Our Let Us Build A World For Our Children Nationwide And Worldwide Movement

The first thing I want to say about me running for President is that I am not running because I think I am special in any way.

In fact, I do not think I am any different from anyone else.

All of us are Equal to each other, and the only two reasons I am running are because I Love People, and because I Love Our Country.

For the past several years, I have been very worried about how divided we are now, and how there is such a lack of unity in Our Country.

I have been very worried about the anger and disrespect that our politicians have shown toward each other, and especially about the anger and disrespect that some of our politicians have shown toward the American People.

I have also been very worried about the direction we are heading as a Country because we appear to have lost our way, to where we have become like a drifting boat in the middle of the ocean that does not have a steering wheel or a compass.

We do not have any leader steering our boat, and we seem to have lost our moral compass that should always be our lighthouse and guiding light with everything we do.

I have also been very concerned with the lack of any effort by our current politicians to communicate with respect to other countries so we can have Peace throughout our World.

Our current leaders have allowed wars to begin all around the world because they did not make the effort to proactively and peacefully speak with respect to these other countries before the wars began.

My Purpose for running is that I want to Serve You so I can help You and Your Family to Reach Your Dreams, and I want to Serve America because Our Country is really struggling right now and needs a Leader who will work very hard and who cares about You.

A Leader who is willing to listen to everyone and find ways to solve problems for You. Someone who is going to unify us as a Country and bring us all back together again. A Leader who wants to help as many people as possible.

A Leader who knows how to be kind and professional and respectful toward every person, and by displaying this kindness sets the example for everyone in our Country.

A Leader who will travel to foreign countries that we are at risk of having war with, to communicate face-to-face with their leaders in a Respectful way, to make certain that we have Peace with every country in the World for the benefit of our children, and for the benefit of Everyone on Earth.

A Leader who can relate to every person in America because my background is very much the same as Your background.

A Leader who can relate to every person in America because I have direct ancestors who were the original Pilgrims that came to America in 1620 on the Mayflower, and I also have direct ancestors who were African-American slaves who came to America on slave ships from Africa in the 1600’s.

In fact, only 53 Pilgrims survived the Mayflower boat journey across the Atlantic Ocean to America from Europe, and 3 of these 53 Pilgrims who began and built America are my direct ancestors.

And just as beautifully, I have direct ancestors who were African-American Slaves and who survived the slave ship journey across the Atlantic Ocean from Senegal, the primary slave port of Africa, to America where they also began and built America.

Therefore, I would be the first President or Vice-President in American history who has ancestors who were African-American slaves, because neither President Obama or Vice-President Harris have any ancestors who were African-American slaves.

And I would also be the first President to ever have direct ancestors from both of the original genetic lines of people who built America, the Pilgrims from Europe and the Slaves from Africa.

Since both lines of my ancestors have all been in America since the 1600’s, then I am related to nearly every American person, which means that You and I are related to each other, and so You and I are already from the same Family.

Because of my desire to help You and to help Our Country, then I have spent the past several years creating and designing 65 detailed Plans that will solve all of America’s current challenges and problems.

Detailed Plans that will allow You to Achieve Your American Dream for You and for Your Families, that will bring us back together and unite our Country again, and that will bring our World together in Peace.

Although I do not consider myself special in any way, I have had such an extensive and wide-ranging career in so many different career fields that I am very experienced at solving problems and achieving success in any endeavor.

I have had careers in High School and College Education as a Teacher, Professor, and Head of Departments, Business in many different industries, Economics, Health and Fitness, Newspapers, Radio and Television Media, Honoring Military Veterans, as a Professional Athlete in two sports, as a Motivational Book Author, and as a Professional, College, and High School Head Coach in three sports.

In addition to these careers, I have done extensive volunteer work for the Special Olympics, did volunteer work in mental institutions, did volunteer work in senior citizen centers, did volunteer work in schools, did volunteer work to manage intramural facilities, and did volunteer work coaching 25 different children’s Little League sports teams.

Throughout my many careers, there has always been one common theme, which is that I wanted to help and inspire as many people as I possibly could.

As a college professor I was the head of two departments in the School of Business, reporting directly to the College President as the Faculty Athletic Advisor, taught business courses, taught sport management courses, redesigned the entire curriculum, created two new Minors, taught math courses, and was in charge of the Academic Skills Center.

Every day before I went to class, I prayed that God would let me make a difference that Day in the Lives of my students.

When I resigned as a professor to take care of my father, my students got up and gave speeches about what I meant to them, crying as they said how much I had changed their Lives.

I cried just as much as they did because of how much I was going to miss them.

The Dean said she had never before seen students who felt such an emotional bond and love for their professor.

As a high school teacher and head coach in football and baseball, I taught health, taught fitness and weight training, and taught math. I also developed young men into very successful athletes and people, who went on to outstanding college careers, helped students to receive athletic and academic scholarships, and in the process became my school’s all-time career coaching leader in percentage of football wins and percentage of baseball wins.

As a high school administrator and director, I built an academic program from scratch that I grew to 1,000 students within a year, developed and designed more than 40 project-based and experiential learning courses, developed courses for our students to go into our communities to establish non-profits and entrepreneurship businesses that would help our communities, taught courses that I designed to develop the students with all the personal skills necessary to succeed in high school, designed courses to develop personal skills for students to succeed in college, designed courses to develop personal skills for careers, applied for and obtained a $2.3 million grant that I used to build and redesign seven new rooms inside the high school including a presentation auditorium, a technology center, a television studio, an outdoor stage theater, and a career makerspace, obtained for my high school the honor of being chosen as one of the Top 10 Super Schools in the United States, and was invited to Washington DC by the United States Congress to speak with Congress on Capitol Hill about our award-winning innovative educational program and about the future of Education in America.

As a professional sport head coach of American football and of soccer, I coached teams to 14 Championships and a Cup Championship, including three National Championships and two European Championships, where I also developed nationwide school programs, youth programs, and coaching development programs.

As the Great Britain National Team Head Coach in American Football, I coached American Football to an entire Country and led Great Britain’s National Team to their first-ever European Championship.

As an author I wrote a motivational book titled, The Hero Inside Of You, that I designed to provide Inspiration and a Plan for helping people to Achieve their Lifetime Goals.

As a television host and owner, I designed and hosted more than 350 Military Veterans television shows, including 300 shows interviewing World War II veterans, where my goal was to Honor and show my very deep Respect for our World War II veterans and military veterans.

In the process, we created the largest compilation of personally told World War II history in the World, and our shows are archived in libraries and war museums across the United States.

At the television station, I also created and hosted shows that were focused on education, businesses, and sports. Shows that honored and rewarded our young people, honored our senior citizens, and that taught safe driving for teenagers and young adults.

In addition, for the ten years that I owned the television station, every story we did, including on our newscasts, had to be positive stories. It was my rule of the station that we could not do any negative stories, even on our newscasts, and I created a segment on our newscasts every night where we told a positive story while playing Louis Armstrong singing the song, “What A Wonderful World”.

These are only a few of the many careers I have had, because I have also owned more than 20 businesses, taught and coached at many schools and colleges, played two professional sports, won National Championships and European Championships as a player, managed an investment and real estate company, and have been a journalist who wrote for magazines and had my own nationwide syndicated newspaper column.

