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Isom MD is a membership-based family medicine practice devoted to the identification, treatment, education and prevention of patients’ healthcare issues. Our mission is to make changes in your health through our use of preventive methods, evidence-based medicine, technology and great communication.

With Isom MD, patients experience high quality care that is respectful of personal and religious beliefs. No one person is the same, even when the diagnosis is. We treat you as an individual because each person’s needs, health, and environmental situation is unique. That is where the value lies: in the personalized care that Isom MD provides to each patient.

In addition to a personalized experience, patients are given detailed information about their health condition with individualized plans. At Isom MD, patients are provided with their complete medical data in a timely and comprehensible way. We believe that the biggest impact on patients’ ability to successfully manage and prevent disease is for them to have a true understanding of their condition and management options.

Isom MD is built upon 3 Core Values:

  • PREVENTION: Through a thorough history, executive level exam and ongoing detailed health evaluations, we continuously educate you about your health and address any additional obstacles or challenges. Based on the findings, we will create an evolving health plan that empowers you to become the best version of yourself.
  • TRANSPARENCY: From the beginning of our journey, every experience will be open and honest because you deserve to know what we know. You will never be forced to navigate the complex health system alone because you have a dedicated team guiding and fighting for you every step of the way.
  • FAMILY: Each patient who joins Isom MD instantly becomes family. We support, protect, and guide you mentally and physically. Family is caring for another person whole heartedly; and that is exactly what we do!
If you are looking for a genuine and highly personal relationship with your physician and want to take control of your health, then Isom MD is for you and your family!

Naysha Isom, MD

Dr. Naysha Isom has been practicing as a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician for almost 15 years. She is the spouse of a former U.S. Army Officer and, as a result, has had the privilege of
practicing medicine all throughout America, including hospitals, an Indian Reservation, the VA Medical Center, a medical spa, a corporate health and wellness clinic, and for the largest healthcare provider in the world.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Medicine from Augustana College, and her Medical Degree from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. She then went on to join the Family Medicine Residency Program at Baton Rouge General Hospital. Upon completion, she stayed with Baton Rouge General Hospital as both a faculty member and practicing physician.

Dr. Isom’s desire to become a physician started after countless childhood experiences with doctors that were dismissive of her questions. She always wanted to know “why” but none of her doctors ever took the time to explain. She suffered from undiagnosed chronic allergic rhinitis that caused her to have repetitive episodes of tonsillitis resulting in a permanently enlarged lymph node, which caused her great concern. It wasn’t until medical school that she was able to learn

Laura Reis headshot image
“why” her enlarged lymph node was of “no concern” to all her previous doctors.

Her personal experiences in healthcare, combined with her family’s experiences (which includes 47 first cousins, 6 uncles and 8 aunts), are the reasons why she can relate to and from all backgrounds.

Dr. Isom started Isom MD, Membership Family Medicine, because it allows her to humanize and personalize patient care; where listening, educating, supporting, communicating, and guiding patients to a healthy life are the primary focus. And, to this day, patients continue to place their trust in her to manage their healthcare needs.

In Dr. Isom’s free time, she enjoys tasting the diverse selection of culinary delights that Las Vegas has to offer. She also enjoys creating memories through unique experiences with her devoted and loving husband and their highly gifted and beautiful daughter!


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