George Washington’s Farewell Address To The Nation And What It Teaches Us

President Washington’s final address to America as his Presidency ended is considered the most important, or one of the most important, speeches that has ever been given.

In fact, so much respect has been shown for his Farewell Address that every year since 1893 a U.S. Senator has been selected by the Senate to read Washington’s speech aloud to the entire Senate.

The key points of Washington’s address show amazing understanding and intuition about the challenges that America would face in the years to come, because the challenges that Washington predicted are the exact same challenges that we are currently facing.

Therefore, it would be very wise for us to listen to Washington’s words, and for us to find ways to display our self-discipline by following his advice.

Three of the most important concerns that Washington addressed in his speech were America’s military involvement against other countries, the importance of America not getting into national debt, and the threat of our Country being very divided by political fighting and partisanship.

His advice about military involvement had five main points. These were:

1) America should have a large enough military to discourage other countries from attacking us, but we should not overgrow or overspend on our military.

2) By America remaining united under an efficient government, then this will discourage other countries from attacking us.

3) America should set the perfect example of Freedom to the rest of the world, but we should not force our form of government and our opinions onto other countries. Instead, the other countries will want to follow us because of the perfect example for Freedom that we are setting.

4) America should remain neutral as much as we possibly can toward other countries, and not show either negative feelings or favoritism feelings toward another country. By staying neutral, then we will not create enemies that can cause war for us.

5) America should also remain neutral toward other countries because by not showing favoritism toward another country then we will not cause internal divisions within our own Country between citizens who agree or disagree with our favoritism. He was concerned that these internal divisions could be exploited by foreign countries to divide America within itself, allowing the foreign countries to potentially take over parts or all of our Country.

His advice about political partisanship was especially important to Washington.

He said that America needed to make every effort to stay united by appreciating the immense value of our national union for collective and individual happiness.

Washington was concerned that geographical discrimination could cause people to turn against each other, instead of being bound together by fraternal affection.

He was concerned that these internal divisions would open up ways for foreign countries to exploit our divisions and divide us even further for those countries’ advantages.

Washington wrote that partisanship “agitates the community, and kindles the animosity of one part against another.” Potentially causing “riot and insurrection”.

In addition, Washington wrote that the disorders and unhappiness that result from extreme partisanship causes citizens to seek security and rest by giving “absolute power to an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of public liberty,”

What Washington is referring to here is the threat of authoritarianism rising out of extreme partisanship.

Washington was concerned that if our American people become worn down and tired of the political fighting, then our people could become willing to give their freedom away to a skilled or to an in the right place at the right time authoritarian leader who promises to protect us and protect our survival from the dangerous political group on the other side.

And that is exactly what we are seeing today, as I have written extensively about in other pages on this website.

On these other pages, I have written that when the people of a nation become very scared and fearful for their own security, then these people will sometimes choose to support authoritarianism because they become willing to give up their freedoms in order to feel like they are safer and more protected.

Throughout history, every time America and the World has been going through extreme situations, like the Civil War, the Great Depression, World War II, and like we are currently, then there has been a huge rise in authoritarian governments both in America and around the World.

Germany in the 1930’s leading up to World War II is a perfect example, where the German government made the German people so scared, including very scared about Jewish people, that the German people allowed the German government to do many awful things.

We currently have this authoritarianism happening in America, and the politicians are trying to increase their power by taking away more and more of your freedoms.

It began with the fear during the pandemic. This was a very justifiable fear because there was so much unknown about it.

But because the pandemic caused so much fear, then Americans did not know what to do, and so we looked to our political leaders for guidance and protection.

Throughout history, whenever fear has been at its highest, whether that fear was caused by war, or economic depressions, or pandemics, or when people have felt that their personal security was threatened, then people have been willing to give up their freedoms in order to feel more protected.

This fear and willingness for Americans to give up our freedoms for personal and family safety has resulted in power-hungry and opportunistic politicians choosing to take our freedoms away through the following actions.