A biography of my entire career is at the end of this webpage.

In every career I have ever had, my focus has always been to do everything I can to improve the Lives of as many People as possible.

This would be my same focus if you ever choose to put me into a position in politics.

My only Goal and reason for wanting to be in politics is so I can do the same thing that I have been doing throughout my career, which is to help as many People as I possibly can, and to build a Championship-winning Team for America.

As a result of all my many career experiences, then I can relate to Your personal situation more than any other President in American history, and I can completely feel and understand the challenges and difficulties that you face in your career.

Because I can relate to You and your challenges, then I am certain I can do a far better job helping You than any of my opponents who have only spent their career in politics.

People who have been in politics for their entire career have been locked away in a bubble.

If they have spent their career as a politician, then they have never owned their own business, and they have often never even had a real-life job.

Therefore, they have no way to relate to You, and they have no way to relate to the challenges that You face in the Real World every day.

We see our politicians display this lack of understanding toward You every day with what they say, how they act, the bad decisions they make, and the complete lack of comprehension they have toward your situation that they continually show.

They have spent their entire adult life and political career just voting to spend your hard-earned taxpayer money on whatever they feel like spending it on.

However, after they have spent your money, they never do any work to follow through on where your money has gone, to know whether your money has been used appropriately or wasted.

They do no work to manage anything, and they do no work to make anything successful.

And how could they manage anything because they spend almost all their time in Washington, far away from their states and districts, fighting among themselves about issues that are not even helping You.

Anyone can choose to spend money, because spending money is not working, and it is only after spending it that any work has to actually be done. They do not have the work ethic to do that work.

They do not understand that the work only begins after they spend the money, and they do not understand this because most of them have never owned a business or had a real-world job.

In contrast, I am experienced at making things work successfully because for the past 40 years I have worked 12-18 hours each and every day for all 365 days every year.

And my 365-day work rate is what we need right now because not enough work is being done by our current White House administration.

They obviously do not understand that it takes physical action to accomplish anything. Their talk, without any action, is never going to solve or accomplish anything.

Somehow, they have not understood the fact that to accomplish anything takes a huge amount of physical work and physical action.

People whose careers have only been in politics do not understand this because politicians do not actually ever have to do the physical work.

Therefore, one of the biggest advantages that I have, compared with any other candidate, is that I have had a vastly wider range of career experiences and life experiences than any presidential candidate in history.

All of my many career and life experiences have uniquely qualified me to be able to personally relate to You and to every person in America, which allows me to be able to know the challenges and difficulties and Dreams that You and Every American is facing.

In addition, I also know what it is like to struggle, just like You do.

What it is like to work 365 days a year and work 14-16 hours every day to try to build a business.

But just like You, to still worry every day about providing for our children and for our family because despite all the very long hours of work we still did not have enough money to pay our bills each month.

Like many of You, I know what it is like to live in a house for ten years that had no floor or lights in the kitchen, and no working septic system.

What it is like to have to work three jobs at the same time to try to make ends meet, and what it is like to drive cars that could break down at any time.

And like You, I know what it feels like to work incredibly hard and then to find a way to climb out of those difficulties and achieve success.

Therefore, not only can I relate to the very difficult challenges that You face, but I can also help You to defeat these challenges and Achieve Your American Dream For You and For Your Family.

As an additional advantage for me, the wide range of career experiences I have had allows me to have extensive knowledge about a vast array of subjects when I speak with advisors and cabinet members about almost any career field. Therefore, my wide range of career experiences will give me a huge advantage over any other President in American history.

For example, while other Presidents could not knowledgeably discuss and make decisions about American Education plans because they had never been a teacher, or a professor, or a school administrator, I have a complete understanding of what we need to do to improve American Education because I have been a teacher, a college professor, and the head of two college academic departments in the Business School.

I have also been a public-school administrator, and I was so effective in that position that my school was chosen as one of the top 10 Super Schools in the United States.

In addition, only a few years ago, I was one of only four public school administrators in the entire United States to be invited to speak to the U.S. Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC about the future of education in America.

Likewise, while other Presidents could not knowledgeably discuss or understand the difficulties and huge amount of work that owning your own business requires, I have owned more than twenty different businesses in my career, from smaller businesses that I operated on my own from my house or apartment, to owning several professional sports teams, television stations, and thoroughbred racehorse farms that I built into major successes.

In addition, no other President in history has played three sports in college, or been a professional athlete in any sport, or in two professional sports like I did, or been a college and professional head coach, while I have spent decades playing and coaching teams to 22 championships including National Championships and International Championships.

Also, while very few other Presidents have ever had experience working internationally to prepare them for foreign relations, I spent 14 years living, playing, coaching, being a general manager, and owning professional sports teams internationally, including as the head coach of a National Team in Europe.

Therefore, I spent fourteen years living in and dealing with businesspeople and government officials from all these many countries as my teams won National championships and European championships.

In total, I have more personal knowledge and experience about a wide range of subjects than any President in history, and my personal knowledge and experience will allow me to have valuable,

meaningful, and very productive conversations and meetings with experts and cabinet members from every field.

While other Presidents have had to just rely on their assistants and advisors to make important decisions for them because those Presidents did not have enough knowledge or understanding of most subjects,

I will be able to greatly contribute to America’s very innovative plans and decisions because I have my own knowledge and career experiences to rely on in all these many fields.

But although I have more career experience than any other candidate, I am not in any way saying that I am special or different from You or from anyone else in America.

Any success I have had is only because I work extremely hard for 365 Days every year and for 12-16 hours every day, or for longer if it takes. And because I have enough perseverance to never give up no matter what the odds, and enough logical common sense to be able to figure out a way to win in almost any situation.

George Washington always considered himself a farmer, and even after he had been a General and our first President he still referred to himself and thought of himself as a farmer.

Likewise, I have done many things in my career, but above all else I consider myself a teacher and a coach who loves to inspire and motivate people to Achieve their Very Highest and Greatest Potential.

Our Country would tremendously benefit from someone with these qualities right now.

In all the many careers I have had, there are a couple of important things I have learned over the years. These are:

  • When we meet anyone, from any walk of Life, it is very apparent that we are all the same. Everyone is

We are all just human beings, with strengths and faults, and everything in between.

We see people on television, or watch them play as a professional athlete, or watch them acting in a movie, or watch them singing on stage, or watch them as a military general, or watch them as a CEO of a corporation, or watch them as a congressperson, or a senator, or a vice-president, or a president, and we think that because their career positions are glamorous or appear to have power, then the people in those positions must have very special qualities that make them different and better than us.

But that is not correct. They are all just regular people.

Throughout my many careers, I have often worked in these kinds of career positions.

In addition, I have been in countless meetings with, been friends with, and worked with many people who have had jobs and careers in all these categories.

And from my personal experience, I can tell you that it does not matter if someone is in a position of glamour, or is in a position of power, or is in a regular job across America.

We are All The Same.

These people in glamourous or powerful positions do not make better decisions than we would. It is just that we assume they must have special decision-making qualities because the media pays attention to these people.

But media attention does not change the fact that these people in glamourous or powerful jobs are just regular people.

Just like a corn hole game that ESPN chooses to broadcast on television is no different that the corn hole games we see in our backyards and at every tailgate party.

