Our World Is A World Of Abundance

Our current political leaders incorrectly view our World from a viewpoint of scarcity, and because they see our World as having scarcity, then they think there is only a limited amount of anything that is good.

Therefore, since they think there is a limited amount of anything good, then they think that someone has to lose in order for someone else to win, and that all of us have to fight with each other to try to get our share.

As a result of their incorrect view of the World, they see all the other countries as our competitors and enemies who are trying to do better than us, defeat us, take from us, and steal our share of everything for themselves.

These politicians are constantly talking about other successful countries being our enemies, who are trying to overcome us and steal from us.

However, our current politicians are incorrect. Our World is not a world of scarcity.

Our World is a World of Abundance.

Ever since God first created our World, humanity has been continually moving forward toward Greater Abundance.

Just look back at history where small villages of people had very little, and these villages that were right next to each other fought wars with one another.

And compare that long ago scenario to where we are now.

Most of our World now has luxuries and materials and technology that could not even be imagined 50 years ago, and 95% of our World is now related to each other and share deep Friendships.

This progression toward World Abundance is going to continue to improve and grow in the Future until everyone in Our World, all 100% of us, are related to each other and share deep Friendships.

Therefore, we should not be wasting our time fighting wars with each other, and we should not waste our time trying to keep other countries from being as successful as we are.

There is more than enough Abundance available in our World to allow all countries of our World to be Successful.

Instead of us thinking that we need to fight, outmaneuver, and defeat other countries so we can hold onto our share, we will set our Goal to treat all the countries of our World as Our Friends.

Instead of us looking at China as being our enemy and a threat to our position as the number one world power, we will be working with China to help them to be more successful, so that they can work with us to help us to be more successful, also.

We will put forward this same level of close Friendship to every country in our World, and when we do this, then wars in our World will stop because all of us will be working together to help every other Country to be just as Successful as we are.

I am not referring to us giving your money to these countries. I am not talking about taking from You and giving to them.

Taking from one person and giving it to the other person displays living with the wrong kind of thinking.

This is scarcity thinking where our current politicians think there is only a limited amount of good, and so we have to take from one person in order to give it to another person.

For example, these politicians think they have to take a continually increasing amount of money from you through taxes so they can give your money to other people. This is incorrect scarcity thinking.

I am not talking about giving everyone a small fish for a day so you can barely survive like our current politicians have been doing. I am talking about teaching and helping people to learn how to fish so they can take care of themselves with Abundance.

I am talking about a World of Abundance, where there is more than enough to go around for everyone, and our primary role is to help to teach everyone to find their own Abundance.

When we are working in our careers, all of us believe the wise saying that You Can Get Whatever You Want When You Help Enough Other People To Get What They Want.

Since we believe this in our own lives and careers, then why do we not think this same way when we are dealing with our neighbors from other countries?

As I have been writing and saying for the past 17 years, wars do not happen when people Communicate with each other, when we show Respect toward each other, and when we are Understanding of each other.

The fact is that when every Country is Successful and Flourishing, then there will be no purpose in anyone fighting a war again, and so we will have World Peace everywhere.

The reason it is so important for all of our countries to work together, and the reason it is so important that we continue our Progression toward Worldwide Abundance, is because our most important challenges in the future are going to be Worldwide Challenges.

Our most important challenges of the future are climate change, environmental protection, a shortage of drinking water, plastic pollution, possible pandemics, food shortages, the maze of thousands of satellites that are being sent up around our Earth that no one and no country is monitoring or managing, and dangers from outer space that can range from meteors to radiation to the potential of visitors.

Therefore, it is going to be crucial for all of us in our World to be Friends and Family who are working together for the good of all of us.

It makes no sense for Democrats and Republicans to be fighting with each other over every ridiculous issue and detail, when America has so many huge Challenges facing us that Democrats and Republicans should be working together to solve.

Likewise, it is just as ridiculous for Countries to be fighting against each other when our World has so many huge Challenges facing us that our Countries should be working together to solve.

When your back is up against the wall because you have many Challenges to face, then we do not want to be wasting time fighting among ourselves.

Instead, we want to have someone who will Support Us, who will Stand Strong Behind Us and With us, and Fight for Us whenever it is necessary.

Democrats and Republicans together.

Every Religion together.

And Every Country together.


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