1) By requiring experimental vaccines to be taken even though the vaccines turned out to be nowhere near as effective as the government claimed they were.

2) By not recognizing that previous infection and natural immunity was equal or better than the vaccine, even though throughout history medicine and science has always known how strong natural immunity is.

3) By requiring the wearing of masks even though science had shown they were not effective.

4) By closing businesses that caused many Americans to lose their businesses they had worked so hard to build.

5) By having people fired from their jobs unless they got vaccinated with an experimental vaccine that turned out to be nowhere near as effective as the government claimed it was.

6) By colleges and universities not allowing students to attend unless they were vaccinated.

7) By the closing of schools that harmed our children in so many ways.

These politicians who took advantage of the pandemic fear to gain more power for themselves, have since decided that generating fear in citizens is an effective way to stay in power or get into power.

As a result, the extreme fears these politicians are pushing now are climate change, racism, xenophobia, transgenderism, the loss of democracy, misinformation and censorship, political retribution, the soul of our Nation, the loss of our Country, the loss of the rights to have control of your own bodies, etc., etc.

All of these possibilities have a measure of risk, just like all possibilities for anything have some measure of risk no matter how small. And racism and climate change are definitely areas for us to be concerned about and work to solve.

However, it is the extreme overexaggerating of all these threats by our power-hungry politicians that causes panic.

It is the extreme overexaggerating of our unethical politicians that causes our people to be willing to give up their freedoms and accept authoritarianism because our people think they are under so much immediate threat that they need to be protected by a ruler.

As this fear grows within citizens, then this causes unethical and power-hungry politicians to stoke the fear and use this fear to give themselves more power.

Our unethical politicians do not want to work for You and Serve You like they are supposed to do, and instead they want to generate Authoritarianism and personal power for themselves so their insecure and small minds can feel like they are your rulers and your king.

In summary, the key points that Washington has said here are crucially important to us during this time period.

1) We need to have a strong military, but only for defense to deter countries from attacking us, and not for us to utilize for aggression against other countries.

2) We do not want to overspend and have troops stationed all over the world, especially since it is costing America nearly $1 Trillion a year for military spending. This money can instead be spent on helping our American people inside of America.

3) By not having troops stationed all over the world, then we are able to stay more neutral, which keeps other countries from considering us to be their enemy.

4) Whatever debt we incur during a period of war, then we should work very hard to pay it off during a period of peace. We should not be continuing to increase our debt during peacetime by spending on having our troops stationed all over the world.

5) We have $35 Trillion of debt, but our government continues to want to spend money on unnecessary things. America is headed toward a financial cliff because very soon we will be spending $1 Trillion every year just to pay the interest on our debt, and at some point in the future 100% of everything we collect in tax revenue is going to have to be paid to just pay the interest on our debt. This is sustainable, and America will end up like Greece or Venezuela unless we get firm control of our spending.

6) We want to set a perfect example of Freedom for other countries to follow us, but we do not want to force our Democracy and our beliefs onto other countries. America has made this mistake many times.

7) We need to stay neutral with foreign countries and foreign conflicts as much as we can, not only to keep from creating enemies, but also to keep some of our own citizens from disagreeing with our actions that would cause division within our own Country. We have recently made this mistake several times, all of which have put us into wars and very difficult positions.

8) It is wise and right for us to communicate and work with other countries in a neutral way to try to settle conflicts before wars begin in those countries. We failed to do this between Ukraine and Russia, and we also failed to do this between Israel and Palestine and Iran.

9) We currently have two perfect examples of where our government should have been proactive and acted to solve the Russia-Ukraine war before it ever began, and where our government should have been proactive and acted to solve the war in the Middle East before it ever began.

10) We did not act as the peacemaker on either occasion, and this lack of doing what we should have done as a peacemaker has caused us serious problems. We have caused Russia to

  1. our enemy, which has caused other countries to side with Russia and become our enemies, and we have caused internal divisions within America with the Israeli and Middle East war. All of these serious problems could have been avoided by us acting as a peacemaker to settle the disagreements before the wars began.