Television just makes people think it is different or more important. But if we were there while they were filming it, then it would look just like our backyard.

We are all human beings with strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, anxieties, fears, Loves, and Beliefs.

We are all trying to do good in this World for ourselves, for our families, and for as many more people as we can before we have to leave.

We all know that we are only going to be here for a little while.

And we all have some measure of fear about leaving, and for what is beyond.

And so we are all just trying to do the Best we can while we are here and before we go.

We are all hoping that when our time has come to leave, and with our fingernails gripping onto the edge while we are kicking and fighting as they pull us away from everyone that we Love, that we will have done something to make the World better for our children, for our families, and for each other who walk this Journey with us.

We are all Courageous and Brave and Strong when we need to Protect our Children. We all want to say things and do things to make people feel better about themselves.

And we all have a soft spot for animals, and for young children, and for people who have had adversities and need our help.

If you were walking down the street, or shopping in a store, and without you knowing who they were, you bumped into one of these people who has a glamourous or powerful-looking job.

And you had a conversation with them.

Then you would think they were just regular people who were no different from You or anyone else on the street or in the store.

I always remember when I purchased my first professional sports team, and I went to my first League owner’s meeting.

On my trip to the meeting, and even as I was walking into the meeting room, I thought, “These are probably going to be the smartest people in the whole world.”

I sat down at the end of the big, long, table in the meeting room, feeling like I did not belong in there, and at the start of the meeting I did not say a word while I listened to all the other owners discuss various issues.

After about fifteen minutes of watching and listening, I realized that they were just regular people like me and like everyone else I had ever met.

I have had many situations like this where I have met people throughout the many different careers I have had, and all of these people are just the same as You and me.

We Are All The Same.

Therefore, although I do not feel that I am special or different from You, or from anyone, I also know that the people who have been in the White House are no different from me.

And because I am willing to work harder for You than they do, because I know how to Love everyone and treat everyone with kindness and respect more than they do, because I have more career experiences than any President in American history, and because I know how to build 22 Championship teams, then I think I can do a better job than they can.

  • Since we are All The Same, then the only thing we can ever do to cause us to become Successful is for us to work harder than other people are willing to

I have always told my players, my students, and my children, just as I am saying to You now. You can Accomplish and Achieve anything that You can Dream of, as long as You are willing to outwork everyone else who wants the same thing that You do.

Throughout my many careers, I have never felt like I was better or special in any way. But I have never let anyone outwork me.

And I Promise You that I will outwork everyone Every Day For You.

As I began this political journey, because I have never before run for an office of any kind, and because my focus in all my careers has always been to help everyone else, then I am really uncomfortable asking anyone to vote for me or asking anyone to donate to my campaign.

Doing either of these would make me feel very uncomfortable and embarrassed because I want to do something for You so I can Serve You.

I want to Serve You. I do not want to ask for You to do something for me.

I also do not want to be paid anything to do this work, and so I would donate any salary or money to schools and to people who need it.

I think and Believe that the only way someone can truly Serve other people is if they are volunteering their time and their work, and if they are not getting paid.

How can a politician call something Serving if they are getting paid to do it?

Therefore, I am trying to truly Serve You, and so I am not going to all any payment for it.

When I decided to run for office, I made a promise to myself that I would never ask for anyone to vote for me, and I would never ask for anyone to donate anything to my campaign.

Your money is very important for You and for Your Family, and so I want You to keep Your money for You and for your Family.

But if You think I can help You by me being in a job position where I have the opportunity and authority to help You, and if You think that voting for me will help You, then that is entirely your choice and up to You.

Throughout these many months that I have battled within myself about whether to run or not, and I have very often tried to talk myself out of it.

For example, in October I drove a 1,400-mile round trip from Virginia to New Hampshire to turn in the paperwork on the last day that someone was allowed to enter the New Hampshire Democratic Primary.

Several hours before the paperwork had to be turned in, I got to that Magnificent and Historic courthouse in Concord, New Hampshire, where so much history has been made, including the 1825 parade honoring the French General Marquis de Lafayette, who was crucially important to helping George Washington and America win the Revolutionary War.

For those several hours I was there in Concord, I walked in and out of that Incredible courthouse many times.

Each time I went into the courthouse, I found and looked in the Secretary of State’s Election office,

I walked up and down the hallways, read the writings that were underneath all the beautiful historic paintings, said hello to the security guards a few times, and sat on the sofa in the hallway just outside of the Election Office.

I also walked around the courthouse outdoor plaza several times, drove off in my car a couple of times before deciding to drive back, and then sat on the sofa again to think until 5 p.m. when the Election Office closed.

I was torn between whether to run or whether not to run, because although I wanted very badly to Serve You and to Serve Our Country, I did not want You or anyone to have the impression that I thought I was special enough to run for President.

I knew that I did not feel or think that I was special.

And I knew that the only reason I wanted to run was so I could Serve You and Serve America.

But I also knew that You cannot see inside my heart and see inside my mind, and so You might not know how pure my thoughts and my emotions are.

I also knew that the media and people would see me entering the primary, and because of my career background that includes professional sports and my connections with Ted Lasso, then the focus would be on my unique background instead of the focus being on my passion and my desire to help You and to help America, and instead of the focus being on the many creative and valuable policies that I have designed.

I do not like getting media attention, at all. I really dislike media attention, and I was worried that people would think that I was just someone with an interesting background who was winging it.

But I knew that nothing can be further from the truth because for the past several years I have lived this passion of wanting to help You and wanting to help America.

And if we count back to the movie screenplay that I wrote in 2007, and titled “America’s Greatest President”, a screenplay that I wrote only because I wanted to tell a moral and ethical lesson to help bring Peace to our World, then I have lived this passion for the past 17 years.

In fact, I have cared so much about You, and about America, that I have spent the past several years creating more than 65 detailed Policy Plans that will solve all the problems You are facing, that will help You to Achieve Your American Dream for You and for Your Families, and that will solve all the problems and issues that we are currently facing in America and around the World.

And so, as I sat on that sofa outside the New Hampshire Election Office for those hours, I decided that if I entered the race at that moment, then the quick and superficial publicity would not allow me to communicate my passion and my desire to help You and to help Our Country.

It would also not allow me to communicate the 65 policies I had designed and developed for You because I did not have my policies in a written location where You could read them back in October.

I felt like my policies that I BELIEVE so strongly in are one of the most important factors and contributions that I have to offer You, and so I decided that I did not want to announce that I was running until I had all of my policies in writing where you can read them.

In addition to me wanting You to be able to read them, I also wanted to have them in writing so that everyone knew that I was very serious and passionate about running for this office because of how much work I had put into this.

Since then, I have been writing non-stop for the past six months, working all day and until 3:30 and 4:30 in the morning every night, putting together an entire 500-page book full of policies.

And now I have completed this book of policies, and I have put them on this website for You to read. Many times while I was writing, I thought about stopping and going back to my other careers.

But what has kept me going is my Love for You, my Love for America, and the four messages I have received during the past year that I think are encouraging me to keep going.

The first message occurred at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Home and Estate.

I had moved two months earlier to Washington DC, to become the president of the Washington DC Chapter of the nonprofit NFL Alumni Association, and one night when I was in Alexandria I decided to drive along the Mount Vernon Trail highway for the first time to Washington’s home.

