is flowing quickly but is only about a foot deep. Making it shallow enough for small rocks to stick up out of the river by a few inches.

You are standing on one side of this river, and the Goal you are trying to accomplish is on the other side of the river.

For You to reach your Goal on the other side of the river, You need to figure out a way to step on the rocks that are sticking up above the water so You can get across the river to your Goal on the other side.

As you stand there and scan the river and all the hundreds of rocks that you can potentially step on, you will come up with a Plan for the Path that you think you can go on. This is your original Plan.

This original Plan is important because you do not want to set off on a chosen path that gets you three-quarters of the way across the river, and then realize you are stuck because there are no more rocks to step on along that path.

Therefore, your chosen Path, which is your original Plan, needs to be well-thought-out before you step on the first rock because you are going to have to step on about a hundred rocks to get across the river.

And so, before you start, you want to have an original Plan of the exact route you are going to try to follow, including a Plan for the exact one hundred stones you are going to step on to get to your Goal on the other side.

This is Your Original Plan.

However, although you can see all the hundred rocks across the river from a distance, the truth is also that because it is so far across the river, then it is not possible for you to see the details about each of these one hundred rocks that you Plan to step on.

Therefore, you begin on your Path and you step on the first rock, and then you probably step on your planned rocks on steps 2, 3, and 4 because each of those rocks was close enough to your side of the river that you knew those steps were all flat and solid rocks to step on.

However, as you continue across the river, you are going to be able to see each of the rocks that you come to more clearly than you could see them from way back at the side of the river where you began.

Therefore, before you step on each rock, you are going to analyze that rock to see how flat it is so you can decide if you can balance on it, to see whether it looks solid and flat against the river bottom so that it does not turn or tilt underwater if you step on it, and to see if it is wet or has any moss on it that would make it slippery.

In addition, as you are analyzing this rock for all these qualities, you are also going to look ahead to see if you think the next 3, or 4, or 5 rocks after this rock look solid to step on, because you do not want to choose to step on a rock that does not have good rocks and a good path to follow after that rock.

Therefore, although you are going to begin along the path of rocks that you thought looked the best from your starting point on the side of the river, once you begin your journey along your chosen direction, your actual path is going to be adjusted and fine-tuned as you go, depending upon your evaluation of each of the next rocks you decide to step on.

As a result, your path across the river is going to change and adjust as you work your way across the river to Your Goal.

This river example is exactly what happens in Real Life with Your Plan to reach Your Goals.

Before you get started on your Real Life Journey toward Your Goals, you want to put together an exact and detailed Plan for how you think you can reach Your Goals, just like you had an exact Plan for the one hundred rocks you planned to step on to get across the entire river before you ever stepped on the very first rock.

However, just like you had to analyze and evaluate each of the rocks as you came to it before you chose to step on each rock while you made your way across the river, with your Real Life Plan and Goals then you also have to analyze and evaluate how you are doing and what you need to do on a Daily Basis so that you can adjust and fine-tune Your Path toward Your Goals Every Day.

Each of the rocks in this river analogy represents the same as a Day in your Real Life Journey toward Your Goals.

Therefore, just as you analyzed and evaluated each and every rock before you stepped on it, you also need to take time Every Day to analyze and evaluate whether Your Plan and Your Path to Your Goals is on course.

Likewise, just as you looked three or four rocks ahead of the next rock before you chose to step on the next rock, in order to make sure that the path after that rock was good and that it connected you with the best path across the river, when you are making Your Daily Plan in Real Life that is going to bring you to Your Goals, before you finalize Your Daily Plan each Day you also want to look into the future beyond Today to make certain that Your Daily Plan is going to connect you to the Best Path toward Your Goals.

This Daily Analysis and Evaluation that you work on every Day allows you to Plan what you think is the most important thing you should be doing on Each Day.

Providing you with the opportunity to Plan what you should be doing Every Day that you think will get you the furthest along Your Path toward Your Goals.

