Our Focus On Improving The Physical Fitness And Health Of Our American People

We need to utilize all our knowledge and efforts, both medical and natural, to take care of our American People.

For the first time in American history, studies have shown that our children are expected to have a shorter life expectancy than we are.

As an example of this, 33% of our Children are diabetic or prediabetic.

The main reasons for this are that our children are not eating nutritional foods and they are not participating in enough physical activities.

How are We Going To Build A World For Our Children unless we are raising our children to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

Our children need to grow up understanding that physical fitness contributes to their mental and cognitive strength and skills, and that physical fitness contributes tremendously to their emotional and mental Happiness.

As a Country we are not being physically active enough, we are taking more pharmaceutical drugs as a nation than we ever have in history, we are not eating nutritionally, and we have the lowest personal happiness as a Country that we have ever had.

As a result, 47% of all Americans are obese or severely obese, and an additional 32% are overweight, which means that 79% of all Americans are overweight or obese. The highest percentage in American history.

In addition, 60% of our American people have chronic diseases. Again, the highest percentage in American history.

It is the responsibility of our government to see that the combination of not being physically active, not eating nutritionally, and taking large amounts of pharmaceutical drugs is not working for our children, for our adults, or for our Country.

Therefore, our government needs to see this and take action to implement programs that will motivate our Country to get back on track to the level of physical fitness that we need to be healthy.

Along these lines, If I were President, then I would get our schools and our children excited again about The President’s Council on Physical Fitness, motivating and honoring our students and young people when they place an emphasis on their personal fitness and health.

We do not want to make it extremely difficult to achieve The President’s Council on Physical Fitness because that would be demotivating.

However, because we have not been doing our very best for our children, then we need to work hard to help them to understand the tremendous importance of nutrition and physical fitness in their Lives.

We also need to help them to understand that physical fitness, mental fitness, and emotional fitness are connected with each other.

In addition to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, I would implement a 10,000 steps challenge for children and adults, where every American who walks 10,000 steps in a day receives points from our government they can redeem at local restaurants and stores that contribute healthy food and healthy products.

I would also implement a Program where we offer free nutrition courses and physical fitness courses to every American.

These courses would allow every Person to learn the essential knowledge about nutrition and about physical fitness, and the fitness courses would result in many People developing an outstanding habit of being physical active for a Lifetime.

I would create these courses in Partnership with area fitness centers and private gyms, and any minimal costs to the government for these courses would be far less than our government is currently spending to take care of hundreds of millions of Americans who have chronic diseases.

Therefore, my Plan would be a Winning situation for everyone, because our American children and adults would become very healthy while our government would be saving money from what we are currently spending.

For the health of our senior Americans, I would work to incorporate many of the ideas and plans that Singapore has so successfully implemented with their Kampung Admiralty architecture that builds an entire complex and community around senior citizen apartment homes.

The two primary goals of this architectural complex are to keep our senior-age Americans healthy and happy with a high quality of Life by promoting exercise and nutritional food sources, and to keep our seniors actively involved with their children and grandchildren by creating a complex that brings them together in intergenerational bonding because grandchildren will have many things to be able to do with their grandparents in the complex.

This intergenerational bonding will also be beneficial to grandchildren because they will be able to spend more time with their grandparents, which will allow their grandparents to have a much greater positive influence on their Lives.

These complexes will include natural gardens, walkways protected from the sun that lead to area restaurants and shops, bicycle paths, an indoor park, fitness and exercise centers for the seniors, an art and hobby center, nutritional food courts inside the complex, green space, a petting zoo, convenience to public transportation, luxury medical care facilities built onsite near the senior apartment homes, including nurses that are dispatched to visit the seniors in their apartments for free screenings and nutritious food recommendations, children’s daycare facilities and elementary schools built within the complex so that grandparents and grandchildren can see each other more often, and so that seniors can volunteer to work in the daycares and schools.

These daycare facilities and elementary schools will be built right next to senior care facilities so they will improve intergenerational bonding by allowing grandchildren to see their grandparents more often.

Here is an excellent source for You to read about Singapore’s Kampung Admiralty.


Unfortunately, we currently have a situation in America where our government is not putting enough emphasis on keeping our Americans healthy.