My purpose for moving to Washington DC was so I could do work with the NFL Alumni Association that would benefit children, families, and communities in the Washington DC area, and because I wanted to begin a podcast and television broadcasts that would bring people together and help to reunite our Country.

Since it was nighttime, the Estate had closed, and so I drove slowly around the circle in front of the Estate.

As I was moving around the circle directly in front of the gates, my phone rang, and it was a friend of mine who is a White House journalist and correspondent. He attends all the White House press conferences and travels on Air Force One with the Presidents.

It was the first time he had called me in a year, and he did not even know that I was now living in Washington. He just happened to randomly call for the first time in a year at the exact moment I was going around the circle for the first ever time at Washington’s Estate.

We had a great conversation, and I told him what a coincidence his call was when I was at Washington’s home.

The second message also occurred at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate a few months later.

My son had come to visit me, and he and I went to visit Mount Vernon, where I had us join as annual members.

My son and I walked all around the Estate, and we also went on the boat ride from the Washington Estate pier along the Potomac River, which is a beautiful trip that everyone should do sometime.

My son and I had been on our own and had not spoken with anyone during our visit, but on the boat we happened to meet a couple who were very kind to offer to take a picture for us.

As a result of our meeting each other, I found that the couple both work in political journalism. She is a professor at Georgetown University and also does very important political podcasts, and he works as the main White House correspondent for Germany, where his office directly overlooks the White House.

They were both wonderful people, and meeting them was very valuable to me because I had been wanting to develop a podcast that would help America to reunite and come back together, which they and their knowledge helped me with.

After this second occurrence, I thought it was very coincidental that the only two times I had been in or near George Washington’s Estate, two very unusual things had happened that resulted in me meeting and having conversations with White House correspondents that were very helpful to me with my goal of creating a media broadcast that would bring American people together and help to unite our Country. I did not know what these two occurrences meant, but I knew it was very coincidental and unusual.

The third message occurred in late October, when during a beautiful sunset I decided to drive my car to a hill overlooking a Virginia athletic field that I had often been to with my son when I was coaching him and he was training for football and baseball. The hill was the perfect place to watch a beautiful sunset.

During October, I was struggling every day with trying to make a decision about whether to run for President, as I wrote about earlier when I traveled to New Hampshire.

As I was driving onto the hill to look at the sunset, I said a quiet prayer to God that if He wanted me to run for President, then for Him to please give me a sign. And I said in my prayer that I would Trust Him and do whatever He wanted me to do.

A minute later, I had parked and walked to sit in the grass on the edge of the rolling hill.

While I sat there looking at the beautiful sunset, I decided to play a few songs on my phone that I had previously chosen because they were inspirational to me about America and the World uniting and coming together.

The first song I played was “We Are The World”, the famous USA For Africa song from 1985 that raised money to overcome hunger in Africa.

I had only been sitting there for a couple of minutes, and it was in the middle of the song, when suddenly a meteor came above me within our atmosphere, and traveled directly through the area of the sky that I could see.

I had never before seen anything like it.

All of us have seen meteors and shooting stars that are up in space.

But this is the first one I had ever seen that had come into our atmosphere and was heading toward Earth.

I was able to watch it for several seconds as it had an orange fire glow around it and a stream of orange fire behind it.

It was coming downward at a slight angle, and as it got closer to Earth, the force of gravity on it must have been taking over and it began to head straight downward toward Earth.

As it appeared to be in a freefall, I could feel myself cringing and being worried that it was going to hit the ground and possibly hurt someone, when the glow of it began to fizzle and it eventually went out a short distance about the ground.

I was stunned at seeing such an amazing sight for the first time in my life, and for the first time in anyone’s Life that I have ever known.

I was also amazed that I had seen this only a couple of minutes after I had asked God to please give me a sign if He wanted me to run for President.

I sat on the hill and played “We Are The World” a couple of more times, singing along to it, and then went home thinking that God had given me a sign.

When I got home, I looked online at video footage of meteors that had come into our atmosphere, and the videos were absolutely identical to what I had seen.

The fourth message occurred a few days after the meteor.

After receiving the three messages, I was still resisting because I did not want any media attention, and because asking people to vote for me was something I was not comfortable with.

But I decided that I needed to at least build a website so that everyone could read the policies I had designed and that I BELIEVE in.

I felt like even if I did not run, then having my policies written on a website for people and politicians to read might result in some people agreeing with my policies and adopting them to benefit You and Everyone.

I did not know who to contact about websites, and so I went online to find a company.

I chose a company from an online list at random, telephoned the number, and spoke to the owner, who was very nice.

We agreed to work together on my website, and the next day he sent me four sample templates of campaign websites. He asked me to look at them to see if there was one that I would like to choose.

I only had a few minutes to look at them while I was talking with him on the phone at the same time.

I mentioned that I liked one of the four templates the most, but before I said which one I liked, I asked him which he thought was best. I wanted to get his opinion before I said anything because I trusted his judgment and did not want to influence him with my opinion.

He said he liked the same one that I had thought, and so that confirmed to me that we should go with that choice.

I had not had time to really look at the four websites carefully, and so after getting off the phone I began looking at all of them again to make sure that I had chosen the one I liked the most.

I looked through all four of the websites, and I decided that the one we had chosen was my favorite.

Then, as I was looking at all the small details of the website template we had chosen, I glanced up into the corner of the website I had chosen, and there in very small letters was a phrase that I had not previously even noticed because it was in very small letters right at the top on the border next to the many open website tabs that I had there.

Written just below these tabs in very small letters were the words, “VOTE FOR – THE BEST CANDIDATE & DISCOVER PEACE MR. ROBERT WILLIAMS I mentioned to you earlier that I wrote a movie screenplay 17 years ago. My entire purpose for writing the screenplay in 2007 was in the hope that it would deliver a moral and ethical message of how we can create World Peace.

I wrote it in the hope that the movie would have a positive influence on future Presidents, that it would have a positive influence on every American movie viewer, and that it would have a positive influence on every person around the World who might see the movie.

The title I gave to my movie was “America’s Greatest President”, and the entire message of the movie was how America’s Greatest President became the World’s most important Leader by taking actions that brought Worldwide Peace.

I am fully convinced, and know, that if an American President followed the actions that I wrote in my screenplay, then we would bring Total Peace to Our World for the first time in World history.

The name I gave to my President in my screenplay 17 years ago was Robert Williams.

When I wrote that screenplay 17 years ago, I had never had one thought in my entire life about being or wanting to be President of the United States.

The reason I wrote the screenplay was to send a positive message to every American about how we can create Worldwide Peace, but I never thought about me being the President who could take these actions myself to create Peace.

I had poured my heart into that screenplay, writing 287 pages in total.

The average length of a movie is about 90 minutes, and so the average length of a screenplay is 90 pages long because it is estimated that one page of a screenplay is equal to one minute of film time.

Therefore, 287 screenplay pages is 287 movie minutes, which is longer than three full movies, and equal to a six-part mini-series.

I wrote so many pages because I poured my heart into my screenplay, writing about my President Robert Williams, with my Goal being to help to create Worldwide Peace.

And now, 17 years later, when I am thinking for the first time in my entire life about running for President, I am looking at a website that says, VOTE FOR – THE BEST CANDIDATE AND DISCOVER PEACE MR. ROBERT WILLIAMS.