This Daily Analysis and Evaluation also allows you to fine-tune and make any adjustments that you need or want to make that will provide you with the most benefit.

Being able to make slight adjustments every Day keeps you moving in as close to a straight line as possible toward Your Goals.

This concept is like steering a boat. If you have ever driven a boat you will appreciate how there is a delay between when you turn the steering wheel and when the boat actually begins to turn in the direction that you steered.

As a result, when people first begin steering a boat, they often make the mistake of turning the steering wheel farther than they need to turn it. People do this because when they turn the steering wheel the correct amount and the boat has its regular delay in beginning to physically turn, then the boat does not immediately respond to the steering, and so it is natural for a new driver to think they need to turn the wheel even farther during the delay period because the new driver has not seen the boat respond to the first turning of the steering wheel.

However, turning the steering wheel too far during this delay period results in the boat beginning to turn far too much in that direction.

With the boat now heading off course at an angle, a new driver will turn the wheel back in the opposite direction to try to correct the initial mistake.

However, once again there is a delay in the response of the boat, and so during this delay the new driver will very likely overcorrect by turning the wheel too far in that direction.

This will result in the boat now going at too much of an angle in that direction.

Until the new driver gets used to the steering delay of the boat, then the new driver will have the boat going back and forth at angles like a slalom skier, instead of keeping the boat in a straight line to where they want to go.

The more distance and time your boat keeps going back and forth, the longer it is going to take to get to your destination across the lake, river, or ocean.

Now imagine the difference in time and distance traveled between getting to your destination in a straight line and getting to your destination by going back and forth at angles across the water.

Doing your Path analysis and evaluation is exactly like this example of a boat being steered. The longer you wait before your next analysis and evaluation, the farther distance you will be going at the wrong angle before you can make a steering adjustment to get you back on your direct Path to Your Goals.

Therefore, if you only analyze and evaluate once a year, then you are going to be going at the wrong angle for an entire year, which is going to cause you to get far off course from your Path which is going to waste a large amount of time.

If you analyze and evaluate once every month, then this is going to keep you more on Path than only doing it once a year, but you are still going to be going back and forth at angles across the water.

If you analyze and evaluate once every week, then this is a big improvement from doing it every year or every month, but it is still not ideal.

However, if you analyze and evaluate every Day, then you are going to make every small and tiny adjustment to your steering so that you are never going to be getting off course from your Direct Path toward Your Goals.

Since a straight line is the shortest distance between two points, then by you analyzing and evaluating where you are in relation to your Path every Day, then you are going to keep yourself in a direct and straight line to reach Your Goals in the shortest distance and in the shortest amount of time.

Just think about the difference between driving a boat straight across the water in comparison to driving it at angles back and forth across the water. Going straight across the water is going to get you there two or three times as fast because you are going to be traveling much less distance.

In addition, going in a straight line across the water allows your boat to gain momentum and speed because the boat is not needing to go through the slow process of turning and changing direction.

Achieving Your Goals is exactly the same. By you evaluating and analyzing your situation and your location every Day so that you stay in a straight line toward Your Goals, then you save distance, you save time, and you increase your speed and your momentum so that you are able to reach Your Goals more quickly than you ever thought was possible.

This Every Day process of Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan allows you to maximize the benefits of Each and Every Day.

As you make Your Plan Every Day, and as you commit yourself to the Process of working as hard as you can Every Day, then You will improve by a small amount Every Day. And all these small amounts will add up on top of each other until You reach Your Desired Goal.

I Promise You that this will work for you because this is One of the Laws of Our Universe.

As soon as You commit yourself to the Process of Planning Your Work Every Day, and Working Your Plan as Hard as You can Every Day, then Everything else takes care of itself.

For example, I remember my own days growing up. My school had me skip over second grade, going straight from 1st grade to 3rd grade. As a result, I was always a year younger than everyone else in my classes, and often two years younger than some of my classmates.

I was also a late grower, and so being a year younger than everyone, and being a late grower, caused me to be the smallest person in my high school during my freshman year.