11) We need to eliminate the extreme partisanship by our Presidents and our Congresspeople because this extreme partisanship is causing serious internal divisions within America that other countries are looking for an opportunity to take advantage of. Our President and all our politicians need to begin to treat each other with Respect, Dignity, Kindness, Honesty, Thoughtfulness, and Understanding.

12) We need for our Presidents and our Congresspeople to stop stoking the flames of fear that are causing our American people to become so fearful that they are willing to give up our freedoms and be ruled by authoritarianism that is the opposite of the democracy that America was founded on.

13) We need for our American citizens to recognize and realize that these politicians are attempting to scare us with false and dishonest statements so that the politicians can give themselves the power of a ruler. We need to realize that we are being manipulated and pushed toward authoritarianism and fascism by our politicians.

14) We do not realize we are being manipulated by unethical authoritarian politicians, just like the nice and kind German people did not know they were being manipulated and pushed toward authoritarianism and fascism, either.

15) As we look to learn from the mistakes of Germany in the 1930’s, we want to ask ourselves if there are any clues from Germany that will help us to decipher our own current situation in America.

16) One clue is that authoritarianism can never be taken over by the minority because the minority will always get overruled by the majority. Therefore, authoritarianism can only be accomplished by the majority.

17) Likewise, authoritarianism can never be accomplished when a minority of the media outlets are against the authoritarian party. It can only be accomplished when the majority of the media outlets are in favor of the authoritarian party.

18) For example, if we look at another country in the world that has a dictator who we think is authoritarian, that dictator would not be in power unless they had a state media supporting the dictator that was larger than the media that was against the dictator. Because it is only through the state media influencing the majority of people that allows the dictator to stay in power. If a majority of the media was against the dictator, then this would lead to a majority of the citizens being against the dictator, which would lead to the citizen majority overthrowing the dictator.

19) Therefore, if a dictator is comfortably staying in power, then it can only be because the state media supporting the dictator is in the majority of media outlets.

20) Since fear in the citizens and a search for protection and safety is what leads to authoritarianism, then another clue to uncovering and being able to recognize authoritarianism is to look at which political side is trying to scare you the most.

21) Because whichever political side is trying to scare you the most is the political party trying to take advantage of your fear to force authoritarianism, is the political party trying to take away your freedoms, and is the political party trying to take more power for themselves.

22) The two groups of Americans on each side of our political debate do not think that their party is authoritarian, and both groups of Americans think that the other party is authoritarian.

23) But since it is impossible for both sides to be authoritarian and for both sides to not be authoritarian at the same time, then one side’s or both side’s interpretations have to be wrong.

24) There are intelligent and reasonable people on both sides of the argument. Therefore, it is not logical that half of the intelligent and reasonable people are completely right, and half of the intelligent and reasonable people are completely wrong.

25) Therefore, it is only logical that there has to be something going on that both sides are not recognizing.

26) What we are not recognizing is that none of us see the authoritarian behavior of our own political party because we are in agreement with the authoritarian policies that our party is forcing on the Country.

27) When we agree with the policies that our own party is pushing for, then we do not see that they are also pushing those policies onto us because we have been convinced by these politicians and by their media that these policies should be done.

28) Therefore, we do not feel like we are being pushed to do something when we have chosen to be convinced that we would choose to do these things by our own choice.

29) However, when we do not agree with the policies that the other party is pushing, then we see the other side as forcing authoritarian policies onto us.

30) Therefore, the truth is that each of us is not recognizing or noticing the authoritarian policies that our own party is pushing on us and on everyone because we agree with our side’s policies.