What are the odds are of me looking up website companies at random online, choosing to call one of the companies at random, happening to have the owner of the company answer the phone, liking the owner and deciding to work with him, having the owner find and look through many hundreds of sample websites and choosing only four of these templates at random to send me, having both he and I separately choose the same website sample, and then discovering after we have both chosen the same website that the unseen margin of that website has the candidate name Robert Williams and the message of PEACE on it.

The same name that I had chosen to name my President 17 years ago in my screenplay, and the same message of Peace that I had written into my screenplay 17 years ago?

Whatever these odds are, they are far beyond anything that I have ever seen.

And when the odds of all this happening with the website, are added to the meteor I saw in our atmosphere above me for the first time in my life within just a few minutes of me asking God to please send me a message if He wanted me to run for President, and are added to the two messages that I received on both occasions that I was at George Washington’s Home and Estate when I was trying to find a way to help to unify America and unify all of Our American People, then I feel the total of these four occurrences has to be a message of encouragement for me to keep going.

Therefore, I have been on a mission writing my 65 policies that will help You To Achieve Your American Dream, that will Unite America again, and that will help to Create Peace throughout Our World.

In summary, then, I do not know whether the writing and work I am doing will be read or have a positive influence on anyone.

I do not know whether anyone will want to vote for me.

And I do not know if another President is elected, whether he or she would choose for me to work with them so I can help them to Unite America and Change the World for the better. And so I can help You to Achieve Your American Dream For You and For Your Families.

But what I do know is that no matter how much I do not like being in a political campaign, and no matter how much I dislike getting media attention, I am not going to walk away when I think I am being asked by God to try to do something very important.

And so Here I Am Lord. I am just putting my Trust In God to do what He wants. Just like the song by Dan Schutte:

“Here I am Lord. Is it I, Lord?

I have heard You calling in the night. I will go, Lord, if you lead me.

I will hold your People in my Heart.”

I am not sure where this Path is going to lead to.

But I know that I would do the Best job for You of anyone because I deeply and passionately care about You and about every person, my heart is in the right place because I place You above me and I want to Serve You, I have the kindness and compassion and professional manners to treat everyone with respect, thoughtfulness, and understanding, I fully BELIEVE in compromise and working fairly with people to find Winning solutions for everyone, I am excellent talking with foreign leaders and bringing World Peace and friendship, I am very logical in finding solutions as shown by my graduate degree in business and on my law school admission test where I came within one question of getting a perfect score, I am verystrategic and know how to win as shown by my 22 championships, I have more career  skills and experience than any President in history, and I will outwork every person in the World for You.

In summary, I do not know whether you would want to vote for me, or not.

But because I feel like I have been sent four signs from God and from the Universe, then I feel obligated to do what I feel is answering those calls.

And I feel obligated to give You a chance to decide if You want me to be in a position where I can help You.

If someone else who is running believes in my policies and in my Beliefs, and they would like for me to help them to help You. Then I would do that also, because my Purpose is that I want very badly to help You and to help Our Country.

Here is my background, and I think You will see and BELIEVE that I have the skills and very strong work ethic to do this job to Work For you and Serve You very well.


Terry Smith graduated from Avery High School and The Asheville School in North Carolina, where he played four sports, football, basketball, wrestling, and baseball, leading his teams as quarterback, point guard, shortstop, and wrestler to Conference championships in three sports.

He quarterbacked his football team to the first Conference championship, and first State Play-off Game in school history.

He earned first team All-Conference in football, baseball, and wrestling, was twice chosen as Team MVP in football, was chosen Team MVP in baseball, won the basketball Conference championship, and he won the individual Conference wrestling title where he was selected as the most outstanding wrestler in the Conference tournament.

After graduation, Smith attended Cornell University where he was a business management major, and then went on to Furman University where he earned his teaching degree.

He also earned a Graduate Degree in Business from The University of Warwick in England.

He intended to go to Harvard Law School because he finished one question away from receiving a perfect score on the Law School Admission Test, but he became convinced by parents of the football players he coached that many people can be a lawyer, but not very many people can inspire young men to achieve personal greatness in Life and on the athletic field.

In college he played three sports, football, baseball, and track, and he is the last three-sport athlete in Furman University history.

He played free safety in football, leading all defensive backs for two seasons with 150 tackles on Furman’s first two outright Southern Conference Championships in school history.

He was chosen as the State of South Carolina College Defensive Player of the Week for his outstanding performance in a game versus Virginia Military Institute in 1980, and he was also chosen as the Player of the Week for his performances in games versus both The University of North Carolina in 1980 and The University of Florida in 1981.

In the three games combined, Smith totaled 59 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 3 passes defended, 3 fumbles caused, 1 fumble recovered, and 1 pass interception to seal a victory.

In baseball he played centerfield, and was one of the leading hitters in the United States with a .414 batting average in 1982, the 5th highest single season batting average in Furman history.

Smith is still the second-leading career hitter in the 125-year history of Furman baseball, he has the highest career batting average for the past sixty years with a career average of .363, and his achievement of 29 stolen bases in 31 attempts is still a school record.

In track, Smith ran the 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, 4×100 meter relay, 4×200 meter relay, and 4×400 meter relay.

He earned 1st team All-Southern Conference in two sports, while being chosen Team MVP in baseball, and earning Academic All-Southern Conference and Academic All-Region in every sport.

Smith was also nominated as the Furman University Athlete of the Year, and nominated for the Southern Conference Athlete of the Year Award.

After graduation, Smith signed with The New England Patriots, playing in 1982 and 1983, before suffering a major knee injury in a game versus the Philadelphia Eagles that required total reconstructive knee surgery. His knee was so injured that it would not pass the medical physical the following season, which ended his NFL career.

Smith worked very hard to rehabilitate his knee, and signed with the Spring Football League USFL in 1984, went to Spring Training with the Cincinnati Reds in 1985, and signed a contract with and joined the Miami Marlins professional baseball team.

Smith then began a college football coaching and teaching career in math and as the Director of the Academic Learning Center at Newberry College, Furman University, and Lees-McRae College.

At Lees-McRae College he served as the Defensive Backfield Coach and Defensive Coordinator in both 1984 and 1985, and in 1985 his defense led the nation in run defense by allowing only 1.2 yards per carry for the entire season.

Smith was nationally honored by being chosen in 1984 as the Defensive Backfield Coach for the National Junior College All-Star Game for the South Team, with his South Team winning.

He was further honored nationally by being chosen in 1985 as the Defensive Backfield Coach and Defensive Coordinator for the National Junior College All-Star Game for the South Team, with his South Team winning by a score of 19-6 as his defense held the North Team to minus 13 yards rushing for the entire game.

As a football coach at Furman, his team won the Southern Conference Championship, and made it to the Semi-Final of the Division 1-AA National Championship, finishing the season as the #3 ranked team in the United States.

In 1987, Smith taught math, health, and physical training, and coached football at the outstanding academic school Hammond Academy in Columbia, South Carolina, helping to lead his team to the South Carolina State Championship Game.

In 1988, he traveled to Great Britain, where in an NFL-backed league he was the league’s only Player/Head Coach, playing wide receiver and free safety and serving as Head Coach for ten seasons.