But because I worked harder than anyone else, and also grew, I ended up playing four sports in high school, winning championships in three of them and finishing second in the fourth sport, and being chosen the most outstanding athlete.

Despite this success, I was recruited in college to play baseball but I still had to be a walk-on for football in college, and so once again I had to start the work process from the bottom where again I totally committed myself to my Goals.

As a walk-on for football, I began as the ninth-string quarterback on the freshman team, which was the last string there was, and within a couple of weeks I moved to slot receiver because that got me elevated to seventh-string, which felt like a move up to me even though it was still last string.

The coaches had a giant depth chart on the wall in the main hallway with key hooks under every playing position, and they would hang our names on the hooks based upon where we were on the depth chart.

This depth chart was in the main hallway, and so you had to walk past it and see it many times every day.

When I was at quarterback, my name was so far down the depth chart that they had to put in an extra hook off the bottom of the chart for me. And so seventh-string slot receiver looked pretty good to me at that point.

As the season went along, I figured out that my best chance of moving up the depth chart at slot receiver was to become a great blocker. The other receivers did not like to block very much, and so I thought I could separate myself by helping our running game with my blocking.

I made myself into a very dominant blocker, and by doing so I worked my way into becoming the starting receiver by the fourth game of the season. In my first game as a starter, I scored a 50-yard touchdown on the first pass they had ever thrown to me in a game, and this began a season where I went on to lead the team in receiving.

Through my years in college, just like in high school, I worked so hard that I played football, baseball, and ran track, to become the only three-sport athlete in Furman history for the past 50 years. Winning two championships, being chosen on various occasions as the most outstanding college defensive player in the state of South Carolina, being nominated as the Furman Athlete of the Year, being nominated as the Southern Conference Athlete of the Year, and also setting tackling records in football and school batting records in baseball.

During my college career, I did every Day what I have written here to recommend to you.

Which just goes to show that there is no limit to what you can accomplish, and how much you can improve, when You Make An Original Detailed Plan to Reach Your Goals, when You Make A Daily Plan Every Day for what you are going to do Every Day to get you closer to your Goals, and when You Follow Your Daily Plan to Work as Hard As You Possibly Can Every Day.

When I went to the NFL, because I had outworked everyone for so many years, then for the first time in my Life I was starting from a position where I was a better athlete at the start of my NFL career than the players I was competing against.

In the player testing combine, I was the strongest defensive back on the team benching 325 pounds, one of the fastest players on the team in every sprint distance, and I scored off the top of the NFL charts in all three of the agility drills with a score of 10-plus in every agility drill that was faster in every drill than the top of the NFL charts even had a category for.

In addition, I was the hardest tackler on the team, as shown by how the coaches chose me as the gunner/headhunter on the kick-off teams, whose job it was to go straight to the football to make the tackle, and I led the team in interceptions during training camp, including two interceptions returned for touchdowns.

As a result, if I had not torn up my knee making a tackle in a game against the Eagles, that resulted in me having to get major knee surgery that players in those days did not come back from because the surgery

techniques were different than they are now, then I was in a better position to be an outstanding player in the NFL than I had been when I began high school or began college.

I then played professional baseball as a centerfielder, and I then went to Europe where I played American football for ten years, setting many team, League, and National records as both a wide receiver and as a free safety, and winning 12 different championships, including 3 National Championships and 2 European Championships.

Therefore, the only reason I am mentioning my background is to emphasize to you that the process I am recommending to you does really work.

I began as the smallest person in my high school, and as a walk-on in college, but somehow through my many years of outworking everyone on a daily basis that I was competing against, and by following the same Every Day work Plan and evaluation Plan I have described to you, then I was able to improve a tiny bit Every Day until all these Days of tiny bits added up on top of each other, and I became a better athlete than the best athletes in some of the most athletic professional sports.

My story is not unique. Every person has his or her own personal story, just like you have your own personal story of your own challenges and your own adversities that you have overcome.