Instead, our politicians are focused on pharmaceutical drugs, oftentimes because these pharmaceutical companies are large donors to their campaigns.

We are one of only two countries in the world that allows pharmaceutical drugs to be advertised on television, and we need to drastically reduce this advertising because advertisements on television influence our American People to want to take these drugs when we have something we think is wrong with us.

We watch television commercials where we see symptoms advertised, we look our symptoms up on the internet, we diagnose ourselves, and then doctors who have developed a very bad habit of overprescribing drugs are more than happy to prescribe the drugs to us that we think we need.

As a result, America has more people taking pharmaceutical drugs now than at any time in our history.

Our government has allowed this process to occur, as shown by how our government continues to ignore natural ways to prevent disease and keep our Americans healthy.

Instead, our government is far too focused on pharmaceutical drugs that can potentially have many negative side effects.

American government seems to have forgotten thousands of years of natural medical knowledge, and the entire medical focus of our government has switched to pharmaceutical drugs. Likely because pharmaceutical companies are some of the largest donors to politicians and political parties.

For example, when the Covid pandemic began in February of 2020, and the medical industry offered no advice on how to protect yourself from it, I immediately purchased Vitamin D and Zinc for every one of my family members, including for my parents, children, and friends.

I did this because I knew that both Vitamin D and Zinc are natural ways to strengthen a person’s immune system.

Therefore, even though there was not a direct medicine that people could take during the first year of the pandemic, I knew that Vitamin D and Zinc would strengthen every person’s immune system which would help people to resist the infection.

Eight months later, the use of Vitamin D and Zinc were proven to be extremely valuable in the fight against Covid because medical studies came out that showed both Vitamin D and Zinc are very effective in protecting people from having serious complications from Covid.

In fact, eight months after the pandemic began, medical studies showed that the seriousness of a person’s Covid symptoms was directly proportional to the level of Vitamin D in the person’s blood.

The higher the level of Vitamin D in the person’s blood, the less serious a person’s Covid symptoms were proven to be.

Therefore, an intelligent government should have been doing exactly what I was doing, by providing free Vitamin D and free Zinc to every person in America, which would have been a cost for the government of only about 5 cents per day for every American.

Instead, the government went nearly a year without providing the American people with any natural defense methods for Americans to protect themselves, and then after a year without any protection, the government tried to get every American to just take an experimental vaccine shot that needed to have a booster shot every few months.

The combination of natural methods such as Vitamin D and Zinc, along with the use of the vaccine, especially for older Americans and those with pre-conditions, would have provided all our Americans with maximum protection.

However, even worse, after these medical studies had proven how valuable Vitamin D was to the prevention of serious disease with Covid, the government still did not promote the use of Vitamin D.

In fact, even after these medical studies had proven how crucially important your Vitamin D levels are, the use of Vitamin D was never recommended by the government.

These medical studies proved how crucial your Vitamin D levels are in greatly lessening the seriousness of the Covid virus, however, the government to this day has still not been encouraging and pushing for you to take Vitamin D supplements.

The government’s refusal to promote the intake of Vitamin D, which would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, is unforgiveable.

But that is who our government currently is.

They do not attempt to help you to prevent disease because they are only interested in promoting pharmaceutical drugs that are sold by pharmaceutical companies.

In addition, the human body naturally produces Vitamin D by being exposed to sunshine. However, our government restricted people from going outside, and required people to stay inside their houses.

This restriction by the government kept people from going outside in the sunshine during the pandemic to produce the Vitamin D that could have potentially saved them.

Our government should have been encouraging people to spend time every day in the sunshine, and our government should have been encouraging and providing people with Vitamin D and Zinc every day.

That is what I would have done because that is the logical thing to do. However, no one in our government appears to think logically anymore.

In addition, the medical fact is that people with darker skin have more difficulty producing Vitamin D in their bodies from sunshine because darker-pigmented skin is more protective from the sun’s rays.

The result is that people with darker skin, such as those of African-American ancestry, do not produce as much Vitamin D from sunshine.

Therefore, since Vitamin D is very beneficial for fighting Covid, then it is even more important for people with darker skin to take Vitamin D supplements.

