Great Leaders Eat Last

“Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.” – Peter Drucker

I loved being a college professor because I loved the opportunity to help to guide our young people to reach their absolute highest potential. As a professor, my favorite course to teach was Leadership, and our students enjoyed the course so much that many students signed up for it. As a result, I taught the course every semester.

One of the very important concepts that I covered and taught in the course about Leadership is that a Great Leader takes care of everyone else first, before taking care of himself or herself.

A Great Leader focuses his or her attention and efforts on meeting everyone else’s needs first before ever thinking about his or her own needs.

One of the assignments I initiated in the course that encouraged this view of Leadership was the reading of the outstanding book, Leaders Eat Last, written by the excellent Simon Sinek.

The concept of Leaders Eat Last is from the military, where officers choose for the men and women they lead to get in line for food in front of the officers.

The officers wait until all their men and women have gotten their food first before the officers get in line to get their own food last.

This concept was always what I did naturally throughout my career. I remember being the player/head coach of my American football teams that went on to win many National Championships and European Championships. When we would stop to get pre-game or post-game meals, then I would stand and wait until all my players and assistant coaches had gone through the food line before I went through the line.

I did not think anything about it, or even realize that I was doing it because it was just an automatic decision for me to make. It was automatic for me because I put more importance on my players than I put on myself, and so I wanted my players to get their food first.

The only reason that I ever even noticed that I always did this is because one day in our pre-game meal I was standing there like I always did, watching my players go through the food line, when one of our starting inside linebackers came up to me and asked why I didn’t just get in the front of the line because I was the most important as the head coach and so I could do whatever I wanted.

His question surprised me because I had never thought about getting in front of any of my players because I had always considered all my players to be more important than I was.

I told my linebacker that my players were more important than I was, and so I wanted for them to go first.

I wanted my players to eat first so that I knew they would have enough food before the game, and even though I would normally play the entire game at both wide receiver on offense and free safety on

defense, while also being the head coach, I knew that I would be fine during the game even if all the food had run out before I got any of it.

My philosophy, just like the officers in Leaders Eat Last, is that I believe every Leader should put his men and his women and his children first in everything, and that the Leader should always go last.

This philosophy was probably one of the reasons that we won so many National Championships and European Championships, because my players knew that I Loved Them and Cared Deeply About Them.

The fantastic relationships that I had with all my players helped all of us to want to give our maximum effort for each other.

In three years, we won 56 games and only lost 2 games, and we won five National and European Championships, including one European Championship when I served as the head coach of the Great Britain National Team.

There were many times during these years that we could have lost games, and probably should have lost games, because our opponents on the day were playing better than we were. However, we found a way to win every close game because we had something that those other teams did not have, Belief and Love For each Other.

As a business owner and business general manager, and as a college professor, high school director, and teacher, I have always believed in this philosophy, also.

Throughout my careers I have always been willing to do any kind of work on my own before asking for any of my workers or students to do the work. The result was that I would always work 365 days every year, and usually work until midnight or 2 am every day.

However, by me working this hard, then my workers and my students knew how much I valued and respected them.

When a man or a woman is in a Leadership role, then a Great Leader puts his or her people ahead of himself or herself.

Unfortunately, most of our current politicians have been putting themselves above the American people who they are supposed to be representing.

The selfish actions of these current politicians are what have put America into the precarious position we are now in.

These politicians do not even realize how much they have let You down because these politicians are not great leaders. They are anything but great leaders, and they have no idea how to be a Great Leader.

These politicians have an elitest attitude, where they think they are more important than You are.

They have made you close your businesses and stay in your homes, while they went out to fancy places for themselves.

They have closed your children’s schools because of the pandemic, while they sent their children to private schools that were open.

They have required that your children go to deteriorated public schools in the cities they are in charge of, and they have allowed those schools they are in charge of to decline to a point where no student at these schools meets the learning standards for Math or English.

Instead of them allowing you to choose which school you want to want to send your children to.

These politicians have been loud and controversial because they have cared more about being famous and getting large campaign donations than they have cared about making decisions that would help You and Your Families to be Successful.

They have placed their votes on bills to match what all the other politicians in their party have voted in a group think, instead of voting for what is Best for You.

They have taken advantage of the insider information they get as politicians so they can buy company shares and make investments that they have profited from.

And they have taken bribes and gotten payments from other countries by doing what other countries have paid them to do, instead of our politicians doing what is Best for You and for America.

These politicians are not the Great Leaders we need for our Country, and it is far past time for us to put a stop to politicians who put themselves first before You.

I am running for office because I Want To Put You First.

Like You Deserve To Be Put First For Everything.

I want to lift your vision to higher sights.

For Everything.

Washington, DC at the White House in spring season at twilight.

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