Therefore, the Plan I have described to you will definitely work for you.

By you working as hard as you can Every Day so that you improve a tiny bit Every Day, and by you analyzing and evaluating your progress Every Day so you can gain the most benefit and most improvement from your Every Day of work.

By you doing this, then Your result will be that all of these Days of tiny bits of improvement are going to add up on top of each other for you, and several months or years from now you are going to be able to look back and be Amazed at how much you have Accomplished and how Far You Have Come.

I Promise You that this Plan works.

As further examples of how it works. In addition to me working very hard from being the smallest person in my high school to reaching my goal of playing two professional sports, I have seen this Plan work many times for me for everything from being a head coach in three sports that won 12 championships, including three National championships and two European championships, to being a high school teacher, a professional sports team owner and general manager of three different professional teams including the European champions, a college professor and head of two departments, a movie screenwriter, a television host of more than 1,000 television programs, a television station general manager and owner for ten years where we grew the station and our viewers by 10,000%, a business owner of many businesses, a movie producer and director, the National team head coach for American football where we won the European championship in my first year, a manager of a thoroughbred racehorse farm that has won many triple crown horse races, a motivational book author, the television host and producer of a Veteran’s Voice television program that produced hundreds of television show interviews with World War II veterans that is the largest compilation of personally-told World War II history in the world, a weekly columnist and magazine feature writer, a director of a high school where we were chosen one of the ten Super Schools in the United States, and where I was invited

by the U.S. Congress to speak with Congress in Washington DC about the future of education in America, etc.

Some people think I have done many different things, but none of these things I have done in the past impress me at all.

I do not think anything about any of what I have done, and in my opinion I should have done a whole lot more.

The reason I do not think anything about these things is because I know that in every one of these cases, all I did was come up with a Plan, and then I just worked as hard as I could Every Single Day to try to be successful.

By working as hard as I could Every Single Day, then I improved and accomplished a tiny bit Every Day, and after many, many Days of this I had improved enough that I was able to generate some success.

The reason I am not impressed by any of these things I have done is because I know that anyone could have done these same things if they had been as committed as I was, and if they had worked as hard at them as I did.

All of us are the same. We are all equal.

And we all can do the same things and achieve the same amount of success as each other. The only variables we need to control are How Focused are we on our Plan and Goals, and How Hard are we Working.

I remember hearing a story one time that if you have a Dream, then you do not want to tell someone about your Dream who has never accomplished that Dream because a person who has not accomplished it will tell you all the reasons and obstacles that make it impossible for you to achieve your Dream.

You do not want to tell your Dream to someone like this because if they haven’t achieved Your dream themselves, then they cannot see or have a vision for how your Dream can be accomplished. They only see the obstacles.

Instead, you want to go and tell your Dream to a great person who has already achieved your Dream. Because that person will tell you that, “Of course you can Achieve Your Dream”, and he or she will completely BELIEVE in You and give You confidence in yourself.

The person who has already achieved your Dream Believes that you can Achieve Your Dream also because he or she does not think that they are special or any different from You.

The person who has already Achieved it knows that You have just as much chance to Achieve Your Dream as he or she did, because they know that all they did was Work Hard.

We Are All Equal.

You can go and meet anyone in this world, from someone with the lowest job position or even unemployed, to someone who is world famous in any career field.

And both of these people will be the same.

We are all Human Beings. We are all Equal.

We see famous people, or people on television, or people in movies, or singers, or athletes, or politicians, and we think these people are different and have something special that we do not have.

I can assure you they are not better.

Everyone is the same. We are all Equal.

Some people just had a Goal, made a Plan for how they thought they could get to their Goal, and then just Focused on it and Worked Very Hard toward it on a Daily Basis.

With the different career things I have done, more than anything, all I did was put in Very Hard Work on a Daily Basis and apply my Complete Focus to whatever I did, a Focus that allowed me to adjust and fine-tune my Plan Every Day as I went along.

None of us have all the answers when we begin a journey toward a Goal, and we often do not even know most of the questions when we begin.