The government often spoke about the higher percentage of serious disease for African-Americans and for other People of color, but this higher percentage of serious disease may have primarily been because African-Americans have lower levels of Vitamin D in their blood due to the reduced efficiency for people with darker skin to produce as much Vitamin D from sunshine.

However, the government has ignored these facts, and to this day they have never recommended that our People with darker skin should definitely take Vitamin D supplements and spend more time in the sun.

By our government ignoring this medical fact, then it is very likely that the government helped to cause the increased number of very serious Covid cases for African-Americans and for People of color that caused the loss of so many incredibly valuable and important lives.

The same is still true today because Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for many health reasons, not just for fighting Covid, and so supplementing with Vitamin D is very beneficial in many ways for everyone, especially for people who have darker skin.

Another mistake that was made during the pandemic was the use of antibiotics because antibiotics kill the good bacteria, probiotics, that are in a person’s stomach.

There are three recent medical studies about the dangerous relationship between antibiotics and respiratory diseases like the flu.

A first medical study from 2011, a second medical study from 2019 that was less than a year before the pandemic began, and a third medical study from 2020 that should have been easy to find and fresh in the memories of our government leaders early in the pandemic, all show that the good bacteria in a person’s stomach are extremely important for resisting all respiratory diseases, such as the flu.

At the times of these studies, Covid had not yet started, but since Covid is a respiratory disease, then our government should have been telling all Americans about the importance of maintaining the probiotic good bacteria in their stomachs.

These medical studies proved that when the good bacteria in a person’s stomach detects a respiratory virus like Covid, then the good stomach bacteria send a warning to the lung cells that make up the lining of the person’s lungs.

This warning from the good stomach bacteria alerts these crucially important first defense lung cells in the lining of the lungs to put up a strong immune defense that keeps the respiratory virus from penetrating them and into the deeper lung tissue that results in serious disease.

These medical studies found that if a person does not have the necessary amount of good stomach bacteria, then there are not enough good stomach bacteria to send a warning about the virus from the stomach to the lung cells.

Therefore, since it is a medical fact that antibiotics are designed to kill bad bacteria, and that taking antibiotics also destroys a person’s good stomach bacteria, then antibiotics never want to be given to someone who is at risk of a respiratory disease.

These medical studies found that when stomach bacteria were not present to send the warning about the virus to the lung cells, because the bacteria had been killed by antibiotics, then it took three extra days for the lung cells to begin to put up an immune defense against the virus.

The results from these studies found that these three extra and wasted days were the difference between a person’s lungs being prepared to fight the virus so that the person would only get mild respiratory symptoms, and the person’s lungs taking three extra days to put up a defense that resulted in the person getting serious disease from the virus because of the delay.

Therefore, the use of antibiotics will in all likelihood have caused some people, probably a very large number of people, to get a very serious case of Covid, instead of only getting a mild case.

This means that people who happened to have taken antibiotics for a different medical condition in the weeks or months prior to them getting Covid, had such a reduced number of good bacteria in their stomachs that these good bacteria would not have been able to send a Covid warning signal from the stomach to the lung cells, thereby making themselves vulnerable to developing serious Covid disease because of their taking of antibiotics for a different medical condition prior to getting Covid.

Even worse, the medical industry in the first year of the pandemic made the huge mistake of giving antibiotics to every patient who came in with Covid symptoms.

The medical industry’s protocol was to give antibiotics to every patient upon arrival.

However, giving antibiotics to every patient destroyed people’s good stomach bacteria when their stomach bacteria was the most valuable defense mechanism these people had.

There is no way to know how many lives were lost because medical facilities gave antibiotics to every patient when they came in with Covid symptoms.

To further show how negligent our government is, our government has ignored and never even mentioned these medical studies and medical facts about antibiotics increasing the seriousness and dangers of Covid.

Our government has to this day never even recommended for us to make a maximum effort to avoid the use of antibiotics for other conditions during the pandemic unless absolutely necessary.

Here are links to some of these 2019, 2011, and 2020 medical studies.




In addition, the government and medical industry made a huge mistake in the first year of the pandemic by focusing most of their efforts on putting as many patients as possible on ventilator machines.