He led the European League in receiving multiple times, achieved several 1,000 yard receiving seasons, and led Europe with most interceptions in a season.

He set the All-time League record and All-time National record for interceptions in a season with 12 interceptions.

He set the All-time record for pass receptions in a game with 15 pass receptions.

He set every team and franchise receiving record with most receptions in a game, most yards receiving in a game, most touchdown receptions in a game, most receptions in a season, most yards receiving in a season, most touchdown receptions in a season, most receptions in a career, most yards receiving in a career, and most touchdowns receiving in a career.

He also set every team and franchise interception record with most interceptions in a game, most interception return yards in a game, most interception return touchdowns in a game, most interceptions in a season, most interception return yards in a season, most interception return touchdowns in a season, most interceptions in a career, most interception return yards in a career, and most interception return touchdowns in a career.

He was chosen to the All-European Team as both a wide receiver and as a free safety on several occasions.

As a European head coach, Smith took over a last place 2-12 Manchester Spartans team, and in his first season led them to the League Championship with an all-time League record, National record, and European record of 14-0 for the season, an all-time record that still stands.

In Smith’s first three seasons as Player/Head Coach, during which he coached every position on the field, he led his team to a 56-2 overall record that included three Division Championships, three Conference Championships, three Regular Season League Championships, two National Championships, and one European Championship which was the first European Championship ever achieved by a British club.

His Spartans team, with Smith as Player/Head Coach, won the Budweiser Bowl National Championship Game played at Crystal Palace in London in 1989, and his Spartans team won the Coca-Cola Bowl National Championship Game played at Crystal Palace in London in 1990.

The National Championship team from every Country in Europe qualified to compete in the European Championships, and so Smith and his Spartans team entered the European Championships as the National Champion of Great Britain.

Prior to Smith bringing his Spartans team, no British team in history had ever won a single game in European competition.

In the Final 16 Round of the European Championships, Smith’s Spartans team defeated Dublin in Dublin, Ireland.

In the European Quarter-Final, he and his Spartans team defeated Amsterdam in Manchester, England. In the European Semi-Final, he and his Spartans team defeated Berlin, Germany in Rimini, Italy.

In the European Finals Championship Game, he and his Spartans team defeated Milan, Italy in Rimini, Italy to win Great Britain’s first-ever European Championship.

Smith was then chosen to be the Great Britain National Team Head Coach, where in the same capacity as an Olympic Team head coach, he traveled through all of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to scout, evaluate, choose, and coach players from across all of Great Britain.

The Great Britain National Team had never won a single game in Europe in any competition before Smith took over, but in his first year as National Team Head Coach, while again coaching every position on the field, he led the Great Britain National Team to its first-ever European Nations Championship, as his team won all three of their European play-off and championship games.

His Great Britain National Team defeated France in the European Quarter-Final 35-6 in Birmingham, England, defeated Germany in the European Semi-Final 38-6 in Hamburg, Germany, and defeated Finland in the European Finals Championship Game in Hamburg, Germany 26-0, to win Great Britain’s first-ever European Nations Championship by a combined score of 99-12.

As a result of these achievements, Smith was chosen as the National Coach of the Year three years in a row, and he was chosen as the European Coach of the Year twice.

Smith is also the only head coach in European history to win European Championships with both a Professional team and with a National Team, and Smith accomplished this without ever losing a game in Europe.

As a result of this success, Smith was chosen to the Great Britain Hall of Fame, he was chosen to the International Football Hall of Fame, and he was nominated to the Queen for his achievements.

After each of his five National and European Championships, the NFL league office would present Smith with that year’s Championship trophy during the NFL American Bowl games at Wembley Stadium.

He was presented with the trophies on the stadium playing field at halftime in front of more than 100,000 spectators and a worldwide television audience.

For 14 years, Smith worked with the NFL to promote and expand the sport of American Football in Great Britain and Europe.

During these 14 years, Smith was also the coordinator and leader of the nationwide school program in Great Britain where American Football was taught to children in hundreds of schools across Great Britain.

In addition, for these 14 years, Smith served as the NFL scout for the New England Patriots and for the New York Jets, and NFL general managers such as Dick Steinberg of the Jets had so much confidence in Smith’s opinion on players that they would sign the players that Smith recommended to them for NFL contracts, sight-unseen and based solely on Smith’s analysis and opinion.

During these 14 years, Smith was a national columnist for several national newspapers and magazines, including First Down, American Football News, and Gridiron magazine.

Smith also had regular weekly nationwide radio shows on the BBC Radio.

He served as an American football television studio host for SkySports broadcasts of NFL games, which was the ESPN of Great Britain.

Smith also wrote a motivational book, titled The Hero Inside of You, that was designed to help readers to set their goals, create a plan for reaching their goals, and play a game within themselves to score with daily activity actions that allowed them to accomplish their personal self-development and goal achievements. The Hero Inside of You was published and sold throughout Europe.

Smith also owned several professional sports teams, serving as head coach, general manager, and chief executive officer of each team, including owning the European Champion American football team.

He also became the first American in history to own a European professional soccer team.

The Soccer Club he purchased had been in administration for a full year, which is an English form of bankruptcy, until Smith arrived to purchase the Club and take over all of its debts.

Smith took over as the general manager/chief executive of the Club, doing these jobs for free without being paid in order to save the Club money.

When the head coach/manager resigned after losing the team’s first three League matches without scoring a single goal in any of the games, Smith took over as the head coach/manager of the team, also, in order to save the club money since he did not pay himself to do any of these jobs.

In this very difficult financial situation for the club, Smith and his team had great success in the Cup tournaments.

He led his young team to the 3rd Round of the FA Cup in both of his seasons with the Club, even though the club had historically only reached the 3rd Round of the FA Cup in two of their previous 115 seasons before he arrived.

His team was only defeated in the FA Cup after losing very close matches to major soccer clubs Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers, and only after his team had played extremely well in both matches with scores of 1-1 and 0-0 with only eleven minutes remaining in each FA Cup match.

His team also made it to the 2nd Round of the Worthington Cup, upsetting larger club Port Vale, before only losing 1-0 to Premier League club Aston Villa in a match that was tied 0-0 with ten minutes remaining.

Aston Villa only scored in the final minutes after being awarded a penalty kick on an unusual and inadvertent handball at the top of the box, and Smith’s team even saved the penalty kick before Aston Villa scored on the rebound.

His team also made it to the Semi-Final of the FA Trophy in 2000-2001, which is a National competition that includes hundreds of soccer clubs in all divisions across all of Great Britain.

In addition, his team achieved the Club’s first Cup Championship of any kind in more than 40 years by winning the Nationwide Trophy in 2001.

Smith did an excellent job with the Club finances, as he paid off all the Club debts within only five months of taking over, getting the Club out of administration two and a half years earlier than required, and getting the Club out of debt for the first time in more than 100 years.

Smith achieved this financial success for the Club because he had reduced costs as much as possible by keeping only young players that had lower salaries, by Smith serving for free as both the head coach/manager and for free as both the general manager/chief executive in order to save costs, and by his team having excellent Cup tournament success in several Cup tournaments against Premier League clubs that brought in a large amount of additional revenue.