And so, if it is impossible to have all the answers when we begin, then we cannot possibly design a perfect Plan at the beginning.

Therefore, we have to Completely Focus our Attention Every Day on what we are doing so that we can adjust and fine-tune our Plan as we go along.

As we look to America and as we look at all the challenges we currently face, I would offer to You, and to America, this same Complete Focus and Hard Work Every Single Day if I am ever in a position to Serve You and to Serve America in whatever role You would like for me to serve.

I have never thought about it before, until I am writing this to You here tonight, but that is what Sir Winston Churchill said when he took over as Prime Minister of a very demoralized British people to inspire and lead Great Britain to victory with America in World War II.

Prime Minister Churchill said, “I have nothing to offer but Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat.”

That is all that any of us can ever offer to anything.

Our Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat are displayed by Our Daily Maximum Commitment to Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.

And Prime Minister Churchill also said, “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

That attitude to never give up is what saved Great Britain in World War II, and this same attitude to never give up is what it takes to reach Your Goals when You are giving Maximum Commitment Every Day to Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.

In addition to me being able to find success because I followed this simple Plan of Hard Work and Focus on Every Single Day until I reached my goals, I have also seen this same Plan work hundreds and

thousands of times for my players, for my high school and college students, for my children, and for many people all across America and around the World.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan Every Day, and You Will Be Amazed At What You Can Accomplish.

All of us go through ups and downs in our Lives, the ups when things are going well, and the downs when we do not know how we are going to make it through.

But you cannot allow the down periods to cause you to give up on Achieving Your Goals.

When things are not going well for you, then instead of giving up, just Focus your Attention on the Process of Your Daily Hard Work.

Instead of giving up. Fight on the beaches to Reach Your Goals, and fight in the fields to Reach Your Goals, and Fight in the hills to Reach Your Goals. Never surrender.

If any one of us can do something, then ALL of us can do it.

Because we are All Equal. We are All The Same.

You know that by You Working Hard then You are going to be able to make some Progress Every Day.

And so, when things are not going well for you because you are going through one of those down periods, then stop thinking about results, and instead start thinking about and Focusing on the Process of Your Work Every Day.

Because You Know and BELIEVE in the Universal Law that if You Work Hard Every Day, then One Day in the Future You are going to be able to look back and See How Far You Have Come.

All it takes is for You to Just Trust and Have Faith In The Process.

Just Focus Yourself on the Process Of You Working As Hard As You Can Every Day.

And as You Improve Your Situation By A Tiny Bit Every Day, then One Day You are going to be Amazed when You look back and See that You have Overcome all the challenges You were facing before, and that You are already Far Along Your Path to Achieving Your American Dream.

I Know You Can Do It.

And You Know You Can Do It.

Because if any one of us can do something, then ALL of us can do it.

Because We Are All Equal.

We Are All The Same.

Every Accomplishment You Desire is Achievable. You Just Need To Follow The Every Day Process.


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Our current political leaders incorrectly view our World from a viewpoint of scarcity, and because they see our World as having scarcity, then they think there is only a limited amount of anything that is good. Therefore, since they think there is a limited amount of...

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You Create Your World By What You Think About

You Create Your World By What You Think About

TO HEAL AS A NATION WE HAVE TO HEAL AS INDIVIDUALS FIRSTYour thoughts have the power to Create Your World and to Create Your Life How You Want Your Life To Be. We can look at a limitless number of examples of this. Here are some quotes from the past. “One’s own...

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We Would Love For You To Be A Leader In Our Nationwide And Worldwide Movement.

If you would like to volunteer to start a Let Us Build A World For Our Children – We BELIEVE For America Chapter in your local area or state, then please send us an email at 

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If you would like to volunteer to start a Let Us Build A World For Our Children Chapter in your country outside of the United States so that Together we can build World Peace, World Friendship, and a Worldwide Partnership to Tremendously Improve the Lives of All Our World’s Children, then please send us an email at

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