This was a huge mistake because very few people who were put on ventilator machines ever recovered, and so the use of these machines caused a huge loss of life.

The use of these machines was completely unnecessary and a huge mistake because any common sense by anyone would have known that the danger of Covid was that it can cause pneumonia.

Therefore, the primary treatment for Covid has to include an extreme focus on the prevention of pneumonia.

Every doctor knows that the key to people avoiding pneumonia is to continue to physically move around, to continue to do regular deep breathing exercises to keep their lungs expanded, and to potentially do lung fluid draining exercises where the person lies down with a group of pillows under their hips so that their hips are higher than their chest.

From this lying down position, a person should move into various positions, including lying on each side, and lying on their back, because different areas of the lungs are drained in each of these different positions.

Instead, the medical industry’s use of ventilator machines required that they sedate the patients so they were unconscious, resulting in the patients lying still in one position for many days and weeks without moving and without doing any breathing exercises, which resulted in the pneumonia from the Covid spreading throughout their lungs.

The prevention and treatment of pneumonia has been known in natural medicine and in the medical industry for hundreds of years. However, our government did nothing to help Americans know what they should be doing after they got Covid so they would avoid getting pneumonia.

Our American People were treated with continual medical mistakes because when someone got Covid they were given antibiotics that destroyed their protective gut bacteria and led to getting pneumonia, they were told to just go home without telling them to take Vitamin D and Zinc that could have saved them, they were told to stay inside the house and not to go outside in the sunshine that would have produced the Vitamin D that could have saved them, and they were not given any breathing exercises or lung draining exercises to do that could have saved them by preventing pneumonia.

All they were told to do was to stay inside at home, and if their symptoms got worse then they should come back to the hospital where they would be put on a ventilator machine.

This was completely the opposite of good medical advice and good medical treatment in every way.

Our government should have been giving our American people the exercises they needed to do at home that would keep pneumonia from developing.

Our government should have been providing common sense and logical exercises that have been known for hundreds of years.

However, our government and our medical industry did not apply any common sense or logic to the pandemic.

Instead, they did nothing to help our American people for the first year of the pandemic, and then our government relied only on an experimental vaccine that was far less effective than they claimed.

In conclusion, America has the most amazing and most outstanding medical industry in the world.

However, our government cannot have blinders on and become so entirely pharmaceutically focused that our government forgets and pays no attention to all the natural medical knowledge that people in America and around the world have learned from thousands of years of living experience.

As we move forward into the future, if I were ever President, then I would work hard to provide everything we possibly can that will benefit the health of our People, whether that means providing outstanding medical care and pharmaceuticals, or whether that means providing natural health care methods that we have learned through thousands of years of living experiences.

The Greatness of America, and the Greatness of our American People, can only be fully realized to our maximum potential if our government works hard to keep our People healthy.

Our government has completely lost its way and stopped contributing to the health of our Nation.

As a result of our government’s complete lack of focus on the health of our American people, our Country has currently reached the lowest level of health that we have ever had in our history.

Our American mental health and emotional health are also at our lowest levels in history.

Therefore, by us focusing on the improvement of our physical health then we will also improve the mental health and emotional health of every American person because all three, physical health, mental health, and emotional health are dependent upon and interrelated with each other.

If I were President, then I would revolutionize the nutritional and health and physical fitness programs for our American People, including the implementation of free Nutritional courses, free Physical Fitness courses, free Physical Fitness Programs, free memberships at fitness centers and gyms, a new and exciting nationwide President’s Council on Physical Fitness program for our children and for our adults, and a 10,000 steps program that allows participants to earn points that you can redeem for free at nutritional restaurants and nutritional stores.

To implement these programs, I will utilize our government budget to provide improved and increased health and physical fitness for You and for every American because the Health and Safety of our American People needs to be our first priority.

Everything we do as a Country begins first with the Health of Our People.

If I were President, then I will also have us focus our attention on overcoming the child health epidemic we currently have in America.

Through our intense focus on improving the Lives of Our Children, we will tremendously raise the levels of our Children’s Physical Fitness, Mental Health, Emotional Health, and Happiness For Life.


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