At the end of these two seasons, after Smith had gotten the Club out of debt and into a strong financial position, he chose to sell the Club, and the Club went on to achieve promotion to a higher division of the Football League during the following season.

Smith is the first American to ever be the owner of a European Soccer Club, the first American to ever be the Chairman of a European Soccer Club, the first American to ever be the General Manager of a European Soccer Club, the first American to ever be the Chief Executive of a European Soccer Club, the first American to ever be the Manager of a European Soccer Club, the first American to ever be the Head Coach of a European Soccer Club, and the first American to ever coach in the FA Cup, which is the largest and most famous soccer competition in the world.

Smith’s American Football and Soccer experiences in Great Britain became the inspiration for the outstanding Ted Lasso television series on AppleTV+, and the Ted Lasso character is based upon Smith.

Just as Smith was a National Championship and European Championship winning Head Coach in the sport of American Football before beginning to coach Soccer in England, Ted Lasso was the head coach of a fictitious college National Championship American Football team in America before being hired to coach soccer in England.

As stated in the April 2021 edition of the Apple Magazine, “The Ted Lasso series was actually inspired by the story of Terry Smith, an American gridiron football coach who took over the English association football team, and subsequently installed himself as the first-team coach.”

Many of the storylines from the Ted Lasso shows are taken directly from actions and experiences that Smith had in his coaching career, and that were well-documented in the media with newspapers, magazines, and national television programs.

Ted Lasso’s famous BELIEVE poster is taken directly from Smith, as Smith taped signs on the dressing room wall with BELIEVE on them, he wrote BELIEVE on the front page and last page of every game plan he wrote and gave to his players for every match, he wrote BELIEVE on the front page and last page of every scouting report he wrote and gave to his players for every match, he wrote BELIEVE on every journal entry that he wrote about the Club and about his personal Life every Day for years, he wrote BELIEVE throughout the motivational book he wrote that was published the year before he purchased the soccer club, and Smith always spoke to his players and to the media about Believing and getting people to BELIEVE.

Ted Lasso was nominated for 61 Emmy awards in 2021, 2022, and 2023, including Most Outstanding Comedy Series, Most Outstanding Lead Actor, Most Outstanding Cast, Most Outstanding Supporting Actresses, Most Outstanding Supporting Actors, Most Outstanding Guest Actresses, and Most Outstanding Guest Actors, winning 13 Emmy awards in total.

Smith returned to the United States, where he spent 18 months as a teacher, head football coach, and head baseball coach at his old high school, Avery County High School in North Carolina, giving back to the school he had attended as a student, and giving back to the community and families he had grown up with.

In his first baseball season, he led his team to the most wins in the 50-year history of the school, winning more games than the team had won in its previous eight years combined.

His team set the all-time school record for team batting average, with the team’s combined batting average improving from .190 in the year before he came, to .388 in his first season.

His team also set the all-time school record for home runs, with the team’s home run production improving from only 1 home run in the season before his arrival, to hitting 23 home runs in his first season.

In his first football season at the school, he took over a team that had not had a winning season in many years, and that had only two returning players on the entire roster because nearly the entire team the year before had been seniors.

To create a roster, he recruited players to the team from students around the school who had never played football before, and from students who had played years before but had given up the game, resulting in Smith putting together a team with such inexperience that at the start of the year the team did not have a single player who had carried the football or caught a pass in a varsity football game.

Despite this total rebuilding challenge, Smith led his team to the school’s best-ever record in the Conference alignment, winning eight games including the final six games in a row, and setting all-time school passing and total offense records.

In the process of this rebuilding effort, he developed ten players who went on to play in college, three of whom became stars for their college teams.

In the 50+ year history of the school, Smith is still both Avery football’s all-time career coaching leader in winning percentage, and Avery baseball’s all-time career coaching leader in  winning percentage.

Smith then became an offensive coach at NFL Europe training camps, working with NFL quarterbacks and receivers in their preparation for the NFL Europe season.

Smith then chose to enter indoor arena football, where he financially rescued the South Carolina team after it had ceased operations and closed mid-season. He rebuilt the team, moved the team to a new location. The team reached the play-offs in its first season, and reached the national semi-final game in its second season.

Smith then purchased the Mountain Television Network television station, where he built the station from being broadcast on only one cable network and in only two counties of North Carolina, to being broadcast on 16 cable networks and reaching more than two million viewers across six states in the Southeast.

The history and details of the Mountain Television Network can be read on its Wikipedia page.

At the Mountain Television Network, Smith personally hosted more than 1,000 television programs, and he also announced more than 500 athletic contests as the play-by-play or color announcer in football, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, and lacrosse.

He was the color announcer on television broadcasts of Appalachian State University football and basketball games, Mars Hill University football games, Furman University football games, and all sports broadcasts in the Conference Carolinas.

One of his proudest achievements was the creation of the Veteran’s Voice television program, where Smith produced and co-hosted more than 350 two-hour interviews of World War II veterans, Korean War veterans, Vietnam War veterans, and Desert Storm veterans.

Smith created this series of 350 Veterans’ Voice shows over a period of eight years.

More than 300 of these shows were interviews and life stories about World War II veterans, because he wanted to bring honor to our military veterans and heroes, and because he wanted to show his great respect and appreciation for these American heroes by honoring them for all they had done for America.

He co-hosted these programs with Ken Wiley, the World War II hero who had driven the LCVP landing boats onto the beaches during seven D-Day invasions in the Pacific.

Smith often included additional co-hosts, such as World War II heroes HC Moretz, Norman Isenhour, and Sam Wotherspoon to serve as co-hosts with Smith and Wiley for several of the shows.

Each of the 350 interviews, and 300 World War II interviews, lasted for at least two hours, as Smith interviewed every World War II veteran, telling the life story of each American hero, from their days growing up with their families, through all their incredible World War II experiences, and on to their families and careers during the present day.

In addition to televising their life stories, Smith and Wiley produced many DVDs for each veteran.

Smith gave a separate DVD copy to every veteran’s wife, and a separate DVD copy to each of the veteran’s sons, daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, thereby ensuring that every family member of every veteran will forever have his or her own copy of the personally-told life story of their American hero who they love.

As a result of these eight years of commitment to our American heroes, Smith and Wiley put together the largest collection of World War II history through personally-told veteran interviews that has ever been produced anywhere in the world, and DVD copies of these interviews are kept as very valuable historical archives in American museums and libraries throughout the United States.

Smith had purchased the Mountain Television Network when it was getting ready to go out of business because the previous owners were preparing to close the station and network.

Therefore, Smith was able to purchase the station for only a $10,000 deposit.

As a result of Smith working 365 days every year, and working 12-18 hours every day, his station grew to produce more original television programming than any television station in America, focusing on sports programming, game broadcasts, programming to honor veterans, business shows, morning shows, and newscasts.

He even partnered with ESPN to be their outlet for game broadcasts in the region.

Smith implemented a rule from the very beginning that all their television shows, including all their newscasts, were only allowed to have positive stories on them. Negative stories and negative news were not allowed to be covered.

Smith made it a station rule that even the newscasts were not allowed to cover negative news of any kind, and he created a special section of every nightly newscast that told a particularly positive story while they played Louis Armstrong singing “What A Wonderful World”.