31) A perfect example is the vaccine requirement. If you believed what politicians and the media were telling you. If you thought that everyone getting the vaccine would make all of America immune and would keep you and everyone safe. If you thought that the vaccine was safe. If you thought that previous infection and natural immunity was not protective. And if you agreed with the vaccine requirement. Then you probably did not think that requiring people to take an experimental vaccine in their bodies, and firing them if they did not take the vaccine, was authoritarian political behavior.

32) Therefore, if you believed all of these positive things about the vaccine, then you logically thought that requiring vaccines was common sense, and that anyone not getting the vaccine was being selfish because the unvaccinated person was a risk to you and to everyone.

33) But if you disagreed with the vaccine, if you believed that previous infection would create natural immunity like every disease throughout history has, if you did not think that the vaccine would stop the spread, if you thought that you were not at risk because of your younger age, and if you believed the politicians and media you watched that the vaccine had more risk than reward for you, then you saw forcing people to take the vaccine as authoritarian.

34) Therefore, if you believed all of these negative things about the vaccine, then you logically thought that you already had immunity, that you were not a risk to anyone, and that it was common sense for you not to take the vaccine.

35) As it turns out, the truth of the vaccine was somewhere in-between these viewpoints, which the truth always is. The vaccine did offer some protection, it needed regular booster shots every few months, it did somewhat reduce the spread of serious cases but did not stop the spread, there is some serious risk of side effects with the vaccine, and it is now thought that natural immunity from having had the infection before protects people more than the vaccine does.

36) Therefore, the decision should not have been as polarizing as it was because there was a very large amount of gray area with the facts. The only reason it was so polarizing is because politicians were not being honest with us about the positives and about the negatives of the vaccines, and so whichever newscast you watched caused you to think that what your group of politicians was telling you was 100% correct, and that the other side was 100% wrong.

37) Therefore, we should not have been fighting among ourselves. We were being manipulated. Instead, we should have been seeking more truth and knowledge so that each of us could make the best decision for our Country, for each other, and for ourselves.

38) However, truth and knowledge was very difficult for us to find because authoritarian behavior by our politicians, with authoritarian help and assistance from the media and from

  1. anything and everything that disagreed with the authoritarian government’s position. Therefore, it was often almost impossible for our American people to be able to find and read the true facts about the vaccines and about the pandemic.

39) The same is true of every fear and threat that is currently being exaggerated by our power-seeking politicians. Every situation and every argument in the entire world has two viewpoints, and the truth is always somewhere in the middle between the two viewpoints.

40) The truth and the solution do not have to be exactly in the middle at the 50% line, equal distance away from each viewpoint, but the truth and the solution is always somewhere between the two extremes, and never on the extremes.

41) Therefore, some measure of compromise is always needed to find the truth and the solution to any problem and to any question.

42) As a result, we should not be fighting among ourselves about any of these things, and instead we should be realizing that we are being manipulated, that we are losing the freedom of our democracy and heading toward authoritarianism.

43) We need to begin to see and realize that we are not seeing our own side’s authoritarian actions when we agree with them, and that we are only seeing the other side’s authoritarian actions when we do not agree with them.

44) In summary, then, just as President Washington warned us about in his Farewell Address, we cannot allow ourselves to become divided.

45) Therefore, we need to come together to save our Country.

46) We need to unite and come together To Build A World For Our Children.

For us to do this, we need a President and political Leaders who calm situations for us instead of cause and escalate situations.

We need a President who does not seek to gain the power of a ruler by trying to scare You.

We need a President who Works For You And who Serves You like a President is supposed to do.

By having a President who Works For You and who Serves You, and by having a President who Leads the way to calm the situation, then just as George Washington wrote in his Farewell Address, we will not be afraid anymore, and we will not choose to give up our freedoms and accept authoritarianism by either political party.

If you give me this opportunity, then I will be this President For You that You need.

I will Work For You.

I will Serve You.

I will calm the situation so that You no longer fear the future.

I will make sure You and Your Family Are Protected.

I will make sure that You get to keep all Your Freedoms.

And I will help You To Achieve Your American Dream For You and For Your Families.


We BELIEVE For America.

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