With his station producing more of their own television programming than any station in America, and with Smith expanding the station’s broadcast reach to the six-state and two million viewer growth that he was able to achieve with the station, and after Smith had discovered a very unique broadcast antenna that allowed him to adjust the power of the over-the-air broadcast signal in every direction, redesigning the broadcast antenna tower so that the station’s broadcast signal covered a far larger geographical area, then his station became a very important media outlet for six states across the Southeast of the United States.

Smith went on to become a full-time business school professor at Lees-McRae College, where he taught eight courses every semester, and where he was promoted to become the head of two departments at the same time, the Sport Management Department, and the Health and Fitness Department, both of which were in the School of Business and Management.

In this role, he created and wrote the courses, and redesigned the entire curricula for both departments.

In addition, he designed and wrote the curriculum to create the Sport Management major, and he designed and wrote the curricula to create three new Sport Management Minors, including the Coaching Minor.

Smith was also elevated to serve as the Faculty Athletic Representative, where he led and developed the educational relationship between the entire athletic department and the faculty.

In this role, he oversaw the education of every athlete on all the men’s and women’s sports teams in the college.

As the Faculty Athletic Representative, he reported directly to the President, and served in the President’s cabinet.

Smith also created a college television department, where his students learned to film, edit, produce, and broadcast television programs and college game broadcasts on cable and internet television throughout the region.

Large numbers of Smith’s students have gone on to become very successful athletes, coaches, athletic directors, professional sport general managers, and professional sport team owners.

During these years, Smith also coached youth teams in football and baseball for 21 seasons, including coaching football and baseball teams for all of his children.

Just as Ted Lasso did in the final show when he went home to the U.S. after resigning to take care of his father, Smith became an academic director at Elizabethton High School, reporting directly to the school system’s superintendent and school board.

Smith took over a brand-new Bartley program that had only 22 students in it when he arrived, and within only five months, after creatively designing a school-wide plan that was a win-win situation for everyone involved, he was able to build and grow the program from the 22 students he began with to include all 900 students in the entire high school.

Through maximum personal commitment to his work every day, he formed win-win relationships with everyone involved, including business partnerships with more than 150 area businesses, and college partnerships with 25 colleges and universities.

The businesses hired his students, and colleges and universities were so impressed with his educational program that Smith was able to negotiate college partnerships with each of these colleges that included tuition scholarships for every student that completed a combination of courses in his educational program.

In addition, with innovative educational techniques and goals, Smith helped to produce 40 new project-based and experiential learning-based high school courses, many of which he personally designed and wrote the curricula for.

The success of his educational program allowed him to expand the program throughout the entire high school so that every student in the school was taking several courses that Smith had designed.

As a result of this success, his Elizabethton High School was chosen as one of America’s Top 10 XQ Super Schools in the entire United States, a National honor which the school continues to hold to this day.

After Smith had built and expanded the program, Smith then raised several million dollars in national funding for Elizabethton High School.

After obtaining this funding, Smith had control over how the funding would be used.

He chose to utilize it to train all teachers throughout the entire school system in project-based learning, to provide additional compensation to teachers for their teaching of the new project-based courses, to purchase a large amount of technology equipment for the students and teachers, and to redesign seven educational areas of the high school that included the building of a Presentation Auditorium with two giant power projector screens, a career-technology MakerSpace, a Virtual Reality lab with virtual and augmented reality equipment and 3D printers, a Television Studio with cameras and broadcast equipment, a Collaboration work area, an Outdoor classroom, and a Theater with a stage for the music and drama departments.

Smith designed courses that developed students in all aspects of their life success, including public speaking, career web portfolios, community improvement projects, entrepreneurship projects, high school preparation for ninth graders, and senior capstone courses taught by college partnership professors that prepared his students for college and career success.

Smith personally taught daily in several of the classes, and he personally taught public speaking in all the courses. As a result, his students became such accomplished speakers that they were invited to speak at national educational conferences across the United States.

The tremendous educational success achieved by Smith’s program and high school led to Smith being chosen by the United States Congress as one of only four public school leaders in the entire United States to be invited to Washington, D.C. in July of 2018, where Smith spoke to Congress on Capitol Hill about the innovative success that his school had achieved.

In addition, Smith provided advice to Congress on how to accomplish the desired future path and goals for education in America.

After resigning in 2019 because he wanted to move to take care of his parents, Smith managed a thoroughbred racehorse farm that is the most successful horse farm in the Eastern United States because amazingly three triple crown race champions have been raised and trained on the farm.

Including Tiz The Law, who in 2020 won the Belmont Stakes, finished second in the Kentucky Derby, won the Travers Stakes, and won the Florida Derby.

Including Medina Spirit, who in 2021 won the Kentucky Derby, finished third in the Preakness Stakes, won the Shared Belief Stakes, won the Awesome Again Stakes, and finished second in the World Championship Breeder’s Cup Classic.

And including Secretariat’s granddaughter, who is at the farm.

For the past two years, Smith has been based in Washington DC, where he has served as the president of the outstanding nonprofit NFL Alumni Association Chapter in Washington DC.

He chose to be in Washington DC because he thought this would allow him the greatest opportunity to help as many people as he possibly can in the Washington DC area, and to help as many people as he possibly can across the United States because of the federal agencies that are based in Washington.

In this role, Smith has been volunteering his time by raising money for the U.S. Marines Toys For Tots, by speaking at the Toys For Tots National Convention, by working with Toys For Tots to help with their nationwide book literacy program that provides millions of books every year to underprivileged children and foster children across the United States, by working with and raising money for former NFL players who have faced physical challenges, by raising money for the many children’s charities that are within the NFL Alumni Association Caring For Kids program, working with the Playmakers non-profit organization that helps children who have physical challenges, by working with Gallaudet University,

America’s premier university for hearing-impaired students, by working with Howard University, the outstanding Historically Black College and University, by working with foster children and foster children organizations in Washington DC, Virginia, and Georgia, by working to expand the nationwide membership and charitable reach of the NFL Alumni Association, by developing a nationwide sports memorabilia auction that benefits Toys For Tots and the NFL Alumni’s Caring For Kids charities, by championing the sport of American football for Women and for the Women’s Professional Football Alliance League, which is the NFL of the Women’s Game, as well as by initiating, creating, designing, and building the partnership and close working relationship between the Women’s game and the NFL Alumni Association.

Our Philosophies Of Life

You Become What You BELIEVE You Can Become

You Become What You BELIEVE You Can Become

BY US WORKING TOGETHER WE WILL ACHIEVE GREATNESS FOR YOU AND FOR EVERYONEMost of Life is about Believing in Yourself. The rest of Life is about Working as Hard as You possibly can without becoming discouraged. Each of us is capable of achieving far more than we...

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Our World Is A World Of Abundance

Our World Is A World Of Abundance

Our current political leaders incorrectly view our World from a viewpoint of scarcity, and because they see our World as having scarcity, then they think there is only a limited amount of anything that is good. Therefore, since they think there is a limited amount of...

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You Create Your World By What You Think About

You Create Your World By What You Think About

TO HEAL AS A NATION WE HAVE TO HEAL AS INDIVIDUALS FIRSTYour thoughts have the power to Create Your World and to Create Your Life How You Want Your Life To Be. We can look at a limitless number of examples of this. Here are some quotes from the past. “One’s own...

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